HIGHLIGHTS December 2008


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Basketball, Peter Sosič goes to Jadran
2. - basketball; Trst; former Bor's player Peter Sosič (born in 1987, 185 cm, guard), who has played also for the Acegas Trieste and Falconstar Monfalcone teams in the B2 League, will now play for Jadran debuting on Wednesday, 7th of January, in the C1 League derby match against Bor.

Soccer, Naraščajniki: Pomlad lost
2. - soccer; Dolina; Regional “Naraščajniki”; Pomlad lost the 1st return match against Brugneri 0:2.

Seven fearless kayak racers participate to the New Year's race on the Soča river
1. - Pevma (Gorica); to the traditional New Year's race on the Soča river from Solkan to Pevma, organised by KK Šilec and KK Soške elektrarne, participated seven fearless kayak racers.

A record number of contacts in 2008: more than 11 million
In 2008 our website www.slosport.org has registered a record number of contacts: 11,515,558, which means an average of 959,630 a month or 31,549 a day. We would like to thank all our visitors for their support.

Gorica, Loris Mania' participated to the presentation of the 2008 Sport Anthology
29. - Gorica; at the Lojze Bratuž cultural center there was the presentation of the 2008 Anthology of Slovenian Sport in Italy written by Branko Lakovič. Our National team player Loris Mania was the special guest of the event and with the interview he gave to Jan Leopoli he enraptured the audience. Vili Prinčič describedd briefly the importance of the Slovenian Sport Games. Pictures, from the left: Branko Lakovič, Loris Mania', Jan Leopoli and Vili Prinčič.

Skiing, night giant slalom in Trbiž: Lara Purič and Minej Purich rank first
29. - skiing; Trbiž; at the Friuladria trophy night giant slalom Lara Purič and Minej Purich (both of the team Mladina) ranked first, whereas Dana Purič ranked second. Also our other athletes performed well.

Soccer: Vesna lost (1:2);
The match between Zarja/Gaja and Castions has been postponed due to strong wind

Monte (no. 7) scored a goal for Vesn
28. - soccer; Promotion League: Vesna lost the 13th round match in Križ against Centrosedia 1:2, after Monte scored the first goal; the match in Bazovica between Zarja/Gaja and Castions (2nd Amateur League) has been postponed due to strong wind. Also the match in Dolina between Pomlad and Brugnera has been postoponed.
Pictures: Vesna - Centrosedia

Soccer, 3rd Amateur League, Mladost wins the match against Audax (3:0)
27. - soccer; Doberdob; 3rd Amateur League; Mladost won the 13th round match against Audax 3:0 (scorers: Radetič, De Meio and Vitturelli).

Soccer, 13th round matches: Juventina and Sovodnje draw the matches
24. - soccer; 13th round matches: Juventina draw the Promotion League match against Mariano 1:1. Gerometta scored the goal. Sovodnje draw the 1st Amateur League match against Romans 1:1. Reščič scored a marvellous goal.

Opčine welcomed our World Champion Tanja Romano and her coach Mojmir Kokorovec
23. - Opčine; Zadružna kraška banka and AŠD Polet welcomed our skating World Champion Tanja Romano and her coach Mojmir Kokorovec. To the event participated numerous guests and the Mayor of Trieste Roberto Dipiazza. Picture: Mojmir Kokorovec, ZKB's President Sergij Stančič and Tanja Romano.

SSO welcomes our champions
23. - Trst; at the premises of the Slovenian organisation Svet slovenskih organizacij there was the traditional welcome event for our European and World champions: in-line skater Mateja Bogatec, tennis player Paola Cigui, Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta, beach-soccer player Michele Leghissa and sport fishermen Andrea Lisjak and Devan Radovič.

Bor's first Christmas Event for all sections
22. - Trst; ŠZ Bor organised its first Christmas Event for all sections: gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, swimming and children's gymnastics.

In Devin there was the Culture and Sport party
22. - Devin; in Devin there was the traditional Culture and Sport party, where the most prominent citizens of the Devin Nabrežina municipality have been awarded. Among the awarded there were many representatives of Slovenian cultural and sport associations.

