Tanja Romano

Matej Černic, Fabio Ruzzier

Marijan Velik and Bojan Pavletič

CONI, the awarded, Simon Sivitz Košuta (second from the left), in the middle CONI's Regional President Emilio Felluga

Cheerdance Millenium: New Year' Dance Festival

Opening of the small field in Repen

ŠZ Sloga 35th Anniversary; from the left: Jure Kufersin, Vojko Miot, Ivan Peterlin and Viktor Stopar

Pictures (courtesy of Boris Prinčič), from the left: Nives Meroi, SPDG President Marko Lutman and Romano Benet

Best Athlete, the winners

Bor's Christmas Academy

Karate, Shinkai Club Christmas tournament

Sokol's Christmas performance

ŠZ Olympia's Christmas performance

Presentation of the 2006 Anthology of Slovenian Sport in Italy in Gorica and meeting with Martin Strel; from the left: Vili Prinčič, Branko Lakovič, Martin Strel, Jure Kufersin, Igor Tomasettig and Borut Strel

Mateja Bogatec at the celebration in Ljubljana

SSO welcoming: our champions with Jure Kufersin, Drago Štoka (first from the left) and Rudi Pavšič (first from the right)

Welcoming in Opčine for Tanja Romano, from the left: Tanja Romano, Roberto Dipiazza, Tanja's coach Mojmir Kokorovec and Andro Merku'

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Volleyball, World Championship: Italy and Matej Černic rank 5th
17.11-3.12. - volleyball; Tokyo (Japan); World Championship; in the final match for the 5th place, Italy won against France 3: 0 (25:19, 25:17, 30:28). Our player Matej Černic did not play. The World Champion is the Brazilian team that defeated Poland 3:0.

Bojan Pavletič and Marijan Velik awarded
5. - Ljubljana; among the awarded of the Zavod Sport@mediji Republike Slovenije, there were also two Slovenians living in Italy: our sport representative and journalist Bojan Pavletič end the President of the Slovenian Sport Association of the Koroška region Marijan Velik.

CONI, among the awarded also our sailor Simon Sivitz Košuta
5. - Trst; at CONI's premises twelve athletes (under 15 years of age), who are also successful students, received an award. Among the awarded, there was also Čupa's sailor Simon Sivitz Košuta, Junior Italian Champion and World Team Champion in the 420 class. Simon is attending the second year of the Žiga Zois high-school in Trieste, department for land surveyors (his average mark is 8,6). At the awarding, there were also CONI's Regional President Felluga, CONI's Provincial President Borri and the Prefect of Trieste Annamaria Sorge'.

Basketball, Alpe Adria Top 8 tournament: Koper beats the ZSŠDI selection
5. - basketball; Briščiki; within the Alpe Adria Top 8 youth tournament for the class of 1992/93, the ZSŠDI selection lost against Koš Koper 70:85.

Roller-skating, World Championship: Tanja Romano
wins the gold medal in the free programme and combination

6./9. - roller-skating; Murcia (Spain); World Championship; Polet's roller-skater and member of the Italian National Team Tanja Romano ranked 1st in the short programme and therefore won the gold medal in the free programme and combination. -
For the Italian National Team in Murcia competed also Slovenian-speaking Luca Raccaro, an athlete of the Skating Gradisca team, who ranked 2nd both in the free programme and combination.

Basketball, C1 League: Bor and Jadran lost
7. - Basketball; C1 League; in the 12th round, Bor Radenska lost in Conegliano 62:66 and Jadran Mark in Codroipo 70:85.

Volleyball, Bor's Santa Claus tournament:
Kontovel women team wins

8. - Volleyball; Trst; at Bor's Women Santa Claus tournament in the Under 14 category, Kontovel ranked 1st ahead of Breg, Bor and Libertas.

Soccer, 3rd Amateur League: the resumed match
Campanelle - Mladost ends 1:1

8. - soccer; Trst; 3rd Amateur League: in the match that was resumed due to a technical mistake of the referee, Campanelle and Mladost draw the game 1:1. Mladost's scorer was Gagliano.

Cheerdance Millenium: New Year's Dance Festival enraptured the numerous spectators
10. - Opčine; Cheerdance Millenium organised the 7th edition of the traditional New Year's Dance Festival that enraptured the numerous audience that filled the hall of the Polisportiva Opicina. The performance saw the partecipation of four groups of the home team and also many other groups from Slovenia and Croatia performed. The event was very successful and was optimally hosted by Dejan Kernc.

