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Volleyball, U16 Women: Bor wins against Breg 3:0 and qualifies for the final round
1. - volleyball; Dolina; Under 16, Women; Bor won the last match against Breg 3:0 (25:13, 25:17, 25:13) and is now ranked second ahead of Kontovel. The team qualified for the final round of matches, which will be played on Sunday in Briščiki.

Basketball, U17: Jadran wins
1. - basketball; Briščiki; Under 17, National Championship; v 26. krogu je Jadran ZKB won the 26th round match against Santos 89:70 (Daneu 19, Bernetič 17) and is ranked fourth.

Another record for our web-site: nearly two million contacts
31. - our web-site www.slosport.org registered a record number of contacts in the month of March: 1,939,237 (62,556 per day), 26,761 visitors (863) and 185,180 pages (5,973). We would like to thank all of you for your support.

Basketball, Daniel Batich selected for the B League representative
31. - basketball; Trst; Bor's player Daniel Batich (born in 1988), who plays for Falconstar in the B2 League, has been selected by the B2 League representative, which will play in Forli, 7th-8th April. The team will be coached by Giulio Cadeo and Carlo Recalcati.

Our athletes with other teams: Mania's Montichiari wins the first quarterfinals match in Cuneo
28./30. - Loris Mania's Montichiari won the first quarterfinals match against Cuneo 3:2. Our cyclist Christian Leghissa won the Master 1 race; Alen Carli played again after the injury and his team Itala won the match; our volleyball players Kosmina and Orel won their respective A2 League matches; our basketball players lost their matches (Batich, Budin and Jessica Cergol).

Basketball, U19: Jadran beats Bor; U13: Sokol's excellent third place
29./30. - basketball; Briščiki; UNDER 19, Regional Cup; v 3. krogu tretjega dela prenstva je vodilni Jadran ZKB won the third round home match against Bor NLB 100:65 (Hrovatin 23, Ban 18; Pertot 16, Devcich 14).
UNDER 13, Sokol (Martin Ridolfi, Aleksander Sardoč, Ivo Ušaj and Francesco Peric) ranked third at the regional 3:3 tournament in Cervignano. First ranked BC Udine and second Azzurra Trieste.

Skating: our representatives successful
28./29. - skating; Trst; Polet's skaters and Martina Pecchiar, who competes for Jolly Trieste, were very successful at the Championship of Trieste tournament.

Skating, Francesca Roncelli wins in Pamplona
28./29 - skating; Pamplona (Spain): our national team representative Francesca Roncelli (picture), who plays for Gioni, won the short and the long programme. Second ranked Rosalba Genito, third the Spanish athlete Rodriguez and sixth the Slovenian skater Nika Arčon.

Invalids' sport, “Zmagajmo vsi” tournament very successful
27. - invalids' sport; Briščiki; VZS Sklad Mitja Čuk organised the sixth international basketball tournament to which participated five teams: OVI Jarše from Ljubljana, C.E.S.T. from Trieste, Il Mosaico from Codroipo, Anffas/Ceo from Sesljana and VZS Sklad Mitja Čuk. The guest of tournament was Miha Zupan, the deaf basketball player who plays for Union Olimpija.

Basketball, D League: Dom lost the match against Romans
27. - basketball; Gorica, D League, 24th round; Dom lost the home match against Romans 66:79 (Covi 16, Cej 15).

Athletics, European Championship Indoor: Fabio Ruzzier wins the gold medal
26. - athletics; Ancona; European Championship Indoor; our marcher Fabio Ruzzier (picture) won the gold medal in the 3 km march Master 55 category with 14:28,67 ahead of the French athlete Brochot and German marcher Schaffer.

Campi Elisi's Secondary School called after our volleyball player Serio Veljak
26. - Trieste; Trieste's city assembly approved a resolution to call Campi Elisi's Secondary School after Sergio Veljak, our unforgettable volleyball player, who began his career at Bor and played for the Italian National team.

Mak's AGM
25. - Štandrež; at the Andrei Budal Cultural Center there Mak's Annual General Meeting to which participated manz members. Picture: Dino Roner delivering his speech.

Basketball, D League: Dom wins an important match
25. - basketball; Gorica; D League: Dom won the 10th round derby match against Dinamo 64:60 (Cej 22, Covi and Kristančič 9).

Volleyball, 1st Men Division: Olympia successful
25. - volleyball; Gorica; 1st Men Division: v 13. krogu je Olympia won the 13th round home match against Fincantieri 3:0 (25:17, 25:18, 25:15)

Cheerleading: the famous magazine Glamour about our Cheerdance Milleniuma team in Firenze
25. cheerleading; the famous magazine Glamour pubblished an article about a course held by Cheerdance Millenium representatives in Firenze.

