Pino Lakovič, Massimo Raseni, Lara Purič

The awarded in Videm: Janko Brecelj, Devan Radovič, Andrea Lisjak

CONI, the awarded of the Gorizia region:
first from the left is Tomaž Pahor

The meeting at the Town Hall, from the left: Igor Švab, Branko Lakovič, Roberto Dipiazza, Jure Kufersin, Štefan Ukmar, Iztok Furlanič
(Courtesy of: Foto KROMA)

The overall champions Mateja Nanut and Ivan Kerpan

"Bloudkova priznanja"; from the left: Miro Cerar, Mojmir Kokorovec, Milan Zver
(Pictures: M. Šušteršič)

The awarding in Koper, from the left: Jaš Farneti, Jakob Bednarik, Sonja Poljšak, Mojmir Kokorovec, Mateja Bogatec, Jure Kufersin

The Juventussi award: Ivana Curri (in white dress))

ZSŠDI Trophy, press-conference, from the left: Radi Pečar, Franco Fioritto, Jure Kufersin, Dušan Udovič

Sandra Vitez, Matej Černic


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Chess, the 2007 Hit open tournament: Pino Lakovič ranks 7th
1. - chess; Nova Gorica; at the international 2007 Hit open tournament, our chess player Pino Lakovič ranked 7th with 6 points in the Group B, among 51 competitors. The victory went to Janko Saradjen from Ljubljana with 7 points. In Group B competed also Elena Cosariol, who ranked 30th with 4.5 points. In Group A (36 chess players) won the Serbian champion Ivan Ivaniševič with 6.5 points. Third ranked the young player from Nova Gorica Jure Borišek, with 6 points.

Due to the tragic events in Catania, all soccer championships, from the Serie A to the youth leagues, are cancelled
2. - soccer; Catania; due to the tragic events during and after the Serie A match Catania - Palermo, in which the 38 years old police inspector Filippo Raciti died, the Special Commissioner of the Italian Soccer Federation Luca Pancalli declared the cancellation of all soccer leagues' matches, from the Serie A to the youth leagues. This means that our teams will not play.

Tennis, the international youth tournament in Radenci: Paola Cigui (Gaja) lost the final match
4. - Radenci (Slovenia); international youth tournament; Gaja's player Paola Cigui lost the final match against tournament's favourite player, the Croatian Akiki, 1:6, 1:6. The participation to the final match is a huge success for our player. Paola won in the quarterfinal match against the Croatian player Gerovac 6:2, 6:3 and in the semi-finals against the Belgian Hitmanov 6:3, 4:6, 6:2.

Also our athletes awarded in Videm
5. - Videm; at the Regional Department in Videm there was the awarding of Friuli Venezia Giulia's athletes, who achieved top results during the last three months of the year 2006 and in the first months of the year 2007. Among the awarded there were also some of our athletes: Polet's skater Tanja Romano, Mladina's skater Mateja Bogatec and Sirena's sport fishermen (the only ones who were present) Janko Brecelj, Devan Radovič and Andrea Lisjak. The athletes were awarded by Regional Council's President Alessandro Tesini and CONI's Regional President Emilio Felluga.

CONI, among the awarded of the Gorizia region also Tomaž Pahor
5. - Gorica; at the Provincial Council's hall there was the annual awarding of the athletes and sportsmen of the Gorizia region. Among the awarded for his sport and school results there was also Jadran's basketball player Tomaž Pahor.

Soccer: the matches in the Amateurs and Youth leagues will be played again!
7. - soccer; the Italian Soccer Federation revoked the suppression of all matches due to the events in Catania. Therefore, this weekend all the matches in the Amateurs and Youth leagues will be played. There will be a regular round of matches in every league. The non-played matches will be played sometimes later.

The Mayor of Trieste Roberto Dipiazza receives the 2006 Anthology of Slovenian Sport in Italy
9. - Trst; the Mayor of Trieste Roberto Dipiazza received at the Town Hall ZSŠDI's President Jure Kufersin, who described him the activities of our sport, and Branko Lakovič, who presented him with a copy of the 2006 Anthology of Slovenian Sport in Italy. At the meeting participated also the Town Councillors Iztok Furlanič, Igor Švab and Štefan Ukmar.

