HIGHLIGHTS December 2009


Mario Šušteršić...Sofia Carciotti

Mayor Paolo Vizintin and Maldost's president Ivan Pahor

Fabio Tommasi and Andrej Černic



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29. - Soccer; Kras welcomed Slovenian representative Zlatko Dedič
Soccer; Repen; NK Kras welcomed the Slovenian representative Zlatko Dedič. To the event participated Kras youngest players, their parents and members of the committee.

29. - Skiing, SK Devin's youngest in Forni di Sopra
Skiing; Forni di Sopra; SK Devin's youngest players participated to a training course in Forni di Sopra from January, 3rd to 6th.

28. - Primorje, AGM: new clarifications about "Roune"
Prosek; AŠD Primorje decided that its president Roberto Zuppin will ask the Municipality of Trieste for clarifications regarding the so-called Roune field in Prosek.

22./23. - Basketball; C2: Bor wins, Breg plays tonight
Basketball; C2 League: Bor won the 13th round home match against Cervignano 100:78 (Crevatin 25, Madonia 16), Breg will play tonight against Santos.
UNDER 19, Elite Group: Falconstar - Jadran ZKB 79:62 (Ban 19, Bernetič and Sedevčič 10).

22. - AŠD Kontovel's AGM
Kontovel; at the team's premises there was AŠD Kontovel's AGM, to which participated many guests, members, players and friends. The main speech was held by the president Marko Ban.

22. - Tanja Romano and Mojmir Kokorovec welcomed
Opčine; at ZKB's Conference Hall there was a warm welcome for Polet's World Champion Tanja Romano and her coach Mojmir Kokorovec. To the event participated the Mayor of Trieste Roberto Dipiazza and the President of the Province of Trieste Teresa Bassa Poropat.

22. - SKGZ welcomes our champions
Trst; at SKGZ's premises there was the traditional ceremony organised by SKGZ and SSO in collaboration with ZSŠDI. To the event participated the Consul of the Republic of Slovenia Vlasta Pelikan. At 20.00 world champion Tanja Romano will be welcomed at ZKB premises in Opčine.

21. - Repen, Kras' players welcomed by the Mayor
Repen; the Municipality of Repen welcomed Kras' team, which is very successful in this season.

21. - Presentation of the 2009 Zbornik 2009, Mladost 40 and Adria-Mladost-Sovodnje project in Sovodnje
Sovodnje; ZSŠDI, AŠD Mladost and AŠD Sovodnje organised the presentation of the 2009 Zbornik slovenskega športa v Italiji 2009, the book Mladost 40 and the transnational project Adria Miren, Mladost Doberdob and Sovodnje.

21. - Pordenone's "Športni orli" awarding postponed
Pordenon; the "2009 Športni orli" awarding in Pordenone has been postponed due to bad weather. The Golden Eagles will be awarded to Mateja Bogatec (in-line skating, Mladina) and Tanja Romano (skating, Polet). The awarding will be held in January 2010.

20. - Cheerdance Millenium: New Year's Dance Festival very successful
Cheerleading; Briščiki; at Ervatti's Gym there was the traditional New Year's Dance Festival organised by Cheerdance Millenium and ZSŠDI. The event attracted numerous spectators.

8. - Basketball, D League: Kontovel wins; Promotion League: Bor, Dom and Sokol win
Basketball; D League: Kontovel - Monfalcone 75:57 (Ban 26, Paoletič 18); Promotion League: Ts, Bor - 69ers 65:43 (Trevisan 17, Schiavo 12); Olimpia - Dom 54:57; Sokol - Cus TS Križman 25, Umek 19).

18. - ZSŠDI: pessimism at December's meeting
Trst; pessimism reigned at this year's last monthly meeting, since the members of the committee were very worried about the future perspectives of our community.

17. - Karl Ferletič new pictures about Mladost
Doberdob; our experienced photograph Karl Ferletic sent us Mladost's new pictures, which are published below.

17. - Volleyball, Men C League: Sloga wins 3:2
Volleyball; Men C League, 10th round: Sloga won the away match against Ferroalluminio 3:2 (25:21, 25:20, 21:25, 24:26, 15:12).
UNDER 16, Women: Libertas - Sokol/Kontovel 3:0 (25:15, 25:8, 25:10)

14./16. - Youth basketball, 1 victory and 3 losses
Basketball; UNDER 21: Bor NLB - Virtus Udine 60:67 (Ruttar 16, Bocciai 13); UNDER 19, Elite Group: Jadran ZKB - Sistema PN 54:89 (Ban 15, Hrovatin 10); Second group: Bor ZKB - Portogruaro 73:57 (Mase' 23, Pipan 14); Regional Championship: Barcolana - Jadran ZKB 64:60 (Košuta 17, Daneu 14).

14. - ŠZ Soča's AGM in Sovodnje
Sovodnje; at the Zadružna banka Doberdob and Sovodnje there was Soča's AGM.

14. - Soccer, Beginners11: Pomlad lost
Soccer; Beginners11: Pomlad A lost the home match against S. Andrea z 0:1, but the team deserved a draw.

12./13. - Cheerdance Millenium in Slovenia and Treviso
Cheerleading; Cheerdance Millenium is currently very active: Nikol Krizmancic and Nastja Milič participated to a cheerleading camp in Slovenia, whereas five girls of the Škrati team competed in Treviso.

13. - Swimming: our athletes successfull
Swimming; Trst: at the Bianchi Municipal Pool there was the 3rd competition for Beginners A and B. Bor's athletes were very successful: Ivan Pelizon (Bor) won the 100m breaststroke, Kristian Vidali (Rari Nantes) ranked third, whereas Luca Zaccagna (Triestina Nuoto) ranked third in the 200m freestyle and 400m mixed.

13. - Bor's 50th Anniversary U18 Tournament: wins ahead of Bor/Govolley
Volleyball; Trst; OD Bor celebrated its 50th Anniversary with an Under 18 Women Tournament, which was won by Ankaran ahead of Bor/Govolley, Hit Nova Gorica and Virtus TS

12. - Mladost's 40th Anniversary in Doberdob
Doberdob; AŠD Mladost celebrated its 40th Anniversary at the Gradina Center in Doberdob. To the event participated many guests and there was the presentation of the book Mladost 40.

1. - Skiing; OOZUS' AGM
Skiing; Križ; at KD Albert Sirk premises in Križ there was OOZUS' AGM: members approved the Statute and elected the new members of the committee.

1. - Basketball; U21: Bor wins
Basketball; UNDER 21: Bor NLB won the match against Barcolana 75:65 (Rutar 14, Lesizza 12).


Mojmir Kokorovec and Tanja Romano

Zlatko Dedič and the youngest players


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