Sailing, EC in Istanbul;
Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti

Sandra Vitez, Marko Kalc

Soccer, Vesna started training in Domjo

Michele Leghissa, Monica Carrara

Volleyball: Sandra Vitez (left)
with team-mate Serena Ortolani

Soccer, Kras started training in Repen

Soccer, friendly match Vesna - Triestina in Križ

Basketball, Veterans' World Championship in Puerto Rico: Robert Daneu, Claudio Starc, Sandi Rauber

Soccer, Breg started training in Dolina

Sailing: Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta

Ping pong: Kras' training

Soccer: Primorec training

Basketball: Bor's training

Soccer: Pomlad's training

Bowling: Memorial C. Bellich in Opčine

Motorcycling: Mitja Emili in Mugello

Volleyball, Grand Prix: bronze medal for the Italian national team; Sandra Vitez, second on the left. standing; courtesy of:: www.volleyball.it

Skiing: Gadi with Anja Paerson (in the middle)

Volleyball: Bor/Breg's training with the new coach Marko Kalc

Bowling, "Zamejski" tournament: the winners Mak

Soccer: Juventina's presentation


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Sailing, 420 Class, European Championship:
Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti win the bronze medal!

24.7-2.8. - sailing; Istanbul (Turkey); European Championship 420 Class; Čupa's athletes Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti won the bronze medal with the Italian National team. This is one of the best results ever for our sport. Čupa's athletes won the bronze medal in the final three races, where they ranked 5th, 17th and even 1st. The victory went to the Italians Edorado Mancinelli Scotti and Felice De Lorenzo ahead of the Portuguese pair Antonio Pereira and Alfonso Priet.

Soccer, Sovodnje in the 1st Amateur League!
1. - soccer; Sovodnje; Sovodnje, who did not reach the higher league in the last season, will play in the 1st Amateur League after the Rivignano team has been registered in the D League.

Volleyball, World Grand Prix,
Sandra Vitez with the Italian National Team

2. - volleyball; Rim; (World Grand Prix); Italian Federal coach Massimo Barbolini selected also our athlete Sandra Vitez for the national team, which represents a huge achievement for her and our sport.

Volleyball, Marko Kalc is Bor/Breg's new coach in the D League
2. - volleyball; Trst; Marko Kalc, who successfully coached the Fiemme Fassa team in the B2 League last season, will coach Bor's women team in the D League in the 2007/08 season. He will succeed to Silva Meulia, who has coached the team for the past three years.

Soccer, Vesna started training
2. - soccer; Domjo; Vesna, which will play in the Elite League in the 2007/08 season, is the first team to start training, on the field in Domjo.

Beach soccer, European League: Michele Leghissa and Italy rank 2nd and will thus participate to the European Championship
3./5. - beach soccer; Palma de Mallorca (Spain); European League; in the first match of this league's round, Italy won against Poland 4:3 and qualified for the European Championship, which will take place in Marseille (France) from the 20th to the 26th of August. In the semi-final match Italy won against Spain 6:4 and lost the final match against France 5:7.

Basketball, Ivan Kralj returns to Bor
5. - basketball; Trst; Ivan Kralj (born in 1985), who in the previous seasons played for the Monfalcone team Falconstar in the B2 league, returns to Bor and will play in the C1 League.

Volleyball, Monica Carrara as a referee in the A League
6. - volleyball; Gorica; 33 years old Monica Carrara, who has been a referee in the Italian B League for the past 8 seasons, will be a referee in the men and women A League, which represents a huge success for our volleyball and sport.

Volleyball, World Grand Prix: two wins and one loss for Italy,
Sandra Vitez has not entered the field, but the coach still believes
in her and she is flying to Hong Kong

3./5./6 - volleyball; Verona; World Grand Prix; in the first match of the first qualifying tournament Italy, for which plays also our athlete Sandra Vitez, won against Taiwan 3:0 (25:10, 25:13, 25:18). In the second match they won against Netherlands 3:0 (25:22, 25:18, 25:16) and in the third match they lost against Brazil 2:3 (19:25, 26:24, 24:26, 26:24, 8:15). Sandra did not play, but nevertheless she sat on the bench of a prestigious national team, which is a huge success. Although she did not play, coach Barbolini still believes in her and she will go with the national team to Hong Kong, where the second qualifying tournament will take place.

Soccer, Kras started training
6. - soccer; Kras Koimpex and its new coach, former famous Byelorussian player Sergej Alejnikov, started training for the new 2007/08 season. Kras has ambitious plans and it hopes to be promoted to a higher league.

