HIGHLIGHTS February 2009


Ivana Curri, Jessica Cergol, Nevio Bidussi

Pino Lakovič, Matej Černic

Peter Brumen, Jure Krečič

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Tennis, Turin: Gaja's Paola Cigui starts by winning the first match
26. - tennis; Turin; Open Torino National Tournament; Gaja's player Paola Cigui (picture) won the first match against the Italian player Sonio Sandano 6:1, 6:3, thus starting the new season with a success.
-> more (in Italian) at: www.federtennis.it

Table-tennis, Women A League: Kras plays against the first ranked team
27. - table-tennis; Castelgoffredo; Women A League: Kras ZKB will play the 3rd round return match against Sterilgarda Castelgoffredo, which is currently ranked first.

Beach-soccer: Michele Leghissa selected for the tournament in Metz
26. - beach-soccer: Rome; our player Michele Leghissa has been selected for the 2nd edition of the "Rock 'n' Beach Soccer Solidarity Cup 2009" tournament, which will be held in Metz (France) next Saturday and Sunday. To the tournament will participate the best European national teams: France, Italy, Portugal and Russia.
-> more (in Italian) at: www.beachsoccerlnd

Basketball, Mia Kraus selected for the Italian national team
26. - basketball; Polet's player Mia Kraus will participate to the meeting of the Womens U16 National team, which will be held in Caorle from the 2nd to the 4th of March.

Basketball, C1: Jadran wins, Bor looses, B Leaue: Polet lost an opportunity to win
25. - basketball; C1 League; Jadran Mark (Coco 12, K. Ferfoglia and Marušič 8) won the 8th round away match in Padua against Virtus 54:52, whereas Bor Radenska lost the match against the first-ranked Roncade 53:77 (Štokelj 10, Furigo and Monticolo 8).
B LEAGUE, Women: Polet - Cussignacco 71:76 (Piccini 26, Milič 22)
UNDER 17, National: Servolana - Jadran ZKB 38:76; Regional: Ronchi - Bor 74:82 (Nadlišek 15, Celin and Cocetti 14)

ZSŠDI Trophy cycling race
A lot of interest for the press-conference
23. - cycling; Lonjer (Trst); at the Cultural center in Lonjer there was the press-conference for this year's 33rd ZSŠDI Trophy International Cycling Race organised by KK Adria. To the event participated numerous guests.

From the left: Miran Batič, Jure Kufersin and Radi Pečar (courtesy of P. Sant)

Our players in other teams Alen Carli gets injured, Jessica Cergol scores 30 points
21./22. - during the first half of the match between Itala and Ivrea (1:0) Alen Carli injured himself and was hospitalised. His conditions are good. Our player Jessica Cergol scored 30 points in the last B1 League match and contributed to the victory of her team (63:62). Both our volleyball players, who play in the A1 League (Matej Černic and Loris Mania') lost their respective matches.

Sailing, 470 Class: Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti ranked second and first
21./22. - sailing; Andora (Savona); 470 Class; Čupa's athletes Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta (picture) ranked second in the “Members” category and second in the “Mladinci” category at the first Italian Trophy regatta.

Diving, Italian Championship: Ivana Curri ranked first twice, Sofia Carciotti ranked 4th and 11th.
21./22. - diving; Trst; our athlete Ivana Curri (Trieste Tuffi) participated to the Italian Indoor Championship and won the 1m and the 3 m springboard title. Sofia Carciotti, who is also a member of the Trieste Tuffi team, ranked 4th and 11th. Picture; Sofia Carciotti and Ivana Curri.

In-line hockey, A1: Polet lost the match against Arezzo
Polet - Arezzo

21. - in-line hockey; A1 League: Polet Kwins ZKB lost the important home match against Lions Arezzo 2:3. Polet's scorers: J. Ferjanič, D. Deiaco.
Pictures -> A1: Polet - Arezzo

Volleyball, 1st Men Division: Olympia wins against Soča
20. - volleyball; Gorica; 1st men division: Olympia won the derby match against Soča 3:2 (20:25, 25:19, 23:25, 25:22, 15:8).
Under 14, Men: Olympia - Sloga 3:0

Soccer, “Naraščajniki”: Pomlad defeated
19. - soccer; Dolina; Regional “Naraščajniki”; Pomlad lost the 5th round home match against Extra z 0:1.

Basketball, four victories and one defeat
16./18. - basketball; UNDER 21: Kontovel - Roraigrande 91:51 (Ferfoglia 22, Lisjak 21)
UNDER 19, Regional: Fogliano - Jadran ZKB 60:70 (Sossi 26, Hrovatin 17). Jadranovci so nepremagani sklenili regularni del prvenstva.
UNDER 17, National: Jadran ZKB - Portogruaro 77:44 (Ban 21, Bernetič 17)
UNDER 17, Regional: Bor - Alba 79:78 (Celin 30, Cocetti 15)
UNDER 17, Women: Polet - SGT 57:106 (Croselli 16, Di Lenardo 14)
Pictures -> U17: Bor - Alba

Volleyball, 1st Men Division: Olympia wins the derby match
17. - volleyball; Gorica; 1st Men Division: Olympia won the derby match against Naš prapor 3:2 (30:28, 17:25, 13:25, 25:17, 15:9).

