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2nd – Skuadra UOO: Regular General Assembly for the 50th Anniversary
Cerovlje: In the agritourism Hermada took place the regular general assembly of the SAKD – ADES Skuadra UOO. The president Ugo Simčič read the main report.

4th – Sailing, World Cup: 42nd place for Jaš and Simon
Sailing, Palma de Mallorca (Spain), World Cup, 470 Class: The two »Azzurri« of the Čupa Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta (in the picture) reached in the last three races an 11th, an 8th and a 13th place and reached a final third place in the silver group (42th overall).

5th Skiing, Memorial Puntil: Excellent second place for Caterina Sinigoj
Skiing, "Memorial Juri Puntil": Three young members of the SK Devin participated to the international race for the Memorial Iuri Puntil. Among them Caterina Sinigoi reached an excellent second place.

5th Jadran defeated Arzignano (65:63) and has been promoted to B league

C1 league: Jadran Franco defeated Arzignano in the penultimate round of the regular season (Ban 23, D. Batich 18) and earned promotion to national B league.

11th Zgonik: 52nd Regural General Assembly of the AŠK Kras
Zgonik: Igor Milič had the main speech during the 52nd Regular General Assembly of the AŠK Kras.

13th – Table Tennis: Ettore Malorgio (Kras) National Champion
Table Tennis, Lignano: Ettore Malorgio (Kras, in the picture) won the fifth class national title in the championship for table tennis players with special needs. Malorgio defeated all four of his competitors and thus confirmed the title from last season. This was the only medal for Kras in this competition.

13th Volleyball A1, Semifnals: Modena (with Loris Manià) lost also game three and ended the competition
Volleyball, Osimo, Italian A1 league, play-off: Modena (where our volleyball player Loris Manià plays as libero) was defeated also in game 3 by Macerata (0:3) and so ended the competition in the Semifinals.

13th Gymnastics: Slovenian championship organized by Bor and ZSŠDI

Gymnastics, Trieste: more than 250 competitors from all over Slovenia and rhytmic gymnasts who are members of ŠZ Bor participated to the championship race in rhytmic gymnastics – A1 program, organized by ŠZ Bor and ZSŠDI.

16th – Skiing, Aurisina: Award Ceremony for the Trieste Championship
Skiing, Aurisina: SK Devin organized the awarding ceremony, conducted by Eugen Ban, of the Trieste championship. The event was really successful, with the presence of skiers and guests.

17th – Gropada: Regular General Assembly of the AŠD Cheerdance Millenium
Gropada: Nikol Krizmancic conducted the 12th Regular General Assembly of the AŠD Cheerdance Millenium at club headquarters in Gropada.

19th/20th – Two-day training seminar ZSŠDI in Postojna

47 people from 14 of our sports clubs attended the two-day Easter training seminar for young people, with lectures in various fields, organized by the ZSŠDI.

21st – Volleyball, "Triveneto Cup": Second place for Olympia
Volleyball, Trento, "Triveneto Cup": Olympia (in the picture) reached the second place among three winners of regional cups. Olympia firstly defeated the team Volley Clodia (Padova) with 2:1 (25:27, 25:21, 25:22), and then lost against Trentino with 0:3 (17:25, 20:25, 16:25). In the morning: Trentino – Clodia 3:0.

23rd – Barkovlje: 4th Regular General Assembly OOZUS
Trieste: a lot of members and president of ZSŠDI Ivan Peterlin attended the 4th regular general assembly OOZUS at SKD Barkovlje headquarters. The president of the OOZUS Marko Presl read the main report.

23rd – Trieste: Mayor R. Cosolini received in the City Hall the Jadran's basketball players
Trieste - After being promoted to national basketball B league, the players of the Jadran were received by the mayor of Trieste Roberto Cosolini in the City Hall.

25th – Sailing World Cup, Hyeres: 27th place for Jaš and Simon.
Sailing, Hyeres (France), World Cup, Class 470. Sailors of the Čupa Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta (in the picture) ended on friday their performances in this competition with a final 27th place. In the last two races they have reached a 29th and a 24th place.

25th – Cheerleading: Jasna Kneipp world runner-up!
Cheerleading, Orlando (USA), world cup: Slovenian mixed team "Coed", with the member of Cheerdance Millenium Jasna Kneipp, reached a silver medal in the category Coed. For this team participated also the coach of CDM Borut Gregorič.

27th- Football: Vesna defeated Torreanese and has been promoted to the Elite League!

In the penultimate round Vesna defeated Torreanese with 4:1 and earned the promotion to the Elite League.

28th – Table Tennis, bronze medal for Katarina Milič and Claudia Micolaucich
Table Tennis, Terni: Katarina Milič and Claudia Micolauchich (both Kras, in the picture with the red jersey) won the bronze medal and narrowly missed the podium in doubles.

29th Križ: Regular General Assembly of the ZSŠDI and recognition for Hlede and Gabrielli

Križ: 40 of the 57 members of the ZSŠDI and a lot of guests (including the president of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia Janez Kocjančič) attended the 43rd Regular General Assembly of the ZSŠDI. The president of the ZSŠDI Ivan Peterlin had the main speech. Filip Hlede and Carlo Gabrielli were awarded with the award for lifetime loyalty.


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