Soccer, friendly match: Vesna lost against Triestina (0:2)
9. - soccer; Križ; in a friendly match Vesna, which plays in the Elite League, lost against B League team Triestina only 0:2 (0:1). For Triestina scored Sgrigna and Granoche.

Basketball, Veterans' World Championship in Puerto Rico: our athletes ranked 7th
4./12. - basketball; Puerto Rico; Over 40 Veterans' World Championship; our players Robert Daneu, Claudio Starc and Sandi Rauber (picture), who play for the Udine team, ranked 7th. They lost the match against Puerto Rico C 85:96 (Starc 9 pts., Daneu and Rauber 6 pts.,) and in the last match won easily, since the team from Chile did not show up.

Mountain biking, Christian Leghissa successful
11. - mountain biking; Gorica; our cyclist Christian Leghissa, who races for the Ovam Every team from Vittorio Veneto, won the race from Štmaver to Sabotin (4,5 km) with a record time of 17:19,30.

Basketball, Peter Sosič will play for Acegas (B2 League)
10. - basketball; Trst; now is official: Bor's player Peter Sosič will play for the Acegas Trieste team in the B2 League.

Volleyball, World Grand Prix, tournament in Hong Kong: Italy wins against Dominican Republic (Sandra Vitez 2 pts.) and China ./
12. - volleyball; World Grand Prix; second qualification round; Italy, for which plays also our athlete Sandra Vitez, after loosing the first match against Poland 1:3, won against Dominican Republic 3:0 and in the last match of this tournament also against China 3:2 (25:21, 20:25, 14:25, 25:20, 15:12). Sandra did not play against Poland, she scored 2 points against Dominican Republic and none against China.

Volleyball, Matej Černic will play for the Italian National Team again
12. - volleyball; Verona; Italian Federal coach Gian Paolo Montali selected our athlete Matej Černic for the preparing tournament for the European Championship.

Basketball, Bor will be stronger with Alan Burni
13. - basketball; Trst; after selecting Giancarlo Visciano and Ivan Kralj, Bor Radenska (C1 League) will be even stronger with the arrival of Alan Burni. He was born in 1977, is 194 cm tall and comes from Servolana.

Soccer, Breg started training at the renewed Dolina field
13. - soccer; Breg's team coached by Davor Vitulič, that will play in the 2007/08 season in the 2nd Amateur League, started training at the renewed Dolina field.

Sailing, Youth World Championship 420 and 470: Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti 14th
10./16. - sailing; Youth World Championship; Medemblik (Netherlands); Class 420; Čupa's sailors Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti, who raced for the Italian national team, ended this unlucky tournament 14th. -> results 420; comment (in Slovenian and Italian) and pictures. In the 470 Class Čupa's athletes Alessio Spadoni and Max Aicardi finished 9th in the silver group.

Ping pong, Kras at work
16. - ping pong; Zgonik; Kras' players started practicing in Zgonik for the new o 2007/08 season. The team is not complete yet, Chinese coach Liang feng has been confirmed. -> comment (in Slovenian and Italian) and pictures

Bowling, "Zamejski" tournament, semi-finals:
Mak - Kras 4:4, Sokol - Gaja 2:6

16. - bowling; "Zamejski" tournament; in the first semifinal matches Gaja won against Sokol in Nabrežina 6:2, whereas in Štandrež the match between Mak and Kras ended without a winner. The return matches will be played on Thursday, 23rd August, at 18.00 in Padriče and Samatorca.

Soccer, 6 of our teams started practicing
16. - soccer; after Vesna, Kras and Breg started training also Juventina (Elite league), Primorec, Primorje and Sovodnje (1st amateurs league), Zarja/Gaja (2nd AL) and Mladost (3rd AL). Comment (in Slovenian and Italian), teams and pictures: Juventina; Mladost ; Primorec; Primorje; Sovodnje ; Zarja/Gaja

Volleyball, World Grand Prix, Italy beats Brazil, Sandra Vitez scores 0 points; on Wednesday starts the "final six"
17./19. - volleyball; Taiwan; World Grand Prix; Italy, for which plays also our athlete Sandra Vitez, beat in the third match of the qualifying tournament also China 3:1 (25:20, 25:21, 15:25, 25:22) and qualified for the final tournament, which will take place form Wednesday, 22nd until Sunday, 26th August in China. Sandra played in the match against Brazil, but she scored no points.

Volleyball, Sloga practicing in Mežica
17. volleyball; Trst; many Sloga's athletes went to the traditional round of practicing in Mežica. There will be practicing the first women team, which ahs been promoted to the C league the past season, two men teams (C and D league) and the men and women youth teams.

