HIGHLIGHTS January 2010


Jessica Cergol, Albert Kerpan, Alen Carli

Zdravko Skupek, Loris Mania', Ivan Peterlin

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31. - Volleyball; Ivan Peterlin in FVG's new Regional Committee Volleyball;
Duilio Bunello's list won FVG Regional Committee election with 3,500 votes. Also our representative Ivan Peterlin. Renzo Cecotto's list obtained only 500 votes.

30. - Volleyball, Italian Cup: Mania's Modena defeated
Volleyball; Montecatini; Italian Cup; Modena, for which plays our Loris Mania' (picture), lost the semifinals match against Itas Trento 0:3 (22:25, 23:25, 20:25). Itas will play the final match against Cuneo, which won the second semifinals match against Sisley Treviso 3:1.

29. -Basketball; Promotion League: all our teams lost
Basketball; Promotion League; all our teams have been defeated; Gorica's group: Mossa - Dom 77:62 (Cej and Garra 12); Trst's group: Bor - Ferroviario Scoglietto 64:70 (Rutar and Trevisan 12); Sokol - Libertas Barcolana 62:74 (Piccini 19, Križman 15).

26. - Winter World Games for Masters in Kranjska Gora: SK Devin participated
Skiing; Kranjska Gora; to this year's Winter World Games for Masters, which will end on Saturday, participated also our team SK Devin. Aleš Sever ranked seventh in his category. Picture: Devin's athletes.

25./26. - Basketball, Promotion League: Dom wins; Under 19: Jadran ZKB wins
Basketball, Promotion League, Gorica Group: Dom won the match against Falconstar 76:54 (Garra 20, Cej 15); Under 19, National Championship, third phase: Jadran ZKB won the 3rd round match against Venezia Giulia 68:52 (Bernetič 18, Ban 14).

Skiing; ZKB Cup: Manja Medved (Tolmin) and Aleš Sever (Devin) win, Devin ranks first among teams
23. - Skiing; Forni di Sopra; SK Brdina organised the first race of the Primorski Cup, to which participated more than 250 athletes. Among women won Manja Medved (Matajur Tolmin), among men Devin's athlete Aleš Sever. Devin ranked first among teams.

Piancavallo: our skiers very successful
23. - Skiing; Piancavallo; our skiers were very successful at this event: Minej Purič and Matej Škerk ranked first in their.

ZSŠDI Cup regional race
24. - Skiing; Forni di Sopra; to the FISI Regional Race for za naraščajniki and dečki, organised by SK Brdina, participate also our teams Brdina, Devin, Mladina in SPDG. Among the best there were Albert Kerpan (Mladina), 8th in the naraščajniki category, and Katrin Don (Brdina), 15th in the deklice category.

Chess - Pino Lakovič and Tjaša Oblak are our champions
Chess; at the Slomškov dom in Križ there was the Zamejsko Championship, to which participated 38 players. Pino Lakovič won his third title in a row, whereas Tjaša Oblak won among women. Picture, from the left: Pino Lakovič, Marko and Mitja Oblak, Dušan Jelinčič.

22. - Skiing: Albert Kerpan (Mladina) selected for the regional team
Skiing; coach Jean Busolini selected Alberta Kerpana (Mladina) for the regional team, that will participate to the 2nd Interregional Cup in Padola (Beluno), on January 27th and 28th.

16. - School sport: J. Jurčič from Devin in Sežana
School sport; Sežana; to the international tournament in Sezana participated also the elementary school J. Jurčič from Devin.

16. - Gymnastics: Bor's Christmas event
Gymnastics; Trst; Bor's traditional Christmas event has been very successful.

16./17. - In Doberdob the I love soccer tournament
Soccer; Doberdob; at the municipal gym in Doberdob there was the I love soccer tournament for the Under 10 and 8 categories. To the event participated the team Adria Mladost and Sovodnje.

15. - Basketball; Promotion League: Sokol - Bor 84:81
Basketball; Nabrežina; Promotion League; Sokol won the 1st round return match against Bor 84:81 (Umek 31, Križman 18; Oblak 21, Schiavo 19).

13./14. - Volleyball, 10th round matches: Govolley scores a point, Sloga wins, Soča lost
Volleyball: Soca ZBDS 3:2, Women C League: Sloga List - Tarcento 3:1; Women D League: Govolley - Altura 2:3.

