HIGHLIGHTS January 2009


Matej Černic., Peter Sosič, Damir Kosmina

Alen Carli, Milan Calzi, Tadei Pivk.

Veronica Tence, Loris Mania'





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Seven fearless kayakers for New Year's race on the Soča river
1. - Pevma (Gorica); to the traditional New Year's race on the Soča river from Solkan to Pevma, organised by KK Šilec and KK Soške elektrarne participated seven fearless kayakers.

Soccer, 31 players for the Winter Camp “Čarobni nogomet” in Bohinjska Bistrica
2. - soccer; Bohinjska Bistrica (Slovenia); from January 2-6 there was the Winter Camp “Čarobni nogomet” led by Dario Frandolič. To the event participated 31 young soccer players from our and Italian teams.

NK Kras and TPK new web-sites
2. - Trst; our sport clubs have two new websites: Kras Koimpex at www.nkkras.it and TPK Sirena at www.sirenaclub.org

Soccer, “Naraščajniki”: Pomlad defeated
2. - soccer; Dolina; Regional “Naraščajniki”; Pomlad lost the 1st round return match against Brugnera 0:2.

Basketball, Peter Sosič goes to Jadran
2. - basketball; Trst; former Bor's player Peter Sosič (born in 1987, 185 cm, guard), who played for Acegas Trieste and Falconstar Monfalcone in the B2 League, will play for Jadran and will debute on Wednesday, 7th of January, against Bor.

Our athletes with other teams
Matej Černic excellent, Loris Mania's team defeated
3./4. - our professional players did play during the holidays. Matej Černic (13 pts.) won the match against the first ranked Macerata, whereas Loris Mania' and his team Montichiari lost the home match against Perugia. Jan Budin's Caligaris (18 pts.) won the B2 League match against Riva del Garda.

In-line hockey, A1: Polet wins an important match
4. - in-line hockey; Turin; A1 League, 7the round; Polet Kwins ZKB won an important away match against Draghi 5:2 (scorers: Fajdiga 3, Corazza 1, S. Cavalieri 1).

Soccer, Regional Cup: Primorje defeated in Gorica
4. - soccer; Gorica; 2nd AL Regional Cup; Primorje lost the match against Azzurra 1:3 and did not qualify for the next round of matches. The only goal for Primorje was scored by Fratnik (penalty). D League Rankings: Primorje and Romana 4, Breg and Azzurra 3.
NARAŠČAJNIKI, Regional Championship:in Dolina Pomlad lost the 14th round match against Fincantieri 2:3. The two goals were scored by Segulin and Kuret.

Soccer: Kras Koimpex won 2:0, Sovodnje draw the match in Vilesse 0:0
Kneževič scored both goals for Kras
6. - soccer; 13th round matches; Kras Koimpex won the home match against Pertegado 2:0. Both goals were scored by Kneževič.
1st Amateur League, Sovodnje draw the 11th round away match against the leading team from Vilesse 0:0.

Basketball, C1 League: Jadran wins the exciting derby match against Bor after OT 103:100
Excellent debute for Sosič (Courtesy of B. Prinčič)
7. - basketball; Trst; C1 League; Jadran Mark won the 15th round derby match against Bor Radenska 103:100 (Sosič 25, K. Ferfoglia 16; Babich 19, Furigo and Giacomi 18).

SK Devin: presentation of the Skiing School
7. - skiing; Nabrežina; SK Devin presented the traditional Skiing School, that will start this weekend. Picture: Maurizio Peric during his speech.

Soccer: Alen Carli will play for Itala San Marco
8. soccer; Gradišče; our player Alen Carli, who last August moved from Itala San Marco to Cosenza (2nd division) will play for his former team again (his contract expires in June 2010). Alen did not play enough in Cosenza and therefore he decided to get back to Itala.

Basketball, D League: Breg and Dom won; Promotion League: Sokol wins the derby match against Bor
9. - basketball; D League: Breg easily won the match against Nab 73:46 (Cerne 17, Klarica 16), whereas Dom won an exiting match against Villesse 68:62 (Cej 28, Kristancic 13). Kontovel will play tonight in Trieste against 2nd ranked San Vito.
Promotion League: Bor - Sokol 46:56 (Widmann 12, Schiavo 9; Hmeljak 17, Doljak and Umek 9).

SK Devin: Skiing School courses
10./11. - skiing; Forni di Sopra; on Saturday and Sunday started the Skiing School courses organised by SK Devin.

