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Also in the year 2013 our sports movement has been variegated and successful. Here is a list of the most significant events of the year, according to slosport.


13th - Chess: In the Kulturni dom of Borgo Grotta Gigante took place the championship for chess players of the Slovenian community in Italy.
In the men's field has won the most favored Pino Laco Lakovič, in front of Enrico Genzo and Jan Gergolet. In the women's competition has won Lejla Juretič. In the photo, from left: Enrico Genzo, Pino Lakovič, Lejla Juretič and Jan Gergolet.

26th - Saint Leonard, Twentieth Ordinary Assembly of Planinska družina Benečije.
In San Leonardo took place, as part of the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the association, the ordinary meeting of the Planinska družina Benečije. A lot of guests and friends of the club and representatives of associations and local institutions attended the meeting.

29th - The Primorski dnevnik and the ZSŠDI awarded our most deserving sports operators with the "Oscars 2012".

Opicina: in the hall of the ZKB took place the ceremony for the "Oscars 2012". The Oscars of basketball, senior: Borut Ban. Youth: Matiha Batich. Football, senior: Daniel Tomizza. Youth: Albert Kerpan. Volleyball, senior women: Tanja Babudri. Youth: Petra Grgič. Senior men: Ambrož Peterlin. Youth: Jernej Terpin.


9th - Azzurri: the Municipality of Trieste awarded also five of our athletes.
Trieste: in the conference hall of the town hall of Trieste took place the traditional prize-giving ceremony of the Azzurri d'Italia, among whom were also awarded five of our athletes: Sofia Carciotti (diving), Martina Pecchiar (skating, in the picture: second from the right), Tea Ugrin (gymnastics) and the sailors Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta.

8/10th - Diving, Trieste: Sofia Carciotti, 3rd place from the platform Diving
Trieste, Italian Indoor Championships: in the first day of the competition (Friday), our athlete Sofia Carciotti (Trieste Tuffi), has reached a good ninth place from the 1-meter diving-board, and on sunday from the 10-meter diving-board, her speciality, an excellent third place behind the most favored Noemi Batki and Annapaola Tocchio. In the photo: Tocchio, Batki and Carciotti.

12th - The President of the ZSŠDI was awarded with the Bloudek plate for sports merit, the prestigious award to the most deserving sporting men of Slovenia. In the photo: Jure Kufersin with the Minister for Slovenians Abroad, Ms. Ljudmila Novak.


7th - USSI: Mario Šušteršič among the elected councilors.
The Italian Sports Press Association has re-elected for the next four years president Luigi Ferraiolo. Among the elected councilors will represent FVG also Mario Šušteršič, which is a great pride for all of our sports journalists.

10th - Skiing, Championships across the border, a success despite bad weather
Skiing, Piancavallo: despite the bad weather, the ninth edition of the "Across the border Championships of Gorizia - Nova Gorica) was a success. The absolute champions are both from Slovenia, Miha Sirk (men) and Nina Jan (in the picture, women). Great second place for Marco Ventin and Mateja Nanut (both SPDG).

12th - USSI: A prize also for our gymnast Tea Ugrin
Trieste: at the Circolo della Vela in Trieste Piero Micoli was confirmed as president of the Italian Sports Press Union. Also two of our journalists (Ivan Bajc and Saša Rudolf) were elected in the board of directors. After that, followed the traditional ceremony Juventussi. Among the winners also our gymnast Tea Ugrin (Artistica 81). In the photo: the winners (third from right Tea Ugrin).

12th - Best athletes of Koper: Fabio Ruzzier awarded with the golden plate

Koper: The best athletes from Koper in the last season were Špela Ponomarenko (kayak, women) and Jure Gostinčar (dancer, men). 21 people were awarded with the golden plate and among them there was our road-walker Fabio Ruzzier (on the picture: fourth from the left)

15th - OKS, awards: among the winners also Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta
Ajdovščina - Slovenian Olympic Committee awarded with the silver mark our sailors Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta.

