Tennis, Gaja Regional Champion, from the left: Matej Cigui, Daniele Morossi, Elvis Matejčič

Pomlad's AGM, from the left: Franco Meriggioli, Roberto Zuppin, Miloš Tul, Aleksander Umek

Jadran's AGM, from the left: Marko Corsi,
Boris Cotič, Luka Bresciani

Sokol's AGM

Matej Černic, Sandra Vitez

Sokol, 24-hours basketball match

Sovodnje's AGM, from the left: secretary Rudi Devetak, president Drago Tomšič, president Zdravko Kuštrin, cashier Marko (Igor) Petejan

Skiing, Gadi finished the first part of the training

Carlotta Orlando, Adriano Sossi, Mateja Bogatec

Cycling: 1st Bruno Škerk' Memorial organised by SK Devin

Tanja Romano, Nordio Gergolet, Joško Prinčič

Biserka Cear, Mia Kraus. Claudia Coslovich

Vili Chermaz, Boris Laurica

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Skiroll, Italian Championship, Mladina ranks successfully in Aosta
30.6./1.7. - Aosta; skiroll; Italian Championship; Mladina's athletes ranked successfully, since Rudi Balzano and Simon Košuta won in their category, whereas Mateja Bogatec and Ana Košuta ranked 2nd in the Seniores category. In the uphill race Ghira ranked 3rd in his category and Balzano ranked 3rd in his category. Mateja Bogatec ranked 4th and Ana Košuta 9th in the Seniores category.

Volleyball, World league, Italy looses, Matej Černic becomes Azzurri's captain, a historical event for our sport
1. - volleyball; Avellino: World league; Italy lost the second match of the 5th round against USA 0:3 (26:28, 21:25, 13:25). Our player Matej Černic scored 10 points and became the team's captain, which is a historical event for our sport.

Tennis, D2 League: Gaja is Regional Champion
1. - tennis; Padriče; by winning 3:2 the return double match against Green Tennis B from Pordenone Gaja became Regional Champion in the Male D2 League. The points were scored by Morossi and Cigui, who also won the double match.

2. - Špeter Slovenov; ZSŠDI' committee met at the last meeting before the holiday break in Špeter Slovenov in the Benečija region.

AŠD Pomlad's AGM
2. - Prosek; at Primorje's premises there was the first AŠD Pomlad's AGM. The reports by president Roberto Zuppin and technical director Miloš Tul demonstrated, that the past season has been very successful.

Volleyball, some changes at Sloga
2. - volleyball; there have been some changes at Sloga: coach Ivan Peterlin will no longer coach the Seniores team and will concentrate only on the youth teams. The new seniores team called Sloga Tabor will be coached by Edi Božič and the D League team by Igor Štrajn.

Volleyball, Sandra Vitez will continue to play for Sassuolo in the A1 League
5. - volleyball; Sassuolo (Modena); former Kontovel's player Sandra Vitez will continue to play for Sassuolo in the next A1 League season.

Jadran' AGM: some important news
6. - Nabrežina; at the premises of the Igo Gruden association there was AŠZ Jadran' AGM with some important news. President Boris Cotič resigned, the seniores team will play in Trieste (at the gym in Briščiki), all youth team will play under the name Jadran and the premises of the club will be moved to Opčine.

Volleyball: Zoran Jerončič is Val's new coach
7. - volleyball; Gorica; famous Slovenian volleyball expert, who coached also in the Italian A League, is Val's new coach, which plays in the C League. Jerončič coached Val's team six years ago, when the team was promoted to B2 League. Jerončič subsitutes Giuseppe Cutuli.

AŠD Sokol's AGM
7. - Nabrežina; alongside the basketball marathon there was also Sokol's AGM, where president Damjan Pertot described the successful activities of the club. In the next season the team will not be coached by Andrej Vremec and there are some financial difficulties as well.

24-hours basketball match in Nabrežina a success, Reds win by 16
8. - basketball; Nabrežina; Sokol's traditional 24-hours basketball match in Nabrežina ended up with Reds' victory, who beat Whites 1794:1778. The basketball marathon has been very successful and 90 players participated.

Skiroll, World Championship in France: Mateja Bogatec is still 1st
7./8 - skiroll; Villard de Lans (France); World Championship; Mladina's athletes David Bogatec and Mateja Bogatec ranked absolute 2nd in the second race of the World Championship, whereas Ana Košuta ranked 12th. Mateja ranked 5th at the circular race and Ana Košuta finished the race although she was sick. David Bogatec ranked 30th. Mateja is still overall 1st.

Athletics, Biserka Cesar becomes Regional Champion in hammer throw and discus (first time over 50 m)
7./8. - athletics; Gorica; our athlete, who plays for CUS Trieste, became FVG's regional champion in hammer throw with a distance of 12,75 m and discus with a distance of 50,01 m. This is the first time, that Biserka Cesar reached 50 m.

