Walter Bullo

Matija Jogan, Francesca Roncelli, Mia Kraus

Loris Mania', Sandra Vitez, Christian Leghissa

Alen Carli, Igor Milič

Pino Lakovič, Tina Maze

Jernej Legiša, Elia Hrovatin, Matjaž Guštin

President Mahnič during his speech

Tanja Romano

Vicepresident Danja Bregant and secretaryVlado Klemše

Paolo Giberna, Enrico Benedetti, Franco Bandelli,
Boris Bogatec, Jure Kufersin

AŠK Kras

Mitja Emili


Livio Rožič, Jure Kufersin, Gorazd Pučnik

Mija Kalc, Petra Krizmancic, Nastja Milič

Picture, from the left: David Bogatec, Nina Broznič and Mladina's president Boris Bogatec

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Volleyball, D League, play-offs: tonight in Gorica Olympia - Fincantieri
30. - volleyball; Gorica; D League, play-offs; Olympia will play tonight, at 20.30 in Gorica, the return semifinals match against Fincantieri. The first match was won by the team from Monfalcone 3:1, thus Olympia must win this match in order to play the third one.

Table tennis, National Youth Championship:
U21, Mateja Crismancich and Eva Carli third

28./29. - table tennis; Terni; National Youth Championship; after winning the bronze medal, won by Katarina and Dana Milič in the Najmlajsi category, also Mateja Crismancich and Eva Carli ranked third in the Under 21 Teams category. Former Kras' player Lisa Ridolfi and its partner Cavalli won the gold medal in the Women Pairs category.

Volleyball, Under 16: Kontovel lost
Under 14: Bor celebrates

28. - volleyball; UNDER 16: Virtus won also the returna match against Kontovel 3:1 (they won the first match 3:0) thus becoming regional champion; UNDER 14: Bor Kinemax won the first final match for the provincial title against Altura 3:0 (25:21, 25:13, 26:24), the return match will be played on Sunday, at the Prvi maj stadium at 16.00.

Table tennis, Youth National Championship: Katarina and Dana Milič (Kras) third
28. - table tennis; Terni; Youth National Championship; Katarina and Dana Milič won the first medal for Kras team. In the "najmlajsi" category thery ranked third.

School sport, "Fuoriclasse": also two our schools
28. - school sport; soccer; "Fuoriclasse" tournament; to the event participated also our schools Zois (men) and Slomšek (women), which ranked first in sports.

Karate, transnational tournament in Gradišče sponsored by ZSŠDI
27. - karate; the Karate Shotokan club and the FIKTA regional committee organised in Gradišče ob Soči the transnational cup in traditional karate. The event was sponsored by the Združenje slovenskih športnih društev v Italiji and its President Jure Kufersin participated to the awarding.

Motorcycling, Kawasaki Trophy: Mitja Emili second in Varano
27. - motorcycling; Varano de Melegari (Parma); our motorcyclist Mitja Emili ranekd second at the second Kawasaki Trophy race.

Cycling: Devin in Manzano Pertegada
27. - cycling; Devin's cyclists (najmlajši and začetniki) participated to two races in Manzano and Pertegada, where Matteo Visintin ranked second.

Basketball, Jan Budin's Alike' lost after OT
27. - basketball; Tržič; B2 League; Monfalcone's Alike', where plays also our player Jan Budin, lost the first play-out home match against Civitanova 81:92 after OT. Budin scored 14 points. The second match will be played on Thursady in Civitanova, where also the third match will take place.

Skiroll, Bavisela: Nina Broznič and David Bogatec (Mladina) win the Adriaker Cup. Bad weather
25. - skiroll; Trst; the bad weather caused some problems to the organisers, ŠD Mladina, of the 4th Adriaker Cup and Italian Cup, which took place within the Bavisela event in Trst. Among men the vicotry went to David Bogatec (Mladina), whereas among women to Nina Broznič ahead of Mladina's athlete Mateja Bogatec. The best team was Mladina.

Mountain biking, Christian Leghissa uis Veneto's champion
25. - mountain biking; Col Alta di Susegana (Treviso); our cyclist Christian Leghissa (picture), who races for the Ovan Fiume Veneto team, ranked first in the Master 1 category thus becoming Veneto's champion.

Cheerdance Millenium AGM
24. - Gropada; at the premises of the association KD Skala there was the 5th Cheerdance Millenium AGM.