Karate, Shinkai club athletes successful
21./22. - karate; Shinkai club's athletes have been very successful at two competitions in Udime and Porcia.

Skiing: Ski pool Gadi's successful performance
Ski pool Gadi's skiers participated to FISI's official competition " Citta di Casarsa" Trophy in Piancavallo. Mattia Rožič (Sk Devin) won in the Mladinci category and ranked absolute fifth. Matej Škerk (Sk Devin) won in the Mlajsi mladinci and ranked absolute tenth.

Our athletes with other teams: Loris Mania' qualifies for playoff, Matej Černic eleventh, Kosmina wins the derby against Orel
21./22. - The Italian regular season has ended: Loris Mania's Montichiari (picture) reached the playoffs, whereas Matej Černic (15 pts.) Martina Franca did not. Jan Budin's (13 pts.) Calligaris won and has a chance to play B2 League playoffs.

Skiing, Čezmejno prvenstvo: Mateja Nanut and Mattia Cargnel absolute champions
22. - skiing; Piancavallo; to the 5th “Čezmejno prvenstvo” participated 218 skiers. Absolute champions were Nanut (SPDG) and Mattia Cargnel.

Skiing, Tržaško prvenstvo: Meri Perti, Ivan Kerpan and Veronica Tence (Mladina) excellent
22. - skiing; Sappada; Tržaško prvenstvo; among the 339 participants there were also our representatives. Mladina's athletes were excellent: Ivan Kerpan and Meri Perti won in the “Mladinci” category and Veronica Tence ranked second in the Master category.

Tennis, Gaja: women won 3:1, men 6:0
22. - tennis; Gaja jump-started the season. The Women B League team won the away match against Viterbo 3:1 (Tina Obrez, Carlotta Orlando and the double Paola Cigui - Obrez won their respective matches), wheres Gaja's C League Men team won the home match against Flumignano 6:0 (Borut and Aleš Plesničar, Milič, Surian and both doubles won the matches).

FIHP Awards in Pordenone: our athletes among the awarded
20. - Pordenon; among the FIHP awarded there were also our representatives Tanja Romano (Skating World Champion) and Mateja Bogatec (World Champion). Picture: Mladina's awarded.

Skiing, “Čezmejno prvenstvo”: 218 participants
20. - skiing; Gorica; for the “Čezmejno goriško prvenstvo”, that will take place on Sunday in Piancavallo, will participate 218 athletes (95 from Slovenia and 123 from Italy) from 17 teams (7 from Slovenia and 10 from Italy).

Basketball, Promotion League: Sokol wins and reaches the top, Bor unexpectedly lost
20. - basketball; Trst; Promotion League; Sokol Ca' D'Oro won the last round away match against Ferroviario 67:52 (Križman 22, Hmeljak 16) and ranked first. Bor Art Group unexpectedly lost the home match against Barcolana 54:64 (Widmann 15, Querinuzzi and Schiavo 11).

Basketball, Promotion League: Sokol will play tonight against leading Ferroviario, Bor will play home
20. - basketball; Trst; Promotion League; Sokol Ca' D'Oro will play tonight at 21.15 against the leading team Ferroviario, whereas Bor Art Group will play home at the Prvi maj stadium against Barcolana.

Chess, tournament in Doberdob
14. - chess; Doberdob; Doberdob's school organised a tournament to warm up for the Provincial Tournament that will be held in Gorica on March, 28th.

Athletics, Elisa Košuta becomes Regional Champion in pole vault
14. - athletics; Videm; Devin's skier Elisa Košuta won the pole vault regional championship with 2,65 m. She is coached by our master Vojko Cesar.

In-line hockey, A1: Polet will play tonight in Vicenza
18. - in-line hockey; A1 League: Polet Kwins ZKB will plaz tonight the 17th round match in Vicenza against Diavoli. The match will be broadcasted on Raisport Piu'.

Soccer, Regional Cup: tonight the semi-finals Buiese - Breg
18. - soccer; Buia; Regional Cup: tonight there will be the semi-finals match between Buiese and Breg. The winner will qualifz for the finals.

Skiing, Brdina successful in Piancavallo
15. - skiing; Piancavallo; Brdina's skiers participated to the Regional Selection Competition for the "Ostržek na smučeh - Trofeo Pinocchio sugli sci" National Trophy, that will be held from the 23rd to the 28th of March in Abetone. - more at na www.skbrdina.org * pictures

Skiing, “Čezmejno prvenstvo” Championship: press-conference
16./17. - skiing; Gorica: tomorrow, 17 th March, at 12.00, there will be the press-conference for the presentation of the fifth Provincial Skiing Championship, which will be held on March 22nd in Piancavallo.

