HIGHLIGHTS December 2007


Lara Purič, Ivana Curri

Pictures (E. Katnik): no. 4 Loris Mania' and 18 Matej Černic (archives)

Saša Rudolf (on the left with OKS's
President Janez Kocijančič)

Pictures: one of the awarded groups
with the Mayor Ret (first from the left)

Elizabeta Kovic and Jure Kufersin.

Picture: coach Alessio Sibilla and young skiers Alessia, Enrico, Jan, Petra, Sebastian and Rudi.

Pictures, from the left: Jana Ban, Marko Ban, Sergij Majovski

Tanja Romano and her coach Mojmir Kokorovec and Francesca Roncelli and her coach Daniela Gioni (picture, with President of Regional FIHP Fabio Holan).

Gymnastics, Bor's Christmas Academy

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Volleyball, qualifying for the Olympics: Italy won the final match against Netherlands (3:2); Matej Černic 18 points, Loris Mania' libero;
"Azzurri" qualified for the tournament in Izmir

28.11./2.12. - volleyball; Catania; in the six-teams qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games , in Izmir Italy, for which play also our athletes Matej Černic and Loris Mania', won the final match against Netherlands 3:2 (20:25, 21:25, 25:20, 25:21, 15:13). Černic scored 18 points and was one of the best of his team. Mania' played as libero. Even before this match both teams were already qualified for the Izmir tournament. Other matches: Italy - Montenegro 3:0 (Černic 9 points), Italy - Croatia 3:2 (Černic 16); semifinals: Italy - Greece 3:0 (Černic 10). Mania' played every match as libero.

Tennis, end of the season: many awards for Gaja
Brothers Plesničar at the meeting of Slovenian legends

1./2. - tennis; Trst, Videm; this year's season is over, and it was very successful for the Gaja team, which was awarded both in Videm (at Regional level) and in Trst (at Provincial level). Brothers Aleš and Borut Plesničar participated in Ljubljana to the "Tennis legends meeting". Pictures: Member of the Committee Piero Tononi, Cirila Devetti, Magda Gojča, Tatjana Čač (all are Gaja's players) and Gabriella Matijevic (DLF)

In Pordenone and Tavagnacco last two conferences about the project "Eat and run"
3. - Tavagnacco; on Saturday 1st December, in the Regional Auditorium in Pordenone and on Monday 3rd December at the Tavagnacco school near Videm, there were the last two conferences of this year's project "Eat and run", organised by the institutions for the promotion of sport activities in the FVG region (among others also ZSŠDI) in collaboration with the Regional Committee for Sport. Pictures: the participants in Tavagnacco with the Member of the Regional Committee Roberto Antonaz and ZSŠDI's President Jure Kufersin (fifth and sixth from the left)

Basketball, U21: Kontovel/Sokol lost by few points
3. - basketball; Gorica; Kontovel/Sokol lost the last round of the first phase of the tournament against Dinamo 86:90 (Šušteršič 36, Paulin 20). Bor NLB did not play this round.

Our "Best" Athletes: skater Tanja Romano, volleyball player Loris Mania', Čupa's athletes Farneti and Sivitz Košuta and Pomlad's soccer team
13. - Dobrovo; in the wine cellar Goriška Brda there was the 24th edition of the Best athletes awards. Awarder were athletes from both sides of the border for their achievements in 2007. Our Best female athlete is Tanja Romano (8th time awarded), whereas Best male athlete was our volleyball player Loris Mania' (1st time awarded), the Best team were Čupa's athletes Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta and Pomlad's youth soccer team. Some sport operators were awarded for their career achievements too. Pictures: the awarded

Skiing, at the selection training camp in Sappada also Lara in Minej Purič (Mladina)
11./12. - skiing; Sappada; to the two-days Regional selection training camp in the category "Naraščajnik" (7 boys and 5 girls) participated also Mladina's skiers Lara and Minej Purič (in the picture with their coach Sebastjan Petrič and Bachman's school coach Francesco Princi.

CONI, among the awarded also AŠD Mladina and many our athletes
11. - Trst; in the conference hall of the Fernandeo palace in Trst there was the official awarding ceremony of the CONI "Sport stars for sport achievements 2005" and the 2007 Champions. Among the awarded there was also AŠD Mladina, which received a Bronze star award, and many other athletes. Pictures, our awarded, from the left: Ivana Curri, Mateja Bogatec, Simon Sivitz Košuta, Elisa Rotella, Jaš Farneti, David Bogatec, Boris Bogatec

In-line hockey: Polet Kwins ZKB lost the match against Asiago (2:3)
11. - in-line hockey ; Opčine; A1 League: Polet Kwins ZKB lost the 5th round match against Asiago 2:3, the new European Champion and the only A1 League still unbeaten team. For Polet scored Aleš Fajdiga.

