Sokol's end-of-the-season academy

Športna šola Trst Olympics for elementary schools

Basketball, over 40 champions,
from the left: Daneu, Starc and Rauber

Karate, Zgonik Cup

Sailing: Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti

AGM, from the left; treasurer Romina Pizzo, President Ivan Pahor and Vice-president Dario Gergolet

Vojko Miot, Matej Černic, Sandra Vitez

Gorica, TV Olympia's Academy

Chess, Elementary school championship

Agreement between schools and ZSŠDI

Volleyball, Under 13:
Bor's players are Provincial champions

Bowling, beginning of the championship

Nedeljko Hrovatin, Matej Cigui

Soccer, Kras, Alejnikov's presentation, from the left: Domenico Centrone, Vojko Kocman, Sergej Alejnikov, Goran Kocman, in the front: young Kras' players

Swimming, Bor's end-of-the-season event:
participants and coaches

Skiroll, Mladina's Grand Prix, Mateja Bogatec
(first on the right) and Anna Rosa during awarding

Soccer, Prosek: Stari - Mladi

Chess, Memorial Filipovič: "Šolski krožek" team with Kostanca Filipovič, from the left: Rudi Fermo, Liam Visentin, Marko Oblak, Ajlin Visentin, Gianni Decleva

Kras' soccer camp

ŠZ Dom's end-of-the-season academy

Juventina thanked its sponsors, from the left:
Bruno Pavio, Marko Kerpan, Dante Portelli, Gino Vinti

AŠD Mladina's GM, from the left: Darko Pahor,
Niko Sirk and Boris Bogatec

Gaja's tennis camp

Zarja's soccer camp

Peter Spazzapan's Memorial

Devin's cycling race

Bowling, Gaja's Grand Prix

Ping pong, Kras' end-of-the-season event

ZSŠDI, Delavnica o fiskali

KK Bor's AGM, from the left:
Pavel Volk, Bruno Kneipp, Renato Štokelj

SK Devin's AGM, from the left: Elder Švab, Dario Stolfa, Viktor Stopar, Nadja Kralj

ZSŠDI's delegation in Opčine
before the departure Murska Sobota

Mateja Bogatec, Ivan Kerpan

"Športni orli" Awards:
our athletes (courtesy of B. Prinčič)

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135 children at Sokol's end-of-the-season academy
1. - Nabrežina; at Sokol's end-of-the-season academy participated 135 children, who performed the exercises they learned during the season. The event was hosted by Andrej Vremec, who is the soul of Sokol's entire youth sector.

Sailing, Pavel Križmančič on the Esimit
1. - sailing; Trst; many sailboats are preparing this year's Barcolana regata in the Gulf of Trieste and so does Igor Simčič's Esimit. On the boat with the European flag practices also our sports invalid Pavel Križmančič, who participates to different athletic events and has also participated to the New York Marathon.

Huge enthusiasm at the Športna šola Trst Olympics
1. - Trst; at the Prvi maj center there was an event, organised by the Športna šola Trst within the traditional Olympic Games for the elementary schools of Sv. Jakob and Sv. Ivan. There was also the final match in the "Med dvema ognjema" game, followed by the awarding of the participants. The event has been very successful.

Volleyball, World League; Italy successful, Matej Černic scores 17 pts.
1. - volleyball; Firence; in the first round of the World League tournament, Italy won against France 3:2 (25:20, 25:20, 22:25, 14:25, 17:15). Our player Matej Černic was one of the best among "Azzurri" and scored 17 pts.

VZS Mitja Čuk: gold medal and good ranking
2. - sports for people with disabilities; Maribor; Slovenian Special Olympics; at the national meeting in Maribor, VZS Mitja Čuk won a gold medal with Francesco Sfreddo, while other athletes ranked very well.

OOZUS: end-of-the-season party
2. - Slivno; at the premises of SK Devin in Slivno, OOZUS (Osnovna organizacija zamejskih učiteljev smučanja) organised a end-of-the-season one-day party.

Basketball, D Leauge, play-offs: Breg lost
2. - basketball; Videm; D League, Play-offs: Breg Minimax lost the final match against CUS 63:91.

Three our players are Italian Champions in the over 40 category
3. - basketball; three former Jadran's players, Robert Daneu, Sandi Rauber and Claudio Starc won with the Nuova Basket Udine team the Italian Championship in the over 40 category by beating Latina s 86:68. With this victory they have qualified for the 2007 World Championship in Portorico.

