The conference in Opčine, from the left: Andrej Vremec, Irena Tavčar, Alenka Bajc and Deborah Vitez

Basketball, D League, Dolina: a beautiful moment in Dolina: Breg and Perteole salute the fans together

Basketball, C1 League, Trst: Bor's team celebrates with a bottle of champagne

Foto (Kroma): predsednik ZKB Sergij Stančič izroča predsedniku Robertu Vidoniju ključe novega kombija

Pohod Števerjan - Gonjače

Tanja Romano, Fabio Ruzzier, Milan Mikuš

Cheerdance Millenium in Florence

Opčine: round table about Early specialization in sports

Soccer, Juventina's international tournament

Gorica, conference about fair-play

Loris Mania', Sergej Alejnikov, Andrea Mura

Basketball, disappointed Jadran's players after the match against Muggia

Tennis, Gaja remains in the B League, from the left: Matjaž Pogačnik, Aleš and Borut Plesničar, Paolo Surian, Alex Sedmak and Edi Plesničar

AŠD Primorje's AGM, from the left: Sergij Ukmar, Riccardo Stolfa, Bruno Križman and Daniel Grbec

Soča's AGM, from the left: Marjan Černic, Fabio Tommasi, Benjamin Černic

Brdina's AGM, from the left: Andrej Don, Mirjam Maver, Igor Giacomini, Vanja Cerniava, standing Rado Suber

Vesna's AGM, from the left: Fabio Urlini, Saša Košuta, Robert Vidoni and Miloš Košuta

Bor's gymnastics academy

Clynic for young coaches: organisators and coaches

Polet's end-of-the-season academy

"Športni dan" in Dolina

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An interesting conference about hygiene and nutrition of elementary-school children
2 - Opčine; ZSŠDI and Športna šola Polet, in collaboration with the Opčine elementary-school, have organised, at the premises of the Zadružna kraška banka, an interesting conference about hygiene and nutrition of elementary-school children. At the conference collaborated also dr. Irena Tavčar. Physiotherapists Alenka Bajc and Deborah Vitez presented their last research about the children of the sport school Polet, The event was hosted by Andrej Vremec. Pictures, from the left: Andrej Vremec, Irena Tavčar, Alenka Bajc and Deborah Vitez

Volleyball, Loris Mania' in Italian A1 league finals
4. - volleyball; Piacenza; Italian A1 league; Piacenza beat Cuneo 3:0 in the semifinals and reached the finals, where it will play against Sisley Treviso. With the team of Piacenza plays also our volleyball player, former Val member Loris Mania'.

Števerjan - Gonjače march: 270 participants
6. - Števerjan; 28th Števerjan - Gonjače march, organised by KD Briški grič and the local community Hum, has been a great success. There were 270 participants.

Athletics, Fabio Ruzzier wins in Wien
6. - athletics; Wien (Austria); our marcher Fabio Ruzzier, who runs for the Slovenian national team, won the 20 km march with 1.42:48,0. Only two days earlier he won the 3 km Grand Prix in Zagreb with 13:44,0.

Tanja Romano is Regional Champion
5./6. - skating; Opčine; Tanja Romano (Polet) won the Regional title in the free program with an excellent performance with 3 tens. Second ranked Francesca Roncelli (Gioni Trst). There were many spectators. The event was successfully organised by AŠD Polet.

Juventina wins and remains in the league
5. - soccer; Elite league, additional match: Juventina - Union 91 2:0 (Devetak, Peteani);

Breg reaches the play-offs, Kontovel "saved"!
5. - basketball; D league: Breg - Perteole 70:67 (Breg reaches the play-offs), Goriziana - Kontovel 83:84 (Kontovel remains in the League); Sokol - Romans 61:85.

C1, play-outs: Bor remains in the C1 League!
6. - basketball; Trst; C1 League, play-outs: Bor Radenska won the third match against Muggia 73:62 and next season will play in the C1 League.

Cheerdance Millenium in Florence and at the "Quelli che il calcio" TV-show
5./6. - Florence; Cheerdance Millenium collaborated with Peugeot at the Fitfestival in Florence and on Sunday they were shortly interviewed at the "Quelli che il calcio" TV-show with Simona Ventura.

In Opčine and interesting round table about early specialization in sports
9. Opčine; at the conference hall of the Zadružna kraška banka in Opčine there was an interesting round table about Early specialization in sports, yes or no (school activities, sports and free time). At the meeting participated: Mojmir Kokorovec, Mario Gerjevič, director of the S. Kosovel school Gorazd Pučnik, Kristjan Briščik, prof. Aldo Rupel, prof. Dario Frandolič, prof. Franko Drasič and Andrej Vremec, who hosted the event, which was organised by ZSŠDI and Športna šola Polet.

Soccer, Juventina's international tournament with 16 teams
8. - soccer; the international tournament, organised by AŠD Juventina, began. There are 16 teams and more than 150 young players from our region and Slovenia.