17th - Skiing: A successful "Friendship Cup", great results for SK Devin
Skiing, Forni di Sopra: the 25th "Friendschip Cup" of three regions and the 9th Memorial "Lucijan Sosič" were very successful. The main organization was SK Snežnik from Ilirska Bistrica, with the collaboration of SK Devin and the association Šentjaž iz Podna from Carinthia. SK Devin reached the first place among clubs.

23/24th - Gymnastics, Jesolo: Tea Ugrin first in the team competition, fourth at the beam
Gymnastics, Jesolo: At the international tournament for the City of Jesolo, our athlete Tea Ugrin (in the picture) won with the italian youth national team the first place and finished fourth on the beam in the individual competition (unfortunately after falling from the tool).

24th - Volleyball, Women U18: Zalet Barich won the provincial title
Volleyball, Repen, Under 18. The Zalet Barich (in the photo) won against the Altura 3-1 in the final and conquered the provincial title of Trieste. In the semifinal our team won against Virtus 3-0. Virtus reached the third place after defeating the Coselli 2-0.


12th - Cheerdance Millenium: ordinary meeting and exhibition for the 10th anniversary

Gropada: The ordinary meeting of the Cheerdance Millenium took place with the opening of an exhibition for the 10th anniversary of the association. In the picture: The awarded people

16th - Football: Zdravko Kuštrin awarded with the plate of The Football Association of Slovenia
Football, Brdo (Slovenia): at the annual general meeting of The Football Association of Slovenia, Zdavko Kuštrin, the president of Sovodnje (left in the photo with the president of NZS Čeferin) was awarded with the plate of The Football Association of Slovenia. This award is also a great recognition for the Sovodnje and our football movement.

19th - ZSŠDI: Ivan Peterlin succeed to Jure Kufersin

Opicina: in the conference hall of the ZKB took place the 42nd ordinary meeting of the ZSŠDI with the election of the new executive board. Ivan Peterlin was elected as new president, after 22 years of successful presidency of Jure Giorgio Kufersin. There were also given prizes for "a life for the sport" and "loyalty". Pictures: on the left the winners, on the right the new board of directors.

21st- Gymnastics, Stadium First of May: Slovenian championship

At the First of May Stadium in Trieste took place on Sunday a gymnastics competition of the Championship of Slovenia, organized by AŠD Bor. The event was very successful.

21st - Football, Breg wins and goes for the first time in the First Category.


23rd - Sports for Disabled, basketball: 1st Schultz Medea, 4th VZS Mitja Čuk
Sports for disabled. Wit the last two matches Medea - Il Mosaico (24-8) and Medea - VZS Mitja Čuk (30-15) and the awards ceremony the basketball tournament ended with a deserved victory for the Centro Giuliano Schultz from Medea. In fourth position the VZS M. Čuk.

28th - Football, Allievi: Kras provincial champion
Football, Domio, Allievi: in the last match of the season Kras defeated Domio (4-1, Maio 2, Caselli, own-goal) and won the provincial champion title.


1st - Basketball, U19: Jadran wins (55-53) and goes to the national finals!
29-30/4 - 1/5, Basketball, Cesenatico (Forlì), Interzone, U19, Elite: great success for the Jadran. In the third and decisive game won against La Spezia (Liguria) with 53-53 and qualified for the national finals, which will take place in Gorizia from 13th to 19th of May. In the picture: the joy of the players after the victory against La Spezia.

10th - Sailing, Olympic Week. Simon and Jaš the best among the Azzurri, but two different crews are going to Mediterranean Games
Sailing, Garda Lake, 470: on the fourth day of the Olympic Week, also valid for the qualification for the Mediterranean Games, our two sailors of the Čupa, Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta (in the pictures) reached a 12th, 16th and 7th place and ended in the 9th position. Despite being the best of the Azzurri, other two crews are going to Mediterranean Games. A decision taken by the Federation, which leaves perplexed.

21st - Jure Kufersin designated as provincial delegate of the CONI
Trieste: Jure Kufersin, former president of the ZSŠDI, was designated as provincial delegate of the regional Olympic Committee for the next four years.

