HIGHLIGHTS February 2011


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3. - Chess, international tournament HIT Open 2011 in Nova Gorica:Pino Laco lakovič ranked 31st

Chess, Nova Gorica: at the international tournament HIT Open 2011 our best chess player Pino Laco Lakovič (on the photo) ranked 31st with 5 points in 9 rounds. He won four times, he drew two games and he was defeated three times.
The competition to which participated 96 chess players was won by the Slovenian greatmaster Jure Škoberne (7,5 points) ahead of the Serbian greatmasters Robert Markuš and Dragan Šolak (both with 7 points).

Sloga Tabor the Regional Cup champion, Olympia second

Finals of the Regional Cup, male C League, Repen: in the final match Sloga Tabor won 3:1 against the team Il Pozzo ( 25:19, 25:17, 23:25, 25:21 )and ranked first; Lignano was third beating VBU 2:0; male D League, Gorica: in the final match Olympia lost 1:3 against San Vito ( 19:25, 25:21, 20:25, 21:25 ) and ranked second; third was CUS, which beat Travesio 2:0. On the photo: Sloga players with the cup.

The winner of the second race for the "Primorski Cup" in Cerkno was SK Kalič ahead of SK Devin and SK Javornik, 7th Mladina, 13th Brdina

In Cerkno took place the second race for the "Primorski Cup" valid also for the "Miškotov Cup".280 skiers from 14 clubs, among which 3 Slovenian clubs from Italy, participated to the race organized by SK Kalič. The winner was SK Kalič ahead of SK Devin (on the photo) and SK Javornik. Mladina ranked 7th and Brdina 13th. The best among males was Matej Škrk (Devin) 38,49.

11. - Ljubljana; Mateja Bogatec received the "Bloudkova plaketa"

Ljubljana; Mladina's rollerskater Mateja Bogatec received the 2010 "Bloudkova Plaketa" " for an important contribution to the development and popularization of the Slovenian sport in Italy" ( it is written in the argumentation).The top winners of the Bloudek awards were the skier Tina Maze, the judoist lucija Palavder and the boxer Dejan Z avec. On the photo: Mateja Bogatec with the President of OKS Janez Kocjančič (left) and the Slovenian Prime Minister Borut Pahor.

16. - Soccer: Davide Pellegrini is the new coach of NK Kras

Soccer, Repen: NK Kras has a new coach who replaced Marino Kragelj ,who had, after the defeat in Padova, irrevocably resigned.The new coach is Davide Pellegrini (born in 1966, on photo KROMA). He is a real professional coach and has a rich playing and coaching career. He played, among the others, with Varese, Fiorentina, Pisa and he was a playfellow of Roberto Baggio. In the season 2007/08 he coached Verona in the C1 League. In the last season he was with Monopoli in the Elite League. Pellegrini has already performed the first training with his new team, which he is going to lead in the last ten D League rounds.

19. - Chess, provincial school championship: victory of Opčine

At the premises of the district council in Opčine took place the provincal primary school chess tournament organized by our school Žiga Z ois . 10 schools participated to the tournament, 6 in male and 4 in female category.There was also an Italian school (Padoa). The winner in both categories was the team Opčine A..

22. - Juventussi, our representatives Cristina Sustersich, Jaš Farneti, Simon Sivitz Košuta and Niko Štokelj among the awarded

Trieste: this year's traditional Juventussi awards were given also to four Slovene representatives. Among the main winners of the awards there were the two Čupa sailors Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti. The Marco Luchetta award was given ro the chess player Cristina Sustersich, who attends the F. Prešeren high school. The grant in memory of the colleague Ezio Lipott was given to the journalist Niko Štokelj.

24. - Cycling: 35th Z S Š D I Trophy Cycling Race press-conference

Cycling, Lonjer (Trieste): at the premises of the cultural and sports centre in Lonjer in the presence of numerous guests there was the 35th Z S Š D I Trophy Cycling Race press conference. The race will take place on Sunday 6th March with the participation of 25 clubs from 18 different countries. On the photo (P.Sant), from left: Manuel Purger, Miran Batič, Jure Kufersin in Radi Pečar.

26. - Chess, lower secondary schools: Dante A and Kosovel A the best

Chess, Opčine: at the premises of the district council in Opčine there was the regional chess competition for lower secondary schools to which participated 22 teams (17 male and 5 female teams). Dante A won in the male category,while the team Kosovel A was the winner among girls. On the photo: the awarded girls

27. - Cross-country skiing, Mateja Bogatec (Mladina) Trieste champion

Cross-country skiing, Trbiž, Trieste championship: the cross-country skiers of the Mladina club from Križ achieved great results. Mateja Bogatec ranked 1st among the individuals and became the Trieste champion.Other Mladina representatives won also in other categories. The overall winner among men was Emiliano Paoletti. On the photo: Mateja Bogatec and Paoletti, below Gabriella Paruzzi.


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