Veronica Tence, Ivana Curri, Lara Purič

Matej Černic, Fabio Ruzzier, Christian Leghissa

The winner Manuele Boaro at the finish line (Picture: Paolo Sant)

Picture, from the left: Rotella, Simoneta, Bole

President Marinka Pertot

From the left: Dario Stolfa, Robert Gomišček and Sara Tence

Picture, from the left: Vasilij Zbogar, Jaš Farneti, Simon Sivitz Košuta, Karlo Hmeljak

Mitja Emili and team manager Marinijem

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Sailing, Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti (Čupa) excellent third in Neaples
1./2. - sailing; Neapelj; 470 class; at the National regata with the best Italian athletes, Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti (Čupa) ranked third and second among juniores. Excellent were also Alessio Spadoni and Adriano Condello (Čupa), who ranked eighth and third among juniores.

Skiing, "Čezmejno goriško prvenstvo": only young athletes competed
1./2. - skiing; Kranjska Gora; at the Transborder championship of Gorica competed only the youngest athletes due to the lack of snow. Other categories will probably compete on Sunday, 16th March in Nevejsko sedlo.

Smučanje, "Tržaško pokrajinsko prvenstvo": Veronica Tence (Mladina) absolute second
2. - skiing; Sappada; Tržaško pokrajinsko prvenstvo; our athletes were excellent: Veronica Tence (Mladina) ranked absolute second among women, whereas Alessio Sibilla (Devin) ranked 4th and Danijel Simonettig (Devin) 12th. Mladina ranked absolute third among teams.

32nd ZSŠDI's Trophy
International cyclign race organised by KK Adria - Manuele Boaro wins
* all about the race *

Sport dancing, Nika Bagon Regional Champion
2. - sport dancing; San Vito al Tagliamento; our athlete Nika Bagon and her partner Riccardo Perizzolo ranked first at the regional championship in latin-american dances, in the youth A category (16-18 years).

In Olimpia's pubblication also our Olympic athletes
6. - Trst; at the initiative of the regional CONI there was the presentation of Olimpia's pubblication, where 253 all-time olympic athletes from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region were presented, among others also Arianna Bogatec, Claudia Coslovich, Matej Černic, Pino Kressevich, Edi Podberšček and Jurij Uršič.

Diving, Ivana Curri ranked first in Bocen
7. - diving; Bocen; at the Italian indoor championship our athlete Ivana Curri (picture), who competes for the Trieste Tuffi team, ranked first among girls in the 3-m desk category.

Athletics, Fabio Ruzzier became Italian Veteran Champion in the 3,000 m march
8. - athletics; Ancona; Italian Veteran Indoor Championship; our athlete Fabio Ruzzier, who competes for the Atletica Gorizia team, ranked first in the M50 3,000 m march category with a time of 13:47,77, which represents the European record. Previous record was set by Inokela in 1991 with a time of 13:53,50.

Chess, our schools successful at the Provincial Championship of Trieste
8. - chess; Trst; our schools were very successfull at the Provincial Championship of Trieste: six of them qualified for the Regional Championship, which will take place in April in Maniago: in the Mladinci category the students of the "F. Prešeren" high-school, in the middle school category Cankar's students, in the elementary schools category Opčine's students, composed by the pupils of Bevk's and Sirk's elementary schools.

Skiing, Elisa Košuta and Alessio Sibilla are SK Devin's champions
8. - skiing; Forni di Sopra; SK Devin organised a team's race: Elisa Košuta and Alessio Sibilla became club's champions.

Table tennis, Kras GS Market promoted to Men B2 League
8. - table tennis; Men C1 League; Kras' team won against Sarmeola 5:3 (Simoneta 3, Rotella 2) and ranked absolute second, thus being promoted to the B2 League. This is Kras' second promotion in a row.

Skiing, 39th Winter Games: Ana Bucik (Nova Gorica) and Peter Furlan (Devin) absolute champions, first among teams SK Nova Gorica
9. - skiing; Trbiž; at the 39th Winter Games organised by SPDT participated more than 300 athletes from nine teams. Champions became Ana Bucik (Nova Gorica) and Peter Furlan (Devin), among teams first ranked SK Nova Gorica.

