HIGHLIGHTS November 2007


Christian Leghissa, Michele Leghissa, Tanja Romano

Matej Černic, Loris Mania', Francesca Roncelli

Paola Cigui, Elia Hrovatin

Loris Mania' (right) with his brother Gianni.

Italian National Team
(n. 18 Matej Černic, n. 4 Loris Mania'

From the left: Regional Member of the Committee for Sport Tommasini, CONI's Provincial President Borri and prof. Franko Drasič

Tanja Romano, Sergij Stančič, Mojmir Kokorovec, Andro Merku'

Mirko Špacapan

Miroslav Košuta, books' authors, the winners of the art and literature contest and Jure Kufersin

Pictures, from the left: Andrej Vremec, Sergio Tavčar, Adriano Sossi, Marko Corsi

Pictures: ZSŠDI's delegation with Sonja Poljšak and Miroslav Cerar

AŠD Olympia's 2007/08 volleyball teams presentation

Janja Del Linz and Maurizio Peric



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Basketball: C1: Bor wins against Limena; C2: Jadran wins against Ardita in Gorica; D League: Breg wins, Kontovel/Sokol lost
1. - basketball; C1 League Bor Radenska finally won the first home match against Limena 82:78 (Babich 22, Kralj 20); C2 League: Jadran Mark won against Ardita s 74:60 (S. Ferfoglia 22, Oberdan 20), thus winning the fifth consecutive match.
D League: Kontovel/Sokol - Nab 58:75 (Budin 13, Paoletič 11); Isontina - Breg 73:89 (Jevnikar and Sila 22).

In-line hockey, Italian Cup: Asiago - Polet 6:2
1. - in-line hockey; Sandrigo; Italian Champion Asiago Vipers won the return match against Polet Kwins ZKB 6:2 thuis reaching the semi-finals. Polet, who did not qualified for the next match, played sufficiently well against the Italian Champions.

Soccer, Regional Cup: Zarja/Gaja won against Villa 5:1
1. - soccer; Bazovica; Regional Cup; Zarja/Gaja won the 2nd round home match against Villa 5:1 (3:0). The man of the match was Satti, who socred three goals. Jurincich and Franco scored the remaining two.

The Sport and school awards
6. - Opčine; at the conference hall of the Zadružna kraška banka there was the traditional event entitled Sport and school awards, sponsored by the ZKB and ZK Doberdob in Sovodnje. This year 29 athletes were awarded.

Basketball, Tadjan _kerlj (Jadran) selected for the Regional team's trials (for those born in 1993)
6. - basketball; on the list of the 20 basketball players selected for the Regional team's trials there is also Jadran's player Tadjan Škerl. The team will participate to the Regional trophy and the Degobbis Memorial tournament. The trials will take place from Thursday to Sunday in Gradišče.

Youth basketball: three losses
5. - basketball; our three teams, that play in the U21 and U19 tournaments, have lost U21: Bor NLB - Don Bosco 70:74; Drago Basket - Kontovel/Sokol 80:79; U19: Cormons - Jadran ZKB 102:87.

Beach soccer, FIFA World Cup:
Italy wins against Japan, Michele Leghissa scores 1 goal
3./5. - beach soccer, Rio de Janeiro; FIFA World Cup: the Italian National Team, for which plays also our athlete Michele Leghissa (picture), after loosing the first match against the world vice-champion Uruguay 2:3 only after OT, won the second round match against Japan 6:3. Our player scored one goal. On Wednesday Italy will play against Senegal.

Basketball, D League: Breg wins, Kontovel/Sokol lost; Promotion League: Cicibona begin by winning
9. - basketball; D League: in Tržič Breg won the 7th round match against Nab 94:72 (Sila 28, Ciacchi 24), whereas Kontovel/Sokol lost in Trst against Don Bosco 69:76 (Budin 19, Paoletič 15).
Promotion League: Cicibona won the first round match against Skyscrappers 68:62 (Smilovich 19, Barini 14).

Volleyball, two of our "azzurris" players will play in the Italian National Team Matej Černic and for the first time also Loris Mania'
9. - volleyball; Forli'; the era two Slovenian athletes in the Italian National Team: Matej Černic, who plays for the CSKA Moscow, and Loris Mania', who plays for Montichiari in the A1 League. This is Loris' first selection for the Italian National Team, but he already played for the B Team in 2001. Both our players will play tomorrow (Sunday) at the exhibition match against the A1 and A2 League All-star team. This is a huge achievement for our volleyball, our sport and the Slovenian comunity in Italy-

Skating, World Championship: Tanja Romano ranks first in the Free programme and Combination, Francesca Rocelli fourth in the Free Programme
7./9. - skating; Brisbane (Australia); World Championship; Polet's Tanja Romano (picture above), who plays for the Italian National Team, confirmed her role as World's Best Skater by winning the World Title in Free programme and Combination. Tanja has never lost a WC match in both disciplines since 2003 and with 11 medals she is the best Italian skater of all times. Also Francesca Roncelli (picture below) performed well and ranked fourth in the Free programme.