Sailing, Italian Teams Championship
Čupa's optimists 5th

19. - sailing; Marsala; Italian Teams Championship, Optimist; Čupa's team composed by: Tito and Agostino Rodda, Maja Bogatec, Mirko Juretič, Thomas Gruden and coached by Maurizio Benčič ranked 5th and did not qualify for the final match for a single point. The victory went to the Tevere Roma team.

Basketball, Bor and Jadran at work
20. - basketball; Bor's (C1 league) and Jadran's (C2 league) players started practicing for the new season. Also Jadran's youth teams started training. -> comment (in Slovenian and Italian) and pictures: Bor ; pictures: Jadran team ; Jadran youth teams

Soccer, Pomlad's youth teams started practicing
20. - soccer; Dolina; Pomlad's youth teams coached by Marino Kragelj and Mile Ljubojevič started training at the new field in Dolina for the new season. Both teams will play in the Regional championship for the first time. -> comment (in Slovenian and Italian) and pictures

Soccer, Brienza tournament in Tržič:
Kras Koimpex reached the finals

21. - soccer; Tržič; Kras Koimpex and its new coach Sergej Alejnikov successfully started the new season. First they won against Fincantieri 4:3 after penalty shots (0:0), and in the second match they won also against Turriaco 2:0 (goals: Kneževič and Visintin) thus reaching the Saturday finals.

Bowling, "Zamejski" championship; finals: Gaja - Mak
23. - bowling; "Zamejski" championship; return semifinals; in Padriče Gaja won against Sokol 4:0, whereas Mak from Štandrež in Samatorca surprisingly won against Kras 6:2. The final match Gaja - Mak will take place at the neutral field on Thursday, 30.8. at 18.00.

Soccer, Milje's tournament: Primorec in the semi-finals, Breg out
24. - soccer; Milje; at the tournament organised by Muggia, in the group B Primorec and Muggia reached the semi-finals, whereas Breg's team lost. Results: Breg - Primorec 4:3 after penalties (0:0), Primorec - Muggia 5:4 after penalties (0:0), Muggia - Breg 1:0. Ranking: Muggia 4, Primorec 3, Breg 2. Primorec will play on Monday, 28.8. at 20.30 against San Luigi, who won the Group A.

Soccer, Memorial Brienza in Tržič: Capriva first ahead of Kras Koimpex and Juventina
25. - soccer; Tržič; Memorial Brienza; Capriva ranked first at the final tournament, organised by the Fincantieri team. Capriva won against Kras 1:0 and than played against Juventina 0:0. Kras won against Juventina 2:1. The first goals was scored by Juventina with Cotin, then Botta scored a penalty and then scored another goal. Ranking: Capriva 4, Kras Koimpex 3, Juventina 1.

Soccer, friendly match: Tabor Sežana - Primorje 3:2
25. - soccer; Sežana; Primorje lost the first match of the season against Sežana's Tabor 2:3. Primorje's goals were scored by Bertocchi in Andreassich.

Bowling, Memorial C. Bellich in Opčine: Portuale wins against Sokol
25. - bowling; Opčine; Portuale won the international tournament Memorial Carisio Bellich, organised by AŠD Polet. They won the final match against Sokol 13:2. Third ranked Kraški dom, fourth Gaja. The tournament has been a huge success. -> comment (in Slovenian and Italian) and pictures

Motorcycling, Kawasaki Trophy: Mitja Emili unlucky
26. - motorcycling; Firence; Kawasaki Trophy; our motorcyclist Mitja Emili was unlucky at the Mugello. His main opponent Zerbo won the Italian championship. Emili will race at the last race and he can still rank second.

Young Bor's player in Cerkno
26. - basketball; Cerkno (Slovenia); nearly 50 young Bor's player will practice until next Sunday in Cerkno pri Idriji. Bor's basketball camp 2007 is organised by experienced coaches Stojan Corbatti and Lucio Martini, who are assisted by 5 young coaches.

Beach soccer, European league superfinals: Italy, for which plays also our athlete Michele Leghissa, won against Switzerland and qualified for the World Cup
20./26. - beach soccer; Marseille (France); European league superfinals; Italy, for which plays also our athlete Michele Leghissa, won against Switzerland 8:5 in the last chance tournament and qualified for the final tournament of the Fifa World Cup, which will take place from the 1st to the 11th November in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Our athlete has been very successful, especially at the semi-finals match against Hungary, when he scored a goal.

