HIGHLIGHTS August 2008


Sandra Vitez, Loris Mania', Mateja Bogatec

Michele Leghissa, Gianantonio Furigo

From the left: Karlo Gabrielli, Dario Calzi, Vladi Milkovič and Andrea Kramar, who won the tough Memorial Civelli tournament in Ronchi

Soccer, Vesna

Soccer, Kras

Soccer, Primorje

Soccer, Breg

Soccer, Triestin - Vesna

Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti

Pictures: Bor at the top, Jadran at the bottom

Soccer, Primorec

Sovodnje players

Soccer, Zarja/Gaja

Gaja and Kras

Mitja Emili

Cheerdance Millenium

Volley, Bor/Breg; players of both team with coach Silva Meulia and assistant Rado Šušteršič

Cheerdance Millenium

Kras' goalkeeper

The organisers and the winning team of Lucija Portorož

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Table-tennis tenis, 25th International Tournament Kras Cup: Duga Resa celebrates
28./31. - table-tennis; Zgonik; 25th International Tournament Kras Cup; Croatian Duga Resa won for the third time in a row the tournament aheado of Topolčany (Slovakia) and Breclav (Czech Republic). Kras ZKB ranked seventh among ten teams.

Soccer, National and Regional Cup: our teams win and lose
30./31. - soccer; National and Regional Cup; 1st round matches: 4 wins, 2 draws and 3 looses. Comment by groups

Sokol, young players in Kranjska Gora
31. - basketball, volleyball; Sokol's young basketball and volleyball players, afer having practiced at the outdoor field in Nabrežina, moved to Kranjska Gora, togehter with Dom's basketball players. They will be back on Saturday, 6th of August.

First Polet's Bowling Party successful
30. - bowling; ŠD Polet's bowling team organised the first edition of the "Balinarski praznik", in order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the team and the 100th anniversary of the Zadružna kraška banka. To the one day tournament participated 16 teams from our region and Slovenia.

Bowling, Zamejsko prvenstvo: Mak and Gaja win the semifinals matches
28. - bowling; Opčine; Zamejsko prvenstvo; in Štandrež Mak won the first semifinals match against Gaja 6:2, whereas in Samatorca Zarja won agains Kras 8:0. The returna matches will be played on Thursday, 4th September in Padriče and Bazovica.

Soccer: Vesna takes Michele Leghissa
28.- soccer; Križ; Vesna, which in this season will play in the Promotion Legue, took the excellent player Michele Leghissa, who is astandard member of the Italian Beach-soccer National Team. Leghissa played for Vesna in the 2004/05 season. Vesna took also Tomas Ronci, who played for the Triestina Primavera Team.

Table-tennis, in Zgonik there was the presentation of the 25th International Kras Cup Tournament and brochure; today the first matches
28. - table-tennis; at the premises of the Municipality of Zgonik there was he presentation of the 25th International Kras Cup Tournament and brochure, which was published on the occasion. The tournament will begin today, at 14.00, with the first qualifying matches.

Bowling, Zamejski Championship: semifinals victories for Mak and Zarja
28. - bowling; Zamejski Championship; in Štandrež Mak won against Gaja 6:2, whereas in Samatorca Zarja won against Kras 8:0. The return matches will be played on Thursday, 4th September, in Padriče and Bazovica.

"Magic Soccer" in Doberdob, 46 children attend the camp by Dario Frandolič
28. - soccer; Doberdob; the Magic Soccer course, which began on 25th of August on the Doberdod field and is led by our expert Dario Frandolič, was very successful: to it participate 46 children.

Soccer, friendly match: Breg - Primorje 1:2
28. - soccer; Dolina; with the preparations to the Regional Championship and the 2nd AL tournament, Primorje won the friendly match against Breg 2:1. Scorers: Tuccio and Pipan, Esposito for Breg.

Soccer, Palmisano from Zarja/Gaja to Primorec
27. - soccer; Massimiliano Palmisano (born 1972), after one season at Zarja/Gaja, is going back to Primorec (1st AL). Primorec palyed against CGS and won 10:1.

Basketball, Dom's camp
27. - basketball; Gorica; at the outdoor field of the "Simon Gregorčič" school in Gorica, on 25th of August began the basketball summer camp, organised by ŠD Dom and ZSŠDI.

