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Athletics, Master WC: Fabio Ruzzier wins silver in 10 km
3. - athletics; Lahti (Finland); Master World Championship, category M55; our marcher Fabio Ruzzier (picture), who competes for the Slovenian National Team, ranked second in the 5 km and 10 km march. First ranked the Mexican marcher Ignacio Melo (49:28,0). Ruzzier will run for gold in the 20 km march on Thursday.

Soccer, Sovodnje started training
3. - soccer; Sovodnje; Sovodnje, who will play in the Promotion League, started training for the new season.

Cycling, Matteo Visintin 6th, Erik Mozan 27th
2. - cycling; Pagnacco; Devin's racer Matteo Visintin ranked sixth and Erik Mozan 27th.

Dom's basketball school
31. - basketball; Gorica; ŠZ Dom organised a basketball school together with Jadran and ZSŠDI. The courses will last for a month. Andrej Vremec and David Ambrosi are the coaches. Picture: the participants with Vremec.

ŠZ Bor's new comittee
31. - Trst; at the S. Škamperle premises at the Prvi maj stadium there was the presentation of Bor's new committee. The former committee resigned on July, 7th. President Aleksander Rustja described the figure of our sportsman Bojan Pavletič, who died recently. After the introductory speech the new committee was elected (picture).

Athletics, Master World Championship: Fabio Ruzzier "silver" 5 km
30. - athletics; Lahti (Finland); Master World Championship; our marcher Fabio Ruzzier (picture) ranked second in the 5 km march 24:01,86 behind the Mexican athlete Jose Luis Lopez (23:56,61), third ranked the French Patrice Brochot. On August, 3rd Ruzzier will compete in the 10 km and on August, 6th in the 20 km march.

Bolwing, Zamejsko prvenstvo: Gaja and Zarja reach the finals
30. - bowling; Zamejsko prvenstvo; Gaja won the last qualification match against Primorje 8:0 and reached the finals together with Zarja, which lost the home match against Kraski dom 3:5. The match between Nabrežina and Polet has been postponed.

Soccer, Mladost presentation in Doberdob
29. - soccer; Doberdob; at the soccer field in Doberdob there was the presentation of Mladost's team, which will play in the 3rd Amateur League in the 2009/10 season.

Soccer, Italian Cup: three our teams in the M group
29. - soccer; Trst; the Italian Soccer Federation published the groups of the Amateur Italian Cup, that will start on August, 30th. In Group M will play Monfalcone, Kras Koimpex, Sovodnje and Vesna. Juventina will play in the Group I with Palmanova, Pro Cervignano and Pro Gorizia.

Basketball, Mario Gerjevič is Kontovel's new coach
29. - basketball; Kontovel; Mario Gerjevič is Kontovel's new coach. The team will play in the D League. He substitutes Peter Brumen, who will coach Sokol's and Dom's youth teams. Gerjevič will coach Jadran's Under 17 and Under 19 teams.

Volleyball, new project with new name: "Trieste volley 2010"
29. - volleyball; Trst; the new team, which will play in the B2 League, will be called Trieste volley 2010. The organisation comittee has choosen the new name to mark the year 2010, when Italy will host the World Championship, and Trieste will host some of the games.

Volleyball, Bor/Breg in Women's C League
28. - volleyball; Trst; since Roveredo will not play in Women's C League there is an opportunity for Bor/Breg's team to play in the C League.

Soccer, the Regional Federation published the groups of the Amateur Leagues
28. - soccer; the Regional Federation published the groups of the various Amateur Leagues for the 2009/10 season. In the Elite League will play Kras Koimpex, in Promotion League: Juventina, Sovodnje and Vesna, in the 1st AL: Primorec, in the 2nd AL: Breg, Primorje and Zarja/Gaja and in the 3rd AL Mladost.

Volleyball, Val Imsa will play in the C League
27. - volleyball; Gorica; Val Imsa will substitute San Vito in the C League. The team will be coached by Robert Makuc, who will have all the players at his disposal. The team is looking for new players too.

Basketball, Dimitri Bocciai will play for Bor Radenska
27. - basketball; Tst; Slovenian player Dimitri Bocciai, born in 1990 and 198 cm tall, will play for Bor in the C League. In the past season he played for Servolana.

ASD Cheerdance Millenium new website
27. - AŠD Cheerdance Millenium opened its new web-site www.cheerdancemillenium.com. The contents, pictures and features were given by the member of the committee and photo responsible Mija Kalc, whereas the web-site was built by Chiara Sepin.