Volleyball, All-star game: Italy wins twice, Matej Černic MVP, Loris Mania' played both games
11. - volleyball; Forli'; The All-star game between the Italian National Team and the A1 and A2 League Best Players Selection will be remembered as one of the best episodes of "our" volleyball and sport in general. With the Italian National Team played two "our" players, Matej Černic, who also won the MVP title, and Loris Mania', who played both matches and played his first match for the Italian National Team. Italy won against the A2 Selection Team 2:0 (26:24, 34:32) and A1 Selection Team 2:0 (25:20, 25:23). Černic did not play the first match, but by scoring 7 points in the second, he won the MVP title.

Soccer, Primorje substitutes coach Stefano Mauri with Nevio Bidussi
12. - soccer; Prosek; due to the team's bad results in the 1st Amateurs League, Primorje decided to substitute coach Stefano Mauri with Nevio Bidussi, who coached the team from Prosek in the past.

Youth basketball, Under 21: Bor NLB wins, Kontovel/Sokol lost again; our players with the FJK Selection teams
12./13. - basketball; Under 21; although the excellent performance of Andrej Šušteršič (40 points), Kontovel/Sokol lost again, this time the home match against NP Gorizia 98:106, whereas Bor NLB won the match against Tarcento 81:66.
Polet's player Jana Croselli will play for the FJK Youth selection at the tournament in Bussolengo. The selection is coached by Matija Jogan. On Thursday will participate to the Selection training for those born in 1993 also Diego Celin (Bor ) and Luca Dellisanti (Jadran), assistant coach will be Robi Jakomin (Bor).

Basketball, Promotion League: Dom's fifth win;
Under 19: Jadran wins against Romans

13./14. - basketball; Gorica; Promotion League; Dom won against Monfalcone 68:63 (Franco 19, Campanello 16) and is now leading the group. Under 19: Jadran ZKB won against Romans 99:63 (Malalan 28, Vitez 23)

ZSŠDI's Meeting: congratulations to Tanja Romano, Sloga Tabor
new member, presentation of the publications

13. - Trst; during the ZSŠDI's MGM the member congratulated to Tanja Romano for her successful performance at he World Championship, Sloga Tabor has been selected as a new member, and there was the presentation of the new publications.

Soccer, Peter Carli from Vesna to Primorec
13. - soccer; Trebče; Primorec, which with only 5 points lies in the lower part of the rankings, is undergoing some significant changes. The most important is this: from Vesna came Peter Carli, and from Ponziana came Diego Scrignari and Marco Petranich. Riccardo Bernobi went to Breg and Alan Cipollone also left the team.

At the conference "Sport and youth" also professor Franko Drasič
15. Trst; among the speakers at the "Sport and youth" conference, at the Olimpia hall at the Rocco stadium in Trieste, there was also "our" professor Franko Drasič, who spoke about "Early giving up of sport activities ".

"November's players exchange market " of our clubs
15. - soccer; an overview of "November's Players exchange market
of our clubs.

Tennis, Paola Cigui wins in Barcelona, Plesničar's brothers are out in Milje
17. - tennis; at the ITF tournament in Barcelona Gaja's player Paola Cigui won the first qualification round against Brazilian player Yasmine Guimares 6:2, 6:3 and today (Sunday) she will play the second qualification match against Bulgarian player Jordanova.
At the tradition tournament in Milje brothers Aleš and Plesničar lost the semifinals math by losing against Serenea and Gabelli 6:2, 6:3.

Skating, warm and enthusiastic welcome for the World Champion Tanja Romano and coach Mojmir Kokorovec
16. - skating; AŠD Polet and ZKB organizes a warm welcome for Tanja Romano and her coach Mojmir Kokorovec. The ZKB conference hall was full of guests, young athletes and other personalities, who congratulated the champion and her coach for the excellent success achieved in Australia.

Skating, warm welcome for World Champion
Tanja Romano and her coach Mojmir Kokorovec
16. - skating; AŠD Polet and ZKB organised a warm and enthusiastic welcome for Tanja Romano and her coach Mojmir Kokorovec. ZKB's conference hall was full of young skaters, social workers, politicians and guests, who congratulated Polet's champion and her coach for the big achievements at the World Championship in Australia.

Basketball, U21: Bor wins, Kontovel/Sokol lost
19. - basketball; Under 21; in the 9th round Bor NLB won against Gorica's Dinamo 72:65 (Bole 24, Crevatin 19), whereas Kontovel/Sokol lost against Videm's Snaidero 75:113 (Paulin 30, Guštin 12).