Skiing, Championship of Trieste: press-conference
16. - skiing; Trst; at Olimpia's hall there was the press-conference of the Championship of Trieste, which will be held on Sunday, 22nd of March, in Sappada. To the event will participate many our athletes.

Skiing, Three Nations' Friendship Cup
14. - skiing; in Forni di Sopra there was the last race of the 21st Three Nation's Friendship Cup . To the event participated a record number of 401 athletes from 16 teams.

Chess, School's Championship: Kosovel A and Sirk win
14. - chess; Trst; Regional Chamionship for Elementary and Secondary Schools; to the event, organised by Žiga Zois school at the Ribičič gym in San Giacomo in Trieste, participated more than 100 players from 11 secondary school teams and 12 elementary school teams. Kosovel A from Opicina won in the first group, whereas A. Sirk from Santa Croce won in the second.

13. - Trst; at the Gregorčič hall there was SPDT's Agm. After the report of President Marinka Pertot, Marko Gorsič awarded SPDT members.

Diving: Ivana Curri got ill and did not participate, Sofia Carciotti 14th and 22nd.
13./14. - diving; Trst; Italian Championship; our diver Ivana Curri (Trieste Tuffi) got suddenly ill and did not compete. Sofia Carciotti (Trieste Tuffi) ranked 14th and 22nd from the 3m platform.

TPK Sirena: Livio Pertot confirmed as President, Arianna Bogatec as Sport Director
12. - Trst; TPK Sirena's newly elected Committee held its first meeting: Livio Pertot (picture) was confirmed as President, Peter Sterni and Alex Perosa as Vice-president and Arianna Bogatec as Sport Director.

Basketball, U19: Bor's successful
11. - basketball; UNDER 19, Regional Championship; v 1. krogu 2. dela prvenstva je Bor NLB won the first return match against San Vito 95:80 (Petot 27, Celin 25).

Table-tennis, A1: Kras ZKB - Zeus Cagliari 1:4
10. - table-tennis; Zgonik; Women A1 League; Kras ZKB lost the 4th round match against Zeus Cagliari 1:4. Chinese player Yuan Yuan scored the only point for Kras.

Tennis, Paola Cigui lost the first round match
10. - tennis; Rim; Gaja's player Paola Cigui lost the first round match of the IFT International Tournament in Rome (prize: 10,000 dollars) against the Bulgarian player Dia Evtimova 0:6, 0:6.

Our players with other teams: Černic and Mania' successful, Martina Gantar and Krečič did not qualify
7./8. - Both our A1 League volleyball players Matej Černic (12 points) and Loris Mania' (libero) uspešna. Our basketball players were less successful, since only Falconstar won (Batich 7 points). After loosing the home match against Sarcedo Scame Monfalcone, for which Plays also our Martina Gantar, did not qualify.

Minivolley: many young players in Sovodnje
8. - volleyball; Sovodnje; to the mini-volley tournament in Sovodnje participated many young players from 10 Gorica's teams.

Chess, na four F. Prešeren teams participated to the Regional Championship
7. - chess; at F. Prešeren school's gym there the Provincial Chess Tournament was held, organised by Ž. Zois. To the competition participated more than 70 plazers from the Province of Trieste. Four teams (2 men and 2 women) qualified for the Regional Championship

In-line hockey, A1: Polet looses against Asiago
7. - in-line hockey; A1 League: Polet Kwins ZKB lost the home match agaist the Italian champion Asiago Vipers 2:5. Polet's scorers: S. Kokorovec and Fajdiga.

Skiing, Regional Finals: SK Brdina's excellent organisation, Katrin Don 2nd in superslalom
5./7. - skiing; Forni di Sopra; SK Brdina organised the Regional Finals for the youngest categories. V slalomu za Pokal ZSŠDI je bila od smučarjev naših društev najboljša Katrin Don (Brdina) ranked 9th in the “Cicibani” category, 4th in the “Gimkana” category and 2nd in the Koimpex Cup superslalom.

Mario Šušteršič becomes a member of USSI's Board
3./5. - Pescara; Mario Šušteršič became a member of USSI's National board. He received 17 votes out of 19 and delivered his first speech in Slovenian too.

