Matej Lachi

Jan Budin, Sandra Vitez, Sergej Alejnikov

Ivan Kerpan, Fabio Ruzzier, Francesca Roncelli

Loris Mania', Michele Leghissa, Andrea Mura

Paola Cigui, Kristjan Stopar, Riccardo Stolfa

Breg - Goriziana


Skating, Regional Championship: Polet

Primorec - Gradese

Soccer, Naraščajniki: Pomlad

Bor - Altura

AŠD Primorje AGM

Skiing, Primorski pok

Inauguration of Repen's new gym

Soccer, AIAC training in Dolina

Sport day of Dolina's elementary schools

Sport day of Gorica elementary schools

Sport day of Zgonik's elementary schools

Cheerdance Millenium

Soccer, a "revival match" in Dolina

Volleyball, memorial Veljak


Chess, National School Championship: Prešeren

Our motorcyclist Mitja Emili

Kristjan Ferfoglia (Jadran)

Vesna AGM

AŠD Sokol end-of-the-season academy

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Sainling, 470 Class, Italian Championship: Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta seventh
31. - sailing; Benetke; Italian Championship 470 Class; Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta (Čupa) are currently absolute seventh and first among juniores. Alessio Spadoni and Adriano Condello (Čupa) are absolute tenth and second among juniores.

Basketball, Jadran's opponent will be Muggia
31. - basketball; Ronke; C2 Semifinals; Venezia Giulia Muggia won the third match against Ronchi 86:76 and will play the finals against Jadran. The first match will be played on Saturday at 20.30 in Briščiki.

ZSŠDI Minibasket Trophy
31. - basketball; Trst; ZSŠDI Minibasket Trophy; at the 1. Maj stadium there was the traditional Stadionu ZSŠDI Minibasket Trophy. To the event participated: Bor, Breg, Dom, Kontovel/Polet and Sokol.

Bowling, C League: Gaja unsuccessful
31. - bowling; Annone Veneto; Gaja lost both qualification matches (but it played without Dario Calzi, Sancin and Capitani) against Valbuto Udine 4:6 and Maxim Udine 0:6. Gaja will play in the Provincial C League but they hope they will play in the Regional C League.

30. - Križ; at the premises near the soccer field there was AŠD Vesna AGM, where the new committee has been elected. Pictures from the left: Miloš Košuta, Robert Voidoni, Saša Košuta, Fabio Urlini,

AŠD Sokol end-of-the-season academy
30. - Nabrežina; at the traditional end-of-the-season academy in Nabrežina there were many performances by Sokol's athletes.

Elementary Schools Oympics successful
30. - Trst; the traditional elementary schools olympics has been very successful. The 28th edition was organised by Športna šola Trst at the 1. maj stadium in Sv. Ivan. To the event participated 203 pupils from six school.

Soccer, Il Giulia Tournament: Vesna reaches the semifinals, Peter Carli scored 3 goals
29. - soccer; Trst; Il Giulia Tournament; Vesna won the quarter-finals match against Zaule 3:2 and reached the semifinals. They will play on Wednesday at 20.30 against the winner of the S. Sergio - Opicina match. Vesna's goals were scored by Peter Carli, who played for Vesna, but than moved to Primorec.

Primorje, a new AGM is necessary
29. - Prosek; at the AŠD Primorje AGM, which took place at the team's premises, the new committee and the new president have not been elected. A list of 10 members of the committee has been drawn and in two weeks time there will be a new AGM and the new president will be elected.

Basketball, C2 League, play-offs: Jadran reaches the finals!
28. - basketball; Gorica; C2 League, play-offs semifinals; Jadran Mark won the second matcha against Ardita 80:74 (K. Ferfoglia 20, Oberdan and S. Ferfoglia 14) thus reaching the finals. Jadran's players won the first match 105:69. In the other semifinals match Ronchi won the away match against Muggia (81:77) and now both teams have won one match each. Picture: Kristjan Ferfoglia scored 20 points.

Soccer, Di Summa is Zarja/Gaja's new coach
28. - soccer; Bazovica; Giacomo Di Summa, 42 years old, who has already coached different teams, among others also Opicina and Primorje, is Zarja/Gaja's new coach. The team will play in the 2nd Amateur League. He substitues Moreno Nonis, who coached Zarja/Gaja for four years.

