HIGHLIGHTS October 2008


Paola Cigui, Francesca Roncelli

Matej Černic, Loris Mania'

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Loris Mania' ranked first, Christian Leghissa wins
25./26. – Mania’s (picture) Montichiari won the fifth round match and is now ranked first in the Italian A1 League. Our cyclist Christian Leghissa won the Autumn Cup race.

Soccer, successful meeting with coach Coerver in Doberdob
26. - soccer; Doberdob; more than 80 young players from our region and Slovenia participated to the meeting with the famous Dutch coach and expert Wiel Coerver. The event was hosted by Doberdob’s soccer expert Dario Frandolič, a keen fan of Coerver’s method for teaching soccer. Picture: some participants with the Dutch expert

Meeting between Unija Italijanov - ZSŠDI in Poreč
25. - Poreč (Croatia); at the traditional sport meeting between the Unija Italijanov and ZSŠDI the best representatives of the Italian community prevailed and won nearly all contests. Pictures: ZSŠDI representatives.

Polet’s basketball party successful
25. - basketball; Opčine; the 40th Polet’s basketball party, organised at the Prosvetni dom premises, has been very successful. To the event participated many guests and former players. An exhibition, a concert and a brochure (by Sergio Tavčar) were created for the event.

Basketball, Sokol’s team presentation
25. - basketball; Nabrežina; at the Igor bor on the main square in Nabrežina there was the presentation of Sokol’s team, which will play in the Promotion League.

Table-tennis, Women A1 League: Kras lost against Sandonatese (0:4)
24. – table-tennis; San Donato Milanese; Women A1 League, 2nd round ; as expected Kras ZKB, which played without the injured Chinese player Yuan Yuan, lost the match against Sandonatese 0:4.

Disabilities sport, VZS Mitja Čuk Onlus: meeting about special Olympics
24. – disabilities sport; Opčine; with its 20th celebration events VZS Mitja Čuk organised an interesting meeting about special Olympics. To the event participated famous speakers and many guests.

Skiing: transborder meeting in Nabrežina
23. - skiing; Nabrežina; at the Sci Club 70 premises in Nabrežina there was the transborder meeting of the Notranjsko-primorska regija an ZUTS Slovenia, organised by Sci Club 70 and SK Devin.

Tennis, ITF Tournament in Dubrovnik: Paola Cigui lost the second round match
22./23. - tennis; Dubrovnik; ITF International Tournament; Gaja’s player Paola Cigui lost the second round match of this second tournament in Dubrovnik against the 17-years-old Hungarian player Aleksandra Filipovski 4:6, 3:6. Paola lost because she was very tired (due to the previous matches and constant travelling).

Soccer, Promotion League: Vesna lost the match against Pro Cervignano (1:2)
22. - soccer; Červinjan; Vesna lost the first round match against Pro Cervignano 1:2 (1:0). Venturini scored a goal for Vesna in the 44th minute. Vesna is still ranked last with only two points.

Basketball, Kontovel (U21) and Bor (U17) successful
22. - basketball; UNDER 21, Kontovel won the second round home match against Intermuggia 68:55 (S. Ferfoglia 29, S. Malalan 27). UNDER 17, Regional Championship: Bor ZKB won the first round match against Goriziana (after OT) 83:77 (Celin 41, Švara 16).

Soccer, Dutch coach Wiel Coerver will visit us until Wednesday, 29th October
22. - soccer; Gorica; at the Kmečka banka premises there was a press-conference to present the visit of the Dutch coach Wiel Coerver, founder of a special training methodology, who is well known all over the world and is called Coerver’s method. The expert will visit us until Wednesday, 29th October.

Soccer, Promotion League: tonight the match Pro Cervignano - Vesna
22. - soccer; Červinjan; Promotion League; tonight, at 20.00, there will be the 1st round match between Pro Cervignano and Vesna. The team from Kriz will be led by new coach Roberto Veneziano.