Tennis, IFT Tournament in Barcelona:
Paola Cigui (Gaja) out in the qualifications
19. - tennis; Barcelona (Spain); IFT International Tournament; Paola Cigui (Gaja) lost the 3rd qualification round and did not qualify for the main tournament. She lost against 25 years old French player Olivia Crouchent 6:2, 6:3. In the second round (on Sunday) Paola won against 17 years old Bulgarian athlete Evgenija Jordanova 2:6, 6:3, 7:6.

Volleyball, First Women division;
Val Dom wins derby match against Soči
21. - volleyball; Sovodnje; First Women division; Val Dom won an equal and enthusiastic derby match against Soča 3:2 (27:25, 22:25, 25:22, 19:25, 15:13).

Youth basketball, U19: Jadran ZKB wins again; U15 Women: Libertas too strong for Polet
21. - basketball; UNDER 19; in the 11th round Jadran ZKB, effortlessly won against Nuovo Pall. Gorizia 87:56 (Malalan 22, Vitez 13).
UNDER 15, Women: Polet lost the 3rd round match against Libertas 34:97 (Croselli 18, Di Lenardo 9).

Basketball, Mengucci is no longer Acegas coach
21. - basketball; Trst; former Bor Radenska's coach Ferruccio Mengucci is no longer Acegas Aps coach, who plays in the B2 League. He was substituted by expert, 65 years old coach Piero Pasini.

Mirko Špacapan, politician and sport lover, died
23. - Gorica; at only 54 years of age and after incurable illness died Mirko Špacapan, Regional representative, politician and former excellent volleyball player. He was one of the best players of the Olympia team and, when studying in Trst, played two seasons with Bor. He was the most representative Olympia's player, President and Member of the Committee. His departure is a great loss for the Slovenian community in Italy.

In Opčine presented three new publications about sport
23. - Opčine; in the Zadružna kraška banka's conference hall there was the presentation of three new sport publications: Mali slovar športnih izrazov, Zbornik slovenskega športa v Italiji 2007 and Nogometni priročnik. All books were presented by dr. Miroslav Košuta, and the presentation there was the awarding of the best participants to the art and literature contest "Drobci iz športnega življenja".

Volleyball, friendly match: Italy's third victory over Germany (3:1); Matej Černic 5 points, Loris Mania' played as libero
22./24. - volleyball; Montichiari; in the third friendly match in preparation of the qualifying tournament for the European Championship Italy, where play also our athletes Matej Černic and Loris Mania', won against Germany 3:1 (20:25, 25:18, 25:22, 27:25). Černic scored 5 points, Mania' played as libero. Other matches, Ancona: Italy - Germany 3:0 (25:23, 25:18, 25:17), Černic 9 points, Mania' libero; Montichiari: Italy - Germany 3:1 (23:25, 25:19, 25:16, 25:19), Mania' libero, Černic did not play.

Cheerdance Millenium at Telequattro TV station
25. - Trst; Cheerdance Millenium participated to Telequattro TV station sport report "...e domani e lunedi!" . Six members of the team answered to various questions of the guest and journalists.

Basketball: Jadran's team and project presentation
26. - basketball; Briščiki; at the Ervatti sport center there was the presentation of Jadran's teams and project for the 2007/08 season. The introductory speech was held by President Adriano Sossi, the event was hosted by our famous journalist and basketball fan Sergio Tavčar.

In Ljubljana there was the traditional press conference
about Slovenian sport in Italy
27. - Ljubljana; at the GH Union premises there was the traditional press conference about Slovenian sport abroad, to which participated ZSŠDI's representatives and president Jure Kufersin, Slovenska športna zveza from Koroške and Zveza Slovencev in Hungary.

Youth basketball, U21: Bor and Kontovel/Sokol lost, U19: Jadran beat Acegas
26./28. - basketball; UNDER 21: Bor NLB lost in Videm against Snaidero 60:114 (Bole 12, Querinuzzi 9), Kontovel/Sokol lost the home match against Falconstar z92:101 (Šušteršič 28, Bukavec 20). UNDER 19: Jadran ZKB won against Acegas 89:73 (Ukmar 24, Vitez 20). UNDER 15 Women: Team 90 - Polet 115:36 (Croselli 15, Di Lenardo 13).

AŠD Olympia's 2007/08 volleyball teams presentation
29. - Gorica; at the Slovenian sports center's hall there was the presentation of AŠD Olympia volleyball teams for the 2007/08 season. The introductory speech was held by team's president Gregor Sfiligoj, the teams were presented by Vice-president Andrej Vogrič.

SK Devin presented the new season
30. - skiing; Nabrežina; at the Kamnarska hiša there was the presentation of SK Devin's new skiing season. After the introductory speech by Dario Stolfa, there was a video-presentation of the skiing school, then teachers Janja Del Linz and Maurizio Peric (picture) presented the skiing equipment and the skiing school programme.


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