Skiing, Regional finals; Lara Purič (Mladina) excellent: one silver and two bronze
7./9. - skiing; Nevejsko sedlo; Regional Championship; Mladina's athlete Lara Purič has been very successful: she ranked second in super great slalom and twice third in great slalom and slalom. Albert Krpan (Mladina) ranked third in great slalom. At the FIS race in Piancavallo Veronica Tence (Mladina) ranked fifth in slalom.

Basketball, Promotion League: Dom reach the play-offs
11. - basketball; Promotion League; Dom lost the away match against Monfalcone 40:45 (Cej and Belli scored 8 points), but reached the play-offs.

SPDT 54th GM
13. - Trst; in front of numerous members and guests there was 54th GM of the Slovensko planinsko društvo Trst. After the introductory speech by President Marinka Pertot, the Secretary Sabrina Žezlina and sections responsibles there were the elections of the new Commission. An award was assigned to Fulvio Cova and Miran Dolhar.

Skiing, Friendship Cup: Sara Tence and Robert Gomišček the best, SK Gorica first among teams
15. - skiing; Piancavallo; 20th Friendship Cup and 4th Memorial Lucijan Sosič, organised by SK Devin; 354 athletes from 14 clubs from Italy, Koroska and Slovenia. Among women ranked first Sara Tence (Mladina), whereas Robert Gomišček (SK Gorica) ranked first among men. SK Gorica ranked first among teams, SK Kalič among youngs.

Shinkai club's athletes very successful
15. - karate; Gradišče; at the Regional Championship Shinkai club's athletes were very succcessful. Among the black belt won Elia Hrovatin, among brown ones Jernej Legiša.

Skiing, "čezmejno goriško prvenstvo": Gianluca Gabrielli and Debora Gorjan absolute champions
16. - skiing; Nevejsko Sedlo; Čezmejno goriško pokrajinsko prvenstvo; the rain caused some problems to the organisers, but to the event participated 80 athletes. Absolute champions became Gianluca Gabrielli (SK Devin) and Debora Gorjan (SK Gorica) (picture). Among teams first ranked Sci Club Due Monfalcone.

Skiing, Alex and Katrin Corbatto SK Brdina's team champions
16. - skiing; Forni di Sopra; although the weather was rainy, SK Brdina carried out the team's championship, to which participated 68 athletes. Champions became Alex Corbatto among men and Katrin Corbatto among women.

130 young volleyball players at the Soča tournament
16. - volleyball; Sovodnje; to the minivolley tournament, organised by ŠZ Soča and sponsored by ZSŠDI, participated 130 young players.

Nabrežina, the Šport in šola project: final event and awarding
16. - Nabrežina; at the municipal gym of Nabrežina there was the final event of the Šola Šport project, organised by SK Devin, Sci Club 70 and the Municipality of Devin Nabrežina, in collaboration with ZSSDI and the local school.

Basketball, Jadran's record: 18 wins in a row
16. - basketball: by winning against Aviano in the 24th round of the C2 league, Jadran marked its 18th victory in a row, thus breaking the former 17 consecutive wins in the 1994/95 season, when the team played in the C1 league and was coached by Valter Vatovec. During that season Jadran lost only one matche in the regular season and then won 2:1 against Servolana and was promoted to the B2 League.

Mountain-biking, Christian Leghissa excellent
30. - mountain-biking; Verona; our cyclist Christian Leghissa, who races for the Ovam Vittorio Veneto team, ranked sixth at the regional race for the 11. Lessinia Legend Trophy. He ranked third in the Master category. 3.000 cyclists participated to the event.
Christian Leghissa

Sport for people with disabilites, basketball tournament Zmagajmo vsi successful
28. - sport for people with disabilites; Briščiki; also this year's international basketball tournament Zmagajamo vsi, organised by VZS Sklad Mitja Čuk, has been very successful. The victory went to the Zavod Janeza Levca from Ljubljane ahead of Codroipo and VZS Sklad Mitja Čuk.