Basketball, U21: Kontovel/Sokol (for first time), and Bor NLB win; Top 14: Jadran wins against Kastav
10./12. - basketball; under 21: Kontovel/Sokol won the first match in the 12th round by winning against Santos 80:55 (Šušteršič 26, Paulin 22), Bor NLB won against Drago Basket 88:62 (Nadlišek 22, Bole 20).

Alpe Adria, Top 14, International tournament (for those born in 1992/93): Jadran ZKB won against Kastav Rijeka 86:64 (Ban 31, Rizzo 20).

Soccer, Primorje's coach Sorrentino resigned
10. - soccer; Trebče; after loosing the Sunday's match against Gallery and due to bad results , in the 1st Amateurs League Primorje's coach Roberto Sorrentino resigned. The team is temporary led by assistant coach Enzo Poiani.

Final day of the Festival "Šport@mediji": among the awarded also Saša Rudolf
4. - Ljubljana; in Ljubljana there was the final event of the travelling festival "Šport@mediji", which saw the participation of famous champions such as Ingemar Stenmark, Mateja Svet, Mima Jaušovec and others. Among the awarded there was also our reporter and publicist Saša Rudolf (on the left with OKS's President Janez Kocijančič).

Many children at Breg's Christmas party
14. - Dolina; at the Silvano Klabian gym AŠD Breg organised the traditional Christmas party, which was attended by many young basketball, soccer and volleyball players. After a short speech by club's president Sandy Klun, who wished all the best to the participants, the children and their coaches received some presents.

Skiing, Lara Purič first, Minej Purič second
15. - skiing; Sappada; Mladina's skiers began the season in an excellent manner, since Lara Purič ranked first, and Minej Purič second in slalom.

140 participants at the final race of the "Šola šport" project in Nabrežina
15. - Nabrežina; in Nabrežina there was the final race of the first part of the "Šola šport" project organized by SK Devin and Sci Club 70 in collaboration and sponsored by the Municipality of Devin Nabrežina. To the event participated 140 students of Slovenian and Italian elementary schools.

New premises for the Ivan Trinko school in Gorica: ZSŠDI congratulates
15. - Gorica; at the inauguration of the new premises of the Ivan Trinko school there was also ZSŠDI's President Jure Kufersin, who congratulated the school's director Elizabeta Kovic and offered her a present.

Skiing season started for SK Devin's youngest athletes too
16. - skiing; Zoncolan; after finishing practising in Nabrežina, SK Devin's youngest skiers began skiing on real snow on Sunday, 16th December. Coached by Alessio Sibilla six young skiers drove off to Zoncolan and skied on real snow for the first time in this season.

Olympia's Gymnastics Christmas performance successful
16. - Gorica; Olympia's traditional Gymnastics Christmas performance was very successful. The gym was full of people and many children attended the academy.

Cheerdance Millenium: New Year's dance festival very successful
16. - Opčine; at the Polisportiva sport center in Opčine there was the traditional Christmas performance New Year's dance festival 2008 organised by our cheerleading group Cheerdance Millenium. The event was very successful due to the high quality of the athletes. The event was hosted by Omar Marucelli. Pictures: Cheerdance Millenium groups.

Skiing, Lara Purič successful in giant slalom
16. - skiing; Sappada; Mladina's skier Lara Purič won also the giant slalom. Ingrid Peric (Devin) ranked 15th. Minej Purič (Mladina), after ranking second on Saturday, was 13th.

Diving, Ivana Curri excellent
15./16. - diving; Bocen; at the first match of the Italian Championship for the Christmas Trophy our athlete Ivana Curri (picture), who competes for Trieste Tuffi, ranked first in platform, 1m and 3m springboard. Thanks to her success the team ranked second behind the home team Bocen.

Zarja's archers ended the season in Tržič
16. - archery; Tržič; Zarja's archers participated to the intraregional contest in Tržič, thus ending the season. Apart from Zarja's athletes Katja and Aleksander Ražem and Damjan Gregori there were also Slovenian athletes and archers from the Veneto and Furlanija regions. Katja Ražem ranked third among seniors (472 points), Damijan Gregori 16th among seniors (492 points), Aleksander Ražem second among veterans (535 points).

ASD Kontovel's AGM
17. - Kontovel; at the club's premises there was the AŠD Kontovel's AGM, were they presented last season's activities. After the introductory speech by President Marko Ban, there were the reports of the single sections of the club.

Meeting in Videm: positive results of the collaboration
18. - Videm; the results of the 4-year collaboration between regional institutions for the development of sport activities and the Regional sport committee were the main theme of the last Tuesday's meeting at the premises of the Regional Government in Videm. The results have been defined as very positive.