Volleyball, Abu Dhabi tournament: Italy B wins against Germany 3:2 (Sandra Vitez did not score) and ranks third
22./27. - vollyeball; Abu Dhabi; International Tournament; Italy's second team, for which plays also our Sandra Vitez won the match against s 3:2 (20:25, 25:16, 16:25, 25:22, 15:11) and ranked third. Sandra did play, but did not score. Results: Italy - Holland 2:3 (Vitez 0); Italy - Egypt 3:0 (Vitez 17 points); Italy - Algeria 3:0 (Vitez 2); Italy - Australia 3:0 (Vitez 6); semifinals: Cuba - Italy 3:2 (Vitez 0).

Volleyball, Kristjan Stopar with Bibione in higher B1 League
25. - volleyball; Bibione; after Damir Kosmina, who will play for Oderzo in the A2 League, also former Sloga player Kristjan Stopar will play in a higher league, since Bibione won the play-offs against Carpi 2:1.

Volleyball, Abu Dhabi Tournament: Italy B lost against Cuba (Sandra Vitez did not score) and will play today the match for the third place
22./27. - volleyball; Abu Dhabi; International Tournament; Italy's second team, for which plays also our Sandra Vitez lost the semifinals match against Cuba 2:3 (29:27, 25:21, 18:25, 24:26, 16:18) and will play today the third place match against Germany. Sandra did pla, but did not score. Results: Italy - Holland 2:3; Italy - Egypt 3:0 (Vitez 17 points); Italy - Algeria 3:0 (Vitez 2); Italy - Australia 3:0 (Vitez 6).

Kids gymnastics, "Teči, skači, meči": with more than 20 participants
26. - kids gymnastics, Trst; more than 20 participants participated at the Prvi maj stadium to the end-of-the-season event within the "Teči, skači, meči" projekt organised by Bor's basketball and volleyball teams in collaboration with PK Bor and SPDT. The participants were coached by Silva Meulia and Walter Corbatti.

Motorcyling, Mitja Emili unlucky
25. - motorcycling; Rim; Yamaha Cup; our rider Mitja Emili was very unlucky this time, since he fell twice and ended the race 23rd.

Basketball, Bor awarded in Radenci
23./25. - Radenci; Bor's players have been awarded a week-end in Radence as guests of their sponsor Radenska. The team ranked ninth the previous season and were therefore rewarded with three days of fun and relax.

Cheerleading, Italian Open Championship: 11 Cheerdance Millenium's teams
25. - cheerleading; Cesenatico; to the First Italian Open Cheerleading Championship participated 11 Cheerdance Millenium teams, which have won most of the awards. The event was organised by the Italian Cheerleading Federation (FISAC).

Chess, National School Championship: Prešeren students excellent third
24. - chess; Jesolo; National School Championship; Prešeren students ranked third at the tuournament.

Volleyball, Abu Dhabi tournament: Italy B wins against Australia, Sandra Vitez 6 points, today semifinals against Cuba
22./26. - volleyball; Abu Dhabi; international tournament ; as it was expected Italy's second team, for which plays also our athlete Sandra Vitez won the fourth round match against Australia 3:0 (25:20, 25:11, 25:13) and will play today's semifinals match against Cuba. Sandra scored 6 points . Results: Italy - Holland 2:3; Italy - Egypt 3:0 (Vitez 17 points); Italy - Algeria 3:0 (Vitez 2).

Volleyball, OG qualification: Loris Mania' in Japan
25. - volleyball; Rim; our player Loris Mania' and other 11 azzurri went to Japan, where they will participate to the Olympic Games qualification tournament, which will start on 31st May. Sala and Casoli were not selected.

Tennis, B League, first match: Gaja lost against Bari 2:4
25. - tennis; Padriče; B League; Gaja lost the first match against Angiullo Bari 2:4. Gaja's points were scored by Aleš Plesničar and Surian. The return match will be played on Sunday, 1st of June in Bari.

In-line hockey, Polet is Italian vice-champion in two categories
25. - in-line hockey; Sacile; young Polet's players have won two vice-champions titles. The Decki team lost the final match against Real Torino 1:6, the Pomladi team against oč Monleale (5:16). Both results represent a huge success for our team.