25/26th - Gymnastics, Absolute Italian Championships: fantastic Tea Ugrin, wins two gold medals and one bronze medal
Gymnastics, Ancona, Italian Championships: our athlete Tea Ugrin (in the picture), who competes for the club Artistica '81, after winning the overall title on Saturday (she succeeded to former world champion Vanessa Ferrari, absent in this competition), won a gold medal in the floor exercise and a bronze medal in the beam.


2nd - Skiroll, Sgonico, Grand Prix: 150 participants from 5 countries; Nina Broznić and Emanuele Sbabo winners, 3rd place for Mladina
Skiroll, Sgonico: on the track Samatorza - Sales - Bajta took place the Grand Prix Alpe Adria, well organized by Mladina. 150 participants from 5 countries. Nina Broznić and Emanuele Sbabo were the winners. Three athletes of Mladina have won in their respective categories. Among the associations Mladina (in the picture some of its athletes) has reached the third place.

7/9th - Figure skating, Memorial Sedmak - Bressan: high technical performances, great audience, excellent performance by Metka Kuk (Polet)
Figure skating, Opicina: the international contest for the memorial Sedmak - Bressam, organized by ASD Polet, had a great audience, with an excellent organization and high-level technical performances of the participants, from Europe and South America. First among the Jeunesse Metka Kuk (Polet), Jessica Piazza (Polet) was third among the Junior. Second place Seniores for Martina Pecchiar (Pat). In the picture: Metka Kuk, first among the Jeunesse.

11th - Press conference: Jadran and Sloga Tabor, "Registration" in doubt
Trieste: in the headquarters of the ZSŠDI took place a press conference about the difficult moment (purely economic), which our two most representative teams (Jadran and Sloga Tabor) are facing. In the picture: Ingrid Kalan (Sloga Tabor), Savo Ušaj (Jadran) and Ivan Peterlin (president of ZSŠDI).

30th - Tennis, Women's D1: Gaja won also the regional title
Tennis, Padriciano, Women's D1: after being promoted to Serie C, Gaja ends the championship D1 winning also the regional title. The team led by Cirila Devetti has won in the final against the CT Triestino with 3-0. In the picture: Martina Bellettini, Jessica Varljen, Lara Betocchi, Cirila Devetti.


7th - Sistiana: celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the Y.C. Čupa
Sistiana: in a packed hall of the former Agenzia Turistica took place the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the Y. C. Čupa with the celebratory speech of president Roberto Antoni, and the awarding of the constituent members (in the picture) and of all the presidents of the association. During the evening it was presented a publication of the 40 years of the company, edited by Andreja Farneti and Vinko Ozbič. At the end, the chorus of Vesna form Santa Croce received a standing ovation.

7th- Tennis, U13: Lara Betocchi (Gaja) regional champion
Tennis, Udine: Lara Betocchi (Gaja) won the regional title Under 13 Women. In the final he won against Anna Sturmig (Tennis Natisone) with 4-6, 6-3, 7-5. After losing the first set, Lara, with grift and determination, has won the following two sets, conquering the title.

9th - Volleyball: Olympia and Val/Soča with unique team in Serie C
Volleyball, Gorizia: in the season 2013/2014 Olympia and Val/Soča will participate with only one team to the regional Serie C. The three associations have signed a collaboration agreement, entrusting the team to the expert coach Fabrizio Marchesini, who was for many years the coach of Val. The gathering of the players is scheduled for the 19th of August. The new team will be undoubtedly one of the favorites for promotion to the B2 league.

9th - Our traditional event Naš športnik (Our sportsman): now together
Trieste, Koper: from year 2013 our traditional event Naš športnik (which awards the best sportsmen from Primorska) will be only one. Primorski Dnevnik, regional Slovenian Rai, website slosport.org, TV and Radio Koper and Primorske novice will now select together (and not separately) the best sportsmen and sportswomen.

