HIGHLIGHTS January 2011


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1. New Year's Soča race: this year only three participants

Kayak; Sovodnje: this year only three fearless participants took part in the New Year's race on the Soča river from Gorica fair (Espomego) to Sovodnje organized by KK Šilec. It was a pity as the weather conditions were very good and also the rapid waters enabled the three brave participants to conclude the race very quickly, in half an hour.

3.- Ljubljana: minister Boštjan Žekš met the "golden" Tanja Romano and the "bronzes" Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta

Ljubljana; the minister for the Slovenians beyond the borderes and around the world Boštjan Žekš met the Polet skater Tanja Romano, winner of the gold medal at the world championship in Portugal, and Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti, who won the bronze medal at the youth world championship (class 470) in Doha (Quatar). At the meeting there were also the President of ZSŠDI Jure Kufersin and the President of JK Čupa Robert Antoni. A press conference with the reporters of the Slovenian media followed.

5.- Ljubljana; Sergio Ferrari awarded the prize "Sport and Media"

Ljubljana; our photographer and TV cameraman Sergio Ferrari received the award "Sport and Media" for the year 2010. The award was also given to Jurij Perč from Klagenfurt.

15.- Soccer, D league, stadium Rocco in Trieste: Kras - Venezia 1:1; it was a historic day for our soccer and for all our sport

Soccer; Trieste, D league: Kras (on the photo) draw the pre-played 20th round match against the team Union Venezia 1.1 (0.0). In the 73th minute the guests scored the first goal, but in the 85th minute Carli equalized with a fantastic head kick. It was a historic day not only for our soccer, but also for all our sport. For security reasons the match was played in the stadium Rocco in Trieste. The were almost 1.500 spectators and beside our supporters there were also a lot of soccer fans from Trieste.

16.- Karate, Zgonik: Shinkai club winner of the Samurai Cup

Shinkai club was the coorganizer with Libertas of the second round of the Samurai Cup.170 athletes from FVG ,among whom 42 from the Shinkai club, took part in the competition . The Shinkai club ranked first among clubs.

23.- Skiing, Primorski pokal Cup: SK Devin first in senior and junior category; excellent SK Brdina organization

In Forni di Sopra there was the first giant slalom race for the 6th Primorski pokal Cup and the 11th Z K B Cup. The competition was excellently organized by SK Brdina. 270 skiers took part in the race. The best were the SK Devin skiers (on the photo) who won in both senior and junior category. Katrin Don (Brdina) and Ivan Kerpan (Mladina) were absolute first.

24.- Michele Leghissa awarded in Rome as the best Italian beach footballer in 2010

Soccer; Rome: our footballer Michele Leghissa (on the photo during the awarding) got the award from the National Amateur association (Lega nazionale dilettanti) as the best Italian beach footballer in the year 2010. Leghissa played 126 matches with the Italian national team and scored 33 goals. He was often the captain of the "azzurri".

25.- Primorski dnevnik Oscar Awards 2010 : Sabrina Bukavec, Borut Ban, Alen Carli and Ambrož Peterlin

Primorski dnevnik awarded the best volleyball, basketball and soccer players in 2010. (on the photo): Sabrina Bukavec (Kontovel) won the award for the best female volleyball player, Borut Ban (Jadran) for basketball, Alen Carli (Kras) for soccer and Ambrož Peterlin (Sloga Tabor) for the best male volleyball player.The Primorski dnevnik awarded also the best male and female juniors. They are: the volleyball players Katarina Pučnik ( Bor) and Matija Komjanc (Olympia), the soccer player Goran Kerpan (Vesna); Borut Ban got the award also as the best junior basketball player.

28.- Press conference the day of the centenary of SPD Gorica

Gorica; at the association premises was held the press conference on the day of the centenary of the Slovenian alpine association Gorica, which was founded on 28th January 1911. The press conference was attended by the President Marko Lutman, the members of the committee Loredana Prinčič and Vlado Klemše, the Z S Š D I representative Igor Tomasetig and other guests.On the photo: Klemše, Lutman and Loredana Prinčič.

30.- Skiing, Biberon Trophy: big success of SK Devin

Skiing; Forni di Sopra; 350 young skiers from our country, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria participated in the regional competition for the Biberon Trophy. SK Devin was excellent third among 30 clubs; Brdina ranked 17th, Mladina 21st. Among individuals the best was Andrea Craievich, who was first in the year 2000 category.


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