Swimming, Regional Championship: Kristian Vidali third
24./25. - swimming; Regional Championship; Kristian Vidali from Repen ranked third in the 100 m breaststroke with 1,35,20, whereas his teammate Danilo Devetak Danilo ranked 13th (1,45,40. In the 200m mixed Vidali ranked seventh (3:16,20) and Devetak 13th. (3:27,00), in 200 m backstroke Vidali seventh at 3:07,80. Both are Rari Nantes members.

SK Devin: Kras by bike
25. - cycling; SK Devin organised the last excursion to Gropada within the Kras by bike programme.

Basketball, C2 League, play-offs semifinals: Jadran wins against Ardita (105:69)
24. - basketball; Briščiki; play-offs semifinals; Jadran Mark won the first semifinals match against Ardita 105:69 (S. Ferfoglia 25, Oberdan 17). The return match will be played on Wednesday at 21.00 in Gorica, at the Stella Mattutina gym, the third on Saturday in Briščiki.

Gymnastics, Bor's end-of-the-season academy successful
24. - gymnastics; Trst; at the Prvi maj hall there was Bor's end-of-the-season academy, which has been very successful. To the event participated 70 athletes, who showed 25 performances.

Bowling, International Men Tournament: Mak ranked first
24. - bowling; Štandrež; Mak won the international tournament, organised by the team within the 20th anniversary celebrations. To the tournament participated 24 teams from our region and Slovenia.

Soccer, cicibani, Danielis tournament: Hit Gorica wins, Kras third, Juventina fourth
24. - soccer; Štandrež; cicibani, Danielis international tournament; Hit Gorica, who won the last round match against Kras 4:2 (Kristjana Vidalija scored 2 goals), ranked first, ahead of Azzurra, which won against Juventina 3:2. Kras ranked third, Juventina fourth.

Basketball, C2 League, play-offs semifinals: tonight at 20.30 in Briščiki Jadran Mark- Ardita
24. - basketball; Briščiki; play-offs semifinals; Jadran Mark will play tonight at 20.30 at the Ervatti gym the first semifinals match against Ardita. The return match will be played on Wednesday at 21.00 in Gorica, at the Stella Mattutina gym, the third match on Saturday in Briščiki.

Skating, German Cup: Francesca Roncelli third after the free programme
23. - skating; Frieburg (Germany); at the international tournament in Germany our athlete Francesca Roncelli ranked 12th in the colpulsory programme and 3rd in the free programme.
Tanja Romano (Polet) did not participate due to injury.

Volleyball, Abu Dhabi tournament: Italy wins against Egypt, Sandra Vitez the best azzurra (17 points)
22./23. - volleyball; Abu Dhabi; international tournament; after loosing the first match against Holland 2:3 Italy's second team, for which plays also our Sandra Vitez, won against Egypt 3:0 (25:12, 25:13, 25:13). Sandra scored 17 points. Today will Italy play against Algeria.

Tennis, Women C League: Gaja favourite
23. - tennis; Trst; Women C League; at the premises of the Regional Federation there awas the drawing to determine the wonner of the C League, since Gaja and Tricesimo both ranked first after the regular season. Gaja became regional champion and will thus participate to the national C League.

Volleyball, Italy - Portorico: Loris Mania', did not play, he became father of Daniel
23. - volleyball; Modena; Italy won the friendly match against Portorico 3:2, but our player Loris Mania' did not play, since he became father of little Daniel. As libero played Casoli. Coach Montali has selected Loris for the national team, which will play in Tokio for the OG qualification tournament.

Tennis, tournament Go&Go: Paola Cigui is out
22. - tennis; Gorica; international tournament; after winning the first round against Slovakian player Mihaela Pohabova 7:6, 6:4 Gaja's player Paola Cigui lost the second round against Italian Lisa Sabino 2:6, 7:6, 2:6.

Basketball, Andrea Mura will be Bor's coach also in the 2008/09 season
22. - basketball; Andrea Mura will be Bor's coach also in the next season, which will play the fifth consecutive season in the C League.

Soccer, Il Giulia tournament: Vesna wins against Zarja/Gaja
21. - socceer; Trst; Il Giulia tournament; Vesna has won the first round match against Zarjo/Gajo 3:1 (1:1), thus eliminating Zarja/Gaja. Vesna's scorers: Matteo Cheber, Degrassi and Leone, Zarja/Gaja's Schiraldi
Basketball, under 19, Intraregional tournament:

Jadran ZKB looses important match
19./21. - basketball; Spello (Perugia); Under 19, intraregional tournament; after winning the matches against Montebelluna (88:69) and Lumezzano (82:54) Jadran ZKB lost the important match against Alfa Omega Ostia 70:76 (Ferfoglia 27, Malalan 19).

