Euro Petagna, Borut Ban, Fabio Ruzzier

Albrert Kerpan, Peter Brumen, Erika Ridolfi

TPK Sirena Annual General Meeting

The Slovenian Olympic Committee recognitions in Ajdovščina (SLO)

ZSŠDI Trophy Cycling Race

SPDT Annual General Meeting

The 22nd Three Lands Friendship Cup

Invalids sport; basketball tournament "Zmagajmo vsi"

Cheerleading; 1st Millenium Cup

Table tennis: Kras promoted to A2 league

Skiing, Qubik caffe' Cup

The meeting of the aesthetic motion lovers


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4. - Basketball; Borut Ban will practise with the Italian U 18 National Team
Basketball; Kontovel and Jadran basketball player Borut Ban, year 1992, will practise with the Italian U 18 National Team in Ferrara from 16th to 19th March. Borut is one of the 16 best Italian players born in 1992. This of course represents a great achievment for Kontovel, Jadran and for our basketball.

5. -TPK Sirena Annual General Meeting: honorary membership to Arianna Bogatec
Trieste; at the club's premises there was the TPK Sirena Annual General Meeting to which participated a large number of members. At the meeting Arianna Bogatec was awarded the honorary membership for her extraordinary achievments in sailing.

6. - The Slovenian Olympic Committee recognitions in Ajdovščina (SLO) : our athletes too
Ajdovščina; The Slovenian Olympic Commettee awarded the prizes also to our athletes: Tanja Romano and Mojmir Kokorovec (small statue), Mateja Bogatec (gold medal), Michele Leghissa, Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta (silver badge), and Mojmir and Samo Kokorovec (recognition for coaches).

7. - ZSŠDI Trophy Cycling Race: the Slovenian Marko Kump won!
Trieste; The 34th ZSŠDI Trophy Cycling Race organized by KK Adria was won by Marko Kump (Adria Mobil). This is the first ever victory of a Slovenian cyclist at this race. The Slovenian Matej Gnezda ranked 2nd, and the Italian cyclist Marco Canola ranked 3rd.

12. - SPDT Annual General Meeting: Golden Honorary Badge of the Slovene Alpine Association to Dušan Jelinčič
In the crowded Gregorčič's hall there was the 56th SPDT Annual General Meeting. The main speech was held by the President Marinka Pertot. There were also given the awards of the Slovenian Alpine Association.The highest award was given to the alpinist and journalist Dušan Jelinčič. They also elected the new commettee.

13. - Skiing, the 22nd Three Lands Friendship Cup: Sk Devin great organization and mass participation
Skiing; Forni di Sopra; the 22nd Three Lands Friendship Cup valid also for the 6th Lucijan Sosič Memorial was very successful. The weather was wonderful and the organization was perfect. There were more than 400 competitors from 19 clubs from Slovenia, Carintia and our region. The absolute champions are Mateja Nanut (SPDG) and Robert Gomišek (SK Gorica). The winning club was SK Devin.

14. - Athletics, Lugano Grand Prix: Fabio Ruzzier the absolute winner
Athletics; Lugano (Switzerland); at the international competition for veterans Lugano Grand Prix our marcher Fabio Ruzzier, who competed for Slovenia, ranked 1st in the 10 km march (49:06,8). Ruzzier was the fastest in all the categories for competitors over 35. 2nd ranked the German Mischan Tainer (49:24,2), third was the Italian Andrea Naso (50:26,3).

19. - Invalids sport; basketball tournament "Zmagajmo vsi": interesting matches and a lot of enthusiasm
Invalids sport; Briščiki; VZS Sklad Mitja Čuk organized the 7th basketball tournament "Zmagajmo vsi". Despite the absence of the team from Ljubljana the tournament was very successful. The matches were exciting, and there was great enthusiasm on the field and on the stands.