20th - Baseball: Italy (with Ilja Krečič) wins the gold
Baseball, Prague (Czech Republic), European Junior Championships: the Italian national team, with our athlete Ilja Krečič (in the picture) wins in the final against Czech Republic (9-3) and wins the gold medal. Results of the Azzurri: Ita - Russia 11-1, Czech Republic - Ita 7-4, Ita - Sweden 11-4, Ita - Belgium 16-9, semifinal: Ita - Netherlands 10-9, final Ita - Czech Republic.

19th - EYOF, 2013 Utrecht: Tea Ugrin wins a bronze medal
Utrecht (Netherlands): Our gymnast Tea Ugrin (Artistica 81 and Italian national team) won the bronze medal in the parallel bars at the XII edition of the European Youth Olympic Festival. Martina Rizzelli (Italy) won the gold and Louisa Vanhille (France) won the silver medal. Note that Tea has already reached with the national team a 5th place (team competition), a 10th place in multiple trials and a 7th place in the calisthenics.

21st - Mountain running: Tadei Pivk wins the European bronze medal
Mountain running, Canazei: our athlete Tadei Pivk (in the picture) (Us Aldo Moro Paluzza) won the prestigious medal at the Dolomites Skyrace of Canazei (Trento), where there were awarded the winners of the continental race in the high mountains. The winner was the Spaniard Kilian Jornet Burgada, second place for the Italian Marco De Gasperi.

30th - Sailing, World Championship 420: Carlotta Omari and Russo Cirillo reached the 5th place
Sailing, Valencia (Spain), World Championships, Class 420, Gold Group. Carlotta Omari and Francesca Russo Cirillo (in the picture), after having been for several days in first place and than in the third place, reached in the last race only a 14th place and so ended the competition in 5th place. In the men's field Matia Ugrin (Sirena) and Mirko Juretič (Čupa) reached a 25th and 21th for the final 33th place in the overall classification.


2/4 - Diving Italian Summer Championships: Sofia Carciotti won the title from the platform
Diving, Rome, Italian Summer Championships: our athlete Sofia Carciotti (in the picture) (Trieste Tuffi) won on Sunday the Senior Italian Title from the platform. On Friday, Sofia reached a 6th place from the 1-meter diving-board.

5th - Basketball, now official: all our clubs are now part of the project Jadran
Basketball: KK Bor and SD Breg joined the project Jadran. In this way all our clubs now closely cooperate with special emphasis on the education of young basketball players.

9th - Sailing, Eurosaf: Carlotta Omari And Francesca R. Cirillo are the champions
Sailing, Tavira (Portugal), class 420, Eurosaf: Carlotta Omari (Sirena) and Francesca Russo Cirillo (Svbg) won the gold medal. Because of the lack of wind, the race for the medal race didn't took place and so the medal went to the pair who was first in the classification on Thursday.


1st - Table Tennis, Sgonico, Kras Cup: Miramas wins, Kras fourth

Table Tennis (Sgonico), 30th international tournament for the Kras Cup; domain of the French team Miramas, which reached the first place being undefeated. In second place TIS Zagreb and in third place STK Prijedor. Fourth place for the Kras, which in the last day has lost against TIS Zagreb, but has won against Duga Resa.

8th - Mountain running: Tadei Pivk Italian champion for the third time
Mountain running, Aviano (Pordenone): our athlete from Tarvisio Žabnice Tadei Pivk (club Aldo moro) wins his personal third title of Italian champion (also in 2010 and 2012) thanks to the win in the last sky race of Monte Cavallo.

8th - Non competitive march "Martiri di Basovizza": more than 450 participants

Basovizza: more than 450 participants have joined the non competitive march "Martiri di Basovizza", organized by ASD Sloga with the collaboration of SPDT and SK Devin and with the sponsorship of the ZSŠDI and the Office for Slovenians Abroad.

10th - The Slovenian Minister Tina Komel visited our sports clubs

Trieste, Gorizia: thanks to the invitation of the ZSŠDI (Union of Slovenian Sports Associations in Italy), the Sloveninan Minister Tina Komel visited our sports clubs in the provinces of Trieste and Gorizia. In the picture, on the left: Minister Komel with our volleyball players, on the right: reception in Savogna d'Isonzo.