Karate, 210 athletes at the Zgonik Cup
3. - karate; Briščiki; at the 17th traditional Zgonik Cup, organised by the Shinkai club team, participated 210 athletes from Slovenia and Northern Italy. Shinaki club's athletes with Elia Hrovatin at the front were successful and ranked 4th among 10 teams. The most successful were the athletes from the Slovenian United Team.

Skating, Italian Championship: Tanja Romano 13th in compulsory exercices
3. - skating; Bologna; Italian Championship; Polet's athlete Tanja Romano, who did not practice much last weeks, ranked 13th in compulsory exercises (last year she ranked 10th). Francesca Roncelli (Gioni Trst) ranked 15th. Candida Cocchi won.

Volleyball, promotion to A1 League: Sandra Vitez and Sassuolo successful again
3. - volleyball; promotion to A1 League; the team from Sassuolo, where plays also our Sandra Vitez, won the second semifinals match against Cremona 3:0 (25:12, 25:19, 25:15) and reached the finals.

Sailing, Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti will participate to the European Championship
3. - sailing, Ancona; Class 420; Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti ranked 7th at the last qualification regatta, thus ranking absolute 5th and qualifying for the European Championship, which will take place on the 24th of July in Istanbul and to the Youth European Championship, which will take place in Medenblick (Netherlands).

AŠD Mladost AGM
4. - Doberdob; AŠD Mladost is still without a President, since Ivan Pahor resigned. At the General Meeting it was decided, that they will look for a suitable candidate for this role.

Ping-pong, Tjaša Kralj (Kras) is Italian Champion in the 3rd category
5. - ping-pong; Terni; Tjaša Kralj (Kras) won the Italian title in the 3rd category, Michele and Elisa Rotella won the silver medal in the 4th category.

Volleyball, 2. Division: Sloga's players failed
5. - volleyball; Trst; 2. Women Division; Sloga lost the final match against Virtus 1:3 (30:28, 13:25, 18:25, 11:25). After playing great in the first part of the match (19:14),, Sloga's players began to play worse. Virtus is thus promoted to the 1st Division.

Spectators exalted by TV Olympia's Academy
5. - Gorica; more than 100 young athletes participated to the traditional AŠD Olympia end-of-the-season event. The spectators were enthusiastic about the event.

Volleyball: Marko Kalc promoted to B1 League
6. - volleyball; Predazzo; Men's B2 League; in the second finals game Fiemme Fassa, coached by our Marko Kalc, won against San Dona' 3:2 and was promoted to the B1 League.

Basketball, Jure Krečič is leaving Milje
6. - basketball; Milje; our coach Jure Krečič decided to leave the Interclub team in the A2 League. He successfully coached the team for several years.

16 teams and 71 players at the Elementary schools' Championship
6. - school's sport; Trst; at the Elementary School Chess Tournament participated 16 teams and 71 players; this demonstrates that young players love chess. Albert Sirk's school from Križ won in Men's and Women's category.

Agreement for co-operation between schools and ZSŠDI
6. - Gorica; at ZSŠDI's premises it was signed an agreement between Gorica's schools and our main sports organisation. The agreement was signed by ZSŠDI' President Jure Kufersin, D.R. Doberdob's principal Sonja Klanjšček, D.R. Gorica's principal Miroslava Brajnik and "I. Trinko" principal Elisabetta Kovic. According to the agreement, the three schools will be able to present to the FJK Regional Government requests to support projects in the field of sports.

Volleyball, Under 13: Bor's player are Provincial Champions
7. - volleyball; Trst; Women's Under 13 category; after beating them in the first match of the finals, Bor's player won against Virtus 3:0 (25:22, 25:14, 25:15) and won the Provincial Championship. This is the only title of our youth teams in this season.

Bowling, the Championship begins
7. - bowling; Bazovica, Štandrež; with the matches in the Group B Zarja - Nabrežina and Mak - Gaja began this year's boeling championship.

Shinkai club, Nedeljko Hrovatin confirmed as President
7. - Zgonik; at the premises of the sports and cultural centre in Zgonik there was the 19th edition of Shinkai club's AGM. After the introductory speech of the President Nedeljko Hrovatin, the Secretary Zvonko Legiša reported about the performed activities. Nedeljko Hrovatin was confirmed as President.

