Kayak: New Year's descent on the Soča river

Pictures: Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti (Čupa)

The Mayor Roberto Dipiazza gives the award to Mateja Bogatec
(Courtesy of KROMA)

Egon Kraus, Ivanb Kerpan, Mateja Bogatec

Tanja Romano with the hosts
Daniela Ferletta and Micol Busaferro

Mateja Bogatec at the Winter University Games

The President of the Province of Trieste Maria Teresa Bassa Poropat with our sport fishermen: Janko Brecelj, Devan Radovič and Andrea Lisjak

2006 Anthology: second from the left Branko Lakovič, in the middle Roberto Antonaz, third from the left Jure Kufersin (courtesy of KROMA)

Samantha Cergol, Veronica Tence

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KK Šilec: New Year's descent on the Soča river
1. - kayaking; KK Šilec organised the traditional descent on the Soča river from Štandrež to Sovodnje. Nine athletes participated to the event, the oldest was 65 years old, the youngest 8. Pictures: Courtesy of VIP

Basketball: the Friuli Venezia Giulia youth selection ranked 3rd, three our athletes played for the team
2./7. - basketball; Cervia; Trophy of the Regions; the Friuli Venezia Giulia youth selection, led by our coach Matija Jogan and Polet's players Mia Kraus and Fanika Di Lenardo, won the 3rd place match against Veneto 65:43 (Di Lenardo 2 pts., Kraus 1 pt.) and ranked absolute 3rd. All FVG results: 1st round: FVG - Campania 76:78 (Kraus 12 pts., Di Lenardo 0 pts.); 2nd round FVG - Emilia 65:42 (Di Lenardo 4 pts., Kraus 2 pts.); 3rd round: FVG - Tuscany 76:42 (Di Lenardo 4 pts., Kraus 2 pts.); quarterfinals: FVG - Lazio 80:35 (Kraus 0 pts., 11 rebounds, Di Lenardo 0 pts.); semifinals: Lombardy - FVG 59:46 (Kraus 0 pts., Di Lenardo 0 pts.). The victory went to Lombardy, who won the final match against Campania 71:57.

Sailing, World Championship in New Zealand: Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta (Čupa) achieved an excellent 24th place
3./9. - sailing; Auckland (New Zealand); 420 class; Čupa's sailors Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta, who raced for the Italian national team, finished the Gold Class Championship and ranked 24th, which is an excellent result, if we consider that this was their first experience at such an important level. They ranked 15th and 20th at the last two regattas. Classifications: 21st, 27th, 15th; (28th), 16th, 19th; (32nd), 7th, 28th; 15th, 20th). The winners were the Newzealanders Carl Evans and Peter Burling. The superiority of the Newzealanders was clear as they achieved the first three places.

Mateja Bogatec received the "Crystal rose" award
6. - Trst; our best roller-skater Mateja Bogatec (Mladina) received another award. In the city's sports center, before the beginning of the concert of the famous Italian rocker Gianna Nannini, the Commercial Union of Trieste presented her with the "Crystal rose" award for her achievements in the year 2006.

Long-lasting sport activist Egon Kraus died
7. - Opčine; at 80 years of age, after a long period of illness, died Egon Kraus, our sociopolitical and sport activist, one of the founders of the ŠD Polet in 1967 and later president of the same team until 1980, and one of the main initiators of the Jadran basketball club.

Handball, Ivan Kerpan plays for the Italian youth national team
11. - handball; Trst; our all-round player Ivan Kerpan, who plays for the Pallamano Trieste handball team, has been selected to play for the Italian youth national team, which will participate at the Mediterranean Games in Cyprus.

At the reopening of the renewed Palachiarbola also Tanja Romano and Polet's skaters
11. - Trst; at the official opening of the renewed Palachiarbola sports center, among the guests of honour of the event there were also our best athlete, Polet's skater Tanja Romano and fencer Margherita Granbassi. During the evening also Polet's skating team performed and enraptured the numerous audience.

