Tanja Romano, Mitja Emili

Kras in the C1 League, from the left: Michele Rotella, Andrea Bertolotti and Bojan Simoneta

ZSŠDI Meeting, from the left: Livio Rožič, Jure Kufersin
and Marko Presl

Volleyball, Bor's Easter Tournament

ZSŠDI's basketball players at the tournament in Wien

Volleyball: Sloga's players at the tournament in Pordenon

Pomlad's players at the tournament in Poreč

Volleyball: Kontovel's joy after the victory in Dolina

The General Meeting in Lesje: PD Benečije's President Igor Tull and SPDG's President Marko Lutman

Mirko Škabar's march

"Med dvema ognjema" tournament in Zgonik: Robert Milič with the representative of the winning team COŠ from Zgonik

Soccer, Memorial Almira Del Pin in Štandrež

ZSŠDI's General Meeting, from the left: Gorazd Pučnik, Jure Kufersin and Livio Rožič.

Skiroll, presentation of Mladina's competitions, from the left: Rado Šušteršič, Klavdij Brajnik, Boris Bogatec and Franco Bandelli

SK Brdina's event

Rafting on the Vipava river

Soccer, Pomlad's players are Provincial champions

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Skating, Noain Trophy: Tanja Romano wins,
Francesca Roncelli ranks 5th

31.3./1.4. - skating; Pamplona (Spain); at the World's best skaters show, Tanja Romano (picture) won the free programme, ahead of the local skater Sanchez, Francesa Roncelli (Gioni) ranked 5th. Tanja ranked 3rd in the short programme, Francesca ranked 11th after falling. Both athletes competed for the Italian National Team.

Ping-pong, Men C2 League:
Kras GS Market promoted in the C1 League

1. - ping-pong; Trst; by winning against Fincantieri 5:0, Kras GS Market has been promoted in the C1 League.

Athletics, Fabio Ruzzier ranks 7th in Paris
1. athletics; Paris; in the 20 km "Challenge Facoetti" march, our marcher Fabio Ruzzier (Atletski klub Koper) ranked 7th with 1.40:59,0 among 87 other athletes. The victory went to the Frenchman Denis Langlois (1.27:30,0).

Swimming, Lea Ušaj becomes Regional Champion,
Rok Zaccaria Vice-champion

1. - swimming; Tržič; our swimmer Lea Ušaj (Adria) became Regional Champion in the 400 m Individual Medley (5:05,2) and Vice-champion in the 200 m Individual Medley category (2:23,9). Rok Zaccaria (Adria) ranked 2nd in the 200 m Dolphin category (2:05,3).

Volleyball, Michele Ombrato (Val) will play
for the Italian National Team B

3. - volleyball; 18 years old Michele Ombrato (Val) will play for the Italian National Team B, that will perform at the International Memorial Cornacchia tournament in Pordenone.

Basketball, Sokol files a strong protest
3. - basketball; Sokol Ca' D'Oro filed a strong protest to Ezio Cipolato, President of the Regional Basketball Association, about Friday's match against CUS. The letter states that "referee's decisions prevented Sokol from winning the match". Furthermore, "we hope that what happened was coincidental and not intentional, as it happened many years ago, when the teams of the Slovenian minority in Italy were not sufficiently protected."

ZSŠDI Monthly meeting and awarding of degrees to our skiing teachers
4. - Gorica; at the ZSŠDI premises in Gorica there was the Committee's monthly meeting. Before the meeting there was the awarding of our skiing teachers.

Volleyball, Bor's Easter tournament:
Koper 1st, Bor 3rd

6. - volleyball; Trst; Koper A won the Easter tournament for the players born in 1994 organised by OD Bor. Rankings: 2nd Koper B, 3rd Bor and 4th Libertas Trieste.

Basketball, 6 ZSŠDI's teams in Wien,
the U14 men team wins the gold medal

2./7. - basketball; Basketball Wien 2007 International Youth Tournament; at this traditional tournament, where 478 men and women team from 23 European countries participated, there were also 6 ZSŠDI's teams. The Under 14 team won the gold medal.

Volleyball, Memorial Cornacchia:
Sloga ranks 6th

7./9 - volleyball, Pordenon; Memorial Cornacchia International Youth Tournament; Sloga Televita lost the match against the Hungarian team Gyorg 0:3 (20:25, 22:25, 19:25) and ranked overall 6th. This result represents a great success for our team, since by playing against such successful opponents, the team gained significant experience. At the tournament participated also the Italian B National Team, for which plays also Val's player Michele Ombrato. "Azzurri" ranked only 8th. Picture: Sloga's players before the match

Cycling, Alessandro Ballan wins the Tour of Flandria after winning the 27th ZSSDI Trophy in 2003
8. - cycling; it has been demonstrated that ZSŠDI Trophy International Race represents the jumping-off place for future champions. This has been demonstrated again today, since the Italian cyclist Alessandro Ballan won the Tour of Flandria race.. In 2003 the cyclist won the 27th edition of the ZSŠDI Trophy ahead of the Polish cyclist Daniel Zyche. -> Ballan 1st in 2003

Soccer, youth tournament in Poreč: Pomlad ranks 5th
7./8. - soccer; Poreč; at the international youth tournament Poreč Cup 2007, Pomlad's team ranked 5th after winning the match against Baselgelle 3:1. For Pomlad scored Martini, Dolliani and A. Čok.

Volleyball, Kontovel's women team promoted in the D league!
14. - volleyball; 1st women division; Dolina; by winning against Breg/Bor 3:0 (25:21, 25:19, 25:14) Kontovel has been promoted in the D league.