Basketball, Saša Ferfoglia played for the team of Primorska
8. - basketball; Vrhnika (Slovenia); young Jadran's and Kontovel's player Saša Ferfoglia played for the team of Primorska, who played against the Under 20 team of Slovenia, which will play at the European Championship. Ferfoglia played 15 minutes and scored 2 pts. Slovenia won 86:74.

Volleyball, Sandra Vitez will play for the Italian National Team again
8. - volleyball; Rim; our player Sandra Vitez will play for the Italian National Team, which will participate to the Grand Prix tournament (3-6 Avgust). Italy will play against Brazil, Holland and Taiwan.

Athletics, Fabio Ruzzier wins twice in Croatia
9. - athletics; Croatian Open Cup; after winning the 20 km march with 1.43:33,0 on the island Nin, our marcher Fabio Ruzzier won also the 5 km march with 23:33,18 at the Zadar stadium.

Soccer, presentation of Kras' new coach Sergej Alejnikov
9. - soccer; Opčine; at the Vatta café there was the presentation of Kras Koimpex new coach, the Byelorussian Sergej Alejnikov, the former player of the Sovietic Union National Team, Juventus and Byelorussian national team.

Bor's swimmers end-of-the-season performance
9. - swimming; Trst; at the Altura pool there was the end-of-the-season performance of Bor's swimmers. To the successful event participated 53 swimmers. Then there was the awarding. The event was hosted by Andreina Menegatti, who is the soul of Bor's swimming department.

Cheerdance Millenium ended the season with a party
9. - cheerleading; Trebče; Cheerdance Milleniumu ended the season by organising at the Ljudski dom in Trebče a party, to which participated the athletes and members of the committee.

Skiroll, Mladina's Grand Prix successful
10. - skiroll; Križ; the Grand Prix Alpe Jadran organised by AŠD Mladina and sponsored by Zadružna kraška banka, Zahodnokraški rajonski svet, the Municipality of Zgonik and ZSŠDI, which was valid for the 3rd race of the Italian Cup, was very successful. To the race participated nearly 180 athletes from 21 clubs from 4 countries (Croatia, Italy, Poland and Slovenia). Montebelluna won in both categories, Mladina ranked second. Among women won Anna Rosa (Esercito) and among men Alfio Di Gregorio (Forestale).

Soccer, lots of spectators and fun at the Stari - Mladi (Old against Young) match in Prosek
10. - soccer; Prosek; at the traditional Stari - Mladi match, which ended with a 1:1 draw, there were many spectators and there was lots of fun too.

Chess, Memorial Filipovič: Ribnica wins, our young players rank 21st
10. - chess; Opčine; Memorial Božidar Filipovič; at the traditional tournament in memory of our unforgettable chess player, participated 23 teams from four countries (Austria, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia). The team Ribnica from Slovenia won ahead of Societa' Scacchistica Triestina 1 and Kvarner 1 from Rijeka. The young players of the Slovenski šolski krožek, coached by Marko Oblak and supported by Gianni Dekleva, ranked 21st.

Sloga Day, lots of fun and happiness
10. - Opčine; nearly 80 players, members and parents gathered at the traditional Sloga Day party, where they played volleyball, awarded athletes and showed picture of the last season. The event was very successful.

Soccer: Stefano Mauri is Primorje's new coach
13. - soccer; Prosek; Stefano Mauri, who coached Monfalcone's youth team in the last season, is Primorje's new coach. The team plays in the 1st Amateur League. Mauri succeeds to Andrea Massaia.

Kras' soccer camp
13. - soccer; Repen; on Monday, 11th of July, started Kras' soccer camp in Repen. To the event participate 28 young athletes.

Sport for persons with disabilities, one gold and three silver medals for VZS Mitja Čuk
14. - sport for persons with disabilities; Ajdovščina; at the national bowling tournament of the Special Olympics of Slovenia, VZS Mitja Čuk athletes won one gold medal with Gabriella Destradi and three silver medals with Silvana Leban, Patrizia Brandolin and Adriano Gorzo.

ZSŠDI's GM: about language and other initiatives
13. - Trst; at ZSŠDI's Executive board General Meeting there was talk mainly about language and the initiatives of our clubs and other arguments.

ŠZ Dom's end-of-the-season academy
14. - Gorica; at the Kulturni dom gym there was ŠZ Dom's traditional end-of-the-season academy. President Igor Komel remembered Dušan Furlan, who died recently and coached for 25 years Dom's athletes.

