HIGHLIGHTS February 2008


Lara Purič, Armando Trentin, Meri Perti

Pino Lakovič, Ivan Kerpan

Blaž Klinec, Sergio Tavčar

Primorje - Sovodnje

Skiing, ZKB Corporate Cup

Miro Cerar, Minister Zver, Bruno Bogatec, Jure Kufersin

Silvio Campari and Sergio Štoka

Andrea Zanei and Francesca Messi

Irena Rustja (in red)

From the left: Matjaž Antonac, Simon Sivitz Košuta, David Bogatec, Tanja Romano, Miro Cerar, Mateja Bogatec, Jaš Farneti, Jure Kufersin, Sonja Poljšak.

Picture (Paolo Sant), from the left: Miran Batič, Jure Kufersin, Radi Pečar

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Soccer, 1st AL: Primorje - Sovodnje 1:0
1. - soccer; Opčine; 1st Amateur League: with a marvellous goal by Pipan in the 88th minute, Primorje won the 3rd match of the return round against Sovodnje 1:0 and gained important points for remaining in the league.

Skiing, Lara Purič second in slalom and third in great slalom
2./3. - skiing; Sappada; at the regional skiing race Lara Purič (Mladina) was successful once again: she ranked second in slalom on Saturday and third in great slalom on Sunday. Also Minej Purič and Albert Kerpan (both Mladina) ranked well. Among Mladinke in Piancavallo Veronica Tence (Mladina) ranked seventh. This weekend competed also the categories baby, cicibani and master.

Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta on Šport mladih magazine
4. - Ljubljana; on the first 2008 issue of the magazine Šport mladih, which is published on a monthly basis in Slovenia, there is the picture of our sailsmen Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta.

Skiing, ZKB Corporate Cup: Mateja Nanut and Peter Furlan champions, Kraški zidar first among companies
8. - skiing; Forni di Sopra; at the 3rd edition of the ZKB Corporate Cup, which is valid also for the 4th Alternativa Sport Cup, organised by SK Brdina and in collaboration with ZSŠDI, Mateja Nanut (K2 Sport) and Peter Furlan (Alternativa Sport) became champions, among companies the first place went to Kraški zidar from Sežana.

Soccer, Armando Trentin resigns after only 10 days as Vesna's coach
7. - soccer; Križ; Armando Trentin, who on the 29th of January substituted Ruggiero Calo, resigned after only 10 days as Vesna's coach. The team plays in the Elite League and is currently at the bottom of the ranking. The resign was due to some miscomprehensions with some of the players. The team's director assigned the vacant place to assistant coach Marco della Zotta (born in 1977), who moved to Križ two years ago.

Soccer, today (on Saturday) Sovodnje - Primorec and Juventina - Fincantieri
7. - soccer; a part from the Elite League match in Štandrež between Juventina and Fincatnieri, the Regional Soccer Federation accepted the request of Sovodnje and Primorec to play the 1st Amateur League match today, on Saturday, 9.2, at 15.00 in Sovodnje. Both matches will start at 15.00.

Volleyball, men D and C League with 14 teams
7. - volleyball; the Regional Federation informs, that in the 2008/09 D and C League will play 14 teams. In this season 4 teams will pass from the D to the C League (Olympia's chances are good), and only one team will pass to the D to the C League (Val Imsa will be relieved). Four teams will pass from the 1st division to the D League.

Basketball, Jadran (U19), Bor and Kontovel/Sokol (U21) win, Polet looses (U15)
4./6. - basketball; UNDER: Jadran ZKB won as expected against Romans 80:63 (Vitez 19, Ferfoglia 16); UNDER 21; in the 18th round both our teams were successful: Bor NLB won against Don Bosco after an over-time 71:70 (Bole 30, Nadlišek 16), whereas Kontovel/Sokol won against Drago Basket 81:79 (Malalan 26, A. Šušteršič 23). UNDER 15, women: Polet - Don Bosco PN 62:67 (Kraus 17, Di Lenardo 13).

Bruno Bogatec (TPK Sirena) received the "Bloudkova plaketa" award!
10. - Ljubljana; our sportsman Bruno Bogatec, who has dedicated all his life to sailing, received the Bloudkova plaketa award, the most important sport award in Slovenia. Bogatec achieved his most important results as sport director of TPK Sirena, when he formed a number of athletes, who later competed for the National Team. His biggest success was his daughter Arianna, who participated to two Olympics.

Olimpijski krogi magazine about our web-site
10. - Ljubljana; the Olympic Committee of Slovenia magazine, Olimpijski krogi, published a reportage about our web-site written by our collaborator Rado Šušteršič.

Skiing; 4th Alternativa Sport Cup: record number of young participants
10. skiing; Forni di Sopra; in Forni di Sopra SK Devin organised a great slalom race for the 4th Alternativa Sport Cup and the FISI Regional Championship and the Friuladria Cup. The races saw a record number of participants. The best among our athletes was Lara Purič, who ranked third among naraščajnice.