Volleyball, 1st Men Division, play-offs finals: Olympia looses in Mossa
20. - volleyball; Moš; 1st Men Division; play-offs; Mossa won the first match against Olympia 3:0 (25:20, 25:23, 25:17). The return match will be played on Saturday in Gorica.

Bowling, C League: Gaja for promotion
19. - bowling; Koprivno; C League; Gaja won the return match against Capriva 6:4 and towards the end of May will play for promotion to the Regional C League in Annone Veneto.

Table tennis, Women A2 League: Kras ZKB draws the last match
18. - table tennis; San Dona'; Women A2 League; Kras ZKB ends the season with a 3:3 draw against Sandonatese (Carli, Crismancich and M. Milič scored 1 point).

Soccer, despite rainy weather Breg's event successful
18. - soccer; Dolina; despite bad weather nearly 60 former Breg's players and coaches met in Dolina to play a "revival match".

Skating, Regional Championship: Polet and Vipava successful
18./19. - skating; Pordenon; at the regional championship were Polet's and Vipava's youngest successful.

Mountain-biking, Christian Leghissa successful
18. - mountain-biking; Monte D'Alpone (Verona) our cyclist Christian Leghissa has been very successful alos at the 4th race of the Serenissima Cup. Among 1500 participants he ranked first (absolute) and in his Master category.

Bowling, women tournament: Mak wins
17. - bowling; Štandrež; Mak ranked first at the international women tournament organised by Mak to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Volleyball, international tournament for the Sergio Veljak Memorial: Ruini Firenze wins
18. - volleyball; Trst; at the Prvi maj stadium in Trst there was the international men tournament for the first Sergio Veljak memorial. The victory went to the Ruini team of Firenze ahead of Trieste's B2 League team Ferroalumio, Brezovica Ljubljana and Sloga.

Tenis, Women C League: Gaja draws, promotion will be determined later
18. - tennis; Gaja draw the last away match against Libera 2:2. Since both teams have the same points, the promtion do the higher league will be determined by drawing.

Cheerdance Millenium, celebration of its fifth anniversary attracted many spectators
17. - cheerleading; Briščiki; in front of numerous guests there was Cheerdance Millenium's 5th Anniversary celebration event, which has attractred many spectators. After the introductory speech by President Petra Krizmancic there was a great and spectacular program of performances .

Basketball, more than 100 participants to the international conference for coaches in Nabrežina
17. - basketball; Nabrežina; to the international conference for coaches held by Mario Gerjevič and Mario Blasone, organised by the ZSŠDI Basketball commission and FIP, participated more than 100 coaches..

Basketball, BCCA Junior A: Koš/Jadran second
17. - basketball; Cordenons; BCCA Junior A finals (year 1993); the Koš Koper/Jadran team ranked second. After winning the semifinals match against Portorož 111:74, Koš/Jadran lost the last match againstPordenone 67:81. Three Jadran's players have scored the following points: Dellisanti 18, Škerl 10, Sacher 9.Third ranked Azzurra, fourth Portorož.

Beach-soccer, Italy wins against Ukraine and qualifies to the WC, Michele Leghissa scored 4 goals
15./17. - beach-soccer; Benidorm (Spain); WC qualifying matches; afer winning against Bielorussia (Leghissa 1 goal) Italy won the quarterfinals match against Ukraine 8:3, thus qualifying to the World Championship, which will take place in Marseille (France) from the 17th to the 27 th of July. Leghissa scored 4 goals. Azzurri will play the semi-finals against Spain.

Soccer, Della Zotta will be Vesna's coach
16. - soccer; Marco Della Zotta, who substituted Armando Trentin during the season (ho substituted Ruggiero Calo) will be Vesna's coach in the 2008/09 season.

Basketball, Alpe Adria, Top 15 (1992/93): Jadran ZKB wins
16. - basketball; Briščiki; Alpe Adria, Top 15 (year 1992/93); Jadran ZKB won the last match against Pula 1981 89:67 (Ban 31, Dellisanti 28, Bernetič 16, Škerl 8, Sacher 6).

