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1st – Samo Kokorovec is the new president of AŠD Polet
Opčine: Samo Kokorovec (in the picture) was elected as new president of the AŠD Polet. He has a great history in the club, firstly as a skater, then as a coach, hockey player and counsellor.

7th – Table Tennis "Kras Cup": TIS Zagreb is the champion, fifth place for Kras
Table Tennis, Zgonik: in the Sports and cultural center took place the 31st international women's team tournament "Kras Kup", which was attended by eight teams. First place for TIS ZAGREB, 2nd Prijedor, 3rd Duga Resa, 4th Izola, 5th Kras, 6th Norway Junior, 7th Opatija, 8th Tramin.

7th – Kayak: 130 participants at a successful Soča regatta
Kayak, Podgora: 130 registered participants attended a successful regatta on the Soča river in a beautiful sunny day.

7th – Hiking, "Bazoviški junaki": 350 participants
Hiking, Bazovica: 350 walkers attendend the traditional memorial march "Bazoviški junaki" organized by the AŠZ Sloga in cooperation with SPDT and SK Devin.

7th – Equestrian sports: silver medal for Irina Pockar
Equestrian sports, Reggio Emilia: Irina Pockar (Riding Club Dolka Krona) won with the Italian national team two silver medals in trec during the European Championship, individually and in team competition.

8th – Sailing Maxy Yacht Rolex Cup: Jaro Furlani world champion

Sailing, Porto Cervo: Jaro Furlani (Sirena's Sailor) conquered the world champion title during the world championship Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup with his crew and a 35-meter super maxi sailing boat Firefly. Another success in a great season for TPK Sirena! Jaro is also part of the crew of the japanese sailing boat Yasha and competes in the world championship Swan Cup.

12th – Dutovlje: an exhibition and a film about Danilo Žerjal
Dutovlje: a huge crowd gathered in Dutovlje for the exhibition and pre-premiere of the film about Danilo Žerjal (in the picture, 1953) all-round athlete who has performed with three national teams: in the former Yugoslavia (even at the Olympic Games in London), in Italy and Venezuela.

13th – Odo Kalan, former President of ZSŠDI, left us
Trieste: at the age of 84 years old die Odo Kalan, a very well-known sports worker. He was among the founder of ŠZ Bor, councilor and vice-precident of this club, councilor of Sloga and for 10 years president of the ZSŠDI (Association of Slovenian Sports Clubs in Italy). Slosport gives sincere condolences to the relatives, while devoting some archival footage to the deceased.

14th – Volleyball, Bazoviški Junaki: 1st Nova Gorica, 2nd Zalet, 3rd Grobničan

Volleyball, in the gym in Repen took place the international women's volleyball tournament "Bazoviški Junaki", organized by AŠZ Sloga in cooperation with ZSŠDI. First place for the team Govolley from Nova Gorica. Second place for Zalet and third for Grobničan.

14th – Cycling: Friendship Marathon Ljubljana – Lonjer
Cycling: almost 180 amateur cyclists attended the traditional friendship Marathon, organized by KK Adria and Rog from Ljubljana in cooperation with the Municipality of Trieste and ZSŠDI.

19th – Sailing, WC, 470: excellent 19th place for Jaš and Simon
Sailing, Santander (Spain), World Championship in Olympic classes, 470: "Azzurri" Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta (both Čupa, in the picture) reached a 19th place, but missed the Olympic quota, because of 12 points. During the last day they reached a 3rd, a 27th and a 25th place.

21 st – Skiroll, Youth World Cup: Niki Hrovatin (Mladina) reached bronze medal and a sixth place in the relay race
Skiroll, Ziano di Fiemme: Niki Hrovatin (Mladina's skater, in the picture) won on Saturday the bronze medal for the Youth World Cup FIS by defeating in the small final KO sprint the Russian athlete Andrej Nišakov. On Sunday he reached a sixth place in the relay race.

21th – Volleyball, Men's International Tournament "Bazoviški junaki": 1st Žirovnica, 2nd Sloga Tabor, 3rd Olympia, 4th Bassano

Volleyball, Repen: in the gym in Repen ended the 41st international men's volleyball tournament "Bazoviški junaki" organized by AŠD Sloga in cooperation with ZSŠDI. OK Žirovnica won the tournament. Second place for Sloga Tabor, third for Olympia and fourth for Bassano.

23rd Sailing: recognition for Carlotta and Francesca for gold medal
Sailing, Trieste: Trieste's Mayor Roberto Cosolini gave the plaques of Trieste to sailors Carlotta Omari (TKP Sirena) and Francesca Russo Cirillo (SVBG), who conquered the world championship in the 420 class!

26th Portorož: presentation of the minority sports coach

Portorož: a lot of guests (including Minister for Slovenians Abroad Goraz Žmavc, Minister of Culture Julijana Bizjak Mlakar and President of ZSŠDI Ivan Peterlin) attended the presentation of the minority sports coach in Portorož.

28th – Basketball, Friendship Tournament: first place for Melbourne

Basketball, Briščiki: the Australian team Tigers from Melbourne conquered the traditional international basketball friendship tournament (for players born in 1998), organized by AŠD Kontovel. SEMIFINALS: Jadran - Ilirska Bistrica 74:62; Tigers Melbourne - Opatija 97:54. FINALS, 3rd place: Plama Pur Ilirska Bistrica - Opatija 49:71; 1st place: Tigers Melbourne - Jadran 105:37.

28th – Sailing, Regatta TPK Sirena: Carlotta and Francesca protagnoists
Sailing, Trieste: TPK Sirena organized a great regatta in four classes. In the 420 class first place for Carlotta Omari and Francesca Russo Cirillo (in the picture). Among clubs Sirena reached a second place. First place for SVBG.

29th – Basketball: Jadran team presented in Opčine
Basketball, Opčine: players, the management of the Jadran, supporters and guests attended the press conference, during which was presented the Jadran team, which will play in the National B league. There were presented also the sponsors and the new website of the club.


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