Dražgoše, 20 brave marchers
11. - Dražgoše (Slovenia); on Saturday and Sunday a group of around 20 marchers from SPDG, SPDT and Rod modrega Vala from Trieste and Gorica participated to the 30th Edition of the “Po poti Cankarjevega bataljona” march from Pasja raven to Dražgoše.

Doberdob: the “Rad igram nogomet” tournament very successful
10./11. - soccer; Doberdob; on Saturday and Sunday at the Doberdob gym there was the “Rad igram nogomet” tournament.

Our players with different teams Damir Kosmina scored 19 points, D. Batich excellent
10./11. - our volleyball player Damir Kosmina and his team Loreto won the A2 League match against Bologna (3:1). Damir scored 19 point. Falconstar lost the B2 League match but its player Daniel Batich (11 pts.) was one of the on the court.

Skiing, our skiers participate to many ski races
10./11. - skiing; our skiers participated to many ski competitions in Piancavallo, Forni di Sopra and Sappada.

Primorski dnevnik Oscar Awards
12. - Trst; Primorski dnevnik sport office awarded the best basketball, soccer and volleyball players sport. Štefan Samec (Bor) won the award for best basketball player, Dimitri Batti (Kras) for soccer,Filip Hlede (Olympija, moški) and Sabrina Bukavec (Kontovel, women) for volleyball.

Skiing, presentation of the variegated programme in Opčine
13. - skiing; Opčine; at ZKB's conference hall there was the presentation of FISI's competitions, of the Primorski pokal Cup and other competitions organised by ZSŠDI, other clubs and the representatives of the Notranjsko primorska regija from Slovenia. Pictures: Jure Kufersin, Martin Maver and Ennio Bogatez.

Dom's gymnastics academy
14. - Gorica; at the Cultural center in Gorica there was Dom's gymnastics academy to which participated nearly 100 young athletes.

Basketball, U19: Jadran wins after OT
14. - basketball; Under 19; Jadran ZKB (Ban 23, Starc 21) won the return match against Servolana 86:78 (72:72) and is now ranked first. Jadran is still undefeated.

Soccer: Isonzo - Primorec 0:0; tekmo Breg - Ruda postponed again
14. - soccer; 13th round matches; in the 1st Amateur League Primorec won the match against Isonzo 0:0. The 2nd Amateur League match between Breg and Ruda has been postponed again due to strong wind.

Basketball, Promotion League: Sokol's first defeat
16. - basketball; Nabrežina; Promotion League; Sokol lost its first match against Ferroviario-Scoglietto 70:73 (Hmeljak 22, Doljak 17), Ferroviario Scoglietto is still undefeated and ranked first.

CONI, Skating, Sport Talents: among the awarded also Martina Pecchiar
16 . - skating; Trst; at the Olimpia hall of the Regional CONI the Regional federation FIHP awarded the best Sport Talents for the 2007 season. Among the awarded there was also Martin Pecchiar. Pictures, from the left: Stelio Borri, Fabio Holan and Martina Pecchiar

Vipava's show “Ostržek na kotalkah” successful
17./18. - skating; Sovodnje; on Saturday and Sunday at the Municipal gym in Sovodnje the team Vipava organised the show “Ostržek na kotalkah”.

Skiing: Tadei Pivk wins
16./18. - skiing; Belluno; our skier Tadei Pivk, who competes for the Aldo Moro club, won the Regional race in Žlebe (3km long path with a difference in height of 750 m) for the FriulAdria Cup and the Pitturina Sky Race together with Friedl Mair in Comelico near Belluno.

Our players with other clubs
Alen Carli, second match and first victory; Jessica Cergol scored 21 points
17./18. - Alen Carli played the second match for Itala San Marco. His team won the match against Alghero 3:1. Coach Zoratti praised his performance. Very successful was also our basketball player Jessica Cergol in the B2 League who scored 21 points.

Skiing, Veronica Tence was the best among our athletes
17./18. - skiing; Brdina's, Devin's and Mladina's skiers participated to various races over the weekend. Veronica Tence (Mladina, picture) achieved the best result since she ranked absolute fifth at the FIS race in Piancavallo and third in the Mladinke category.

Basketball, D League: Kontovel wins the derby match against Dom
Dom - Kontovel: Švab scored 22 pts. (Courtesy of B. Prinčič)
20. - basketball; Gorica; D League; Kontovel won the first return match in Gorica against Dom 63:55 (Švab 22, Lisjak 19; Belli and Kristančič 13).
UNDER 19: Bor - Servolana A 68:54 (Filipac 19, Celin 14); Jadran - San Vito 74:63 (Sossi 16, Regent (15)

Milan Calzi is leaving bowling
21. - bowling; Padriče; one of our most representative bowling players, referee, coach and sport director Milan Calzi is leaving bowling. In the next weeks he will inaugurate a new lodging house and will be very busy. Calzi will play his last match on Saturday against Vitis in Pordenone, than he will leave bowling.