20. - Cheerleading; 1st Millenium Cup: great organizational success and nearly 500 athletes
Cheerleading; Trieste; the 1st Millenium Cup organized by Cheerdance Millenium took place in the sports hall of Trieste. There were 485 competitors from 24 clubs from Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Finland and Italy. The event was very successful.

21. - "Kraški maraton" in Sežana: among the participants also our team "Tečemo brez meja"; the marcher Fabio Ruzzier absolute winner
Athletics; Sežana; Our team "Tečemo brez meja ZSŠDI, koroška Slovenska Zveza, Urad za Slovence iz zamejstva in po svetu" participated to the 10th jubilee "Kraški maraton". There were more than 3000 runners in different categories. In the march the athlete Fabio Ruzzier was the absolute winner. The winner of the "Kraški maraton" was Kosmač, followed by Kosovel.

21. - Table tennis: Kras promoted to A2 league
Table tennis; women B league; Treviso; with double victory in the last round against Treviso (5 : 0) and against San Pancrazio (4 : 1) Kras was promoted to the A2 league.
Kras team: Irena Rustja, Sonja Doljak, Tjaša Kralj and Sonja Milič.

20./21. - Sailing, 470: Simon Košuta and Jaš Farneti won at a national regatta
Sailing; Marina di Carra; class 470; Čupa's sailors Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti won at a national regatta to which participated 31 crews. Four times they ranked first, once they ranked fourth.

21. - Skiing, Qubik caffe' Cup; SK Devin and ŠD Mladina ranked 1st among clubs; Rožič the absolute winner
Skiing; Forni di Sopra; ŠD Mladina organized the 1st Qubik caffe' Cup, the last competition of the 5th "Prmorski Pokal" and the 6th Alternativa Sport Cup. There competed 350 skiers from 14 clubs, 4 from our region and 10 from Slovenia. The winning clubs were SK Devin and ŠD Mladina, the absolute winner was Mattia Rožič.

22. - Volleyball; World League: among the 22 selected "azzurri" also Matej Černic and Loris Mania'
Volleyball; Rome; The coach of the Italian National Team Andrea Anastasi published the list of 22 players who will partecipate to the World League 2010. Among them there are also our players Matej Černic (Perugia) and Loris Mania' (Modena).

28. - Great success of the meeting of the aesthetic motion lovers: various program and numerous spectators
In the Bor's sports center the Gym club Bor from Trieste organized the spring meeting of the aesthetic motion lovers. The performance was a great success. There performed more than 130 gymnasts and dancers from clubs from our region and from Slovenia. There were 24 shows and the numerous spectators were enthustastic.

28. - Skiing - Transborder Provincial Championship: SPDG ranked 3rd, Memorial F. Trodella to Gregor Nanut
On Sella Nevea there was the 6th Transborder Provincial Championship Nova Gorica - Gorica. The winners were Samuel Borovinšek (Idrija) and Nicol Bellotto (Sci Cai);
the winning team was Sci Cai Due Ronchi Monfalcone. SPDG ranked 3rd. Gregor Nanut (SPDG) is the winner of the Memorial F. Trodella.

28. - Trieste Championship: SK Devin 3 rd in the senior club rank, ŠD Mladina 1st in the junior club rank
In Trbiž there was the Trieste Provincial Championship. The absolute winners were Benedetta Vasselli (Cai Trieste) and Matteo Vatua (Cai XXX Ottobre).The first among teams was Sci Cai XXX Ottobre, followed by Sci Club 70. SK Devin ranked 3rd, ŠD Mladina 4th and Brdina 7th. ŠD Mladina ranked 1st among junior teams.

Milan Babič, former President of ŠZ Bor, died
30. - At the age of 76 died of heart attack the former President of ŠZ Bor Milan Babič. He was President of ŠZ Bor for two years (1960-1961), following the first president Jože Cesar. Before becoming President of ŠZ Bor he had been the sports secretary by KD Cankar.


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