Handball, Ivan Kerpan will play for the Italian Youth National team
14. - handball; Trst; our athlete and player of the Pallamano Trieste handball team Ivan Kerpan (17 years old) will play for the Italian Youth National Team at the youth tournament, which will take place from the 22nd to the 25th of June in Libya.

Soccer, Juventina thanked its sponsors and presented the new coach
14. - soccer; Štandrež; Juventina ended the successful season with an event, where it thanked its sponsors and presented the new coach Dante Portelli.

AŠD Mladina's AGM
15. - Križ; at the Albert Sirk center there was AŠD Mladina's AGM. To the event participated many members and guests. President Boris Bogatec held the main speech. The new committee was elected.

Gaja's tennis camp
15. - tennis; Padriče; nearly 30 young athletes participate to Gaja's tennis camp, which takes place three times a week at Gaja's sport premises.

Zarja's soccer camp
15. - soccer; Bazovica; at the marvellous new sport center in Bazovica there was Zarja's 1-week-long soccer camp, to which participated 30 young athletes.

Volleyball, Peter Spazzapan's Memorial: Sloga ranks first
11./16. - volleyball; Gorica; at the 26th Peter Spazzapan's Memorial, organised by ASD Olympia, participated 12 teams. Sloga ranked first. In the final match it won against Fincantieri 3:0 (25:21, 25:17, 25:20). Tournament's VIP was Sloga's player Ambrož Peterlin. Third ranked Pav Natisonia without playing, since Vivil did not showed up for the 3rd place match.

Cycling, Devin's race successful
16. - cycling; Praprot; SK Devin organised a mountain bike race for the 5th Junior Bike Off-road Trophy and the 3rd Alternative sport cup. The event was successful and 55 cyclists participated in various categories. Among teams the victory went to Team Isonzo. The best among Devin's cyclists was Matteo Visintin, who ranked 1st in the G5 category.

Bowling, 50 pairs at Gaja's Grand Prix
17. - bowling; Padriče; to the traditional Gaja's Grand Prix participated 50 pairs from north-eastern Italy. The victory went to the team of Rivignana, who won against Adegliacco 11:9 after it was loosing 2:9. At the successful tournament participated also six Gaja's pairs.

Horse-riding, Austrians the best at the Dolga krona international tournament
16./17. - horse-riding; Dolina; at the 4th event of the Italian tournament, which was valid also for the European tournament and was excellently organised by Jahalno društvo Dolga krona, Austrians were the best. Dolga krona's athletes performed well.

Cheerleading, European championship: Ester Gregori and Niki Meriggioli ranked 4th
16./17. - Frederikshaven (Danmark); Cheerdance Millenium's athletes Ester Gregori and Niki Meriggioli ranked 4th at the European championship. The judges were not keen with our pair, since it deserved the bronze medal.

Tennis, Gaja promoted to Men's D1 League
17 - tennis; Padriče; men's D2 League, play-off; Gaja won against Rivignano 4:0 and was promoted to D1 League. Gaja's players were: Matej Ciguj, Daniele Morossi and Anej Morel; double: Ciguj and Morossi.

Volleyball, Sandra Vitez in the A1 League!
17. - volleyball; Rim; A2 play-off; Kerakoll Sassuolo, where plays also our Sandra Vitez, won the third final match against Lamaro Roma 3:2 and was promoted to A1 League. After being selected for the Italian National Team, this is another great result for our athlete and our sport.

Boris Bogatec confirmed as AŠD Mladina's President
18. - Križ; at the first meeting of the new committee Boris Bogatec was confirmed as AŠD Mladina's President.

ZSŠDI's Workshop about taxes in Nabrežina
20. - Nabrežina; ZSŠDI's Workshop about taxes, which took place at the premises of SKD Igo Gruden, has been very successful. About this argument reported Adriano Kovačič and Diego Zorzetto.

Ping pong, Kras' end-of-the-season event
20. - ping pong; Zgonik; at the cultural and sport center there was Kras' traditional end-of-the-season event, where president Tamara Blažina and technical director Sonja Milič presented the report about the past season and spoke about the plans for the future. At the event participated also the new president of the Italian ping pong association Enrico Mascelloni.

KK Bor, Bruno Kneipp confirmed as president
21. - Trst; at the Prvi maj stadium there was KK Bor's AGM, where Bruno Kneipp was confirmed as President.