Chess, Pino Lakovič Laco Italian Vateran Champion
15./23 - chess; Ponte delle Arche (Trento); Pino Lakovič Laco (picture) achieved another important result in his career: among 37 chess players (over 60) he won the Italian Veteran title. Lakovič scored 8 out of 9 points. Second ranked the Roman player Antonio Rosino.

23. - Bazovica; at the new cultural and sport center of Bazovica there was the 37th ZSSDI AGM, to which participated 47 club's representatived out of 57. The main speech was held by president Jure Kufersin. Among the guests there was the newly elected senator. Tamare Blažina. Lawyer Samo Sancin reported about presidents' responsibilities.

Basketball, U15: Polet wins
22. - basketball; under 15: Polet finished the season by winning the match in Pordenone against Don Bosco 70:62 (Kraus 25, Bogatec 16).

ZSŠDI Skiing Commission's Meeting
22. - skiing; ZSŠDI' Skiing Commission met in roder to discuss about the past season and to start planning the new activities. At the meeting also the Zamejsko smučarsko prvenstvo and its regulamentation were discussed.

22. - Dolina; at the club's premises at the Silvano Klabjan sport center there was AŠD Breg AGM.

Volleyball, U16 finals: Kontovel lost
22. - volleyball; Trst; Women Under 16; Kontovel lost the first regional final match against Virtus 0:3 (14:25, 9:25, 14:25). The return match will be played on Monday, at 19.30 in Prosek.

Igor Milič is AŠK Kras new president
21. - Zgonik; at the first meeting of the newly elected commission, Igor Milič was elected as AŠK Kras new president (picture). He will succeed to Tamara Blažina, who has been elected as Senator and therefore resigned. Vice-president will be Vesna Škrlj, secretary Zvonko Simoneta, treasurer Sonja Doljak, owner Luciano Milič and consultant Katja Milič.

Rafting on the Vipava river successful, more than 100 athletes
20. - Gabrje; 13. to the friendly rafting event on the Vipava river from Renč to Gabrje, organised by KK Šilec and ŠD Patizan from Renče, participated more than 100 (103) athletes from the Gorica region and Slovenia.

Sailing, Dan Poljšak and Marta Curri excellent
20. - sailing; Milje; optimist; at the first regional regatta for the national championship Dan Poljšak ranked second and Marta Curri (both TPK Sirena) third.

Motorcycling: Mitja Emili successful again
20. - motorcycling; Mugello; Yamaha Trophy; our motorcycler Mitja Emili (picture) ranked third at last Sunday's race in Mugello.

Young Devin's cyclists in Pieris
20. - cycling; young Devin's cyclists (najmlajši and začetniki) participated to the race in Pieris, where Matteo Visintin ranked second.

SK Brdina, final evening
19. - skiing; Repen; at the Križman restaurant SK Brdina organised the final evening and awarding ceremony.

Soccer, Alen Carli in C2 League!
20. - soccer; Gradišče; Regional D League; y drawing 1:1 against Sacilese, Itala San Marco, where plays also our player Alen Carli (picture), has been promoted to the C2 League. Carli played very well and scored various important goals for his team.

Mountain-biking, Christian Leghissa successful
20. - mountain-biking; Montebelluna; at the National Race for the 2nd race of the Serenissima Trophy our athlete Christian Leghissa, who races for the Ovan Vittorio Veneto team, ranked first in the Master 1 category. Nearly 1.300 racers participated to the event.

Swimming, in Austria two of our swimmers
19. - swimming; Spittal (Avstrija); at the international youth meeting. To which participated more than 450 swimmers from 6 countries, also our athletes Kristian Vidali and Danilo Devetak (both born in1997). In the 100 m breastroke Vidali ranked sixth at 1:36,68, Devetak 10th (1:49,59). Vidali was eigth in the 100 m back (1:28,41) and 21st in the 100 m free (1:21,13); Devetak 14th in the 100 m dolphin (1:49,59).

ŠK Kras AGM: "farewell" of President and new Senator Tamara Blažina
18. - Zgonik; at the premises of the sports and cultural center in Ygonik there was the 46th AGM of the association AŠK Kras. To the event participated numerous members andd guests. President Tamara Blažina (picture second from the left), who has been recently elected for Senator, will depart form the organisation, but it will always stay on its side.