Mini-volleyball, international tournament for elementary schools in Gorica
11. - volleyball; Gorica; on the square in front of the train station Transalpina, there was an interesting international tournament for elementary schools (4X4), organised by Joško Prinčič and Carmela Pittere. 13 schools participated.

Soccer, Milan Mikuš is not Kras coach anymore
14. - soccer; Repen; coach Milan Mikuš and Kras, which plays in the Promotion League, will not collaborate in the future anymore. Kras did not qualified for the final phase of the tournament.

Conference about fair-play for the students of the Trubar and Gregorčič schools in Gorica
14. - Gorica; at the auditorium of the Slovenian schools' centre, there was an interesting conference about fair-play, organised by ZSŠDI and the Fair play Institute. At the conference participated prof. Milan Hoste, alpinist Marko Humar, ZSŠDI's Secretary Igor Tomasetig and more than 100 students from the Trubar-Gregorčič high-school.

Archery, a successful tournament in Petovlje
13. - archery; Petovlje; there was a tournament in archery in Ušje pri Petovljah. The tournament was very successful, since it was attended by 63 archers from Italy and Slovenia.

Sports for athletes with disabilities, three gold and two bronze medals for VZS Mitja Čuk in swimming
13. - sports for athletes with disabilities; Trst; at the Altura pool, there was a swimming meeting, attended by eight clubs from our region. VZS Mitja Čuk participated too with six athletes, who won three gold and two bronze medals.

Volleyball, Italian Championship: Loris Mania' and his team Piacenza lost the third match too, Sisley wins the title
10./13. - volleyball; Treviso; A1 League; the Copra team from Piacenza, for which plays also our player Loris Mania', lost also the third match against Sisley Treviso 0:3 (19:25, 21:25, 16:25). Sisley became Italian Champion, after only three matches Previous results: Copra - Sisley 1:3 (25:18, 21:25, 23:25, 17:25), Sisley - Copra 3:2 (25:23, 16:25, 27:25, 20:25, 15:10). The title of Italian Vice-champion is for Loris Mania' and our sport a huge success.

Athletics, Fabio Ruzzier is European Veteran Champion in the 10 and 30 km march
18./20. - athletics; Regensburg (Germany); our marcher Fabio Ruzzier, who marches for the Slovenian National Team, has won the M50 European Veteran title in the 10 km march with 48:15,0. Ruzzier also won the title in the 30 km march with 2.40:54,0.

Also Mario Šušteršič attended the World Congress of Journalists in Austria
16./20. - Bregenz (Austria); Also our journalist Mario Šušteršič participated to the World Congress of Journalists (AIPS) with the Slovenian delegation. -> comment (in Slovenian and Italian) and pictures

Basketball, after loosing the match against Muggia, Jadran will play in the C2 League
19./20. - basketball ; C1 League, play-out; Jadran Mark lost the third match against Muggia 58:87 and will play in the lower league.

Tennis, Gaja beats Lecce 6:4 and will thus remain in the B League
20. - tennis; Padriče; Men's B League; play-out; Gaja won the match against Lecce 4:2 and will thus remain in the B League. The points for Gaja were scored by: Aleš Plesničar, Matjaž Pogačnik, Paolo Surian and the double Aleš Plesničar/Surian.

Sailing, "Europa" class: Nataša Valentič and Giulia Ceschiutti will participate to the European and World Championships in July
19./20. - sailing; Bolsena lake; Europa class; at the last qualification regata Nataša Valentič ranked absolute 2nd and 1st among women, Giulia Ceschiutti 4th and 3rd. Both Sirena's sailers qualified for the European Championship in Spain and the World Championship in Holland, which will take place in July.

Sovodnje misses promotion only three minutes before the end of the match
20. - soccer; Polcenigo; 2nd Amateur League; play-off; in Polcenigo Sovodnje tied 1:1 and does not have any chances to be promoted in the higher league. Sovodnje overcame Polcenigo in the second half of the match and scored a goal with Calligaris. Three minutes before the end of the match the local team scored, thus preventing Sovodnje to be promoted in the 1st Amateur League.

Volleyball, Olympia's honourable loss
19. - volleyball; Trst; Men's D League; play-off; Olympia TMedia, who could not be promoted in the C League, lost against CUS Trieste 2:3. CUS reached the finals and will play against Sloga.

AŠD Primorje AGM
21. - Prosek; at the team's premises there was AŠD Primorje Annual General Meeting. President Sergij Ukmar held the main speech. The members and guests acknowledged, that the team achieved good results in the past year.

Soccer, Byelorussian Sergej Alejnikov is Kras Koimpex new coach in the Promotion League
21. - soccer; Repen; former player of the Soviet Union and Byelorussian National Teams and of Juventus, the Byelorussian Sergej Alejnikov (born in 1961 in Minsk) is Kras Koimpex new coach. Next season the team will play in the Promotion League.