Volleyball, Bor's minivolley tournament
10. - Volleyball; Trst; more than 50 minivolleyball players participated at Bor's tournament.

Solemn opening of AŠD Kras soccer field in Repen
11. - Repen; in the presence of local and regional political personalities, there was the official opening of AŠD Kras new soccer field that is equipped with an artificial grass surface prepared with the contribution of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Government and the Fondazione CRT Fund. After the introductory speech by Marko Pisani, the Vice-mayor of the Municipality of Repentabor, spoke also AŠD Kras President Nico Centrone, Regional Councillor Mirko Špacapan, the representative of the Fondazione CRT Fund and ZSŠDI President Jure Kufersin. The field was blessed by father Benedetič and the strip was cut by Kras' youngest soccer players.

ZSŠDI President Jure Kufersin nominated as suppletive member of the Discipline Commission of the Slovenian Olympic Committee
12. - Ljubljana; at the Slovenian Olympic Committee assembly, ZSŠDI President Jure Kufersin was nominated as suppletive member of the Discipline Commission. This is the first time that the assembly directly nominated a Slovenian living in Italy in the Slovenian Olympic Committee assembly. SOC's President for four more years will be Janez Kocijančič.

Basketball, Promotion League: Cicibona and Dom win
12. - Basketball; Trst; Promotion League in Trieste; Cicibona Tecnonoleggi won against Fuoric'entro 88:71 (Hrovatin 16 pts., Persi 15 pts). -> comment (in Slovenian and Italian)
Gorica; Promotion League in Gorica; after an overtime, Dom hardly but deservedly won against Edera 86:80 (Rauber 25 pts., Gravner 22 pts.).

Basketball: an award for Bor's coach Lucio Martini
13. - Basketball; during its last meeting, the Federal Assembly approved the decision of the National Coach Assembly to award the current President of the Regional Coach Association Lucio Martini with the honorary title for coaches ("allenatore benemerito"). Lucio has been a well-respected coach of Bor's teams for more than ten years and in the past he coached Bor's main team for four seasons in the C2 League.

ŠZ Sloga 35th Anniversary celebration in Opčine
14. - Opčine; in the Prosvetni dom in Opčine there was ŠZ Sloga 35th Anniversary celebration. After the introductory speech by club's President Vojko Miot, the most successful players and members of the committee were awarded. The club was than greeted by the numerous guests. During the event performed the top musical duo Marko and Martina Feri. The evening was hosted by Tomaž Susič.

Mountaineering evening in Gorica: meeting with Romano Benet and Nives Meroi
14. - mountaineering; Gorica; in the hall of the Lojze Bratuž Center in Gorica there was a very successful mountaineering evening, a meeting with two top mountaineers of our region, Nives Meroi and Romano Benet. They presented some pictures and videos from last year's expedition to Dhaulagiri (8167 m) in the Himalayan mountains. The event was organised by: SPDG, CAI Gorica Section, Association Hrast from Doberdob and the Lojze Bratuž Cultural Center.

The Naš športnik 2006 Awards a big success. Our best athletes: Matej Černic, Tanja Romano, Vesna, Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta
14. - Briščiki; at the polifunctional center there was the 23rd Edition of the awarding of the best athletes from both sides of the Primorska region "Naš športnik 2006". Our best male athlete was once again Matej Černic, our best female athlete was Tanja Romano, the best team was Vesna and the youth team composed by Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta. ZSŠDI awarded also some of our sport representatives. Among the nominees for the Best Athlete award there was also the representative of our web-site www.slosport.org.

Skiing: Goran Kerpan (Mladina) ranks 2nd
16. - skiing; Sappada; the skiing season started also in our region. At the first FISI slalom competition, the athletes of the Gad Devin and Mladina united team performed well. Goran Kerpan (Mladina) ranked second in the men Under 15 category and Lara Purič (Mladina) fourth in the women Under 15 category. Giacomo Toffolutti (Devin) ranked ninth in the men Under 13 category and Carolina Russo (Mladina) ranked sixth in the women Under 13 category.