Diving, Ivana Curri is Italian Champion in the C1 category
7./8. - Ivana Curri, who attends Srečko Kosovel slovenian school and plays for the Trieste Tuffi team, ranked 1st in the Italian C1 Platform diving category, 2nd in the 1 m and 3rd in the 3 m platform diving.

Tennis, Carlotta Orlando (Gaja) is Regional champion in the Under 14 category
8. - tennis; Padriče; Gaja's athlete Carlotta Orlando won the final match against Katja Matelicchio from Čedad 6:3, 6:3 and became regional champion. Carlotta will thus participate to the italian championship.

AŠD Sovodnje's AGM, Zdravko Kuštrin confirmed as president
9. and 12. - Sovodnje; at the conference hall of the Zadružna banka Doberdob Sovodnje there was AŠD Sovodnje's AGM. Zdravko Kuštrin was confirmed as president and the members of the committee were also confirmed.

Basketball, Mengucci is Acegas' new coach
10. - basketball; Trst; Ferruccio Mengucci, who successfully coached Bor Radenska in the C1 League, is Acegas' new coach (B2 League). He subsitutes Furio Steffe, who will coach Vigevano's team in the B1 League.

Basketball, Adriano Sossi is AŠD Jadran's new president
12. - Opčine; after the first AGM, Jadran's committee met and defined the new functions. Adriano Sossi was elected president. He substitutes Boris Cotič, who resigned earlier during the season.

Skiroll, World Championship in Germany: Mateja Bogatec 2nd
14./15. - skiroll; Leipzig (Germany); World Championship; Mladina's athletes were successful
again: in the sprint category Mateja Bogatec ranked 2nd, her brother David 3rd. The next day Mateja was 4th. Magnuson is now leading the group and Mateja is 2nd, 9 points behind her.

Archery, Katja Ražem (Zarja) will participate to the Italian National Championship
14./15. - archery; Gorica; Katja Ražem (Zarja) ranked 2nd at the competition in Gorica and will thus participate to the Italian National Championship in the "hunter field" speciality, which will take place in September in Casalgrande nearby Reggio Emilia.

Breg's Member of the Committee and sportsman Vili Chermaz died
17. - Trst; at 55 years of age (he was born on 10th February 1952) died Breg's member of the Committee and sportsman Vili Chermaz, who has been an excellent player in the 1970's.

Sailing, European Championship; Tito Rodda (Čupa) ranks 23rd
17. - sailing; Athens (Greece); Čupa's sailer Tito Rodda ranked 23rd at the World Championship in the Optimist category and was 2nd among the Italians.

Volleyball, Alassio Cup, Sandra Vitez and Italy rank 3rd
18./21. - volleyball; Alassio; International Women Tournament Alassio Cup; the Italian National Team, for which plays also our representative Sandra Vitez, won against Czech Republic 3:0 and ranked 3rd. Sandra scored 1 point. Other results: Italy - Czech Republic 3:0 (Vitez 10 pts.), Germany-Italy 3:2 (Vitez 13 pts.); semifinals: Turkey - Italy 3:1 (Vitez 2 pts.). The tournament was won by Germany, who won the final match against Turkey 3:0.

Former Juventina's president Aldo Tabai died
20. - Gorica; at 74 years of age (he was born on 16th March 1933) died Aldo Tabai. In 1963 he has been Juventina's president. In the 1980's he was among the founders of the bowling team Mak from Štandrež. He was very beloved among Gorica's sportsmen.

Athletics, meeting in Trieste: Biserka Cesar wins discus and hammer throw
21. - athletics; Trst; at the international meeting organised by Trieste's CUS, Biserka Cesar (CUS) won in hammer throw with a distance of 13.05 m and discus with 47.82 m. Anna Giordano Bruno (Sai Roma) set the new personal and Italian pole vault record at 4.40 m (the previous record was set at 4.35 m). The Jamaica-born Slovenian representative Marlene Ottey (47 years!) won the 100 m race with 11.72.

Cycling, Regional race 1st Bruno Škerk's Memorial successful
22. - cycling; Praprot (Nabrežina); the regional race for beginners 1st Bruno Škerk's Memorial, organised by SK Devin, was very successful. Among Devin's cyclists excelled Charly Petelin, who ranked 5th in the 1993 category, first was Alberto Nicodemo (Latisana). In the 1992 category the victory went to Luca Cordazzo (Sacilese) ahead of Denis Milič (Team Isonzo). At the awarding was present the Mayor of the Devin Nabrežina municipality Giorgio Ret.

