HIGHLIGHTS February 2012


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5. - Welcome for the Junior World Champions 470 Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta

There was a lot of people in the restaurant Bita waiting and expecting the new Junior World Champions 470 Simon Sivitz Košuta and Jaš Farneti who came back from Auckland - New Zealand.
The plane was a bit late and when they entered the hall the organized party for them started with an enourmous and long applause and lots of compliments.
The first to begin his speech on the stage was the President of the Yacht Club Cupa, Roberto Antoni who paid his compliment to Simon and Jaš, to the coach Matjaž Antonaz,to the Italian Sailing Federation, to the Slovene sport federation in Italy (ZSŠDI), to all the supporters and sponsors and finally to their parents. Then was the turn of the mayor of Zgonik Mirko Sardoč, the mayor of Devin-Nabrežina Giorgio Ret, the President of the zone Giorgio Bresich, Jure Kufersin and the coach Matjaž Antonaz who said that he was very optimistic about the result Simon and Jas gained in New Zealand even before the beginning of the competition. Also the wellknown sailor Mauro Pelaschier welcomed the Junior World Champions.
At the end Simon and Jaš expressed their thanks to all the people, clubs, sponsors, federations and parents who hepled and supported them and to all the ones in the hall for being there.
Then a big and very good cake was cut on which was written "Simon and Jaš 470" and the real party began with a lot of music and fun.
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March 2011

4. - Roller-skating: Tanja Romano concluded her career!

Roller-skating, Pisa: the Polet roller-skater Tanja Romano (on the photo), who won 15 world titles, has been proclaimed 10 times our best sportswoman, and got numerous awards (among which also the Bloudek Award), has decided to conclude her extremely successful career and to dedicate her time to training young roller-skaters and to finish her studies at the sport faculty at Pisa university.

6. - Cycling: the Italian Enrico Battaglin (Zalf Fior) is the winner of the 35th International race for the ZSŠDI Trophy

Cycling, Lonjer: the Italian Enrico Battaglin (on the photo), member of the Zalf Desiree' Fior team, has won the 35th International race for the Z S Š D I Trophy, to which participated 176 cyclists from 25 European countries. Sonny Colbrelli (Zalf Fior) ranked 2nd, Luca Benedetti (Mantovani) was 3rd.

11.- SPDT AGM: successful and varied activity

Trst; in the Gregorčičeva dvorana in the presence of a numerous audience there was the Slovensko planinsko društvo Trst 57th Annual General Meeting. The main speech held by the President Marinka Pertot and the reports of the sections' heads showed that the past season's club 's activity was varied and very successful. On the photo, from the left: Sabrina Žezlina, Vojko Slavec, Marinka Pertot, Patrizia Krevatin,

14. - Chess: five of our high schools at the regional finals

Chess, Devin; Trieste provincial high schools championship: the teams of our schools were greatly successful, in fact five of our teams will take part to the regional finals. The Prešeren school was first among the women juniors and the cadets, Oberdan ranked first among the men juniors. On the photo: the first three men junior teams (Oberdan, Prešeren and United World College A)

17. - Athletics, European Indoor Veterans Championship: Fabio Ruzzier winner of the 3 km fast march

Athletics, Gent (Belgium), European Indoor Veterans Championship: our marcher Fabio Ruzzier won the title of European champion M55 in 3 km fast march with the time 13:33,80. The Russian Kiseljev ranked second (14:01,29) ahead of the English Nick Slivester (14:02.01). In all, there were 33 athletes participating to the competition. For our marcher this is the 11th European title and the second one in the 3 km march.

18. - Cheerleading: 650 participants at the 2nd Millenium Cup

Cheerleading, Trieste: also the 2nd Millenium cup organized by the club Cheerdance Millenium was very successful. To the competition partecipated 650 young cheerleaders from many European countries and also a Canadian team. The club Cheerdance Millenium participated with four groups: Rabbits, Fairies, Drows and Sprites. On the photo: from the opening cerimony

26. Skiing - Crossborder championship: Mateja Nanut (SPDG) champion

Skiing: on Piancavallo there was the Crossborder provincial championship to which participated 240 women and men skiers. The championship was organized by the club SPDG. The winner among women was Mateja Nanut (SPDG), while the men champion was the SK Idrija skier Samuel Borovinšek (on the photo). The first among clubs was SC Due Ronchi Monfalcone, SPDG ranked excellent third.

21. - Slovene Hunters Club FJK Doberdob AGM

At the headquarters in Repnič there was the Annual General Meeting of the Slovene hunters club FJK Doberdob. In his speech the President Egon Malalan pointed out the varied and successful
club 's activity.

24. - Gorica, very successful ŠZ Olympia 50th anniversary celebration

Gorica: in the cultural centre Lojze Bratuž the sports club ŠZ Olympia celebrated the 50th anniversary of its foundation. At the cerimony were present numerous club members, athletes and guests. The main speech was held by the President of the club Gregor Sfiligoj (on the photo).

25. - TK Sirena Annual General Meeting: successful season

Trieste; at the club 's premises , in the presence of numerous members there was the elective 35th Annual General Meeting. The main speech held by the President Livio Pertot was followed by other reports. All of them pointed out that the past season was a varied and successful one. On the photo, from the left: Igor Košuta, Arianna Bogatec, Livio Pertot and Alex Perosa.

26. - Sailing, Jaš and Simon to London with the new sailboat

Sailing, Sesljan: at the premises of JK Čupa Jaš's and Simon's new sailboat 470 was "baptized" in the presence of many guests. With the new sailboat Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta will try to classify for the 2012 Olympic games in London.

27. - Beach football: Michele Leghissa World club vicechampion

Beach football, Sao Paulo (Brazil): our football player Michele Leghissa, on loan at the Portoguese club Sporting from Lisbona, ranked second at the World club championship in Brazil to which participated the 10 best clubs of the world ; the winner was the Brazilian team Vasco Da Gama. Sporting defeated Barcelona (8:2) in the quarters of the finals and the Russian Lokomotiv (5:4)in the semifinals. In the final match they lost against Vasco Da Gama (2:4).


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