Soccer, F. Brienza tournament in Tržič: Vesna qualifies, Juventina out
26./27. - soccer; Tržič; 8th "Francesco Brienza" Tournament (each match lasts 45 minutes), organised by Fincantieri; Vesna won two games and has qualified for the final part of the tournament, whereas Juventina lost two matches and is out; GROUP A: S. Canzian - Fincantieri 1:0; Fincantieri - Juventina 1:0; S. Canzian - Juventina 2:0. GROUP B: Staranzano - Turriaco 5:3 after penalties shoot-out; Vesna - Turriaco 2:0 (Venturini. Monte); Vesna - Staranzano 2:1 (Mustacchi, Boatto). Final part (on Wednesday, 10.8.): S Canzian and Vesna.

Soccer, friendly match in Bazovica: Zarja/Gaja - Jadran Hrpelje 2:3
27. - soccer; Bazovica; Zarja/Gaja lost the friendly match against Jadran from Hrpelje 2:3. Home team's scorers were Bernobi Brombara.

Volleyball, Val changes C with D League
27. - volleyball; Štandrež; due to a lack of quality players, OK Val accepted the offer of the Triestin team CUS and changed C with D League. Val will thus play in the D League.

Basketball, Furigo reinforces Bora Radenska
27. - basketball; Bor Radenska has a new player for the 2008/09 C League season: from Falconstar came the experienced player Gianantonio Furigo (born 1977, 192cm, krilo), who has been training with Bor since the beginning of the month.

Soccr, F. Brienza Torunament in Tržič: Juventina out, Vesna plays tonight
26./27. - soccer; Tržič; at the "Francesco Brienza" tournament (each plays lasts 45 minutes), organised by Fincantieri, Juventina in Group A lost both matche: the first against Fincantieri 0:1 and the second against S. Canziano 0:2. S. Canzian won against Fincantieri 1:0, thus reaching the final part of the tournament. Tonight, at 20. 30 and at 21.30 in Group B Vesna will play against Staranzano and Turriaco.

Cheerdance Millenium: summer's dance course
26. - cheerleading; Opčine; to the first summer dance week, organised by Cheerdanc Millenium, participate 21 children, who are trained by three coaches and three assistants.

Bor/Breg players began training
25. - volleyball; Trst; at the Prvi maj stadium began practicing also Bor/Breg players, who will play in the D League and 1st Division.

Beach-soccer, Euroleague Superfinal, Italy and Michele Leghissa fourth
22./24. - beach-soccer; Real do Santo Antonio (Portugal); Euroleague Superfinals; Italy, for which plays also our player Michele Leghissa, after winning the quarterfinals match against Frane 3:2 and loosing the semifinals match against Portugal 4:12 (Leghissa scored one goal), lost the third place match against Russia 1:6, thus ranking fourth behind Portugal, Netherlands and Russia.

Motorcycling, Mitja Emili second in Mugello
24. - motorcycling; Mugello; Mitja Emili ranked second at the race of the Kawasaki Trophy and the final winner will be decided in two weeks time in Vallelunga, since Emili, Antonello and Zerbo are all ranked very close.

At ZKB's party an excellent performance by Cheerdance Millenium
24. - Opčine; at Zadružna kraška banka party, which has been organised within the 100 anniversary celebrations at Polet's center in Pikelc, participated also Cheerdance Millenium, which entrusted the spectators.

Cycling, Devin's racers at three races: Matteo Visintin wins twice
24. - cycling; young Devin's racers participated to three races. Among the youngest Matteo Visintin won both the velodrom race (during the week) and the street race. Devin was successful also among beginners.

Basketball: young Breg players in Gorenje
24. - basketball; young Bor's and Breg's players born in 1992 to 1999 participates to a 1-week basketball camp (sponsored by Združenje slovenskih športnih društev v Italiji) in Dom Gorenje.

Basketball, D. Monticolo reinforces Bor
22. - basketball; Trst; experienced forward Davide Monticolo (born in 1973, 202 cm) is officially Bor Radenska's new player for the 2008/09 C League season. The Triestin player did not play the last few seasons, but he has many B and C League experiences.