Soccer, Vesna substitutes coach Marco Della Zotta with Roberto Veneziano
20./21 - soccer; Križ; after loosing the derby match against Kras (0:3) and the bad results so far, Vesna decided to fire coach Marco Della Zotta. The new coach will be Roberto Veneziano (born in 1967) from Tržič, who was Manzanese’s coach in the last season. In the past years he coached also Fincantieri, Pro Gorizia and other teams.

Soccer, Youth: Vesna is ranked first
20. - soccer; Križ; youth, Regional Championship; after winning the 5th round match against Sevegliano 3:1 (scorers: De Bernardi, Rossoni, Salice) Vesna is ranked first with 12 points.

Motorcycling, Mitja Emili ends the season
19. - motorcycling; Mugello; our racer Mitja Emili did not finish Sunday’s last race for the Yamaha Trophy, thus ending the season with some bad luck. Nevertheless, he ranked overall second.

Our player with other teams
Matej Černic excellent performance

18./19. – during this week-end among our athletes excelled Matej Černic (16 points, picture), who plays for Martina Franca.
Carli’s Cosenza is still ranked first in the 2nd Italian League.

Skating, Francesca Roncelli wins the Italian Cup
19. - skating; Colenzano (Firence); our athlete Francesca Roncelli (picture), who competes for the Gioni team of Trieste, won the Italian Cup. After the short programme she ranked second, whereas in the free programme she ranked first ahead of Elisabetta Vozu.

SK Devin: skiing in Nabrežina
19. - skiing; SK Devin started training for the new season by organising skiing courses in Nabrežina, which are held on Saturday and Sunday morning.

Tennis, ITF International Tournament in Dubrovnik: Paola Cigui (Gaja) lost the final match
17. - tennis; Dubrovnik (Croatia); ITF International Tournament, 10,000 dollars prize; Gaja’s tennis player Paola Cigui lost the final match against the French player Samantha Schoffel 1:6, 3:6. Nevertheless she reached a huge achievement.

Chess, Zamejsko prvenstvo: Pino Lakovič is champion again, many young players participate
17. - chess; Opčine; at the conference hall of the Zadružna kraška banka there wa the Zamejsko prvenstvo, organised by the Žiga Zois school and sponsored ZSŠDI and Zadružna kraška banka. To the event participated 31 players, many of them were young. The tournament was won for the second year in a row by Pino Lakovič. Among women the title went to the 14 years old Aljin Visintin.

In Slavina pri Postojni presentation of Marijo Šušteršič book "Sledovi"
17. - Slavina (Postojna) – there was the presentation of Marijo Šušteršič first book "Sledovi - Po poteh slovenske prisotnosti v Trstu”. This was the second presentation held in Slovenia after the first in Ljubljana.

Volleyball, presentation of Sloga’s teams
17. - volleyball; Opčine; at the premises of the restaurant Veto there was the presentation of Sloga’s teams, which will begin their championship this weekend. The introductory speech was held by Ivan Peterlin, the numerous guests were greeted also by president Vojko Miot.

Chess, in Opčine begins the Zamejsko prvenstvo
17. - chess; Opčine; today (Friday) at 15.00 begins the Chess Zamejsko Prvenstvo, organised by the school Žiga Zois and sponsored by ZSŠDI and Zadružna kraška banka. To the championship will participated more than 30 players, many of whom are young.

Basketball, D League: Dom lost the third match in a row tonight
17. - basketball; D League; Dom, which lost the first two matches, lost also the third match against Don Bosco. Tomorrow Kontovel will play in Briščiki, at 20.00 against Libertas TS and Breg in Dolina, at 20.30 against Romans.

In Nabrežina started the Šola šport project
16. - Nabrežina; in Nabrežina started the fourth edition of the Šola šport project, organised by SK Devin and Sci Club 70 and sponsored by the Municipalities of Devin and Zgonik, the FJK region, the Ministry for Education and the didactic directorate of the Devin-Nabrežina school.