14/15 Volleyball, "Martiri di Basovizza" Cup: Olympia wins the men's tournament, Volley Nova Gorica the women's

In the sport gymnasium of Repen took place on Saturday and Sunday the tournament for the "Martiri di Basovizza" Cup. Olympia won the mens's tournament, in front of Sloga Tabor and Fužinar (Slovenia). Nova Gorica won the women's tournament, in front of Grobnican and Zalet.

22nd - Motor-cycling, Mugello: Mitja Emili wins the Honda Trophy
Motor-cycling: the mono-branded Trophy Honda CBR 600 ended at the Mugello Circuit (in the context of the Italian Speed Championship). Our rider Mitja Emili (in the picture with the number 17) wins the title, thanks to two second places.

28th - Our gymnast Tea Ugrin is ambassador of the sport amongst young people
Rome: President of CONI Giovanni Malagò has awarded 45 young Italian athletes with the high recognition of ambassadors of the sport amongst young people. Among them also our 14 years old gymnast Tea Ugrin (Artistica 81, in the picture) received the award. Tea won in this year the overall gymnastic title in Ancona.


10th - Sailing, Barcolana: NO-borders team with four mayors this year
Sailing, Trieste, Barcolana: also the President of the Province of Trieste Maria Teresa Bassa Poropat attended the presentation of the boat No-Borders Team, which will participate to Barcolana. In addition to Sgonico, also Piran (Slovenia) and Rab (Croatia) have joined the project.

12th - Skiing, Sports Festival: awards for Lojzko Popovič, Ennio Bogatez, ASD Mladina, five young athletes of Devin and Tadei Pivk
Skiing, Udine: in the Auditorium of Region FVG in Udine took place the traditional "Sports Festival - Premiando lo sci" with 250 awarded athletes and executives. Among the winners also Lojzko Popovič (golden "distintivo", Ennio Bogatec (silver "distintivo") (in the picture: second and fourth from left). Among the associations awarded the ASD Mladina, among the athletes five young athletes of Devin and Tadei Pivk for alpine skiing.

15th - Sailing, Tinej Sterni (Sirena) in the Italian national team of optimists
Trieste: the young sailor of TKP Sirena Tinej Sterni, after the great results he achieved in the category optimist during this season, was called by the Italian national team - G.A.N. 2014. The first training took place in Torbole (Garda Lake).

20th - "Friendship Tournament": the winners are Team 98 and Škofja Loka
Borgo Grotta Gigante, Prosecco: the 34th "Friendship Tournament" (organized by ASD Kontovel) ended with the win of the Team 98 (basketball Under 17 men) in front of Nova Gorica and Jadran. Škofja Loka won the volleyball Under 18 women tournament in front of Zalet and OK Koštrena.

21st - Cheerleading: Jasna Kneipp and Maša Bizjak at the World Championship in the USA
Cheerleading, Ljubljana: Maša Bizjak and Jasna Kneipp (both members of club Cheerdance Millenium, in the picture) will both represent Slovenian national team at the cheerleading World Championship, which will take place in the April of 2014 in Orlando (FL).

23rd - Karate: high award FIKTA to Sergij Štoka
Karate, Rome: the national presidency of the Italian Federation FIKTA gave to our karateka Sergij Štoka the high award of the 6th Dan for the work and for teaching karate. Štoka is the only karateka in Trieste and in the Friuli Venezia Giulia to be ranked 6th Dan. This is also a prize for our sports movement.


3rd - Sailing: CNT Sirena wins Italian title in the women's 420 class
Sailing, Bari: with the crew Carlotta Omari - Francesca Russo Cirillo the CNT Sirena won the Italian title in the women's 420 class. Excellent 17th place for the other crew of Sirena (with Jana Germani and Cecilia Fedel, at their first appearance).