Soccer, 2nd Amateur League,: Zarja/Gaja - Castions 0:0, Romana - Primorje postoponed again
21. - soccer; 2nd Amateur League; Zarja/Gaja draw the 13rd round match against Castions. The match beetween Romana and Primorje has been postponed again due to the bad conditions of the ground.

Basketball, U21: Kontovel wins, U17: Jadran defeated after OT
21. - basketball; UNDER 21: Kontovel won the third round return match agains CB Udine 80:76 (Sossi 22, Guštin 20);
UNDER 17, Men, Jadran ZKB (Ban 26, Sacher 14) lost the 1st round return match against UBC after OT 62:65 (58:58).
UNDER 17, Women: Polet - Monfalcone 46:59 (Di Lenardo 14, Croselli 10)

Basketball, “Liga prijateljstva”: surprisingly Jadran wins in Sežana
21. - basketball; Sežana; “Liga prijateljstva” (for those born in 1996/97); Jadran won the first away match against Kraški zidar from Sežana 54:37 (Ridolfi 20, Devetak 13). -> report and photogallery (at www.poskokec.si)

Archery, 170 archers at Zarja's competition in Opčine
24./25. - archery; Opčine; at the Polisportiva gym in Opcine Zarja organised a Regional Championship to which participated 170 athletes from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and some representatives from Slovenia.

Cheerdance Millenium, excellent performance at the "Beach Cupu 2009" in Berlin
24. - cheerleading; Berlin; to this year's first "4. Beach cup 2009" international cheerleading competition participated also 2 groups of our team Cheerdance Millenium. Our atheletes performed well.

Skiing, Winter Games in Tarvisio: Samuel Borovinšek (Idrija) and Veronica Tence (Mladina) absolute first, Kalič wins among teams
23./25. - skiing; Trbiž; this year's 40th edition of the Winter Games organised by SPDT was very successful. Sameul Borovinšek (Idrija) and Veronica Tence (Mladina) were absolute first, whereas the team Kalič won ahead of Devin.

Our players with other teams
Loris Mania' wins the derby match against Matej Černic, Kosmina 14 pts.
24./25. - Loris Mania's (picture) Montichiari reliably won the 19th round match against Matej Černic (7 points) Martina Franca. In the A2 League Damir Kosmina scored 14 points for Loreto.

Swimming, our athletes proved successful
24./25. - swimming; Trst; to the Trieste-Udine inter-provincial competition participated also four PK Bor's athletes: William Matarrese, Ivan Pelizon, Aleksija Terčon and Silena Bergamaschi, who performed well. Kristjan Vidali, who competes for the Rari Nantes team from Monfalcone, achieved great results too.

Soccer, Juventina changes its coach
26. - soccer; Štandrež; due to the bad results achieved so far and the last match that Juventina draw with Centro Sedia, its coach Dante Portelli has been dismissed. He will be substituted by Giovanni Tomizza, 48 years old, who in the last season coached Mariano and earlier Centro Sedia.

Photo exhibition about the Slovenian sport gamed at the Prvi maj stadium in Trieste until the 20th of February
26. Trst; the travelling photo exhibition set up for the 50th anniversary of the Slovenian sport games can be visited at the 1. maj Stadium until the 20th of February.

Soccer, Regional Cup: Breg wins against Romana and qualifies for the semi-finals
28. - soccer; Žavlje; 2nd Amateur League Regional Cup; Breg won the postponed match against Romana 3:0 and qualified for the semi-finals. Isaia was the hero of the day since he scored 3 goals.

Volleyball, Loris Mania' out from the quarterfinals
29. - volleyball; Mantova; Cup's Finals; Montichiari, for which plays our representative Loris Mania', lost the quarterfinals match against Piacenza 0:3.

Basketball, D League: Dom heavily defeated
30. - basketball; Gorica; D League; Dom (Faganel and Gorjup 12 points) lost the 3rd round return match against Don Bosco 67:94. Breg and Kontovel will play on Saturday.

Soccer, “Rad igram nogomet” tournament in Doberdob
31. - soccer; Doberdob; at the municipal gym in Doberdob there was the second phase of the “Rad igram nogomet” tournament for the Under 8 and Under 10 categories.


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