Skiing, from today to Sunday there is the Regional Finaks organised bz SK Brdina
5. - skiing; Forni di Sopra; from today to Sunday SK Brdina will organise the Regional Finals in the youngest categories. Today (Friday) the ZSSDI superslalom will be held, whereas on Saturday the Brdina Cup race and on Sunday the Koimpex Cup superslalom.

Volleyball, 1st Division: Olympia wins
4. - volleyball; Tržič; 1st Men Division: Olympia won the away match against Fincantieri 3:1 (25:21, 23:25, 18:25, 18:25).

Soccer, 3rd AL: the match between Aiello and Mladost postponed
4. - soccer; Aiello; 3rd AL: due to bad weather the fourt round return match between Aiello and Mladost has been postponed.

ZSŠDI Trophy race on TV and web
3. - cycling; Trst; the interest for the ZSŠDI Trophy Cycling race organised by KK Adria is high and this is demonstrated by the fact that tomorrow, Wednesday at 21.00, the TV station Telechiara will broadcast a special show about the race, which will be on-line at teleciclismo.com from next Thursday.

Volleyball, Zoran Jerončič is Olympia's new coach (Men C League)
3. - volleyball; Gorica; the Slovenian expert Zoran Jerončič, who in the past already coached Val, the men A1 League team from Trieste and the women A1 League from Nova Gorica, is Olympia's new coach. The team plays in the Italian C League and is currently ranked at the bottom of its league. He will substitute Claudio Conza.

Tennis, Women B League: Gaja will begin on March 22nd
2. - tennis; Rim; the Italian Tennis Federation has communicated that the A2 and B Leagues (men and women) will begin on Sunday, March 22nd. In the past season Gaja has been promoted to the B League, will play the first round match against Viterbo, the strongest team of its group. The other teams of the group are: Treviglio, Bologna, Park Genova, Virtus Vittoria (Ragusa) and Brescia.

Skiing, Gregor Nanut (Devin) became Regional Champion
28.2./1.3. - skiing; our skiers participated to various competitions. Among them excelled Gregor Nanut (Devin), who became Regional Champion in the “Mladinci” category.

ZSŠDI Trophy Cycling race:
Tomislav Dančulovič (Croatia) wins ahead of Hasanovič (Serbia) and Brambilla (Italy)

The winner at the finish line (courtesy of Paolo Sant)
1.3. - cycling; Lonjer (Trst); Tomislav Dančulovič (Loborika Pula) won the 33rd edition of the ZSŠDI Trophy organised by KK Adria ahead of Esad Hasanovič (Serbian National Team) and Italian Gianluca Brambilla (Zalf Desiree).

Cross-country skiing, Trieste Championship: Mladina ranks third
1. - cross-country skiing; Forni Avoltri; Mladina ranked third at the Trieste Championship organised by Sci Cai 70 and sponsored by the Province of Trieste. First ranked Sci Cai XXX Ottobre, second Sci Cai 70. Mladina's younger athletes were particularly successful and won in many categories.

Beach-soccer, tournament in Metz: Michele Leghissa and the Italian National Team defeated twice
28.2./1.3. - Metz (France); our player Michele Leghissa, who plays for the Italian National Team, lost the first two matches of the 2nd edition of the "Rock 'n' Beach Soccer Solidarity Cup 2009": the first against France 2:3 and the second against 3:6.

TPK Sirena AGM: members of the committee confirmed
27. - Trst; at TPK Sirena's premises in Barkovlje there was the 33rd AGM of the team. The members of the committee were confirmed. Pictures, from the left: Igor Košuta, Andrej Gregori, Livio Pertot, Peter Suhadolc and Alex Perosa.

OKS Awards in Lipica: Tanja Romano and her coach Mojmir Kokorovec among the awarded
27. - Lipica (Sežana); at the Sport Federation of Sežana event, which was held in Lipica, OKS awarded the best athletes of year 2008. Among the awarded there were also our skatingWolrd Champion Tanja Romano and her coach Mojmir Kokorovec.

Table-tennis, Women A League: Kras ZKB (0:4) defeated by first ranked Castelgoffredo
27. - table-tennis; Castelgoffredo; Women A League: Kras ZKB lost the third round away match against the first ranked team Sterilgarda Castelgoffredo 0:4. Kras played with the following players: Yuan Yuan, Eva Carli and Martina Milič.

Tennis, Turin: Gaja's player Paola Cigui out after second round
26. - tennis; Turin; Open Torino Tournament; after winning the first round match against the Italian player Sonia Sandano 6:1, 6:3, Gaja's player Paola Cigui lost the second round match against Annalisa Bona 4:6, 5:7 and did not qualify for the next round.


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