AŠD Kontovel's AGM
21. - Kontovel; at the team's premises there was AŠD Kontovel's Annual General Meeting, to which participated numerous members, players and athletes of this important club.

Cheerdance Millenium, 2009 New Year's 2009 in Repen
21. - cheerleading; Repen; also this' year's New Year's festival organised by Cheerdance Milleniuma has been very successful.

Polet/Kontovel Christmas event very successful
20. - Briščiki; nearly 100 children has shown their parents various exercises at the Ervatti gym, where Polet/Kontovel's sport school staged its own Christmas event.

Gymnastics, Bor's Christmas Academy successful
20. - gymnastics; Trst; at the Prvi maj stadium there was Bor's traditional Christmas academy, to which participated 55 young athletes for 17 perfomances.

Olympia, "Christmas Gym"
18. - Gorica; AŠZ Olympia organised a Christmas gym event, to which participated team's athletes, who performed various events about what they had learned from October to December.

Basketball, tonight Dom in the D League, Bor and Sokol in Promotion League
19. - basketball; D League, 12th round : Dom lost the away match against Gasthaus Monfalcone 57:76 (Oblak 13, Cej 11).
PROMOTION LEAGUE, 7th round: Bor - 69ers 80:40 (Widmann 29, Gerdol 11); Sokol - Barcolana 77:66 (Doljak 23, Hmeljak 21)

At the Kulturni dom in Gorica there will be the awarding of the Best Athletes of the Primorska region
Our Athlete 2008, our "best":
Loris Mania', Tanja Romano, Kras (women, table-tennis) and Jadran's “Mladinci” (basketball)
-> more, ranking and motivation, ZSŠDI' President speech
-> 250 pictures (KROMA, Loredana Prinčič, Lako)
-> who are our best: Loris Mania', Alen Carli, Tadei Pivk; Tanja Romano, Mateja Bogatec, Paola Cigui; Kras (A2, Table-tennis); Jadran Under 19
-> Golden Book (first three, by categories, by teams)
-> the best of all times
-> ZSŠDI' Awards to sport representatives and motivations
-> ZSŠDI' Awards to sport representative: golden book

Basketball, Walter Vatovec is Oderzo's new coach
18. - basketball; Walter Vatovec is Oderzo's new coach. The team plays in the C Group of the C League (like Bor Radenska and Jadran Mark). The team from the province of Treviso is fighting to stay in the same league. In the past two years Vatovec coached Caorle in the same league.

Youth basketball: all our teams win
15./17. - basketball; UNDER 19, Regional Championship: Jadran ZKB won the sixth round match against Fogliano 75:27 ((Malalan 12, Košuta 11) and is still ranked first. Bor NLB won against Barcolana 85:72 (Pertot 27, Celin 15).
UNDER 17, Men, National Championship, 13th round: Jadran ZKB won the away match v against Codroipese 72:63 (Ban 33, Bernetič 19).
UNDER 17, Women, 8th round: Polet won the home match against Libertas 87:58 (Di Lenardo 23, Croselli 18).

In-line hockey, A1 League: Polet Kwins lost against Vicenza
17. - in-line hockey; A1 League: Polet Kwins ZKB lost the sixth round match against Diavoli from Vicenza. 1:5. For Polet scored Aleš Fajdiga.

Sokol's Christmas event: more than 100 young players
17. - Nabrežina; to Sokol's Christmas event participated more than 100 young players, who performed various basketball and volleyball exercises. The introductory speech was held by the President Savo Ušaj.

Soccer, Pomlad's new coach and November's exchange
16. - soccer; Dino Tommasi, who years ago coached Breg, is Pomlad's new coach. He substituted Rajko Žezlelj, who resigned. The November exchange is over: Sovodnje's goalkeeper Denis Pavio moved to Ronchi (1. AL), whereas Kras' player Daniele Botta moved to Pro Gorizia. Primorec bought from Chiarbola the player Marco Bocuccio (born in 1980) and from San Giovanni Walter Santor (born in 1989).

