HIGHLIGHTS January 2008


Sandra Vitez, Meri Perti, Ivana Curri

Armando Trentin, Marjan Tomšič

New Year's Race on the Soči river

Picture: the new KSSF's President with guests from Slovenia and Italy and ZSŠDI's representatives

Veronica Tence in Ivan Kerpan

Aljoša Orel and Matej Černic

From the left: Mateja and David Bogatec, Francesca Roncelli, Marina Piculin, Andrea Lisjak

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Kayak, New Year's Race from Solkan to Pevma successful
1. - kayak; Pevma; 2008 New Year's Race on the Soči river, organised by KK Šilec and KK Soške elektrarne, which run from Solkan to Pevma for the first time, has been very successful. To the event participated 11 athletes, and the weather was fine too.

Volleyball, qualification for the OG: Matej Černic and Loris Mania' among the 12 selected players for Izmir
3. volleyball; Rim; the Federal Selector of the Italian National Team Andrea Anastasi has selected also our players Matej Černic and Loris Mania' for the team, which will play at the qualification tournament in Izmir (Turkey), from 7 to 13 January, for the OG in Beijing. Both players will play in the satndard team.

Volleyball, Tournament in Rim, Italian's "test" team third, Sandra Vitez 6 points
3./4. - volleyball; Rim; our player Sandra Vitez, who played for the Italian test national team at the tournament Rome Trophy Memorial Mimmo Fusco, won the 3rd place match against Algeria 3:1 (25:16, 25:10, 23:25, 25:19). Sandra scored six points during this match. "Azzurre" lost the earlier semi-finals match against A2 League Team Nocera Umbra 1:3 (Sandra 11 points). Final match: Nocera Umbra - 1. Classe Roma 3:0.

Soccer, Regional Cup: Zarja/Gaja wins against Ronchi (5:4) and reaches the semi-finals
5. - soccer; Bazovica; Regional Cup; Zarja/Gaja won the last qualification match against Ronchi 5:4 (scorers: Mihelčič, Schiraldi, Bečaj, Franco and Fratnik), thus reaching the semi-finals, which is the first such achievement in the history of the club.

Orienteering: 62 athletes at the first race in Gropada
5. - orienteering; Gropada; to the first orienteering race organised by Gaja's Orienteering club, participated 62 athletes, among others there were also some locals. The winner was 2006 Italian Champion Marco seppi from Trst.

Volleyball, OG qualifications: Italy looses against Poland (0:3), Černic 11 points, Mania' libero
7./8. - volleyball; Izmir (Turkey); qualification matches for the OG in Beijing 2008; Italy, for which play our athletes Matej Černic and Loris Mania', disappointed and lost the second match agaisnt Poland 0:3 (20:25, 24:26, 21:25). Černic scored 11 points, whreas Mania' played as libero. Italy won the first match against The Netherlands 3:0 (Černic 10 points, Mania' libero). Tomorrow, on Wednesday, "Azzurri" will play against Spain at 14.30.

Skiing, in Opčine FISI's and promotional races presentation organised by our clubs
8. - skiing; Opčine; at the Zadružna kraška banka premises ZSŠDI's Skiing Commission presented the calendar of the races (FISI's and promotional ones), which will be organised by our clubs. After the introductory speech by ZSŠDI' President Martin Maver, who also hosted the press-conference, spoke the President of our Skiing Commission Ennio Bogatez, who presented the details the programme of the races together with other clubs' representatives. Pictures, from the left: Martin Maver, Ennio Bogatez and Stelio Borri

Skiing, Meri Perti (Mladina) injures herself while at practice
8. - skiing; Višarje; Mladina's skier Meri Perti (picture), who attends the Bachman skiing school, felt while at practice and severly injured herself in the head, thus she was taken by helicopte to the Videm hospital, were she has been immediately checked.

Primorski dnevnik's Oscars: Ivan Kralj, Dario Kovic, Daniela Ciocchi and Ambrož Peterlin
8. - Trst; since 2002 the newspaper Primorski dnevnik has been selecting our beste individual athletes in three most popular categories In 2007 leto 2007 Ivan Kralj (Bor) won the basketball, Dario Kovic (Juventina) the soccer, Daniela Ciocchi (Sloga) and Ambrož Peterlin (Sloga) the volleyball Oscar. Also three young athletes from the same categories were awarded.