Basketball, Andrea Mura is Bor Radenska's new coach
23. - basketball; Trst; Andrea Mura (born in 1980, picture) is Bor Radenska's new coach. The team will play in the C1 League next season. He replaced Ferruccio Mengucci, who successfully led Bor's team for the past three seasons.

ŠZ Soča's AGM
24. - Sovodnje; in front of numerous guests and members there was ŠZ Sovodnje's Annual General Meeting at the premises of the Zadružna banka Doberdob in Sovodnje. The event was hosted by the President Benjamin Černic.

AŠD Brdina's AGM
25. - Opčine; at the premises of the Doma Brdina there was the 19th ASK Brdina AGM, with the election of the new committee.

Soccer, Dante Portelli is Juventina's new coach
25. - Soccer; Štandrež (GO); Dante Portelli, who in the last seasons coached Aquileia in the Promotion League and other teams in Southern Italy, is Juventina's new coach. The team plays in the Elite League. Portelli succeeds Armando Trentin.

Volleyball, D League, Play-offs finals: Sloga lost the second match, CUS promoted to C League
26. - volleyball; Trst; D League, Play-offs finals; Sloga Televita lost the second match against CUS 0:3 (22:25, 16:25, 18:25), which was promoted to the D League.

AŠD Vesna's AGM
26. - Križ; at the premises close to the soccer field there was AŠD Vesna's AGM. The main speech was held by the team's President Robert Vidoni

Bor's gymnastics academy
26. - gymnastics; Trst; this year's Bor's gymnastics academy has been successful. To the event, which was hosted by Rado Šušteršič, participated 63 younger and older Bor's athletes, who presented 22 performances.

Clinic for younger coaches
26. - basketball; Briščiki; at the Ervatti center there was a clinic for young players, organised by ZSŠDI. To the event participated famous coaches such as Janez Drvarič, Gaetano Gebbia, Massimo Raseni and Tiziano Vidoni.

Athletics, Champions League; Margaret Macchiut 2nd, Claudia Coslovich 4th
26./27. - athletics; Albufeira (Portugal); our athlete Claudia Coslovich, who plays for the Roman team Fondiaria Sai, ranked 4th in javelin with 58,59 m, which is her best result this year. Even better did Margaret Macchiut (Fondiaria Sai), who ranked 2nd in the 100 m steeplechase with 13,23.

Basketball, B2 League: Alike' team with Jan Budin and Ivan Kralj will play in the B2 League
27. - basketball; Alike' team, where play also our players Jan Budin and Ivan Kralj, won against Corno di Rosazzo 56:51. Budin scored 13 points.

Athletics, Fabio Ruzzier Slovenian Champion in the 5 km march
27. - athletics; Koper; our marcher Fabio Ruzzier won the Slovenian Champion title in the 5 km march with 23:40,0 ahead of Vlado Veršer (25:27,0) and Želimir Haubrih (26:59,0).

Rado Suber confirmed as AŠD Brdina's president
29. - Opčine; the new AŠD Brdina's committee, elected on the 25th of May 2007, confirmed Rado Suber as president.

More than 60 children at Polet's end-of-the-season academy
30. - Briščiki; at the premises of the Ervatti center there was Polet school end-of-the-season academy. To the event participated more than 60 children. The event was hosted by Andrej Vremec, which is also the soul of the school.

Basketball, D League, Play-offs; Breg lost in Aviano and cannot be promoted anymore
30. - basketball; Play-offs; D League, Aviano; in the fifth round of matches for the promotion in the C2 League Breg Minimaw lost against Aviano 65:75 and cannot be promoted to the higher league.

Promotion League, Gorica; Dom Mark lost the second match against Dinamo Gorica 74:85 and the later is promoted to the higher league, since it won also the first match.

Volleyball, A1 League: Loris Mania' from Piacenza to Montichiari
30. - volleyball; Piacenza; our player Loris Mania' (picture), who successfully played in the finals for the Italian title, will play for Montichiari (A1 League), with a 3-years contract.

"Sport and media", meeting with bilingual students in Špeter Slovenov
31. - Špeter Slovenov; organised by ZSŠDI and the Fundation "Sports and media" there was an interesting meeting at the bilingual elementary school in Špeter Slovenov. Fundation's president Beno Hvala and his assistant presented interesting videos about sports. -> text (in Slovenian and Italian) and pictures

Fabio Tommasi is AŠD Soča's new president
31. - Sovodnje; after the AGM (24th of May) the new committee elected Fabio Tommasi as new president. He will succeed Benjamin Černic.

Soccer, Il Giulia tournament: Primorec lost
31. - soccer; Trst; at the Il Giulia tournament the Primorec team from Trebce lost against Gallery 0:2 (0:1). Despite the loss, the team can still win the tournament. Wednesday, 6th June, at 8.30 PM they will play against Opicina.

Huge success for "A day for sports" in Dolina
31. - school sports; Dolina; the traditional "A day for sports", at which participated more than140 students from Dolina schools, has been very successful. Athletes' and spectators' enthusiasm was overwhelming. At the end of the day there was the awarding and a singing event.



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