Volleyball, Gorica's 1st Women Division: Val/Dom wins the derby match against Soča
16. - volleyball; 1st Women Division; Val/Dom won the derby match against Soča 3:0.

Sports day of Zgonik's elementary schools
15. - Dolina; Zgonik; more than 130 pupils of Alojz Gradnik, Avgust Černigoj, L. Kokoravec - Gorazd, 1. maj 1945 and Albert Sirk elementaru schools have participated to the sport day at the Zgonik's gym, organised by AŠK Kras.

ZSŠDI's monthly meeting: negative results for some sports
16. - Trst; at ZSSDI's monthly meeting it as assessed, that many sports have recorded a negative season.

Volleyball, friendly match: Italy - Spain 3:1, Loris Mania' among the best
15. - volleyball; Modena; Italy on the friendly match against Spain 3:1 (23:25, 25:23, 25:18, 25-21). Our player Loris Mania, who plays libero, was among the best Italian players. On Saturday Italy will play the second friendly match against Spain in Cagliari.

Turnir Alpe Adria Top 15 (1992/93): Olimpija Ljubljana - Jadran ZKB 84:76 (Ban 25, Bernetič and Sacher 16)

Bowling, Men C League: Gaja wins
15. - bowling; Briščiki; C League; Gaja won the first match for the regional qualifications against Capriva 6:4. The return match will be held on Monday in Koprivno.

Sport day of Dolina's elementary schools
15. - Dolina; 142 pupils of Dolina's schools have participated to the sport day at the local gym.

Sport day of Gorica's elementary schools
15. - Gorica; more than 500 pupils participated to the sport day at the Rojce stadium.

Basketball, play-offs quarterfinals; D League: Breg is out, C2: Jadran will play today in Videm
14./15. - basketball; play-offs quarterfinals; D League: after loosing the first match against Remanzacco74:81 Breg lost also the second match in Dolina against GSA with the same result and did not qualify ofr the next round of play-offs matches. Breg's top scorers were Sila (21 points) and Laudano.

C2 League: Jadran, which won the first match 93:71, will play the return match against CB Udine on Thursday, at 20.30 in Videm.
Alpe Adria Tournament Top 15 (1992/93): Olimpija Ljubljana - Jadran ZKB 84:76 (Ban 25, Bernetič and Sacher 16)

Soccer, AIAC training in Dolina
14. - soccer; in Dolina there is AIAC's training week for coaches, hosted by ŠD Breg. To the event participate also our players (Carli, Feri and Sardoč) and coach (Ridolfi).

Volleyball, semifinals U13 Women: Bor is out
12. - volleyball; Trst, Under 13, Women; after loosing the first match 0:3 Bor Co.A.La lost also the returna match against Virtus (15:25, 25:8, 18:25, 8:25) and did not qualified for further competition.

Soccer, Musolino is Kras' new coach
12. - soccer; Repen; Alessandro Musolino is Kras' new coach, which will play in the Promotion League. He substitues Sergej Alejnikov, who coached the team for aonly one year. Musolino was Kras' coach in the 2004/5 season and was promoted form 2nd Amateur to Promotion League.

Inauguration of Repen's new gym
11. - Repen; in front of numerous guests there was the inauguration of the new gym in Repen. Picture: Logatec Mayor Janez Nagode and Repen's Mayor Aleksij Križman.

Cycling, Matteo Visintin wins in Ajdovščina
10./11. - cycling; Devin's cyclists participated to three races. Matteo Visintin achieved a very good result, since he won the race in Ajdovščina.

Skating, Regional Championship: Francesca Roncelli and Martina Pecchiar win, Polet's athletes successful
10./11. - skating; Gradišče; Regional Championship; Francesca Roncelli ranked first in the free program and combination. In the Jeunes category Martina Pecchiar won the free program and the combination. Polet's athletes were very successful too, Tanja Romano did not participate to the event.

Mountaneering, Družne sabotinske poti
11. mountaneering: in collaboration with SPDG, CAI and PD Nova Gorica there was the Družna sabotinska pot trip (Matajur 1642m). To the event participated the members of the three associations and around 15 children with their families.