Cycling, Matteo Visintin second in Sedegliano
26. - cycling; Sedegliano (UD); Devin's cyclist Matteo Visintin ranked second at the local race. Erik Mozan did not finished the race.

Athletics, international meeting in Trieste: Fabio Ruzzier third, Biserka Cesar fourth
25. - athletics; Trst; at the CUS Trophy International Tournament in Trieste Fabio Ruzzier (Atletica Gorizia) ranked third in the 5 km march (24:17,0), whereas Biserka Cesar ranked fourth in javellin (36,43 m). Nastja Gherlani ranked fifth (33,34 m).

New sport center inaugurated in Pevma
24. - Pevma (Gorica); in front of many guests and local inhabitants a new sport center was inaugurated in Pevma. The structure will be used for sport, cultural, recreational and social events.

Skating, Polet welcomes Tanja Romano
24. - skating; Opčine; Polet welcomed Tanja Romano, who won the gold medal at the World Games in Taiwan.

Presentation of the Yacht Club Sidro in Doberdob
24. - Doberdob; at the Municipal Park in Doberdob there was the presentation of the newly founded Yacht Club Sidro. The main speech was held by the president Marco Frandolič (in the middle of the picture, on the left Renzo Gergolet and on the right Walter Peric).

Soccer, Aljoša and Jan Čok will play for Muggia
24. - soccer; Milje; twins Aljoša and Jan Čok (born in 1991), who in the past season played for Primorje in the 2nd Amateur League, will play for Muggia in the Elite League.

Devin's and Brdina's youngest skiers in Austria
24 . - skiing; Ski Pool Gadi's athletes practiced in Moelltaler in Austria, whereas SK Devin's and SK Brdina's youngest practiced together.

Bowling, Zamejsko prvenstvo: Kras, Mak and Zarja won
23. - bowling; Zamejsko prvenstvo organised by ZSŠDI; last round results: Primorje - Kras 2:6, Sokol - Zarja 3:5, Mak - Aurisina 6:2. Picture: Kras team.

Skating, World Games in Taiwan, Tanja Romano wins gold
21. - skating; Kaohsiung (Taiwan); Polet's ahtlete Tanja Romano won the World Games in Taiwan. She ranked first in the free programme. Nika Arčon, who is coached by Samo Kokorovec, was ranked second after the short programme and won the silver medal.

Miloš Kalc is Bor's new physical coach
22. - basketball; Trst; Miloš Kalc is Bor's new physical coach. The team will play in the C League.

Skating, World Games in Taiwan. Tanja Romano is in the lead
21. - skating; Kaohsiung (Taiwan); at the World Games in Taiwan Polet's athlete Tanja Romano (picture) is ranked first after the short programme. Tomorrow (Wednesday) the long free programme will be held.

Telechiara, SoloSportFriuli o about our sport
20. - Videm; Telechiara TV station broadcasted a 25-minutes-long contribution about our sport. Journalist Alessandro Bonfanti interviewed ZSŠDI's President Jure Kufersin and Vice-president Ivan Peterlin.

Skiing: Gadi practice in Molltaler
16./20. - skiing; Molltaler (Austria); Mladina's and Devin's teams are practicing in Moltaller.

Professor Bojan Pavletič, the father of our sport, died
17. - at 81 years of age died professor, coach, journalist and writer Bojan Pavletič, the father of Slovenian sport in Italy.

Basketball, Saša Ferfoglia will play for Jadran
20. - basketball; Trst; Jadran's management comunicated that Ferfoglia will play for the team in the next C1 season.

Skiroll, World Cup; Mateja Bogatec is first
17./19. - skiroll; Leipzig (Germany); World Cup; Mladina's athlete Mateja Bogatec, who competes for the Italian national team, won the second sprint. Sheranked fourth in the 20 km race and is now ranked first. Mladina's athlete Niki Hrovatin ranked 18th and 27th in the Mladinci category.

Tennis, Paola Cigui reaches the second round in Portorož
19. - at the prestigious international tennis tournament in Portorožu (prize: 220,000 euros), to which participates also the best player of the world Dinara Safina, Gaja's player Paola Cigui won the first round match against Slovakian player Dominika Nociarova (6:2, 1:6, 6:2), but he lost the second round match against Russian player Ksenija Pervak (6:1, 6:0).

Cycling, Matteo Visintin fourth
19. - cycling; Fratta di Tarzo (Treviso); Devin's cyclist Matteo Visintin ranked fourth among beginners.

Volleyball, Černic and Mania' without the World League finals
18. - the Italian National team, for which play our representatives Matej Černic and Loris Mania', je won the last match against China in Nanking 3:2, but this result was not enought to qualify for the final phase of the tournament, which will be held in Belgrade.

