HIGHLIGHTS December 2010


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2. - Skiing, School -Sport: mass participation on the final race

Skiing, Nabrežina; numerous primary school students took part in the final race of the project School - Sport on the plastic slope in Nabrežina.The event was organized by the associations SK Devin, Sci Club 70 and the Municipality of Devin - Nabrežina.

4. - Chess. Zamejsko prvenstvo: Pino Laco Lakovič still champion, Cristina Sustersich female winner, 31 participants

Trieste; in the Gregorčič Hall in Trieste 31 female and male chess players took part in the “Zamejsko prvenstvo”. As expected this year champion is Pino Laco Lakovič; the female winner is Cristina Sustersich.

1./4. Skating, World Championship in Portugal. Tanja Romano World champion in free program
Skating; Portimao (Portugal), World Championship. On Friday the Polet skater Tanja Romano won the gold medal in the free program; on Wednesday Tanja ranked 11th in the compulsory figures and she was 2nd after the short program on Thursday. The Italian Debora Sbei who ranked 2nd in the free program, was 1st in combination. For the Polet champion this is the 15th world title.

10. - Trieste, regional FIHP awardings; lots of our representatives awarded; for the golden Tanja Romano an enthusiastic standing -ovation
Trieste; in the MIB Centre there has been the awarding of the regional FIHP, where lots of our representatives received awards in skating, skiroll and hockey in line. The Polet’s athlete Tanja Romano enjoyed an enthusiastic standing- ovation. Tanja has recently won the gold medal at the World Championship in Portugal. On the photo Marcella Skabar, Tanja Romano and Mauro Tommasini.

16. - Best athletes 2010: Tanja Romano, Matej Černic and NK Kras Slovenian Primorska region: Snežana Rodič, Valter Birsa and FC Luka Koper

Gorica; in the House of Culture in Gorica there was the traditional awarding of the best athletes from both sides of the Primorska region "Naš športnik 2010". Our best athletes this year are the Polet skater Tanja Romano and the volleyball player Matej Černic; the best team is NK Kras. The ZSŠDI awards were given to Marjan Tomšič, Norči Zavadlal and the Secondary school Ivan Trinko. Valentino Juretič and Danilo Riolino were awarded for their sports career. The best athletes of the Primorska region in Slovenia are Snežana Rodič, Valter Birsa and FC Luka Koper.

17./22. - Sailing, Youth World Championship, 470: Jaš and Simon won the bronze medal
Sailing, Doha, Youth World Championship, class 470: Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta , the Čupa "azzurri" (on the photo - during the rewarding, they are the first and the second from right) ranked 3rd among 33 crews, keeping the advantage of one point. They concluded their performances on an excellent 3rd place and first of the “azzurri”, what’s another big success in their career.

23. - Skating: warm welcome for the world champion Tanja Romano
Opčine; in ZKB’s conference hall there was a warm welcome for the Polet skater, 15 times world champion, Tanja Romano.To the event participated the Polet members, some political personalities and other numerous guests. The conductor of the evening was Andro Merku’.

31. - Our most successful events in 2010
Year 2010 is ending and with it a year of successes (but also failures) of our athletes and teams. As the most successful events this year we chose: the world title in the free program of the skater Tanja Romano, the bronze medal in Doha Youth World Championship of the sailors Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta, and the historical promotion in the national D league of the Kras footballers.


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