Athletics, 50 km march World Cup: Fabio Ruzzier disqualified
11. - athletics; Čeboksarij (Russia); 50 km march World Cup; our marcher Fabio Ruzzier, who ran for the Slovenian National Team, has been disqualified. To the event participated 101 athletes. The victory went to the Russian marcher Denis Nižegorodov with a world record time of 3.34:14,0 ahead of Vladimir Kanajkin 3.36:55,0, Italian marcher Alex Schwazer ranked third (3:37,04)

Basketball, B2, play-outs: Jan Budin (22 points) important for Alike's victory
11. - basketball; Tržič; Alike' won the first play-out match against Oderzo 97:93. Very important has been our player Jan Budin (, who scored 22 points and was the best scorer of the match. The return match will be played on Thursday in Oderzo.

Tennis, Men B League: Gaja reaches the play-offs; women win 4:0
11. - tennis; Men B League: Gaja lost the final round match against Albinea 2:4, but since the main competitor Loano lost 0:6, Gaja's will play the play-outs. The two points for Gaja were scored by Aleš Plesničar and the pair Pogačnik, Surian.
Women C League: Gaja's won the match against TC Triestino 4:0 and are now waiting to play the match against Libera in order to qualify or not to higher league.

Handball, EC qualifications, 3rd round: Italy's juniores lost again, Ivan Kerpan scored 1 goal
9./11. - handball; Latisana; Youth European Championship; after winning the first ound against Armenia 50:9 (Kerpan 9 goals) and loosing against Slovakia 28:37 (Kerpan 3 goals) Italy lost against Hungary 29:49 (Kerpan 1 goal) and ranekd third. To the European Championship qualified Hungary and Slovakia.
Ivan Kerpan

Skiing, Primorski pokal and Alternativa sport; awarding on Kalič successful
10. - skiing; on the Kaliču hill near Postojna there was the awarding of this year's Primorski pokal and Alternativa sport cup.

Swimming, Regional Summer Championship: Kristjan Vidali third in 100 m backstroke
10. - swimming; Cordenons; Regional Summer Championship; to the first and second competition participated also our swimmers Kristian Vidali from Repen and Danilo Devetak from Milje (both are members of the Rari Nantes team from Trieste). In the 50 m dolphin Vidali ranked fourth 42,90 and Devetak seventh 44,70. In the 100 m backstoke Vidali ranked third (1:25,00).

Volleyball, 1st Division Men, play-offs semifinals: Olympia wins against Soča, Naš prapor lost
9. - volleyball; 1st Division Men, play-offs, semi-finals; Olympia won also the second match against Soča 3:2 thus reaching the finals, when it will play against Mossa, who won the third match against Naš prapor 3:1.

Soccer, coach Nonis is leaving Zarja/Gaja
9. - soccer; Bazovica; after four successful years Moreno Nonis is leaving Zarja/Gaja, which plays in the 2nd amateur league.

Soccer, Kras and coach Alejnikov parted
9. - soccer; Repen; Bielorussion expert and former top player Sergej Alejnikov is not Kras' coach anymore. After a one year experince the club and the coach, who has been offered to coach some teams in the D League, parted. The coach did not adapt to this category, although the club offered the best conditions to him and the players. The team did not play well and did not reache the play-offs.
AŠD Primorje AGM - Riccardo Stolfi receives an important award by the FIGC in Rome - Prosek; at the team's premises there was AŠD Primorje's AGM, where the new five members committee has been elected. The main speech was held by president Sergij Ukmar, who will resign from the post od president, but he will still be a member of the committee. It was announced that Riccardo Stolfa will be awarded by FIGC, on the 24th of May in Rome, for his contribution to the soccer sector.

Handball, EC qualifications: Ivan Kerpan will play for the Italian Youth National Team
9. - handball; Latisana; our player Ivan Kerpan, who plays for Pallamano Trieste, will participate to the Youth EC qualifications with the Italian National Team from today to Sunday. The EC will be held in the Czech republic in May. To the qualifications will participate Italy, Hungary, Slovakia and Armenia.

Bowling, C Leaugue: Gaja's important victory
8. - bowling; Briščiki; C League; Gaja won the last round match against Ponziabina 6:4 and will thus play the third match for the C League.

Volleyball, 1st Men Division, play-offs semi-finals: Naš prapor and Olympia successful
7. - volleyball; 1st Men Division, play-offs; drugi polfinalni tekmi je Naš prapor won the return semifinals match against Mossa 3:1 (25:23, 25:17, 20:25, 25:18) and will thus play also the third match; Olympia won the first semi-fina match against Soča 3:0 (25:18, 26:24, 26:24).