Igor Luxa died
11. - Videm; at only 51 years of age died our basketball player and coach Igor Luxa, who played in and coached Kontovel's teams. We dedicate to Igor some pictures from his basketball career.

Sailing, Farneti and Sivitz Košuta ended 15th
17. - Čupa's Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta ended the ISAF Youth World Championship in the 420 Class at 15th place. They ranked 10th and 9th in the last Golden Group regattas. The winners were the French pair Bouvet - Mion.

Basketball, Andrej Šušteršič to Bor Radenska
17, - in the 2009/2010 season Bor Radenska will have one young and motivated player more. In the next C League will play former Kontovel's player Andrej Šušteršič, born in 1987, 190 cm tall. Šušteršič did play for Bor's younger teams in the previous seasons. He already played in the C League with Jadran and last year scored an average of 16.5 points per game with Kontovel. He is a phisically strong player, agresive in defense and with good long-distance shooting skills. Thus he is the player that coach Andrea Mura wanted for his team.

Sailing, Farneti/Sivitz Košuta ranked 21st
16. - at the ISAF Youth World Championship in Greece Cupa's representatives Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta ranked 25° and 22° in the golden group. They are now absolute 21°..

Martin Maverj receives the Fair-play award
16. - the Secretary of the Združenje slovenskih športnih društev v Italiji Martin Maver received from the legendary Slovenian athlete Miro Cerar the prestigious Fair-play award for Sports. Congratulations!

Sailing, Jaš and Simon in the golden group
14. - at the ISAF youth world championship in the 470 Class Čupa's athletes Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta reached the golden group. They ranked 18th, 13th, 6th, 2nd, 5th and 8th and are absolute 14th.

Soccer, three new players for Vesna
14. - Vesna has got three new players: Giovanni Guida (born in 1984, Pro Cervignano), Andrea Donda (born in 1983, Ronchi) and Andrea Boviero (born in 1990, Gradese).

Soccer, in Doberdob win Poljane and Štandrež
14. - in Doberdob there was a soccer tournament for men and women organised by Mladost and Jezero. Among women won Poljane after winning the final match against Doberdob 4:1, among men the victory went to Štandrež, that won the final match against Vrh Danica (5:0).

Sailing, Farneti and Sivitz Košuta are 13th at the Youth WC
12. - the Youth World Championship for the 470 Class has began. To the event participate also Čupa's athletes Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta. The first day of regattas has been cancelled due to the bad weather over the racing field in Greece. On Monday there were two regattas and Čupa's pair ranked 18th and 13th. They are absolute 13th.

Skating, two national titles for Tanja Romano
12. - at the national championship in Roccaraso Polet's champion Tanja Romano won the national title in the free programme and combination. She ranked ahead of Debora Sbei and Ilenia Baldisser in the combination. Francesca Roncelli ranked sixth in the free programme and fourth in the combination.

Beach-soccer, Italy and Leghissa second in Lignano
12. - at the first European Championship round of matches in Lignano Sabbiadoro Italy, for which plays also our former Vesna player Michele Leghissa from Medja Vas, ranked second behind Russia. On Sunday Azzurri won the match against Russia 6:4.
In-line skating, Mateja Bogatec national champion
12. - in Montebelluna Mladina's athlete Mateja Bogatec won the national championship of the 13 km race. To the race participated also Ana Košuta, who ranked fourth. Ezio Cossaro won the title in the Veterans and Master 3 categories whereas Rudi Balzana won the bronze medal in the Mlajsi Mladinci and Nicole Ione among dečki.

Tennis, in Palermo Paola Cigui is out
12. - Gaja's player Paola Cigui lost the second round match against the Ukrainian player Olga Savcuk 2:6, 1:6.

Motorcycling, Mitja Emili third in Mugello
12. - our motorcyclist Mitja Emili ranked third at the fourth race of the Yamaha Trophy and is now absolute third. The race was very interesting and the first three racers were separated by 9 seconds. The next race will be held on August, 23rd in Misano Adriatico.

Beach-soccer, Italy and Leghissa win
11. - Italy, for which plays also our Michele Leghissa from Medja Vas, won the first European Cup match against Switzerland 7:6 (6:6).

Tennis, Paola Cigui successful in Palermo
11. - Gaja's player Paola Cigui won the first match of the WTA Tournament in Palermo (prize: 200.000 euros) against Stefania Boffo (6:2, 6:2) who is ranked 311th (Paola is 440th). Paola will play the second round match against the Ukrainian Olga Savčuk (ranked 168th).