Soccer, Regional Cup: today (on Wednesday) the semi-finals match Talmassons - Zarja/Gaja
13. - soccer; Regional Cup; Talmassons; today (on Wednesday), at 20.30, there will take place the semi-finals match Talmassons - Zarja/Gaja. Talmassons is ranked second in Group C of the Second Amateur League.

Skiing, Lara Purič and Albert Kerpan (Mladina) at the Topolino National Race
12. - skiing; Forni di Sopra; Lara Purič and Albert Kerpan (both Mladina) qualified for the Topolino National Race, which will take place from 18th to 19th February. Lara ranked absolute third, thus qualifying for the FISI race in Škofja Loka, whereas Albert Kerpan ranked seventh.

Soccer, Regional Cup: Zarja/Gaja out in the semi-finals
13. - soccer; Regional Cup; Talmassons; Zarja/Gaja ended the season in the semi-finals, since it lost 0:3 against Talmassons, who is ranked second in the Group C of the Second Amateur League.

Handball, Ivan Kerpan selected for the Italian National Team
13. - handball; our player Ivan Kerpan, who plays for the Pallamano Trieste team, has been selected for the Italian National team, which will play next week at a tournament in Egypt.

Basketball, D League: Kontovel/Sokol tonight in Tržič
15. - basketball; Tržič; D League: Kontovel/Sokol will play tonight (Friday) in Tržič at 21.15 against Nab. In the same league Breg will play tomorrow (Saturday) in Dolina against Isontina.

Skiing, Meri Perti is already skiing and met the "azzurri"
14. - skiing; Trbiž; our skier Meri Perti (picture), who injured herself one month ago, has already come back to the slopes and visited the Italian National Team, which is practicing for the Slalom World Cup in Zagreb.

ZSŠDI, Committee meeting
13. - Gorica; at the regular monthly meeting of the Committee, which took place in Gorica, the Members reviewed the work done and set the date of ZSŠDI AGM, which will take place on Wednesday, 23rd of April 2008 in Bazovica.

IVSI Skiing Seminar
16. - skiing; in Forni di Sopra there was the IVSI Skiing Seminar, at which participated also some teachers of the Slovenian community in Italy, members of the Organisation of Slovenian Skiing Teachers in Italy.

Karate, World Champion Silvio Campari visited Shinkai club
15./16. - karate; on Saturday, the Regional Federation of Traditional Karate FIKTA organised in Čedad a technical seminar with former world champion Silvio Campari. On the day before master Campari, invited by coach Štoka, participated to a regular training in the gym in Zgonik.

Basketball, D League: Kontovel/Sokol missed a great opportunity in Tržič
15. - basketball; Tržič; D League: Kontovel/Sokol missed a great opportunity in Tržič and lost against NAB (Svab 29, Paoletič 14).

Cross-country skiing, Championship of Trieste. Mladina: four wins in youth categories, Mateja Bogatec second among seniores
17. - cross-country skiing; Forni Avoltri; Championship of Trieste; Mladina achieved four victories in the youth categories (Jasna Vitez, Luka Ghira, Niki Hrovatin and Rudi Balzano), whereas Mateja Bogatec ranked second among seniores.

Skiing, ZKB Cup: excellent organisation by AŠD Mladina, our best: M. Rožič and Dana Purič
17. - skiing; Forni di Sopra; the Regional Competition for Juniores and Seniores for the ZKB Cup organised by AŠD Mladina has been a great technical and organisational success. The best among men was Mattia Rožič (Devin), who ranked seventh, whereas among women was Dana Purič (Mladina), who ranked eighth. Mladina ranked ninth among clubs.

Chess, good performance by Pino Lakovič with the Italian National Team at the European Championship in Germany
11./19. - chess; Dresden (Germany); the master from Gorica Pino Lakovič participated with the Italian National Team to the 10th European Chmapionship for Teams. Lakovič scored three points and a half in nine matches at the third table and contributed to achieve the 17th place. The team was rated 33rd (a part from Lakovič played also the National Champion Antonio Rosino, Carlo Barlocco and Mario Guaglianone) and won against stronger teams.

Skiing, "Topolino": Albert Kerpan 51st
19. - skiing; Valsugana; at the national Topolino Cup Albert Kerpan (Mladina) ranked 51st in slalom, whereas Lara Purič (Mladina) did not perform the first race.

Basketball, U21, Memorial Zanatta: Bor fourth; U15: Polet looses after over-time
17./19. - basketball; Mestre; UNDER 21; Memorial Zanatta; after loosing the semi-finals against Benetton Treviso 48:90 Bor NLB lost also the third place match against Reyer Venezia 72:76. Kontovel/Sokol lost the match against Snaidero Udine 60:108. UNDER 15, women: Polet lost against Interclub B after an over-time 59:65.