TPK Sirena AGM
18. Trst; at the TPK Sirena premises there was the 32nd AGM of this important Slovenian organisation, the only sailing club of our community. In his presidents' speech Livio Pertot described the successful activities and the weaknesses of the club.

Skiroll, Mladina: presentation f Adriaker Trophy (Bavisela) and international Grand Prixa
18. - skiroll; Opčine; at the Zadružna kraška banka premises there was the presentation of Mladina's activities, such as the 4th Adriaker KO Sprint Trophy (25th of April) within the Bavisela and the international Grand Prix Alpe Jadran, which will be held on the 1st of June in Križu.

School sport, "med dvema ognjema" in Zgoniku
18. - school sport; Zgonik; at the sports and cultural center there was a "med dvema ognjema" tournament for elementary schools. To the event particiapted eight schools, four from the Nabrezina didactical area, four from Opcina didactical ara and the elementary school from Komen.

Basketball, D League: Breg lost in Tržič (73:81)
18. - basketball; D League; in the 13 return match Breg lost an important match against Tržič 73:81 (Jevnikar 22, Sila 14).
UNDER 15, Women: Polet, expected loss

17. - Gorica; at the premises of the Kulturni dom in Gorica there was the AGM of the Slovensko planinsko društvo, where they presented past season activities.

Skiing, Provincial Championship of Gorica: to the awarding participated also Gabriella Paruzzi
17. - skiing; Gorica; at the premises of the Province of Gorica there was the awarding for the Provincial Championship of Gorica. To the event participated also Italian cross-country champion Gabriella Paruzzi (picture in the middle).

Volleyball, Sandra Vitez has not been selected for the national team
17. - volleyball; Rim; our player Sandra Vitez (picture) has not been selected among the 18 players of the Italian National team, which will play at the Grand Prix tournament and than at the Olympic Games in Beijing. Sandra did not play much this year in the A1 League, and this is probably the reason for her not beeing selected.

Volleyball, semi-finals: Kontovel (U16) wins; Bor (U14) reaches the finals
16/17. - volleyball; Women Provincial Championship of Trieste; Under 16, Kontovel won the home match against Volley 3000 3:0; the return match is to be held next Sunday in Trieste; Under 14; Bor A won the away match against Libertas A 3:0. Bor qualified for the finals since it won also the return match because Libertas played with only five players..

Basketball, Alpe Adria: Jadran wins in Koper
15. - basketball; Koper; International Tournament Alpe Adria Top 15; Jadran ZKB won the return match against Koper 83:79 (Ban 20, Sacher 12).

IVSI end-of-the-season seminar in Kronplatz
12./13. - skiing; OOZUS organised an end-of-the-season IVSI seminar for 1st and 2nd grade teachers Kronplatz. Under the technical guidance of demonstrator Gregorja Trohe the participants studied the official contents of the skiing school.

Volleyball, Women A1 League: Sandra Vitez ended the season
12. - volleyball; Pesaro; Women A1 League, play-off quarter-finals; by loosing 2:3 against the favourite Pesaro team Sassuolo and our player Sandra Vitez (picture) ended the season. Sandra scored 9 points at this match. After two wins Pesaro reached the semi-finals.

Volleyball, Men A1 League: Loris Mania' out in the quarter-finals
13. - volleyball; Italian Men A1 League; play-off, quarter-final; Montichiari, where plays also our athlete Loris Mania' (picture), lost the seconda match against Cuneo 2:3 and did not reached the semi-finals. Montichiari has had an excellent season and lost the two matches only after tie-break.

Skating, "Dah ljubezni": Tanja Romano enthusiastic performance, Francesca Roncelli and Martina Pecchiar perfomed too
11./12./13. - skating; Trst; more than 160 skaters participated to the performance "Dah ljubezni", organised by the Jolly team of Trieste. The world champion Tanja Romano's performance (picture) was enthustiastic. To the event participated also Francesca Roncelli and Martina Pecchiar.

Mirko Škabar's march cancelled due to bad weather
13. - Praprot; this year's Mirko Škabar 's march from Praprot to Repen has been cancelled due to bad weather. Since the path runs through woods, and if these are wet can become dangerous, the organisrr SK Devin communicated, that this year's edition will be cancelled..

Table tennis, Kras ZKB promoted to Women A1 League
12. - table tennis; Asola; Women A2 League; by drawing the away match against Asolo (3:3) Kras ZKB has been promoted to Women A1 League.