Basketball, Under 17, Jadran ZKB excellent performance: they won against Snaidero Udine 81:51
15. - basketball; Briščiki; National Championship Under 17; Jadran ZKB won the fourth round match against the still undefeated Snaidero Udine 81:51 (Ban 24, Bernetič 16). Now Jadran is still undefeated.

Volleyball, Under 18 Women: Sloga starts by winning
15. - volleyball; Trst; Under 18 Women; the united Sloga Barich team won the first round away match against Killjoy 3:0 (28:26, 25:23, 25:10).

In Ljubljana there was the presentation of Mario Šušteršič book "Sledovi - Po poteh slovenske prisotnosti v Trstu”
14. - Ljubljana; at the conference hall of the Tivoli sport center there was the presentation of Mario Šušteršič book "Sledovi - Po poteh slovenske prisotnosti v Trstu”. The book was presented by the author, the publicist Saša Rudolf and the university professor dr. Tomaž Pavlin. Pictures, from the left: Saša Rudolf, Mario Šušteršič, Miha Žibrat.

SPDT’s Orienteering for Slovenian schools
13. - orienteering; Bazovica; the Slovensko planinsko društvo Trst organised the third orienteering march for Slovenian schools. To the event participated 330 students from our primary, secondary and high-schools. To the initiative participated also the multilingual institute from Špeter.

Sailing, 40th edition of the Barcolana: Alfa Romeo wins ahead of Maxi Jena, a lot of our representatives too
12. - sailing Trst; ; 40th edition of the Barcolana; the mass regatta in the Gulf of Barcola (1913 boats) ended with the victory of the favourite Alfa Romeo ahead of the Slovenian sailboat Maxi Jena governed by Mitja Kosmina; our Aleš Omari was a member of the crew. To the Barcolana participated a lot of our sailboats.

Skating, Pavel Sedmak Cup: successful event and attractive performance by Tanja Romano
12. - skating; Opčine; the international Pavel Sedmak Cup and the Davide Bressan Youth Cup have been very successful. The numerous spectators were particularly fascinated by the performances of a number of champions, among them also Polet’s athlete and World Champion Tanja Romano (pictures courtesy of B. Prinčič).

Cheerleading, also our Škrati at the course in Brezovica
10./12. - cheerleading; Brezovica (Slovenia); in Log pri Brezovici took place the international "Elite cheerleading camp"" organised by the Slovenian Cheerleading Federation. To the event participated Slovenian and Croatian teams and also our Škrati ASD Cheerdance Millenium.

Our players: Matej Černic 17, Jan Budin 14 points
11. - volleyball, A1 League: Martina Franca (Matej Černic 17 points) won the away match against Pineta 3:2; basketball, B2 League, 2nd round : Corno di Rosazzo (Jan Budin 14 points) won the home match against Iseo 76:65. This is Budin’s team second victory.

Tennis, ITF Tournament: Gaja’s player Paola Cigui reaches the semifinals!
9. - tennis; Reggio Calabria; Gaja’s player Paola Cigui reached the semifinals of the ITF International Tournament by winning the match against the Italian player Stefania Chieppa 6:7, 6:3, 6:3. In the semifinals she will face the German Anne Schaefer, ranked third.

Volleyball, Regional Cup: Sloga List and Sloga Tabor lost
8./9. - volleyball; Opčine; Regional Cup, Women; Sloga List lost the 2nd round home match against Libertas Martignacco 1:3 (25:16, 24:26, 12:25, 23:25) and did not qualified for the next phase. Sloga Tabor Televita lost the away match against Pav Natisonia 0:3 (15:25, 15:25, 26:28).

Soccer, coach substitution at Primorec: Maurizio Sciarrone instead of Oliviero Macor
7. - soccer; Trebče; there was a substitution at Primorec, which plays in the 1st Amateur League and has scored only 1 point. Oliviero Macor was substituted by Maurizio Sciarrone, who was Primorje’s coach in the 2004/05 and 2005/06 seasons.