Koper, also our athletes awarded
18. - Koper; the Slovenian Olympic Committee awarded the best athletes of the Municipality of Koper. At the event also our athletes, who played in the 2007 season, were awarded.

Ping-pong, 3rd Category: Irena Rustja third
16./17. - ping-pong; La Spezia; at the National Tournament in the 3rd Category played also a group of Kras' representatives. The most successful was Irena Rustja (picture in red), who ranked 3rd.

In-line hockey, two Polet's players selected for the National Team
17. - in-line hockey; Trst; within the trainings of the Italian National Team for the World Championship, there will an international tournament in Trst from the 19th to the 22nd of March. Also two Polet's player were selected: Davide Battisti and Stefano Cavalieri.

Skiing, Blaž Klinec (Devin) ranked second in Zoncolan
17. - skiing; Zoncolan; Blaž Klinec (Devin, born in 1999), who in this season participates to FISI regional competition, ranked second in the regional baby category, which represents his best result ever.

Ping pong, 3rd category: Irena Rustja third
16./17. ? ping pong; La Spezia; to the 3rd Category National Tournament participated also a group of our athletes. Irena Rustja (picture) ranked third.more

Skiing, excellent performance by Mladina in Trbiž and Nevejsko sedlo
23./24 - skiing; Mladina's skiers were very successful at the Regional Tournament in Trbiž: Lara Purič (naraščajnice), Minej Purič (naraščajniki) and Albert Kerpan (dečki) ranked third. Mladina ramked third also among teams. On the next day in Nevejsko sedlo Mladina's athletes were successful in great slalom: Lara Purič ranked fourth and so did Albert Kerpan.

Skiing, SK Brdina's Trophy, final day with slalom and combination
22./23./24. - skiing; Forni di Sopra; with slalom and combination ended the three-day-long ZK Brdina's Trophy in the baby and cicibani categories. On the second day there was the great slalom Koimpex Cup, where Blaž Klinec (Devin) ranekd fourth among babies. On the first day there was a competition: 18. Blaž Klinec (Devin); 23. Katrin Don (Brdina).

Swimming, beginers: Kristian Vidali first
23. - swimming; at the third competition od the Regional Championship Kristian Vidali (born in 1997) from Repen, who swims for the Rari Nantes team from Trst, ranked first among beginners in the 50 m breaststroke with 43,01.

Cycling, presentation of the 32nd ZSŠDI Trophy
21. - cycling; Lonjer (Trst); at the premises of the Kulturno športni center in Lonjer there was the press-conference of the 32nd International Cycling Race ZSŠDI's Trophy, which will take place on Sunday, 2nd of March.

Skiing, ZSŠDI satisfied
21. - skiing; the Združenje slovenskih športnih društev v Italiji has been informed, that the Court of Tolmeč archived the judicial postopek against ten sportsmen of our clubs. Therefore ZSŠDI's clarifications and expectations, that voluntary work in one's own mother tongue cannot be considered as against the law, have been confirmed.

Basketball, U19: Jadran wins; Promotion League: Dom wins; U21, Memorial Zanatta: Bor fourth
17./20. - basketball; UNDER 19: Jadran ZKB won the match against NP Gorizia 118:67 (Ferfoglia and Malalan 30). PROMOTION LEAGUE: Dom won against leading Grado 79:69 (Franco 18, Cej 14). UNDER 21; Memorial Zanatta; after loosing the semifinals match against Benetton Trevisa 48:90 Bor NLB lost also the third place match against Reyerju Venezia 72:76. Kontovel/Sokol lost against Snaidero Udine 60:108. UNDER 15, women: Polet lost the match against Interclub B after an over-time z 59:65.

Skiing, "Topolino": Lara Purič 25th and Albert Kerpan 50th in great slalom
19./20. - skiing; Valsugana; at the Topolino Trophy Regional Championship Lara Purič (Mladina) ranked 25th among 61 skiers in the great slalom category, whereas Albert Kerpan (Mladina) ranekd 50th among 64 skiers in the combined category. Kerpan ranked 51st in slalom, whereas Lara was disqualified.

Skiing, presentation of the Provincial Championship of Trieste, which will take place on Sunday in Sappada
27. - skiing; Trst; at the CONI's premises there was the presentation of the Provincial Championship of Trieste, which will take place on Sunday, 2nd of March in Sappada. To the event wuill participate 350 skiers from 10 skiing teams of Trieste, among them there will be three our clubs (Brdina, Devin and Mladina).

Soccer, Elite League: Saturday's derby match Vesna - Juventina in Križ at 5 P.M.
28. - soccer; Saturday's importatn derby match between Vesna and Juventina will be played at 5 P.M and not at 3.


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