Skiing: Ivan Kerpan, Mateja Nanut, Lara Purič, Minej Purič and SK Devin win
11. - skiing; Forni di Sopra; 26th ZSŠDI Cup tournament; organiser: SK Brdina; the overall champion among men is Ivan Kerpan (Mladina), among women Mateja Nanut (SPDG), the youth champions are Lara Purič (women) and Minej Purič (men), both Mladina's athletes. The Team Cup went to SK Devin.

Polet's coach Mojmir Kokorovec
receives the "Bloudkova plaketa"

11. - Brdo pri Kranju (Slovenia) - Among the winners of the "Bloudkova priznanja", the most prestigious sports award in Slovenia, there was also Polet's skating coach Mojmir Kokorovec, who received an award.

Basketball, Massimo Raseni delivered a lecture to the coaches of Trieste
12. - basketball; Trst; former Bor's and Jadran's coach Massimo Raseni, who also coached some teams in higher leagues, delivered a lecture at the premises of the Regional Basketball Federation to the coaches of Trieste.

The OKS Awards in Koper: among the awarded also our athletes
13. - Koper; in the sports center of Koper's primary school there was the awarding of the best athletes of the Municipality of Koper. During the event were awarded also some of our athletes, who achieved excellent results in 2006.

Juventussi, an award for Ivana Curri
13. - Trst; this year's Juventussi award of the Regional Federation of Sports Journalist (USSI) was given to the swimmer Nicola Cassio from Trieste and ski-boarder Corinna Boccaccini. Among the winners of the Marco Lucchetta Memorial Fund there was also our Ivana Curri, who last year won the Italian Diving Championship and attends the S. Kosovel secondary school in Opčine.

Youth games, our skiers successful
16. - skiing; Youth games; at the provincial tournament, our schools (Kosovel, Gruden and Prešeren) achieved great results and were promoted to the regional tournament. Among women won Lara Purič, among men Albert Kerpan.

Skiing, Alternativa Sport Cup: Lara Purič (Mladina) ranks 2nd
18. - skiing; Forni di Sopra; at the competition for the regional tournament FISI for the 3rd Alternativa Sport Cup, organised by SK Devin, our athlete Lara Purič (Mladina) ranked 2nd. Minej Purič ranked 6th, Carolina Russo 9th and Albert Kerpan 13th (all these athletes compete for Mladina).

Antonio Cimador, former FC Primorje's President, died
18. - Nabrežina; Antonio Cimador, who recently turned 72 (he was born on 29.1.1935) died. In 1963, when the team entered the Italian Soccer Federation, he was FC Primorje's President.

Skiing, Three nations trophy organised by SPDT: Italy ahead of Austria and Slovenia
20./23. - skiing; Nevejsko sedlo; in the organisation of the Slovenian Alpine Association of Trieste and sponsored by the Friuli Venezia Giulia region a big skiing event ended, the Three nations trophy. The victory went to Italy, ahead of Austria and Slovenia.

Soccer, FVG with Carli and Mian ranks 4th
20. - soccer; Arco (Trento); the youth team of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, for which play also Vesna's forward Peter Carli and Juventina's back Marco Mian, ranked only 4th at the "Mutelli tournament". FVG lost the first match 0:1 against Tridentinsko Južna Tirolska and then lost 0:3 against Liguria. The tournament was won by Veneto.

The international cycling race, the 31st ZSŠDI Trophy, press-conference and presentation of the book
22. - cycling; Lonjer (TS); at the premises of the cultural and sports center in Lonjer there was the press-conference for the presentation of the international race, which will take place on the 4th of march in the organisation of KK Adria. On this occasion there was also the presentation of the book about the 30 past editions of the race.

Volleyball, Sandra Vitez played for the Italian National Team
23. - volleyball, Rim; the coach of the Italian National Team Massimo Barbolini selected for the exhibition All Stars match in Milan also Sandra Vitez, former Kontovel player, who now plays for the Sassuolo team in the A2 League.

Volleyball, Matej Černic 2nd in Russian cup
27. - volleyball; former Val player and member of the Italian National Team Matej Černic achieved another great result. His team, Fakel from Novi Urengoj (Siberia), ranked 2nd behind the favourite team Dinamo Moscow. In the semifinal match against the Lokomotiv Bolgorod Černic achieved 9 pts., in the final match against Dinamo 10.


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