Skiing, Mateja Bogatec (Mladina) at the Winter University Games in Torino
11. - skiing; Mateja Bogatec (Mladina), who is achieving great successes in roller-skating, is also an excellent skier, therefore the Italian Skiing Federation selected her for the Winter University Games, which will take place in Torino from the 17th to the 27th of January. On Wednesday the 17th, Mateja will participate to the inauguration of the Games, whereas on Saturday the 20th, she will race in the sprint ski-running category.

Winter University Games, ski-running: Mateja Bogatec (Mladina) ranks 47th in the 15 km free-technique race
17./27. - Torino; Winter University Games; on Friday, 26th of January, Mateja Bogatec (Mladina), who competes for the ski-running Italian National Team, ranked 47th in the 15 km free-technique race with 46:36,7 among 54 other athletes. The victory went to the Russian athlete Olga Mihajlova with 38:12,9, 3rd ranked Olga Vasiljonok (Byelorussia) with 38:14,9. The Winter University Games will end today (Saturday)

The 2006 Italian National Teams athletes from Trieste, among the awarded also many of our athletes
20. - Trst; at the Palazzo del Governo in Trieste there was the traditional event organised by the Trieste section of the association Azzurri d'Italia, led by the dynamic president Marcella Skabar. At the event participated many distinguished political and sport guests, who awarded 77 athletes of the Italian National Teams. Among the awarded there were many of our representatives.

Cheerdance Millenium, Škrati and Strele performed well in Berlin
20. - Berlin (Germany); at the cheerleaders competition Beach Cup 2007, the athletes of the Cheerdance Millenium Škrati and Strele team performed well. Ester Gregori and Nikol Križmančič ranked 6th in the "pom pom" competition, while Škrati ranked 5th in the lifting category.

Regional committeeman Roberto Antonaz praised the 2006 Anthology
23. - Trst; at the meeting of the institutions for the promotion of sport, ZSŠDI President Jure Kufersin and author Branko Lakovič presented Roberto Antonaz with a copy of this year's anniversary edition of the 2006 Anthology of Slovenian Sport in Italy. The participants and Antonaz himself praised the Anthology.

Soccer, Dorino Furlan is not Juventina's coach anymore
23. - soccer; Štandrež; due to the bad results of the team, that plays in the Elite League, Juventina's management decided to substitute the coach Dorino Furlan.

Soccer, Armando Trentin is the new Juventina's coach
26. - soccer; Štandrež; Armando Trentin, who in the past coached the teams Lucinico, Mossa and last year the Sovodnje team, is the new Juventina's coach. Trentin substitutes Dorino Furlan, while the team will be temporary coached by the assistant coaches Alberto Saveri and Franco Ceccotti.

Basketball: Samantha Cergol will play at the meeting of the Italian Under 20 National Team
27. - basketball; Milje; our basketball player Samantha Cergol, who plays for the Interclub Muggia team in the A2 League, has been chosen to participate at the meeting of the Italian Under 20 National Team from the 5th to the 7th of February, in Caorle.

Karate: advanced course in Zgonik with the World Champion Campari
27. - karate; Zgonik; organised by the Shinkai Club and promoted by the FIKTA commission, there was an advanced course at the gym in Zgonik with the World Champion Silvio Campari. To the event participated 65 athletes.

Skiing: Veronica Tence wins, Mladina's excellent organisation
28 - skiing; Forni di Sopra; Mladina's athlete Veronica Tence (picture) won FISI's regional race for the ZKB Cup, that was excellently organised by Mladina. 2nd ranked Meri Perti (Mladina).

Basketball: in the D League Breg Minimax
29. - basketball; Dolina; the basketball section of the A.S.D.-SŠD Breg club made a sponsorship contract with the famous Minimax Ristopub from Tržič. The agreement is valid until the end of the current season and the team will be able to compete in the D League under the new name Breg Minimax.

Cheerdance Millenium: the mixed team


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