Februarska seja izvršnega obora ZSŠDI's Executive Committee February meeting
17. - financial measures and the overall conditions of the Slovenian community were the main issues on the agenda of ZSŠDI's Executive Committee.

Swimming, Youth Regional Championship: Rok Zaccaria, Lea Ušaj and Niki Hrovatin proved successful
14./15. - swimming; Tržič; Youth Regional Championship; our swimmers proved very successful. Rok Zaccaria (Rari Nantes Tržič) won three gold and three silver medals. His team member Lea Ušaj ranked second three times and once third. Bor's swimmer Niki Hrovatin, who ranked fourth in the 50 m freestyle, beat the club's previous record with 59,74 (he is Bor's first athlete to swim in less than a minute). - results (txt)

Skiing, Zamejski Championship: Veronica Tence and Mattia Rožič became absolute winners, Elisa Košuta and Albert Kerpan won in the youth category, Devin ranks first among teams
15. - skiing; Forni di Sopra; to the Zamejski championship for the ZSŠDI Trophy organised by SPDT participated 242 skiers from our five teams. Absolute winners became Veronica Tence (Mladina) and Mattia Rožič (Devin), Elisa Košuta (Devin) and Albert Kerpan (Mladina) won the youth category and SK Devin ranked first among teams. Pictures, from the left: Mattia Rožič, Veronica Tence, Albert Kerpan, Elisa Košuta

Karate, the international meeting in Zgonik very successful, Shinkai's athletes performed well
15. - Zgonik; the international karate tournament between the Friuli Venezia Giulia team and Slovenia has been very successful. To the event participated 240 athletes. Shinkai club's members proved successful and the FVG team won 5:1. Picture: the FVG team.

Our players in the various teams Ivana Curri ranked seventh, Krečič's first victory, Černic defeated
14./16. - at the London Cup in Bocen our diver Ivana Curri (Trieste Tuffi) ranked seventh in the 3m springboard competition. Our coach Jure Krečič (picture) won his first match in the Womens B1 Basketball league. Matej Černic (8 points) and his team lost the A1 volleyball match.

In-line hockey, A1: Polet draw the match 4:4
31. - in-line hockey; A1 League: Polet Kwins ZKB draw the match against Pirati Civitavecchia 4:4. Polet's scorers: S. Cavalieri 2, J. Ferjanič and Battisti 1.

Diving, Alpe Jadran: Ivana Curri twice first Ivana Curri, Sofia Carciotti proved successful
31.1./1.2. - diving; Trst; Ivana Curri, who competes for the Trieste Tuffi team, won the 3m and the 1m springboard title at the Alpe Jadran International Trophy. Sofia Carciotti (Trieste Tuffi) ranked sixth on Saturday and 7th on Sunday. To the event participated nearly 100 divers from Italy, Croatia and Austria.

Biberon Trophy: our skiers competed too
1. - skiing; Forni di Sopra; to the 25th Edition of the Biberon Trophy participated also a group of our skiers. Petra Udovič (Devin) ranked 8th and Nika Purič (Mladina) 10th.

Our athletes with other teams
Ourolleyball player did not play, Jessica Cergol scored 20 points
Due to the Italian National Cup finals all men's league matches were suspended. Muggia's player Jessica Cergol, who plays in the B1 League, scored 20 points, but her team lost the match.

Soccer, Primorje: Bojan Gulič substitutes Nevio Bidussi
2. - soccer; Prosek; Primorje changed its coach due to the team's bad results. Nevio Bidussi has been substituted by Bojan Gulič, who was previously the team's goalkeeper's coach. Primorje lost the last three matches.

Skiing, our athletes participated to FIS and FISI competitions
30.1./1.2. - skiing; Brdina's, Devin's and Mladina's skiers participated to numerous FIS and FISI competitions during the week-end.

Basketball, Promotion League: Sokol wins, Bor defeated
6. - basketball; Promotion League, 12th round: Sokol won the home match in Nabrežina against 69ers 95:41 (Hmeljak 24, Krizman 17), whereas Bor lost the away match against Ferroviario Scoglietto 63:74 (Widmann 20, Schiavo 12).

Volleyball, 1st Division: Naš prapor wins the derby match
6. - volleyball; Gorica; 1st Men Division: Naš prapor won the derby match against Olympia 3:0 (25:18, 25:22, 25:17).

Soccer: Primorje wins, Breg and Mladost defeated
4./5. - soccer; 2nd Amateur League; 13rd round matches; Primorje won the away match in Monfalcone against Romani 1:0 (scorer: Fratnik), whereas Breg lost the home match against Ruda 1:2 (Degrassi).
Mladost lost the 17th round match against CGS 1:2. Scorer: Gagliano.