Cheerdance Millenium, the Sprites team in Vrhnika and Čakovec
13./14. - cheer-leading; the women's Sprites team of the Cheerdance Millenium club participated to two competitions, the first in Vrhnika (Slovenia) and the second in Čakovec (Croatia).

Among the awarded also Devin's cyclists
14. - cycling; Moš (Gorica); among the awarded of the Cyclocross Trophy there were also some SK Devin's representatives.

Križ, a warm welcome for Mateja Bogatec, winner of the World Cup
14. - Križ; AŠD Mladina organised, at the Albert Sirk hall, a warm welcome for the World Cup winner Mateja Bogatec.

Skiing, School and sport project: in Nabrežina 260 children
13. - skiing; Nabrežina; in Nabrezina there was the final stage of the School and sport project organised by SK Devin, SCi Club 70 and the Municipalities of Devin Nabrežina and Zgonik. To the event participated 260 children. Picture: the children with the organisers, teacher and guests.

Chess, School Championship Of Trieste: our representatives successful
13. - chess; Trst; at the Cankar school's gym there was the Chess Championship of Trieste, to which participated 76 players. Our representatives were very successful.

Table-tennis, A1 Women: Kras plays tonight in Molfetta
12. - table-tennis; Molfetta; Women A1 League: Kras ZKB will play tonight, at 18.30, the seventh round match in Molfetta against Inottica.

Breg's Christmas event successful
12. - Dolina; AŠD Breg organised a Christmas event, that included a short sport performance and many gifts for the participants. The introductory speech was held by Breg's president Sandy Klun.

Soccer, Giuliano Cermelj goes to Breg
12. - soccer; Dolina, Breg, that plays in the 2nd amateur league, has got a new player, Giuliano Cermelj (born in 1972), who has played in higher leagues with Kras and Vesna.

Basketball, U17: Jadran beats Falconstar, Polet lost; U21: Kontovel successful
10./11 - basketball; Briščiki; UNDER 17, Men, National Championship; Jadran ZKB won the 12th round match against Falconstar 69:58 (Ban 23, Bernetič 16, Dellisanti and Škerl 12).
UNDER 17, Women, 7th round: Polet - Interclub Muggia 46:77 (Di Lenardo 21, Kraus 15).
UNDER 21, 9th round: Nuova Pall. Gorizia - Kontovel 61:64 (Ferfoglia 32, Malalan 13 and 13 rebounds, Lisjak 9).

Soccer, Alen Sardoč from Primorec to Primorje
10. - soccer; Alen Sardoč has moved from Primorec (1st amateur league) to Primorje (2nd amateur league), thus returning to his own home team.

Mateja Bogatec welcomed at the Municipality of Zgonik
9. - Zgonik; the Municipality of Zgonik welcomed Mateja Bogatec, Mladina's athlete who won this year's World Cup and one of our most successful athletes. Picture, from the left: Nadja Debenjak, Mateja Bogatec, Mirko Sardoč, Vladimir Budin and Igor Guštinčič.

Slovenske športne igre exhibition in Zgonik
9. - Zgonik; the travelling exhibition of the 50th anniversary of the Slovenske športne igre will be held at the Sport and cultural Center fo Zgonik for a week. To the presentation participated also Mario Šušteršič, who described the history of the sport games.

Skiing, SK Devin started the season with an openday in Sexten in Tirolo
6./8. - skiing; Sexten; SK Devin started the new season with a 3-days-long Open day in the Dolomite Alps, in Sexten. To the event participated more than 70 participants.

Basketball, U19: Jadran ZKB wins
8. - basketball; Briščiki; Under 19, Regional Championship: Jadran ZKB won the fifth round match against Barcolana 88:44 (Starc 23, Hrovatin 20).

Slovenian Sport Center in Gorica name after Mirko Špacapan
8. - Gorica; many events were held at the Slovenian Sport Center recently: firstly, all Olympia's volleyball teams were presented at the gym, which was then named after Mirko Špacapan, irreplaceable sport representative and athlete.

Soccer, Pomlad's coach Rajko Žeželj resigned
8. - soccer; after loosing the Sunday match against San Vito (0:4) and due to some disagreements between the players, Pomlad's coach Rajko Žeželj resigned.