Volleyball, World Grand Prix, "final six": Italy, for which plays also our Sandra Vitez, although loosing against Poland (Sandra 2 pts.), won the bronze medal
22./26. - volleyball; Ningbo (China); World Grand Prix, "final six"; Italy, for which plays also our Sandra Vitez, lost the final match against Poland 0:3 (21:25, 18:25, 19:25), but won the bronze medal, because Netherlands won against Russia and ranked first ahead of China. Sandra scored 2 points against Poland.

Summer trainings of our skiers and photo-shooting with the champion Anja Person
26. - skiing; Switzerland; at the famous Saas Fee glacier in Switzerland there were the second summer trainings of our skiers from the SK Devin and ŠD Mladina teams and the Ski Pool Gadi project.

Soccer, Primorec out in Milje
27. - soccer; Milje; Primorec lost the semifinals of the tournament organised by Muggia against San Luigi after penalties shootings 6:7. The match ended 2:2. The goals for Primorec were scored by Laghezza and Braini. The team is out of the tournament.

Volleyball, Bor/Breg women team started training with the new coach Marko Kalc
27. - volleyball; Trst; with the new coach Marko Kalc and his assistant Saša Smotlak also Bor/Breg women team started training for the new 2007/08 season in the D league.

Bor's volleyball camp
27. - volleyball; Trst; at the Prvi maj stadium there is Bor's volleyball camp, under the responsibility of Silvia Meulia. To the camp participate 23 young players.

Basketball, Daniel Batich moves to Sicily
28. - basketball; Trst; young Bor's player Daniel Batich (born in 1988, 188 cm, play-maker), who in the past season decided to go professional, will in the new season play in Sicily, for the team of Canicatti (in the Agrigento province) in the B2 league. Bor's team will lend him for a year. The Sicilian team guaranteed that he will be the main organiser of the game. Together with Jan Budin (Falconstar) and Peter Sosič (Acegas) he will be one of our players, who play at the highest level.

Volleyball, probably Matej Černic will not play at the European championship
28. - volleyball; Verona; our player Matej Černic, who plays for the Italian National team, watched the friendly match Italy - Serbia (2:3), because of a knee injury. On Monday he will undergo a thorough medical check-up and only then he will know, if he will participate to the European championship in Moscow.

Soccer, friendly match: Hit - Juventina 4:0
29. - soccer; Nova Gorica; Juventina lost the match against the Slovenian team Hit 0:4 (0:3).

Sailing, 420, Italian Championship: Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti absolute third and second among youth
26./30. - sailing; Italian Championship in the 420 Class; Čupa's athletes Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti ranked twice first and once second, thus ranking absolute third and second among youth.

Sailing, optimist, Italian Championship: Mattia Ugrin (Sirena) wins the AICO Cup
30. - sailing; Ancona; Italian Championship in the Optimist class; Mattia Ugrin (Sirena) won the AICO youth cup. Dan Poljšak was sixth in the Touring cup and first among the 10 years old athletes, Chantal Zeriali (Čupa) ranked 15th.

Bowling, "Zamejski" tournament: Mak wins against Gaja (6:2) and wins the title
30. - bowling; Nabrežina; "Zamejski" tournament; the team Mak won the final match against Gaja 6:2 and won this year's title. -> comment (in Slovenian and Italian) and pictures;

Basketball, friendly match: Bor's good match against Acegas
30. - basketball; Trst; Bor lost the friendly match against Acegas 61:85 (21:21, 30:32, 41:61), but the team played well. Bor's scorers: Bole 11, Kralj 7, Zeriali 4, Crevatin 9, Nadlišek 7, Madonia 4, Burni 5, Babich 3, Visciano 4, Štokelj 7. Current Acegas' player and former Bor's player Peter Sosič scored 7 points.

Karin Starc, former Sloga's player and Primorec training coach, died
31. - Trst; after a terrible car accident at 32 years of age died Karin Starc, former Sloga's volleyball player. She played also for the regional team. In the 2005/06 season she was, together with his father Edi and Bertucci, one of Primorec training coaches, which played in the 2nd amateurs league.
Sloga and Primorec and our office express their condolences to Edi.

Soccer, Juventina's presentation
31. - soccer; Štandrež; at the team's premises and field there was Juventina's presentation. The team will play in the Elite league, the youth team will play in the regional championship.

Volleyball, Sandra Vitez will not go to Ankara
31. - volleyball; Kontovel; due to health problems our player Sandra Vitez, who plays for the Italian National Team, will not play at the qualifying matches for the 2008 Grand Prix, which will take place from the 3rd to the 9th September in Ankara.


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