The Alternativa Sport trophy has been postponed
6./8. - due to the bad weather the Alternativa Sport Trophy regional competition, organised by SK Devin and which was to be held in Forni di Sopra.

Skiing: ZKB Cup organised by SK Brdina proved successful
6./7. - skiing; in spite of the bad weather SK Brdina organised the ZKB Companies Cup. To the event participated 56 women and 114 men. The best results have been achieved by Lara Purič and Robert Gomišček, whereas among teams excelled Alternativa Sport. Picture: Alternativa Sport team.

Chess, Hit International Tournament in Nova Gorica: Pino Lakovič 23.
31.1./8.2. - chess; Nova Gorica; 14th HIT Open International Tournament; to the tournament participated 91 players (A and B group). In the A group played also Pino Lakovič, who ranked 23rd with 3 points. Pavasovič won the tournament with 6.5 out of 9. -> results and rankings at http://www.sah-zveza.si/rez/0901/hitopen/

In-line hockey, A1: Polet successful
7. - in-line hockey; A1 League: Polet Kwins ZKB won the home match against Milano 24 Quanta 4:3. Polet's scorers: Fajdiga, Ferjanič, Cavalieri and Corazza.

Our athletes with other teams: Matej Černic (21 points) and Loris Mania' win after tie-break
7./8. - our A1 League players Matej Černic (picture), who scored 21 points for Martina Franca, and Loris Mania (libero), who plays with Montichiari won their 20th round respective matches after tie-break. Our basketball player Jan Budin (19 points) won the derby match against NP Gorizia.

Cheerdance Millenium organised the AGM of the European Cheerleading Federation in Opcine
7. - cheerleading; Opčine; at Hotel Danev's conference hall there was the AGM of the European Cheerleading Federation.

Skiing, SK Brdina's club's competition
8. - skiing; Forni di Sopra; at Forni di Sopra AŠD-SK Brdina and Kras Sežana organised the club's competition. To the event participated 130 skiers, 107 from Brdina and 23 from SK Kras

Skiing, SPDG courses
8. - skiing; SPDG organised various courses in Tarvision and Sella Nevea.

Soccer, U21: "azzurri" trained in Bazovica
9./10. - soccer; Bazovica; the Italian National Team, which will play a friendly match against Sweden on Wednesday trained in Bazovica's sport center on Monday and Tuesday.

USSI: Rudolf and Šušteršič confirmed as members of the committee
10. - Trst; our representatives Saša Rudolf (profesionals) and Mario Šušteršič (publicists) have been confirmed as members of USSI's Committee. Pietro Micoli has been elected for president. He will replace Augusto Re David after 25 years.

Soccer, 2nd AL: Zarja/Gaja won the match against Fiumicello (2:1)
11. - soccer; Trebče; 2nd Amateur League; Zarja/Gaja won the 1st return match against Fiumicello 2:1 (2:0) with two goals scored by Bečaj and Goran Križmančič. Picture: Zocco (Zarja/Gaja)

The “Bloudkova Plaketa” Awards: among the prizemen our coach Brumen and Druml
11. - Brdo pri Kranju (Slovenia); among the prizemen of the “Bludkova plaketa” awards there was also the Slovenian Deaf-and-Dumb Basketball team, which won the silver medal at the European Championship in Bamberg and is coached by our coach Peter Brumen (picture). Our young skier Tomaž Druml has been awarded too.

Basketball, Kontovel and Bor easy victories
11./12. - basketball; UNDER 21; Kontovel won the 6th round away match against Don Bosco 89:67 (S. Ferfoglia 25, Malalan 22) and is ranked third.
UNDER 17, Regional Championship: Bor ZKB easily won the away match against CBU 100:51 (Švara 20, Cocetti 19).

Basketball, D League: Dom defeated by San Vito, Promotion League: Bor wins
13. - basketball; D League: Dom lost the 5th round return match against San Vito 55:68 (Belli and Vončina scored 10 points). Tonight Breg and Kontovel will play in Dolina at 20.30
Promotion League: Bor (Widmann 20, Schiavo) won the home match against CUS 55:53.

SK Devin, club's competition and social gathering
14. - skiing; Forni di Sopra; SK Devin organised the traditional club's competition and social gathering at the end of the first part of the 10-days skiing school, that was held during week-ends. Elisa Košuta won among women and Mattia Rožič (picture) among men.

Skiing, Forni di Sopra: Mladina's regional competition successful, today there is the “Zamejsko prvenstvo” championship
14. - skiing; Forni di Sopra; AŠD Mladina successfully organised FISI's regional competition. Mladina ranked first in the youth category, Minej Purič ranked first in his category. Picture: Mladina's team.

Our “Azzurri” welcomed at the Municipality of Trieste
14. - Trst; at the premises of the Municipality of Trieste the association Azzurri d'Italia awarded the city's athletes, who competed for the Italian National Teams in 2008. More than 70 athletes (among them there were our representatives too) have been awarded.


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