Skiroll, Mateja Bogatec is Italian Champion
22. - skiroll; Montebelluna; Mladina's athlete Mateja Bogatec won the Italian Championship title in the field category. On the 12 km long circuit she won ahead of Viviana Druidi. Other Mladina's athletes performed well: Niki Hrovatin ranked 1st among beginners, Jana Prašelj 2nd.

Skating, Italian Championship: Tanja Romano won the free programme and combination
21. /22.- skating; Raccaraso (Aquila); Italian Championship; as expected after the short programme, where she ranked 1st, Polet's skater Tanja Romano ranked 1st also in the free programme and combination. Francesca Roncelli (Gioni TS) ranked 3rd in the free programme and 5th in combination. Among men our representative Luca Raccaro (Gradisca) did not ranked well in the free programme, but he was 3rd in the combination.

Our sportsman Boris Laurica died
21. - Trst; at 64 years of age (he was born on 24th April 1943) unexpectedly died Boris Laurica, former Breg's member of the committee and one of the most successful sportsman in the area.

Volleyball, Soča in the C League
23. - volleyball; Sovodnje; Soča, who was eliminated from the C League in the previous season, will still play in the same league next year. The club from Sovodnje bought the rights to participate from the Cordenons team.

Nordio Gergolet is AŠD Mladost's new president
23. - Doberdob; AŠD Mladost's new president is Nordio Gergolet, vice-mayor and member of the committee of the Doberdob municipality. Vice-president was nominated Erik Lavrenčič, secretary Loredana Marušič, treasurer Valentina Jarc, and there are some new members as well. Mladost will participate in the 3rd Amateurs league. The new coach is Fabio Sambo, who succeeds to Borut Markočič.

AŠZ Dom's AGM, Joško Prinčič new president
25. - Gorica; Dom ended its 44th season with an AGM, which took place in the small conference room of the Kulturni dom. As new president was elected Joško Prinčič, who succeeds to Igor Komel. -> comment (in Slovenian and Italian), pictures and president's report (in Slovenian and Italian)

Sailing, WC in the Europa class
Nataša Valentič 4th, Giulia Ceschiutti 57th
26. - sailing; World Championship in Europa class; at the World Championship participated also Sirena's sailers Nataša Valentič and Giulia Ceschiutti, who ranked 46th and 57th respectively.

Basketball, Visciano returns to Bor
27. - basketball; Trst; Giancarlo Visciano will play for Bor's team in the 2007/08 season in the C League. The Neaples-born center (born in 1976, 2 m tall) played for Bor in the 2004/2005 season. then for Muggia in the C2 and C1 Leagues. He is still propriety of the Falconstar team from Monfalcone (for which he played in the B2 and C1 Leagues). He will play for the team coached by Andre a Mura for one year.

Basketball, Mia Kraus in the Italian U15 National Team, Matija Jogan assistant
28. - basketball; Trst; Polet's player Mia Kraus will play for the Italian U15 National team, from the 24.8 to 7.9. in Caorle. Assistant coach of the team will be Matija Jogan, former Bor's coach and today's coach of the Interclub women team.

Athletics, Claudia Coslovich is Italian Javelin Champion, Biserka Cesar 6th in discus
25./28. - athletics; Padova; Italian Championship; our athlete Claudia Coslovich, who plays for the Fondiaria Sai team in Rome, won the Italian Javelin title after four years with a distance of 59.88 m. She beat the favourite Zahra Bani, who ranked second with 58.32 m. This is Coslovich's 12th national title. Also excellent was Biserka Cesar (Cus TS), who ranked 6th in discus (49.08 m) and 9th in hammer throw (12.57 m). Our athlete from Gorica Martina Quaggiato ranked 11th in the 4x400 m race.

Beach soccer, Michele Leghissa and the Italian National Team 7th
29. - beach soccer; Tignes (France); European League; the Italian national team, for which plays our Michele Leghissa, won against Czech Republic 11:2 and ranked 7th. Leghissa scored one goal.

Basketball, Sokol will not play in the D league
30. - basketball; Nabrežina; due to organisational and financial difficulties Sokol will not play in the D League after 4 successful seasons. It is not known if the team will play in the Promotion League, since most of the players will play for other teams and some will quit.

Volleyball, Aljoša Orel in the 1st Slovenian League with Bled
30. - volleyball; Bled (Slovenia); former Val's player Aljoša Orel, who played in the Italian A League in Trieste, Padova and Bari, will play for one year with the Bled team in Slovenia. He will also play in the Champions league.

Soccer, Žarko Arandželovič will play for Pro Gorizia
30. - soccer; Gorica; the player from Sezana Žarko Arandželovič, who played four years for Križ Vesna and was also captain of the team, will play for Pro Gorizia in the Promotion league.


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