Volleyball, semi-finals U13 Women: Bor lost
6. - volleyball; Trst; Under 13 Women; Bor Co.A.La. lost the first semi-finals match against Virtus 0:3 (16:25, 16:25, 18:25). The return match will be held on uMonday, 12. may at 19.45 at the Prvi maj stadium.

Horse-riding, young Tina Ivancich is very successful
6. - horse-riding; our very young athlete Tina Ivancich (born in 1995) from Križ has been selected for the Regional Youth Team of the Furlanija-Julijska krajina region, which will participate, from 22nd to 24th of May, to the prestigious Regional Cup in Rome. After two competitions among Northern-Italian riders, our young rider is currently first in the "Children category" (from 10 to 14 years old). She rides the 10-years old horse Rulian.

School sport: sports day for Gorica's high school successful
5. - school sport; Gorica; the Sports day a t the Gorica's stadium, organised by high school professors for the 2nd Jožica Mikluš memorial has been a great success, since more than 200 students from Trubar, Gregorčič, Zois, Cankar and Vega participated

Motorcycling, Mitja Emili celebrated his birthday with a second place
4. - motorcycling; Monza; our motorcyclist Mitja Emili celebrated his 33rd birthday by ranking second at the second Yamaha Trophy race.

Skating, Regional Championship: Polet successful
4. - skating; Polet's athletes were successful at the Regional Championship.

Cycling, Devin in Čedad and Pieris
4. - cycling: Devin participated to two races: Najmlajši raced in Čedad and začetniki in Pieris.

Soccer, Primorec will play in the 1st AL
4. - soccer; Trebče; Primorec won the last round match against Gradese 3:0 and will play in the 1st Amateur League in the next season.

Soccer, Naraščajniki: Pomlad will play in the Regional Championship
4. - soccer; Regional Naraščajniki, play-outs; in the last round Pomlad draw the match in Dolina against Fiume Veneto 1:1 (scorer: Martini). They will play in the Regional Championship also next year.

Volleyball, Under 14 Women: Bor is provincial champion
4. - volleyball; Trst; Under 14 women; Bor won also the second final match against Altura 3:0 (25:19, 25:22, 25:18) and became Provincial Champion.

Volleyball, Olympia promoted to C League!
3. - volleyball; Tržič; Men D League; Olympia Tmedia won the third match against Fincantieri 3:0 (25:18, 25:21, 28:26) and has been promoted to C League.

Voleyball, Sandra Vitez among the 12 "azzurre" for the Abu Dhabi tournament
2. - volleyball; the coach of the Italian National Team Barbolini has selected the 12 players, who will participate to the Abu Dhabi tournament form the 21st to the 27th May. He selected also our player Sandra Vitez, who will participate to the trainings form the 6th to the 16th of May in Courmayeur.

Basketball, Jadran (C2) and Breg (D League) lost, both reach play-offs; Kontovel/Sokol qualified
1. - basketball; C2: in the last round of the regular season Jadran Mark lost in Romjan against Ronchi 70:77 (Oberdan 16, Slavec 15). Jadran ranked first; D League: Breg lost in Dolina against Goriziana 60:78 (Sila 15, Križman 11). Breg also reached the play-offs. Kontovel/Sokol did not played this round. Since Isontina lost against Nab (77:82) our team will play in the same league also next season. Picture: Breg - Goriziana

Basketball, B2: Acegas TS and Budin's Alike' lost
1. - basketball; B2 liga, playouts; Acegas Trieste and Monfalcone's Alike', where plays also our Jan Budin, lost also the second playouts match. Trieste lost against Nuova Pall. Gorizia 85:76, Monfalcone against Civitanova 82:71 (Budin 10 točk). Acegas will now play against Bassano, Alike' against Oderzo.

Table tennis, National Youth Championship: two medals for Kras
28./30.-4../1. - table tennis; Terni; National Youth Championship; Kras won two more medals in mixed pairs: silver among Naraščajniki with Stefano Rotella and Sofia Schierano (Rangers UD) and bronze among Mladinci with Michele Rotella and Chiara Miani (Rangers UD). Kras' medals so far: Under 21 teams: 3rd Mateja Crismancich and Eva Carli; Najmlajše teams: 3rd Katarina and Dana Milič.


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