Gymnastics: Bor's Christmas Academy
16. - gymnastics; Trst; at the Prvi maj Stadion there was the traditional Bor's Christmas Academy with the participation of female athletes of all ages who presented 21 performances that enraptured the numerous audience. The event was hosted by Rado Šušteršič.

A big success for the first part of the SK Devin and Sci Club 70 "Šola - šport" project
16. - Nabrežina; the first part of the "Šola - šport" project, organised by SK Devin in Sci Club 70 with the support of local institutions, was very successful. 130 children participated, 40 of them attend the J. Jurčič, V. Šček, and S. Gruden schools of the Nabrežina district and 6 attend the L. K. Gorazd elementary school of Zgonik.

Athletics, Fabio Ruzzier beats the world record of the 1-hour march for veterans
16. - athletics; Koper; at the athletic stadium Bonifika in Koper, our marcher Fabio Ruzzier improved the world record of the 1-hour march for veterans (50-54 years category) with 13,008 meters. The previous record from the year 1990 belonged to the American John Knifton (12,324 meters).

Karate: Shinkai Club Christmas tournament a big success
17 - karate; at the successful Christmas tournament organised by Shinkai Club at the gym in Briščiki participated more than 70 athletes from five different regional clubs. Shinkai's athletes Elia Hrovatin and Jernej Legiša ranked first in their respective categories.

Enthusiastic Sokol's Christmas performance
18. - Nabrežina; with a very successful Christmas performance Sokol ended its 40th Anniversary celebration. The event, with the participation of around 120 athletes, enraptured the audience that filled the gym. After the introductory speech by club's President Damjan Pertot, Massimo Romita, the Vice-mayor and Councillor for Sport, spoke to the audience in Slovenian. The performance of the young athletes was conducted by Andrej Vremec in collaboration with other coaches.

Polet and Kontovel successful Christmas performance
19. - Briščiki; Polet and Kontovel, that have been collaborating for four years within the "Sport school for young athletes" programme, organised a very successful Christmas performance with the participation of nearly 130 children. The Evening was hosted by the "soul" of the project Andrej Vremec.

ŠZ Olympia Christmas performance: the gym was full and 85 children participated
19. - Gorica; in the gym of the Slovenian sports center, ŠZ Olympia organised a very successful Christmas performance with the participation of 85 children in rhythmic gymnastics, minivolley and hip-hop sport dance. Club's President Gregor Sfiligoj greeted the participants and wished them a Merry Christmas.

A pleasant evening with Martin Strel and the presentation of the 2006 Anthology of Slovenian Sport in Italy
19. - Gorica; in the small hall of the Lojze Bratuž Center there was the first presentation in Gorica of the 2006 Anthology of Slovenian Sport in Italy written by Branko Lakovič. Then there was a very interesting meeting with Slovenian marathon swimmer Martin Strel, who spoke to the audience and presented his achievements from different parts of the world.

2006 Best Athletes of Slovenia: special award to Mateja Bogatec (Mladina)
21. - Ljubljana; at the traditional awarding ceremony for the Best Athletes of Slovenia, the Association of Slovenian Sport Journalists gave the special award for the Best Slovenian Athlete living abroad to Mladina's roller-skater Mateja Bogatec. The 2006 Best Female Athlete of Slovenia was the Nordic skier Petra Majdič, the Best Male Athlete was Matic Osovnikar, the Best Team were the rowers Iztok Čop and Luka Špik.

Polet welcomed its own World Champion Tanja Romano
22. - Opčine; at the conference hall of the Zadružna kraška banka, AŠD Polet welcomed its own World Champion Tanja Romano. Among the distinguished guests, who greeted Tanja, there was the Mayor of the City of Trieste Roberto Dipiazza, Regional Councillor Tamara Blažina, CONI's Regional President Emilio Felluga, ZSŠDI President Jure Kufersin, ZKB President Sergij Stančič and many other. The evening was hosted by the pleasant moderator Andro Merku'.

Welcoming of our World and European champions
22. - Trst; in the Peterlin hall there was the welcoming, organised by our organisations SSO and SKGZ with the collaboration of ZSŠDI, of our 2006 World and European champions: Mateja Bogatec (Mladina, roller-skating), Tanja Romano (Polet, skating), Mitja Emili (motorcycling), Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta (Čupa, sailing), Janko Brecelj, Andrea Lisjak and Devan Radovič (Sirena, sport fishing).


Simon Sivitz Košuta, Jaš Farneti


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