Soccer, tournament in Milje: Breg is out
21. - soccer; at the tournament in Milje (each match lasts 45 minutes), Breg lost the first match against Domio 4:3 (after penalties shootout) and then against Muggia 0:2. Domio won the first match against Muggia 5:3 (after penalties shootout). Ranking: Muggia 4 points, Domio 3, Breg 2. Breg is thus out.

Soccer, friendly match; Kras Koimpex wins, Vesna looses
21. - soccer; friendly match; Kras Koimpex won the match in Repen against Costalunga (1st amateur legue) 5:0, scorers: Bertocchi 2, Giacomi, Orlando and Metullio. Vesna lost the match in Kriz against Slovenian third league Brda 3:4; Vesna's scorers: P. Carli 2, Di Donato.

Bowling, Zamejski tournament: semifinals: Gaja - Mak and Zarja - Kras
21. - bowling; the qualification matches in both groups ended yesterday. In group A Sokol won against Polet 8:0. Whereas Gaja and Kras draw 4:4. In group B Kraški dom and Zarja draw the match 4:4, Primorje won against Nabrežina 5:3. The semifinals matches are:: Gaja - Mak and Zarja - Kras.

Soccer, Juventina, Sovodnje and Mladost Are already practicing
20. - soccer; we visited two of our three teams from the Gorica area: Juventina, which will play in the Promotion league, and Sovodnje, which will play in the 1st amateur league. Also the Mladost team from Doberdob, coached by Fabio Šamba, is already training. The team will play in the 3rd amateur league.

Soccer, Zarja/Gaja will play mostly with local players
20. - soccer; Bazovica; we visited Zarja/Gaja, which is coached by new coach Giacomo Di Summa and on Monday, 18.8., started training for the new season in the 2nd amateur league, where it will play mostly with local players.

Basketball, Sandi Zeriali is back to Breg
20. - basketball; Sandi Zeriali (born in 1984, 200 cm, center) will play in the 2008/09 season for his home team Breg, which will play in the D League. Sandi spent the last four seasons with Bor Radenska in the C League, playing 103 matches and scoring 98 points.

Basketball, Bor's player Daniel Batich will play for Falconstar
18. - basketball; Trst; Bor's player Daniel Batich, who in the last season played in Sicily in the B2 League, will play in the new 2008/09 for the Falconstar team of Monfalcone in the B League.

Basketball, Bor and Jadran started training for the C1 League season
18. - basketball; Bor's players, coached by Andrea Mura and Jadran's players, coached by Boban Popovič, began training for the tough C1 League season.

Volleyball, Sloga: young player in Mežica, older in Opčine
17./18. - volleyball; more than 50 young players went on Sunday to the traditional camp in Mežica. The men's and women's team (both will play in the C League) stated training on Monday in Opčine coached by Edi Božič and Franko Drasič.

Basketball, Polet's tough season
18. - basketball; Opčine; coached by Andrej Vremec, Polet's players began training for the new 2008/09 season, when they will play in the B League.

Soccer, on Monday all our teams will began training
18. - soccer; on Monday all our teams will be training for the new season. Vesan, Kras, Primorje and Breg already began practicing, on Monday also Juventina (Promotion league), Primomrec and Sovodnje (1st amateur league), Zarja/Gaja (2nd AL) and Mladost (3rd AL) will began.

In-line skating, World Cup: Mateja Bogatec still absolute first after 4th race
15./17. - in-line skating; World Cup; Schmallenberg (Germany); our racer Mateja Bogatec is still first after the fourth race, on Friday she lost the first sprint race ranking second. The winner was Maria Magnusson. On Saturday's team race our athlete and Erica Bettineschi ranked second behind Sweden, on Sunday's race fourth.

Sailing, European Young Championship 470, Jaš and Simon ranked seventh
9./15. - sailing; Zadar (Croatia); European Young Championship 470 Class; Golden group; Čupa's athletes Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti ranked third at the last regatta, thus ranking absolute seventh with the same number of points (104) as the sixth team Le Fevre/Krol. Alessio Spadoni (together with Adriano Condello) ranked 13th and absolute 27th. The winner were Italians brothers Dubbini.

Soccer, friendly match in Križ: Triestina Wins against Vesna (5:0)
14. - soccer; Križ; in front of approximately 350 spectators Triestina won the friendly match against Vesna, which will play in the Promotion League). Scorers: Ardemagni 3 (1 penalty) and Figoli 2.