Basketball, Under 21: Bor wins in the last second, Kontovel/Sokol lost
7. - basketball; Under 21; Bor NLB won the match against NP Gorizia 74:76 with 2 points scored by Corsi in the last second of the match (Crevatin 33, Bole 19), Kontovel/Sokol lost the home match against Virtus Udine 56:75 (Guštin 21, Bukavec 17).

Skiing, Minej Purič ranks fifth in slalom
6. - skiing; Forni di Sopra; among our representatives the best was Minej Purič (Mladina), who ranekd fifth in slalom.

Volleyball, OG qualification games: Italy lost against Spain (2:3), Černic injured, Mania' libero; "Azzurri" out of the semi-finals
7./8./9. - volleyball; Izmir (Turkey); Beijing 2008 PG qualification games; Italy, for which play also our athletes Matej Černic and Loris Mania', lost the third match against Spain 2:3 (21:25, 25:13, 25:19, 19:25, 12:15). Matej Černic scored 4 points and injured his knee during the third set. Mania' played as libero. "Azzurri" are out of the semi-finals, since The Netherlands won against Poland 3:2. Italy won against The Netherlands 3:0 (Černic 10 points) on Monday, whereas it lost the second match against Poland 0:3 (Černic 11 points) on Tuesday. Italy is out of the semi-finals.

Basketball, Promotion League: Dom wins, U21: Bor NLB lost
15. - basketball; Promotion League: Dom won the home match against Romans 76:54 (Cej 15, Franco and Kristancic 11) and is still first in the League together with the team Grado. UNDER 21: Bor NLB lost in Tržiču against Falconstar s 56:82 (Bole 20, Crevatin 13) and is ranked fourth.

Cheerdance Millenium, excellent performance in Berlin
12. - cheerleading; Berlin; members of the AŠD Cheerdance Millenium team were very successful at the international tournament "Beach Cup 2008" at the water park Tropical Island Resort near Berlin, since they won two cups and many important rankings.

Koroska's Slovenian Sport Federation AGM: successful collaboration with ZSŠDI
16. - Celovec (Austria) - The Koroska's Slovenian Sport Federation AGM, where Marijan Veliki was confirmed as President, was attended by ZSŠDI's representatives Jure Kufersin and Radi Pečar. The collaboration between the two sport organisations is very successful.

Basketball: Breg taked center Mauro Lorenzi
20. - basketball; Breg, which plays in the D League, has taken from the Venezia Giulia team of Milje (C2) the tall and experienced center Mauro Lorenzi (born in 1967), who played for Don Bosco and in higher leagues too.

Volleyball, Champions League, today in Ljubljana also Aljoša Orel and Matej Černic
23. - volleyball; Ljubljana; Champions League; there is a great interest among our volleyball fans for tonight's match in Ljubljana (at 20.15) between Bled and Dinamo Moscou. For Bled plays our player Aljoša Orel, for Dinamo Matej Černic, who is injured and will probably not play. We all hope that Orel, who does not play in the first team, will enter the field.

Skier Meri Perti moved from Videm to Trst
22. - Trst; Mladina's skier Meri Perti (picture), who injured herself seriously on the 8th of January during a training race in Višarje, was moved from the hospital in Videm to the Burlo Garofolo hospital in Trst. She is slowly getting better.

Basketball, Under 21: Bor's important victory
21. - basketball; Bor NLB won an important match for the first three places against Virtus Udine 61:48 (Bole 24, Nadlišek 16), Kontovel/Sokol lost the home match against Tarcento 71:73 (Šušteršič 22, Guštin 17).

Skiing, The "Zamejsko" Championship for the 27th ZSŠDI Cup: Veronica Tence and Ivan Kerpan absolute champions, SK Brdina ranked first among teams
19. - skiing; Forni di Sopra; organised by SK Brdina there was the traditional 27th "Zamejsko" Championship for the ZSŠDI Cup. Among 171 athletes the victory went to Mladina's members Ivan Kerpan among men and Veronica Tence among women. The youth champions are Devin's athletes Štefan Žužek among men and Elisa Košuta among women. Among teams the victory went to SK Brdina, both in veterans and youths.