ŠZ Dom's gymnastics academy
18. - Gorica: at the Kulturni dom gym ŠZ Dom organised the traditional gymnastics academy, which saw the participation of AŠD Dom's young members, KŠD Vipava's skaters, Plesni klub Nova Gorica hip-hop team and Lucija Mlinarič.

Our web-site records more than 7 million contacts!
From 1st January to 19th December 2007 our web-site www.slosport.org recorded more than 7 million contacts (7.040.965).

Municipality of Devin-Nabrežina: Praznik Športa 2007
19. - Devin; the Municipality of Devin Nabrežina organised the sixth edition of the end-of-the-year Praznik Športa, where it awarded all the athletes and clubs, which are active and live on Municipality's territory. There were many Slovenian athletes.

Polet/Kontovel's Sport school Christmas performance very successful
19. - Briščiki; at Polet/Kontovel's Sport school Christmas performance there were many children and parents who enthusiastically supported their little ones.

Sokol's Christmas performance very successful
19. - Nabrežina; at the municipal gym in Nabrežina there was AŠD Sokol's traditional Christmas performance, which was very successful.

Basketball, U19: Jadran lost only for one point;
U21: Bor wins derby match against Kontovelu/Sokolu

17./19. - basketball; UNDER 19: Jadran ZKB lost the top match against Falconstar 70:71 (Vitez 28, Ferfoglia 19);
UNDER 21: Bor NLB won the derby match against Kontovel/Sokol 75:58 (Bole 22, Nadlišek 17; Bukavec 16, Guštin 13).

Soccer, "Mladinci": Vesna won
19. - soccer; Vesna won the regional youth championship match against Union 91 1:0 (scorer: Zampino).

Soccer, Oliviero Macor is Primorec new coach
20. - soccer; Trebče; Oliviero Macor is Primorec new coach. The team play in the 1st Amateur League. He succeeds to Roberto Sorrentino, who resigned due to bad results.

SKGZ and SSO welcomed our champions
21. - Trst; at SKGZ's premises the Slovenska kulturno gospodarska zveza and Svet slovenskih organizacij organises a welcoming event for our athletes, who in the last season won medals at World and European Championships. Among the awarded were: Polet's skater Tanja Romano, Mladina's skaters David and Mateja Bogatec and Čupa's athletes Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti.

Awards for Tanja Romano, Francesca Roncelli and Mojmir Kokorovec
21. - Trst; the Regional and Municipal Administration of Trieste and the Provincial CONI awarded our successful skaters and their coach. The awarded were the World Champion Tanja Romano and her coach Mojmir Kokorovec and Francesca Roncelli and her coach Daniela Gioni (picture, with President of Regional FIHP Fabio Holan).

Gymnastics, Bor's Christmas Academy
22. - gymnastics; Trst; at the Prvi maj gym there was Bor's traditional Christmas academy, where young athletes perfomed 25 performances.

Basketball, U12 International Youth Tournament:
Sokol third in Reka

22./23. - basketball; Reka (Croatia); young Sokol's players (under 12) participated to the international tournament organised to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Reka team Uskok and ranked third among six teams. Results: Sokol - Opatija 37:25; Uskok - Sokol 55:30; 3rd place match: Sokol - Puris (Cro) 47:36; 1st place match: Uskok - Falconstar Tržič 34:27.

Also our athletes celebrated the historical event at the border: in Fernetiči Tanja Romano; the Peč - Miren and Zgonik - Jarovec marches

20./21./23 - FERNETIČI; many athletes participated to the celebrations at the former border between Italy and Slovenia. At midnight, in Fernetiči, our world champion Tanja Romano (picture, first from right above), together with other champions from Italy and Slovenia Margherita Granbassi, Mateja Kosovel, Simona Premrl and Monika Meden, crossed for the last time the border on a carriage led by the famous Lipicanci horses.
PEČ (Sovodnje) - Many attended the night march from Peč to Miren. There were more than 500 participants.
ZGONIK - Many athletes from the Municipality of Zgonik participated to the march "Po nekdanji poti mlekaric" from Zgonik to Pliskovica and Jarovec (picture below)

Volleyball, OG qualification: among the selected also Matej Černic and Loris Mania'
26. - volleyball; Salsomaggiore; among the 16 players selected for the Italian National Team, which will participate to the qualification matches for the Olympic Games, coach Anastasi selected also our athletes Matej Černic and Loris Mania'.

SPDT, presentation of the results "Gore za vse - Monti" and inauguration of the new path in Bazovica

27. - Bazovica; at the Sport center in Bazovica SPDT presented the results of the transnational project "Gore za vse - Monti". Later it was inaugurated a new climbing path, which represents a huge achievement for the Karst and the Province of Trieste. Pictures, from the left: Marinka Pertot, Mario Privileggi, Natalija Gros and Erik Švab.


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