Skating, Tanja Romano second after the short programme, Roncelli 5th
11. - at the national championship in Roccaraso our world champion Tanja Romano ranked second after the short programme behind the 19-years-old Debora Sbei. Before the long programme she still can win the gold medal in the free programme and combination. Also Francesca Roncelli, who competes for Gioni, can still win a medal.

Diving, one silver medal for Ivana Curri
11. - at the national championship in Riccione our athlete Ivana Curri (Trieste Tuffi) ranked second from the 1-m platform behind Elena Bertocchi. Ivana's teammate Sofia Carciotti ranked 13th.
Skiing, SK Devin's youngest in Rogla
SK Devin's youngest athletes are practising in Rogla. They are coached by Aleš Sever and Matej Štolfa.

Pomlad's player at Real Madrid's camp
11. - Pomlad's young player Daniele Paolucci (born in 1997) from Fernetiči participated at Real Madrid's summer camp in Lignano Sabbiadoro. The camp is led by Real's coached and famous italian coaches such as Gianfranco Cinello, Luigi De Agostini and Paolo Miano.

Women soccer, in Dolina many goals
11. - the teams played the second round of the 5th Mario Lupidi Memorial organised by Bum Bum Lady: Pupe Salež - Locanda Mario 0:12, Štandrež - Bum Bum Lady 1:6, Izola - Timava 5:3.

Beach-soccer, Italy lost, Leghissa scored
10. - Italy lost the first match of the Euroleague Cup in Lignano against Poland 1:2. Azzurri scored the first goal with our Michele Leghissa.

Diving, Ivana Curri silver at the national championship
11. - at the national championship our athlete Ivana Curri ranked second from the 3-m platform behind Elena Bertocchi. Sofia Carciotti (Trieste Tuffi) ranked 15th.

Saša Kralj is Zarja's new coach
10. - at the Športno društvo Zarja AGM Mirjan Žagar resigned but is still a member of the committee. The new president is 34-years-old Saša Kralj. The new committee is formed by Kralj and Žagar and Fabio Cocevari, Damjan Gregori, Alojz Guštinčič, Bruno Hrovatin, Robert Kalc, Vojko Križmančič, Egon Leban, Silvano Poropat and Walter Požar.

Basketball, Daniel Batich will play for Falconstar in the B League
10. - play-maker Daniel Batich, who has played for Bor, will play in the next season for Falconstar in the B League. He is 185 cm tall and trains during the summer, Last season he scored an average of five points in 13 minutes.

Soccer, Primorec new players
10. - Primorec bought five new players for the new season: Max Micor and Marco Petranich and Sebastiano Bertoli, Tommaso Lodi and Stefano Udina.
Sovodnje (Promotion League) signed the young Serbian player Aleksander Milošević, whereas Mladost (3rd Amateur League) signed Dimitri Ferletič.

Bor's Committee resigned
8. - at Športno združenje Bor's AGM resigned the entire committee and its president Aleksander Rustja, because the institutions do not care for the teams facilities at the Prvi maj Stadium. Until July, 31st they will try to find new members.

Volleyball, young Sokol's players at the camp in Savudrija
8. - five young Sokol's players participated to the one-week camp in Savudrija organised by Odbojkarska šola Ljubljana. Picture from the left: Marinka Devetak, Eleonora Doz, Janika Škerl, Tereza Budin and Ivana Skerk.

Tennis, Paola Cigui out in the qualifications in Zagreb
7. - Gaja's player Paola Cigui lost the first round match of the ITF Tournament in Zagreb (prize: 75,000 dolars) 4:6, 6:4, 7:6 (5) against the Czech player Eva Pigova.

Soccer, the women's tournament in Dolina started
6. - on Monday started the traditional women tournament 5th Mario Lupidi Memorial organised by Bum Bum Lady. To the tournament participate eight teams and the event will end on July, 17th: Štandrež - Bibappaloula 0:3, Pupe Salež - Izola 1:18, Millennium Star - Bum Bum Lady 1:5.

Athletics, Biserka Cesar and Fabio Ruzzier regional champions
5. - at the regional championship in Pordenone Biserka Cesar (CUS Trieste) won the discus (47,5m) and shot put (13 m) titles. Fabio Ruzzier (Atletica Gorizia) won the 10 km march with 49:17,92.

Volleyball, Lignano: Kontovel with seven teams
29.6./1. - volleyball; Lignano; seven Kontovel's teams participated to the beach-volley tournament in Lignano from Monday, June 29th, to Wednesday, July 1st. The best result was achieved by the U10 team, which ranked second.