Volleyball, Champions League, at the Bled - Dinamo (0:3) there were many our fans; Aljoša Orel and Matej Černic did not play
23. - volleyball; Ljubljana; Champions League; Slovenian Champion Bled lost against Dinamo Moscou 0:3 (23:25, 27:29, 24:26). For Bled plays our athlete Aljoša Orel, who did not enter the field, whereas for Dinamo plays Matej Černic, who is injured nad did not play too. Many of our volleyball fans attended the match.

Basketball, Bor NLB (U21) and Jadran ZKB (U19) important wins
21. - basketball; Bor NLB won an important match for the first three places against Virtus Udine 61:48 (Bole 24, Nadlišek 16), Kontovel/Sokol lost the home match against Tarcento 71:73 (Šušteršič 22, Guštin 17). UNDER 19: Jadran ZKB won against Fagagna 85:72 (Ferfoglia 34, Vitez 19).

Soccer, friendly match: Juventina - Hit 0:3
23. - soccer; Štandrež; As expected, Hit Nova Gorica won the friendly match against Juventina (Elite League) 3:0 (2:0).

Gorica, representatives of the Ministry of Sport of the Republic of Slovenia visit ZSŠDI
23. - Gorica; on occasion of the Slovenian Government meeting in Gorica, Simon Star(C)ek and Darko Repenšek, General Director and Secretary of the Directorat for Sport of the Ministry of Sport of the Republic of Slovenia, visited ZSŠDI.

"Azzurri" of Trieste 2007: among the awardad many our athletes
26. - Trst; at the Municipal Hall there was the awarding of the "Azzurri" of Trieste for the year 2007. Among the awarded there were many our athletes. Special awards were awarded to those athletes, who participated to the Olympic Games, such as Arianna Bogates (present) and Claudia Coslovich (absent).

Successful weekend for our skiers, expecially for Lara Purič
26./27. - skiing; Piancavallo; aour skiers were successful this past weekend. The best among them was Maldina's athlete Lara Purič (picture), who ranked first in the slalom in Piancavallo last Saturday, and on Sunday she ranked 7th in slalom. Štefan Žužek (Naraščajniki) and Albert Kerpan (Dečki) ranked 8th. On Sunday there was a race for the youngest skiers in Forni di Sopra.

Diving, Ivana Curri successful
26./27. - diving; Trst; our diver Ivana Curri (picture), who plays for the Trieste Tuffi team and the National Youth Italian Team, won twice at the international meeting Alpe Adria. She ranked first from the 1m and 3m desk.

Our young swimmers Kristjan Vidali and Danilo Devetak successful
26./27. - swimming, Regional Championship; Začetniki; our swimmers Kristjan Vidali from Repen and Danilo Devetak from Milje were successful at the first and second race. Vidali ranked first in the 100 m breaststroke category.

Soccer, new Vesna's coach, Armando Trentin instead of Ruggiero Calo
29. - soccer; Križ; Vesna, which plazs in the Elite League, has changed its coach: Armando Trentin (picture), who last season saved Juventina from plazing in a lower league, has substituted Ruggiero Cola. The tema from Kriz, who was very ambitious at the beginning of the season, is currently in the lower part of the ranking.

Basketball, Under 21 Bor NLB wins, Kontovel/Sokol looses
28. - basketball; UNDER 21: Bor NLB achieved an important win against Santo 71:66 (Bole 27, Nadlišek 21) and is still fourth, whereas Kontovel/Sokol lost against Don Bosco 76:102 (Šušteršič 32, Starc 20).

Fishing, Marjan Tomšič confermed as Vipava/Vipacco's President
30. - Sovodnje; at the first meeting after the AGM (24th January), Marjan Tomšič (picture) was confermed as Vipava/Vipacco's President.

Volleyball, 2. Division Women: Sloga wins derby match against Kontovel
30. - volleyball; Prosek; 2. Division Women; in Prosek Sloga won the derby match against Kontovel 3:1. Best scorers Sloga: Anja Malalan 19, Best scorers Kontovel: Balzano and Milič 15).

Basketball, D League: Kontovel/Sokol honourably lost
31. - basketball; D League: Kontovel/Sokol lost the match in Gorica against Goriziana 74:84 (A. Šušteršič 21, Doglia 15).


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