Volleyball, coach Marchesini is leaving Val
22. - volleyball; Štandrež (GO); after having coached Val's team for six month, Fabrizio Marchesini decided to leave the team. In the next season he will coach the team from Bibione, which plays in the B2 League. Giuseppe Cutuli, who in the past season has been one of Val's players, will succeed to Marchesini.

SK Devin's AGM
22. - Slivno; at the premises of the club in Slivno there was the 33rd SK Devin's Annual General Meeting. The main speech was held by president Dario Stolfa.

Meeting of Slovenian athletes in Murska Sobota: two 2nd and 1 4th place for ZSŠDI's selection
22./23. - Murska Sobota; in Murska Sobota (Slovenia) there was the traditional 31st Meeting of Slovenian athletes, organised by the Slovenian Olympic Committee. ZSŠDI's delegation, which was led by president Jure Kufersin, consisted of basketball and volleyball players (who ranked 2nd) and soccer players, who ranked 4th.

Volleyball, Sloga players Kristjan Stopar and Andrea Vatovac will play for Bibione
23. - volleyball; Kristjan Stopar and Andrea Vatovac, who were Sloga's main players in the past season, will play for Bibione (B2 League), which will be coached by former Val's coach Fabrizio Marchesini.

Skiroll, World Cup: after winning the sprint, Mateja Bogatec ranks 7th in uphill
22./23. - skiroll; Frosinone; World Cup; at the first race of this season Mladina's athletes Mateja Bogatec ranked 1st, whereas Ana Kosuta did not qualify. In the uphill race Mateja ranked 7th, David Bogatec 8th and Ana Košuta 20th. Mateja is in the lead in the absolute category.

Handball, Ivan Kerpan's successful performance for the Italian Youth National Team, he scored 6 and 4 goals
22./24. - handball; Libya; our handball player Ivan Kerpan, who plays for the Pallamano Trieste team, debuted with the Italian Youth National Team. In the first match against Libya (28:28) Ivan scored 6 goals. In the second match against Libya (Italy lost 26:31) he scored 4 goals.

Mountain biking, Veneto Regional Championship: Christian Leghissa ranked 3rd
24. - mountain biking; Conegliano (Treviso); Veneto Regional Championship; our cyclist Christian Leghissa, who races for the OVAM Vittorio Veneto team, ranked 3rd in the Master category (4x7,5 km).

Sport fishing, Italian Championship: Sirena 6th
24. - sport fishing; Milje, Valobran; Italian Championship; Sirena's team with Olaf and Danijel Simonettig, Devan Radovič and Luisa Vattovaz ranked 6th, in the overall category 15th (34 teams competed).

"Športni orli" Awards, many our athletes among the awarded
25. - Gorica; at the local Auditorium, representatives of the Regional Government, Regional CONI and USSI journalists awarded 284 gold, silver, bronze and white "eagles". The following athletes received the Gold eagles: skater Tanja Romano (Polet), sailors Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti (Čupa) and fishers Janko Brecelj, Devan Radovič and Andrea Lisjak (Sirena).

AŠD Polet's AGM
26. - Opčine; at the new sport center there was the 39th AŠD Polet's AGM. The main speech was held by president Marino Kokorovec. Among the guests there was ZKB's President Sergij Stančič, the Member of the Provincial Government Zoran Sosič and the representative of SKD Tabor Andrej Šuligoj.

Our young basketball players met with NBA player Primož Brezec in Sežana
27. basketball; Sežana; Polet's players competed against athletes from Sežana's Kraški zidar and Trieste's San Vito. To the event participated also NBA player Primož Brezec.

CONI, among the awarded also our athletes
29. - Trst; Provincial CONI awarded the most successful athletes. Among the awarded there were also our representatives: the golden award was given to skater Tanja Romano and athlete Margaret Macchiut, the bronze to Polet's skater Davide Profitta. The bronze award for technical merits was given to Mojmir Kokorovec, Polet's and National Team's coach.

Soccer, Vesna: presentation of the new season
30. - soccer; Križ; Vesna's president Roberto Vidoni and the members of the committee presented the goals for the next season.


AŠD Polet's AGM: the president Marino Kokorovec

Our young basketball players with Primož Brezec

Christian Leghissa, Mojmir Kokorovec

Vesna, presentation of the next season, from the left:
Paolo Vidoni, Ruggero Calo', Roberto Vidoni and Edi Pribac

Melanie Klein's AGM:
president Francesca Simoni and Alenka Hrovatin



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