Bowling: Gaja is first in group A
14 - bowling; Zamejsko championship; Gaja won the last qualification match in Opčine against Polet 8:0 and is thus first in Group A, whereas in Nabrežina Sokol and Kras draw the match 4:4. In group B Zarja won the match in Bazovica against Mak 6:2, whereas Nabrežina draw against Kraški dom 4:4.

Soccer, Breg began training
13. - soccer; Dolina; coached by confirmed coach Davor Vitulič, Breg began training on 11th of August. The team will play in the 2nd amateur league.

Olympic Games, Loris Mania' ready to fly to Beijing
12. - volleyball; Beijing (China); Olympic Games; after the injury occurred to Italian libero Corsano, our player Loris Mania' is ready to fly to Beijing, if coach Anastasi will select him.

Soccer, Primorje began training
12. - soccer; Briščiki; coached by confirmed coach Nevio Bidussi, Primorje began training on 11th of August, which in the next season will play for 2nd amateur league.

Volleyball, our teams in three Regional Leagues
11. - volleyball; Trst; the Italian Regional Volleyball Federation published the list of teams, which will play in the Regional Leagues. Three our teams will play too.

Table-tennis, Kras began training
11. - table-tennis; Zgonik; Kras began training, but not with all players. Coach Robert Milič practiced with a smaller group of players. Next week all other will join them, and so will coaches Sonja Milič and Feng.

Soccer, Kras Koimpex is ready to began the new season
11. - soccer; Repen; Kras player, who will play in the Promotion League, began practicing in Repen coached by new coach Alessandro Musolino.

Basketball, D League: three our teams in the Eastern group
11. - basketball; three our teams will play in D League's Eastern Group: Breg, Dom Gorica and Kontovel. Others: Dinamo, Don Bosco, Intermuggia, Isontina, Libertas, Monfalcone, Nab Monfalcone, Poggi, Romans, San Vito, Villesse.

In-line skating, World Cup: Mateja Bogatec wins the sprint race
9./10. - in-line skating; Oroslav (Croatia); World Cup; Mladina's athlete Mateja Bogatec ranked third on Saturday, on Sunday she won the sprint race ahead of Italian Anna Rosa and is still first.

Skiing, Gadi training in Switzerland
10. - skiing; training for the new season have begun. On Sunday, 10th of August, our athletes of the Gadi ski-pool project went ot Switzerland in Saas-Fee.

Cycling, Visintin (Devin) wins again
10. - cycling; young Devin racers participated to two races. Matteo Visintin won again in Samardecchia, whereas the beginners did not so well in Turiano.

The Mayor of Trieste Dipiazza welcomed Polet's Members of the Committee
1. - Trst; The Mayor of Trieste Roberto Dipiazza held a visit with Polet's Member of the Committee and club's President Marino Kokorovec. The Mayor congratulated the team for the results achieved in the past season and guaranteed some financial help for the next, including the conclusion of the works for the sport center in Pikelc.

Volleyball, Franko Drasič is Sloga's women C1 League team coach
1. - volleyball; Opčine; Fanko Drasič, who in the 2005/06 already coached Sloga's D League team, will be the teams coach also in the 2008/09 season, this time in the C League.

Basketball, Sandi Zeriali back to Breg
1. - basketball; Dolina; center Sandi Zeriali, who in the last two seasons played for Bor in the C1 League, is going back to his home team Breg. Also Borut Klabjan, who did not played in the last season, will play again.

Skiing, Gadi at the adventure center in Cerovlje
2. - skiing; Cerovlje; within the summer training events, Gadi's athletes practiced from Wednesday, 30th of July, to Saturday, 2nd of August, at the Advetura center in Cerovlje. On Sunday, 10th of August, both Gadi's teams will travel to a glacier in Switzerland, where they will start practicing on the snows.

Bowling, Gaja will play in the Regional C League
2. - bowling; Padriče; the Regional Bowling Federation communicated that Gaja will play in the Regional B League (the new C League), although it did not qualify in the last season.

In-line hockey, A1 League matches ready
4. - in-line hockey; the Italian FIHP Federation communicated the A1 League matches for the new 2008/09 season, where also the Kwins Polet team from Opcine will play. The championship will begin on the 15th of November and Polet will play the first match away against Milano. The Triestin derby match against Edera will be played on the 6th of December in Opčine, the return match on the 1st of March in Trieste.