Volleyball, Mania Montichiari lost
6. - volleyball; Italian A1 League; Montichiari, for which plays also our Loris Mania', lost the second round match against Perugia 1:3 (20:25, 25:20, 21:25, 30:32). Martina Franca, for which plays our player Matej Černic (12 points) lost the Saturday match against Macerata 0:3.

Soccer, Carli Cosenza is ranked first in the 2nd National Division
5. - soccer; Cosenza; C2 League (recently called 2nd Divisio); Cosenza, for which plays our Alen Carli, won the 6th round home match against 6 Val di Sangro 2:0 (Carli played only the final minutes of the match) and is ranked first with 18 points.

In-line hockey, Vicenza wins the Agnul Memorial
5. - in-line hockey; Opčine; the team Diavoli from Vicenza won the 10th Agnul Memorial Tournament organised by AŠD Polet. Second ranked Polet Kwins, third Polet’s B team.

Skating, Martina Pecchiar wins the European Cup
1./4. - skating; Trst; European Cup; our skater Martina Pecchiar, who competes for Jolly Trieste, after ranking second in the short programme, ranked first in the long programme in the jeunesse category ahead of the Italian athlete Elena Della Libera.

Transborder cycling excursion
5. - cycling; Medja vas; within the "Konji in vonjave mošta” initiative, which was recently held in Medja vas, on Sunday morning there was a transborder cycling excursion jointly organised by SKDevin and association Grojansko.

Doberdob, official inauguration of the gym and volleyball tournament
4. - Doberdob; within the 10th celebration of the town-twinning between the Municipality of Doberdob and Bled, there was the official inauguration of the new Doberdob gym. A volleyball tournament was held too and was won by Prvačina ahead of ZSŠDI selection.

Basketball, D League: Kontovel - Dom 79:71
3. 3. - basketball; Briščiki: D League: Kontovel won the first round match against Dom 79:71 (Šušteršič 16, Švab 14; Faganel 18, Kristancic 13).

Table-tennis, Kras' teams presentation
2. – table-tennis; Zgonik; at the Sport and Cultural center in Zgonik there was the presentation of Kras’ teams, that will participate to numerous championships in the 2008/09 season. Women A1 League will start on the 18th, men B2 League on Saturday, 4th.

Skating, European Cup: Martina Pecchiar second after short programme
1./2. - skating; Trst; at the sport center of Trieste there is the European Youth Cup, to which participate 10 teams, among them also Italy and Slovenia. For the Italian National Team competes also our athlete Martina Pecchiar, member of the Jolly team, who is currently second in the short programme behind Italian Elena Della Libera. The tournament will end on Saturday, 4th October.

Skating, Inauguration of the European Youth Cup, with Italy also Martina Pecchiar
1. - skating; Trst; at the Sport center of Trieste there was the official inauguration of the European Youth Cup, to which participate 10 teams, among them also Italy and Slovenia. For the Italian National Team competes also our athlete Martina Pecchiar, member of the Jolly team of Trieste. The tournament will end on Saturday, 4th October.

SK Devin’s young athletes are practicing
1. - skiing; Nabrežina; SK Devin’s youngest athletes started practicing in mid-September, since the artificial skiing slope in Nabrezina is very useful for this type of activities.

Basketball, Bor’s teams presentation
1. - basketball; Trst; in front of numerous guests, players, technical assistants and members of the committee, at the Prvi maj stadium premises took place the presentation of Bor’s teams and the 2008/09project for young players, which will be carried out with Breg.

Volleyball, Regional Cup, final round: Sloga Tabor and Sloga List qualified
1. - volleyball; Regional Cup; Men: Sloga won the final round derby match against Olympia TMedia 3:1, whereas Sloga Tabor won the away match against Fincantieri 3:1 thus reaching the second phase unbeaten; Women: Sloga List lost the match against Cervignano 2:3, but it qualified for the second phase.


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