Sailing, 470, International Regatta: Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta win in Imperia
7. - sailing; Imperia, 470 Class; Čupa's athletes Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta achieved another important result, since they won the international autumn regatta ahead of 34 teams from various countries. Two German teams ranked second and third.

Tennis: Gaja awarded, Paola Cigui under the spotlight
5. - tennis; Venzone (Videm); at the premises of a hotel in Carnia the Regional Tennis Federation organised an event, where it awarded the most successful teams and individual athletes. Gaja received many awards, whereas Paola Cigui (picture) was under the spotlight.

CONI, Provincial Section of Trieste: many our athletes and ZSŠDI's President among the awarded
5. - Trst; at the Ferdinandeo Palace CONI's Provincial Section of Trieste awarded many athletes for their merits, among them there were also numerous our athletes and ZSŠDI's President Jure Kufersin. Picture, from the left: Antonio Ghersinich, Pino Natural, Martina Pecchiar, Nadja Fonda (Tanja Romano's mother), Jure Kufersin, Mateja Bogatec, Stefano Rotella.

Soccer, Kras' “Cicibani” in the gym
5. - soccer; Repen; Kras' “Cicibani” started training at Repens' gym, manged by Sloga. The young players will therefore train at least once a week at the gym.

Basketball, D League: Breg won, Dom los; Promotion League: Bor and Sokol successful
5. - basketball; D League, 10th round; Breg won an important aqay match against Monfalconejem z 79:65 (Cerne 17, Klarica 15), whereas Dom ( Covi and Cej 16) lost against Dinamo 66:71.
Promotion League, 6th round, Bor (Schiavo 17, Widmann 13) - Santos 77:61; Sokol (Hmeljak 21, Doljak and Krizman 15) - Cus TS 85:58.

ZSŠDI Meeting: preoccupation due to a shortage of funds
4. - Trst; ZSŠDI's last meeting was characterised by the preoccupation for the lower amount of national funds, that has been announced recently.

Zavod Šport & mediji Awards in Ljubljana: four our representatives
3. - Ljubljana; the Zavod Šport & mediji awarded top athletes, representatives and movie makers from Slovenia and the Slovenian communities that live in the neighbouring States. Among the awarded were also four aour representatives: Rudi Pahor, Pino Rudež, Boris Vitez and Branko Lakovič. Picture: Pahor, Primož Kozmus, Rudež, Lakovič, Vitez and Saša Rudolf (Member of the Commission).

Basketball, U17: Jadran ZKB wins
3. - basketball; UNDER 17, National Championship: Jadran ZKB won the away match against Santos 63:40 (Ban 27, Bernetič 10).
UNDER 21: Kontovel - Virtus Udine 62:103
UNDER 19, Regional Championship: Bor - Fogliano 71:55 (Petot 14, Celin 12); Servolana B - Jadran ZKB 39:89.

Skiing: SK Devin new suits
1. - skiing; Nabrežina; SK Devin's athletes are training for the new season in their new suits.

Table-tennis, A1 League: Kras ZKB scores a point against Coccaglio
2. - table-tennis; Zgonik; Women A1 League; Kras ZKB draw the sixth round match against Coccaglio 3:3, thus scoring a precious point. The two points for Kras were scored by Yuan Yuan, one by Eva Carli (picture).

Sport games, exhibition in Ljubljana
1. - Ljubljana; the travelling exhibition, which has been set up in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Slovenske športne igre can be visited from 9th November onwards at the Faculty for sport in Ljubljana.

Table-tennis, A1 League: tonight, at 18.00, in Zgonik decisive match for Kras ZKB
2. - table-tennis; Zgonik; Women A1 League; tonight, at 18.00, Kras ZKB will play the decisive match against Coccaglio, for which plays former Kras player Wang Xue Lan.

Martina Gantar scored 13 points
29./30. - at the basketball B1 League derby match between SGT - Monfalcone Martina Gantar (picture) scored 13 points, which were not enough to win the match. In the A1 League our athlete Matej Černic scored 7 points for Martina Franca and won the match against Modena.



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