Volleyball, Sandra Vitez stops her professional career
4. - volleyball; Kontovel's and A Lague player and National Team representative Sandra Vitez decided to temporary stop her professional career and dedicate herself to studying at the university.

SPDG, Triglav trip
3/4. - mountaineering; the Slovensko planinsko društvo Gorica organised an excellent trip to the top of the Triglav mountain on 3rd and 4th of August.

Table-tennis, women's A1 League calendar of matches ready, Kras will play the first round match home on 10th of October against Riposto
5. - table-tennis; Rim; the Italian table-tennis FITET Federation communicated the women's A1 and B League 2008/09 calendar of matches, together with the men's B2 League. To the tournament will participate also Kras' teams. The women's A1 league will begin on 10th of October and Kras will play home against Riposto, women's B League (two Kras' teams) and men's B2 League will begin on 4th of October.

Basketball, Peter Sosič will play to Falconstar Tržič (B2)
5. - basketball; Bor's player Peter Sosič, who in the last season played for Acegas Trieste in the B2 League, will play for Falconstar in the B2 League.

Volleyball, Luka Lavrenčič to VB Udine (B2 league)
5. - volleyball; our player Luka Lavrenčič, who in the last season played for Val in the C League, will play the next season for Volley Ball Udine in the B2 League.

Cycling, Matteo Visintin (Devin) wins in Majano and San Giovanni al Natisone
3./5. - cycling; young Devin's cyclists participated to the races in Pagnacco (beginners) and Majano (young), where Matteo Visintin won. This was his second victory in a row. Two days later (on Tuesday) he won also the race at the San Giovanni al Natisone velodrom, ahead of his former team-mate Jan Petelin.

Soccer, Vesna began training, on 14th of August they will play the first friendly match against Triestina
7. - soccer; Križ; Vesna, which will play in the Promotion League, began practicing in Križ, since on 14th of August it will play the first friendly match against Triestina. The match will begin at 18.00.

Bowling, Zamejski championship: in Group A Gaja unexpectedly looses against Sokol
7. - bowling; Zamejski championship; in the qualification round of matches in the A group Gaja unexpectedly lost the the match against Sokol 3:5, whereas Kras won against Polet 6:2. In the B group Mak won against Nabrežina 5:3, Primorje against Kraški dom 5:3.

Soccer: Gročana Živ Texas
7. - soccer; among many soccer team there is also Gročana Živ Texas, which participates to numerous tournaments.

Basketball, Dom in D League
8. - basketball; Gorica; the Italian Basketball Federation included Dom Gorica to the D League. The team is coached by Peter Ambrosi and Peter Brumen.

Soccer, National and Regional Cup will start on 31st of August, all our teams are busy
8. - soccer; the first round of the National and Regional Soccer cup will begin on 31st of August. To the National Cup participate: Juventina and Vesna (group M), and Kras Koimpex (group N). To the Regional Cup Primorec and Sovodnje (1st AL), Breg, Primorje and Zarja Gaja (2nd AL); 3rd AL Mladost.

Swimming, Italian Youth Championship: Rok Zaccaria thirteenth
9. - swimming; Rim; Italian Youth Championship; our swimmer Rok Zaccaria, who competes for the Rari Nantes team of Trieste, did not reach the finals in the 200 m, thus ranking absolute 13 with 2:07,25.


SK Devin: youngest athletes in Rogal
27. - skiing; Rogla (Slovenia); from Saturday, 19th to Sunday, 27th of June, Devin's youngest skiers will practice at the well-known ski resort in Rogla.

Sailing, Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta (Čupa) finish the Youth WC in the 470 Class ninth
29.7. - Gdynia (Poland), sailing; Čupa's athletes Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta concluded the Youth World Championship in the 470 Class with an excellent ninth place. They ranked ninth also in the last regatta, to which participated only the ten best teams. The golden medal was won by Lefevre - Krol.

Athletics, at the EC in Ljubljana Fabio Ruzzier wins silver also in the 20 km march
31. 7. - Ljubljana, athletics; our marcher Fabio Ruzzier. After ranking second in the 5 km march, ranked second also in the 20 km march with 1.51:51. In the M55 category the victory went again to the Spanish athlete Ignacio Melo.


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