JK Čupa GM
11. - Nabrežina; at the KD Igo Gruden premises there was the 35th Jadralni klub Čupa' GM. To the event participated many guests and members.

Skiing, Championship of Trieste: many our athletes have been awarded
10. - skiing; Trst; at the Pomorska postaja in Trieste there was the official awarding of the 2008 Skiing Championship of Trieste. Among the awarded there were many our athletes.

Soccer: Dario Kovic (Juventina) disqualified fot five rounds
10. - soccer; Juventina's player Dario Kovic, who was given the red card during the home match against Tolmezzo (1:3) on last Sunday, has been disqualified for fiove rounds. This means, that he will not play anymore this season, since there are only four rounds left.

Volleyball, A1 League play-offs: Loris Mania' and Sandra Vitez lost
9. - volleyball; Italian A1 League, play-offs quarte-finals; Montichiari, where plays also our athlete Loris Mania', lost the first round away match against Cuneo 2:3; Sassuolo, where plays also our Sandra Vitez (picture), lost the home match against Pesaro 1:3.

Basketball, Polet's Mia Kraus practices with the Italian Under 16 National Team
9. - basketball; Polet's player Mia Kraus (born in 1993, picture) will practice with the Italian Under 16 National Team on Monday, 14th and Tuesday, 15th April in Bigna di Valle by Lake Bracciano. The team is coached by Lucchesi.

Basketball, play-offs: Dom lost
8. - basketball; Gorica; Promotion League; Dom lost the third play-offs match against Intermugia 66:73 (Cej 18, Kristancic 9). This is Dom's first home lost of the season.

Karate, Shinkai club excellent
5./6. - karate; Portici (Neapelj); at the National Libertas Championship in traditional karate, to which participated more than 400 athletes, Shinkai club's athletes were excellent.

Vivicitta' in Gorica and Nova Gorica
6. - athletics; in various Italian cities took place the Vivicitta' running event. A similar event took place also in Gorica and Nova Gorica.

Devin's cyclist begin the season
6. - cycling; Turjak; the cycling season began also for Devin, with a road race in Turjak. To the race participated also Matteo Visintin, who ranked second.

SK Devin celebrates the end of the season
6. - skiing; Doberdob; with a celebration ended this year's activities of SK Devin. To the event, which was held at the Pri Kovaču in Doberdob, participated more than 220 members.

Skating, Noain Trophy, Francesca Roncelli excellent third
5. - skating; Pamplona (Spain); at the traditional Noain Trophz competition, where the best athletes of the world compete, our representative Fancesca Roncelli ranked third in the free program and first. She was fourth after the short program. World Champion Tanja Romano did not participate due to an injury.

Swimming, Regional Finals Beginners: Kristian Vidali wins two gold and one silver medal
5./6. - swimming; Trst; Beginners Regional Finals;
Kristian Vidali, member of the Rari Nantes team of Trieste, ranked first in the 50 m breaststroke with 42,72, first in 100 m breaststroke with 1:35,20 and second in the 50 m back with 37,75.

Basketball, FJK Mladinke twice successful against Slovenia
6. - basketball; Briščiki; the Youth Representative of the FJK, led by our coach Matija Jogan (picture) for which play also Polet's players Mia Kraus and Jana Croselli, won two friendlz matches against Slovenijo Vzhod 81:55 (Kraus 9, Croselli 2) and Slovenijo Zahod 75:70 (Kraus 4).

Walter Bullo (25 years), coach and former PK Bor swimmer, died
5. - Trst; our sport has been shocked by a tragic news: at only 25 years of age died former Bor's swimmer and PK Bor coach Walter Bullo.

Skiing, also our teachers on Vogel
29./30. - skiing; Bohinj; to the after-season ISIA seminar for teachers of Alpine skiing (3rd level) participated also our OOZUS teachers.

Basketball, D League: Kontovel/Sokol will play tonight
4. - basketball; D League; in the 11th round Kontovel/Sokol will play tonight (Friday) in Gorica at 20.30 against the home team of Dinamo. Breg will play tomorrow (Saturday) against Romans.

Basketball, Promotion League, play-offs: Dom wins
1. - basketball; Gorica; Promotion League; Dom Mark won the first match against Scoglietto 92:59 (Cej 17, Campanello 17).


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