General Meeting of the Planinska družina Benečije alpine association
14. - Ljesa; in front of numerous members and guests from both sides of the border, there was the General Meeting of the Planinska družina Benečije alpine association. -> comment (in Slovenian and Italian) and pictures

Mirko Škabar's march a success
15. -The 21st Mirko Škabar's march from Praprot to Repen, organised by SK Devin and Pliska from Pliskavica, has been very successful. At the march participated 211 participants and the weather was wonderful. At the end of the march, the organisers awarded the participants.

Motorcycling, Mitja Emili wins
15. - motorcycling; Misano Adriatico; Kawasaki Trophy; our motorcyclist Mitja Emili (M2 Racing Team) won the second race and ranked overall 1st. Pictures: Mitja Emili after the victory in Misano

ŠK Kras' General Meeting
16. - Zgonik; at the cultural and sports center in Zgonik there was ŠK Kras' General Meeting.

Sport at school, COŠ Zgonik "Med dvema ognjema" tournament
18. - sport at school; Zgonik; at the 27th Kraški pokal "Med dvema ognjema" tournament, organised by the Department for children's gymnastics, at which participated about 90 children from 7 elementary schools, the victory went to COŠ 1. maj 1945 from Zgonik ahead of OŠ J. Jurčič from Devin and OŠ V. Šček from Nabrežina. Pictures: Robert Milič with a representative of the winning team COŠ from Zgonik.

Soccer, Almira Del Pin memorial tournament:
Pro Gorizia ahead of Juventina and Lucinico

19. - soccer; Štandrež; at the Almira Del Pin youth tournament, organised by AŠD Juventina, Pro Gorizia won ahead of Juventina and Luicinico.

Swimming, Italian Championship:
Lea Ušaj improves her own record

19. - swimming; Livorno; our swimmer Lea Ušaj, who competes for the team Adria from Tržič, participated at her first Italian Championship in the 400 m individual medley with a time of 5:10,4.

Sport disabilities, VZS Mitja Čuk athletes excelled
19. - sports disabilities; Koper; at the local Slovenian Special Olympics Games, organised by VDC Strunjan, the representatives of VZS Mitja Čuk excelled. In the 50 m race competed Andi Bandelj and Sandra Scregna, in ball launching and jumping Patrik Rebula, Lorenzo Corbelli, Matteo Fragiacomo, Patrizia Brandolin and Francesca Sfreddo.

ZSŠDI's General Meeting
20. - Boljunec; in front of numerous guests, at the Kulturni dom in Boljunec, there was the 36th Annual General Meeting of the Slovenian Sports Associations in Italy.

Skiroll, presentation of Mladina's KO Sprint and Grand Prix Alpe Jadran competitions
20. - skiroll; Opčine; at the conference hall of the Zadružna kraška banka there was the presentation of two Mladina's sport competitions: the 3rd Skiroll KO sprint, which will take place on the 28th of April at 16.00, and the International Grand Prix Alpe Jadran, which will take place in Križ on the 10th of June. At the press-conference there was also the "soul" of the Bavisela competition, the Member of the Committee for Public Works Franco Bandelli.

Volleyball, Under 14, play-off: Kontovel reaches the finals
20. volleyball; Prosek; women Under 14, play-off, provincial semifinals; after winning the first match against Bor Kinemax 3:2, Kontovel won also the second match 3:0 (25:14, 25:22, 25:17) and reached the finals.

Skiing, SK Brdina's event
21. - skiing; Repen; at the end of a very successful season, SK Brdina organised an event for its members and young skiers. The event has been very successful. Pictures: the awarding of young athletes with the President Rado Suber -> 38 pictures

Rafting on the Vipava river
22. - Gabrje; at the 12th edition of the Rafting on the Vipava river there were 135 participants from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and Slovenia. -> comment (in Slovenian and Italian) and pictures

Soccer, Pomlad's players are Provincial Champions
22. - soccer; Trebče; Pomlad's team played 0:0 against Gallery in the last match and ranked absolute 1st, thus becoming Provincial Champions. Next season they will participate at the Regional Championship. Many soccer fans attended the match in Trebče. The joy of the players and fans after the match was unbelievable. Pictures: the joy of the Pomlad's players and members.

Skiing, awarding of the Primorski pokal
Alternativa Sport and SK Devin
25. - skiing; Slivno; at the SK Devin premises there was the final event of the skiing season with the Primorski pokal Alternativa Sport awarding. Before there was SK Devin's awarding ceremony. At both events participated many guests, members, skiing-lovers and athletes. Pictures: Primorski pokal awards.

Volleyball, Under 16, Kontovel reaches the finals
24. - volleyball; Opčine; Under 14 women, Provincial semifinals; Kontovel beat Sokol in the return match 3:2 (17:25, 25:27, 25:19, 25:22, 15:12) and reached the finals.

Ping-pong, Kras wins three medals
20./25. - ping-pong; Terni; Italian Youth Championship; ŠK Kras has won three medals so far. Elisa Rotella won the gold medal in the women Under 12 category. Mateja Crismančič and Eva Carli won the silver medal, while Diana Verch and Elisa Rotella ranked 3rd.

Cheerdance Millenium's General Meeting
26. - Bani; at the gym of the elementary school in Bane there was the 4th Cheerdance Millenium Annual General Meeting. Petra Krizmancic, the "soul" of the association, described the successful activities of the previous season and presented the team's plans for the next months. Pictures, from the left: Petra Krizmancic, Ivica Štok and Nastja Milič


Skiing, Primorski pokal awarding in Slivno

Cheerdance Millenium's General Meeting

Skiroll Mesta Trst; od leve; Ana Košuta, Mateja Bogatec,
David Bogatec, Anže Andrejka

Odbojka: slogašice napredovale v C ligo














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