7th - Opicina: our students awarded with 39 "Awards Sport and School"
Opicina: in a crowded room of ZKB took place (on the initiative of the ZSŠDI and with the support of ZKB bank and of the Bank Doberdob Sovodnje) the awarding ceremony (39 awards this year) of the 23rd edition of the "Sport and School" award.

10th - Inline Skating: tenth world title for Silvia Marangoni, thanks also to our coach Samo Kokorovec
Inline Skating, Kaohsiung (Taiwan), World Championships: The "Azzurra" Silvia Marangoni (her coach is Samo Kokorovec) won her 10th world individual title. She ended with a huge lead (500.300 points), in front of Hsin Chin Ling from Taiwan (440) and Natalie Motley from USA (444.200)

16th - Celebration of the 20th anniversary of the ŠKD Kremenjak
Jamlje: on Saturday night was celebrated the 20th anniversary of the association Kremenjak which brings together sport and culture with a speech of the president Bruna Visintin who presented a publication for the 20th anniversary.

18th - The book about Bojan Pavletič (edited by Mario Šušteršič) was presented in Ljubljana
Ljubljana: during this morning (Ljubljana) took place the presentation of the book about Bojan Pavletič "Primorski sokoli bodo še leteli - življenje in dell Bojana Pavletiča", edited by Mario Šušteršič.

26th - Sailing: Jaro Furlani (Sirena) world champion in the RC44 class
Sailing, Lanzarote (Spain): Jaro Furlani (CNT Sirena) won the world champion title at the RC44 World Championship of Lanzarote with the boat Ceeref. Antother success in a really golden season for the CNT Sirena.

28th - Azzurro Jurij Uršič in the Hall of Fame of Slovenian sports heroes
Ljubljana (Slovenia): our cyclist Jurij Uršič (Giorgio Ursi) is from today (Thursday) member of the Hall of Fame of Slovenian sports heroes. Uršič won the silver medal in the individual pursuit (track cycling) at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

29th - Ljubljana: ZSŠDI at the conference about sport of Slovenian minorities

Ljubljana: A delegation of the ZSŠDI (led by president Ivan Peterlin) attended the traditional press conference about sport of Slovenian minorities in Italy, Austria and Hungary, organized by the Slovenian Olympic Committee.


6th - Gradisca, awards FIHP: awarded also many of our athletes
In Gradisca took place the annual awards ceremony for athletes who have distinguished themselves during season 2013 in roller skiing, figure skating and in inline hockey. Also many of our athletes were awarded. In the picture: Martina Pecchiar, one of our awarded athletes.

7th - Koper: High recognition from PZS to Lojze "Gigi" Abram
Koper: Our mountaineer Lojze "Gigi" Abram (in the picture: in the middle) received high recognition from PZS in the year of his 80th birthday.

13th - Opicina: Also our athletes at the meeting with Boris Pahor
Opicina: After the presentation of the monograph "Tako sem živel - stoletje Borisa Pahorja" written by Tatjana Rojc took place also the prize giving ceremony for our students in high school and university, among whom were also our athletes (in the picture: with Boris Pahor).

17th - "Our sportsman 2013": among the candidates also Sofia Carciotti, Tea Ugrin, Loris Manià and the Sloga Tabor (volleyball) among the teams
Koper: the representatives of five media (we as Slosport.org, RTV Koper - Capodistria, Regional RAI FVG, Primorske novice and Primorski dnevnik) have drawn up a list of candidates for the title of best sportsman of the Primorska for the award "Our sportsman - Naš športnik 2013").

28th - "Our sportsman 2013 - Naš športnik 2013": Vasilij Žbogar and Tanja Žakelj the best, FC Luka Koper best team, 4th Tea Ugrin, 5th Loris Manià and Sofia Carciotti, 4th Sloga Tabor (volleyball)

Sežana: For the first time the best sportsmen of the Primorska were awarded all together. Great win for Vasilij Žbogar and Tanja Žakelj (individual) and FC Luka Koper (teams). Among our athletes best score for Tea Ugrin. Fifth place for Sofia Carciotti and Loris Manià, among the teams the Sloga Tabor ranked fourth.


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