13. - Soccer, tonight: Mladost - Audax
Soccer; Doberdob; 3rd Amateur League: Mladost draw the home match against Audax 2:2. For Mladost scored Peric and Ferlez, for Audax Matija Figelj in Daniel Skarabot.

11./12. - Basketball, Promotion League: Sokol and Dom win; Under 19: two victories and one loss
Basketball; Trst; Promotion League; Sokol won the 9th round away match against 69ers 73:68 (Doljak 21, Križman 20). Dom won the match against Basket Dindias 67:55.
UNDER 19, National Championship, third phase faza: Falconstar - Bor ZKB 79:64 (Peretti and Smrekar 13); Jadran ZKB - S. Vito 85:58 (Ban 26, Škerl 11); Regional Championship: Jadran ZKB - Goriziana 59:49 (Košuta 17, Semolič 14)

12. - Skiing, presentation of the FISI official races in Sezana
Skiing; Sežana; at the premises of the Vinoteki Klun there was the presentation of FISI's official races, of the Skiing Cup of the Primorska region and of the promotional races. The event was organised by ZSSDI Skiing Commission and the Notranjsko-primorska regija skiing association. Picture: Franko Šadelj and Ennio Bogatez.

12. - Primorski dnevnik awarded the 2009 Oscars of Sports
Trst; at Primorski dnevnik premises the Best Slovenian players of our teams wew awarded: Daniel Tomizza (soccer, Kras), Peter Sosič (basketball, Jadran), Danjel Slavec (volleyball, Sloga Tabor) and Sabrina Bukavec (volleyball, Kontovel), in the Mladinci category: Borut Ban (basketball, Kontovel), Niko Jevnikar (soccer, Kras), Mateja Petejan (volleyball, Govolley) and Matija Komjanc (volleyball, Olympia).

11. - Basketball; Pilat and Zanini will play for Bor Radenska
Basketball; Trst; two new players will play for Bor Radenska: former A1 League player Marco Pilat (born in 1974, 200 cm) and guard Matteo Zanini (1982, 188).

10. - Our athletes with other teams: Jessica Cergol scored 31 points
Basketball; Milje; our Jessica Cergol scored 31 points for her team Coopsette Muggia which won the match against Sarcedo 71:44. With the same team, which is ranked first, play also our Samantha Cergol (6 pts.) and Mia Kraus (0).

10. - Orienteering, Brez meja: 121 participants
Orienteering; Gropada; to the Brez meja tournament, organised by AŠD Gaja, participated 121 athletes from our region and Slovenia.

9. - Trst Sport School Christmas event
Trst; nearly 50 elementary school pupils from the Trst Sport School participated to the traditional Christmas event at the Bojan Pavletic gym.

8. - Nabrežina: Culture and sport
Nabrežina; at the Nabrežina municipal gym there was the traditional Culture and sport awarding, to which participated many representatives of local associations and numerous guests.

8. - Basketball, Promotion League: Bor wins
Basketball; Trst; Promotion League: Bor won the 9th round away match Salesiani Don Bosco 71:61 (Oblak 17, Schiavo 13).

8. - Nabrežina, School and sport project: 141 participants
Skiing; Nabrežina; to the last day of the School and sport project participated 141 elementary school pupils from Italian and Slovenian schools. The project is organised by SK Devin, Sci Club 70 and the Municipality of Devin-Nabrežina.

7. - Skiing, SK Devin presented the team and the season
Skiing; Nabrežina: at KD Igo Gruden's gym SK Devin presented the teams and the new skiing season.

6. - Volleyball; 2nd Memorial Sergio Veljak: Bibione wins ahead of Futura and Televita
Volleyball; Repen; as expected Bibione (B1) won the 2nd Sergio Veljak Memorial Tournament organised by Sloga Tabor and OD Bor. Second ranked Futura Cordenons ahead of Televita Trieste Volley 2010.

4. - Basketball: Andrea Mura is Goriziana's new coach
Basketball; Gorica; Andrea Mura, who was substituted as Bor's head coach on November 8th by Zovatto, will coach Goriziana, which plays in the C2 League. Our young coach started training on Monday and will play the first match on Wednesday against Latisana.


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