Volleyball, World League: Italy wins again, Matej Černic (14 pts.) hero of the match, Mania' played well too
3./5. - volleyball; Modena; World League; Italy, for which play our representatives Matej Černic and Loris Mania', won the fourth match against Netherlands and is now aiming at the Final Six in Belgrade. Azzurri won 3:0 (25:23, 25:20, 25:23). Černic was the hero of the match (14 points), and Mania' played well too. Italy will play the next match USA this weekend.

Skiroll, World Cup: Mateja Bogatec wins the sprint
3./5. - skiroll; Oroslavje (Croatia); after ranking sixth in the Friday race and fifth in the 20 km race on Saturday, Mladina's athlete Mateja Bogatec won the sprint. She is now ranked absolute third. Niki Hrovatin (Mladina) made his first race with the National Team ranking 22nd, 14th and 13th.

Diving, Youth EC in Budapest: Ivana Curri tenth
5. - diving; Budapest (Hungary); European Youth Championship; our diver Ivana Curri (picture) ranked 10th from the 1-m platform, after ranking sixth in the qualification. The victory went to the Russian athlete Evgenija Železneva ahead of the Italian Elena Bertocchi.

Cheerleading, European Championship in Sweden: Cheerdance Millenium and Škrati
4./5. - cheerleading; Nykoping (Sweden); European Championship; Cheerdance Millenium debuted on first day: the mixed team Škrati ranked eighth, Mitja Kemperle and Lara Iscra Skerl ranked last, the pom pon group Fairies 18th. Stephanie Furlan, who competed among Mladinke, ranked eighth in her category.

Skating, Italian Championship: Martina Pecchiar fourth
2./5. - skating; Roccaraso (L'Aquila); Italian Championship; in the jeunesse category Martina Pecchiar (Jolly TS) ranked fourth in the free programme, 5th in combination, 8th in the short programme. Valentina Scamperle (Polet) ranked 19th in the free programme, 14th in combination and 17th in the short programme. Martina Debernardi (Polet) ranked 17th in combination.

Regional competition in archery, Zarja's athletes did well
5. - archery; Bazovica; Zarja organised the Regional Championship in archery to which participated 65 athletes from our region and Slovenia. Zarja's athletes performed well.

Cycling, Italian Championship for beginners: Matteo Visintin excellent fifth
4./5. cycling; Sarnonico (Trento); Italian Championship, beginners; Devin's cyclist Matteo Visintin participated to the national race with the FVG team and ranked fifth. On Sunday he competed in Fiume Veneto and ranked sixth.

Soccer, Matej Lachi/Lah Memorial: Gorjansko wins against Vesna (2:1) and ranks first
29.6./4. - soccer; Križ; at the new soccer field named after Gigi Candotti ended the Matej Lachi/Lah Memorial. Gorjansko won the final match against Vesna 2:1. Third ranked Dijaški dom Kosovel, who won against Plavi 2:1. Picture: the winning team of Gorjansko with its fans

Soccer, Doberdob tournament
29.6./11.7. - soccer; Doberdob; on Monday, June 29th, started the tournament in soccer, organised by ŠZ Mladost and SKRD Jezero.

Sovodnje's athletes at the Municipality
3. - Sovodnje; the newly-elected Mayor Alenka Florenin welcomed the representatives of the team and its president Zdravko Kuštrin. The team has been promoted to the promotion league.

Sport camp in Doberdob: 55 children
3. - camps; Doberdob; at the municipal gym in Doberdob ended the two-weeks long sport camp organised by OK Val and Govolley to which participated 55 children.

Basketball, Miko Madonia goes back to Bor
2. - basketball; Trst; Miko Madonia (born in 1985, 200 cm) is Bor's first new player for the 2009/10 season. He goes back to his home team, after one season with Jadran in the C1 League.

Athletics, Elisa Košuta reached 2.90 m
28. - athletics; Videm; Elisa Košuta participated to the Fulvio Werk Cup in Viden and reached 2.90 m in pole vault. She is now ranked third in Italy. Elisa is also an excellent skier and competes for SK Devin.

Tennis, Gaja's kamp: 35 participants
1. - tennis; Padriče; at Gaja's sport center in Padriče there is Gaja's tennis camp to which participate 35 young athletes. Picture: youngest players with coach Miloš Kalc.

Soccer, three official coaches
30. - soccer; Trst; in 2009 in Trieste there was a course for soccer coaches organised by CONI -FIGC. Three of our participants became official coaches: Dario Bencic, Stefano Maganja (both Vesna) and Riccardo Paolucci (Pomlad) passed the exam.


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