Cheerleading, AŠD Cheerdance Millenium very busy
28. - cheerleading; the newly-founded Italian Federation has decided to confer to ur club Cheerdance Millenium the organisation of the seminar in Cesenatico, some members of the committee participate to a referee course in Ljubljana, whereas its athletes participated to various competitions.

Soccer, from Sunday, 30.3. the matches will be played at 4 p.m.
28. - soccer; the matches of the lower soccer leagues will be played at 4 p.m., from Sunday 30th March onwards. The Saturday match between San Giovanni and Primorec (1st Amateurs league) will start at 3 p.m.

Bowling, Gaja's easy win
27. - bowling; Gaja's bowling players won the first match of the Regional C League tournament against Muggia Bocce 10:0. Gaja's players won the five categories: The team: Dario Calzi, Nazareno Capitanio, Carlo Gabrielli, Andrea Kramer, Franco Lorenzi, Mirjan Mervic, Vladimir Milkovič, Dimitri Sancin, Livio Strgar, Stojan Žagar.

Basketball, three our teams at the Vienna youth tournament
18. - basketball; Dunaj; three our teams, under the name of ZSSDI, participated to the famous international youth tournament (nearly 500 teams participated) and very successful.

Tennis, Gaja will play in the National B League
25. - Gaja's Men team will play for the second year in a row in the Italian B League The team: Aleš Plesničar, Borut Plesničar, Matjaž Pogačnik, Paolo Surian (substitute David Lenar). They will play the first match on Sunday, 30th March, at 9 a.m. at the Padrice sports center against Bocen. Other teams are: Alba, Albinea, Loano, Prato and Treviglio.

Athletics, Fabio Ruzzier World Champion in the 10 km category
22. - Clermond Ferrand (Fra) - after winning the 3 km veterans' march, Fabio Ruzzier won also the most prestigious 10 km march. Fabio finished with a time of 48 minutes and 28 second, which represents the new world record in the M55 category.

Soccer, Erik Kuret among the best of the Regional Selection 1993
Pordenon - our young player Erik Kuret, born in 1993, who plays for Pomlad, participated to the international tournament Gallini in Pordenone. At the match against Brugnera, which was won 2:0, Erik scored both goals. The representative then drew against the Irish team Shelbourne and the Hinko team from Finland and then won against Triestina on penalties. Then it lost against Atalanta (on penalties) and ranked 11th. First ranked the Russian National Team.

Sailing, Farneti - Sivitz Košuta third in Izola
23 - Izola (Slo); Čupa's athletes Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta ranked third at the prestigious 21st Spring Cup in Izola in the 470 category. The cup was one by the representatives of the Slovenian National Team Karlo Hmeljak and Mitja Novečny, fourth ranked Čupa's duo Alessio Spadoni - Adriano Condello. Also the young Matija Čaudek and Jakob Husu ranked 27th in the 420 Class.

Volleyball, Sloga at the Cornacchia tournament in Pordenon
Pordenon - Sloga's players participated to the international youth tournament Memorial Cornacchia in Pordenon. Among 16 teams from 10 countries they ranked 15th, winning only one match, but the experience was unique.

Fabio Ruzzier wins the 3km veterans indoor world championship in France
19. - Clermont Ferrand, athletics, in the French town of Clermont Ferrand our marcher Fabio Ruzzier won the World Indoor Championship of the 3 km veterans march in the M55 category with a time of 13:51,56.

Volleyball, Matej Černic ended the season
18. - volleyball; Gabrje (Gorica); our player Matej Černic, player of the Italiana National Team and of the Dinamo Moscow, injured his finger and decided to prematurely end the season. He still hopes he will be able to participate to the OG in Beijing in Avgust.

Tržaško pokrajinsko prvenstvo: Polet's skaters excellent
29./30. - skating; Trst; at the Provincial Championship of Trieste Polet's skaters were excellent, all of them ranked among the first three.

Motor-cycling, Mitja Emili's excellent start
30. - motor-cycling; Campagnano di Roma; our motor-cycler Mitja Emili won the first race of the season on the Vallelunga track for the Kawasaki Trophy.


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