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5th – ZSŠDI: "Sport and School Award" in Sovodnje: 21 winners

Sovodnje: the awarding ceremony for the "Sport and School Award" – Nagrada šport in šola – took place in a crowded hall of the Zadružna Banka Doberdob Sovodnje. A total of 21 students received the award, given by the ZSŠDI to students of Slovenian high schools of Trieste and Gorizia, who achieved excellent results at school and also good results in the sports field

17th – Football: Predrag Arčaba is no longer coach of the Kras
Football Repen: the NK Kras communicated that, after the defeat in the D league against Arzignanochiampo (1:4), Predrag Arčaba is no longer coach of the football team. The coaches during this week and for the sunday's game against Mezzocorona will be Bojan Gulič and Matej Bombač.

19th – Trieste: The event "Zlati let" (former "Oskarji") was presented
In the presence of the media and the delegate of the CONI Jure Kufersin, in the ZSŠDI's headquarters in Trieste took place the press conference, during wich was presented the sporting event "Zlati let", former "Oskarji", which is even more popular among our athletes. In the picture: Aleksander Koren and Ivan Peterlin.

20th – Orienteering, "One map, two cities": 72 students of our schools
Orienteering: in Piazza Vittoria in Gorizia took palce the 11th orienteering running event across the boarder "One map, two cities" – Ena karta, dve mesti – which was attendend by about 300 students of secondary schools and first-year students of different highschools in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. 42 students came from Doberdob, and 31 students from he secondary school Trinko (Gorizia).

23rd – Križ: Successful evening for skaters and skiers of AŠD Mladina

Križ: with a successfull evening in the Ljudski dom there were celebrated the end of the skating season and the start of the ski season of AŠD Mladina. There was also an awarding ceremony for coaches and athletes of the society. Evgen Ban brilliantly conducted the evening.

25th – Football: Tonči Žlogar is the new coach of Kras in the D league
Football, Repen: The 37-year-old football player Anton Žlogar (in the picture), who has already passed the exam Uefa A, is the new coach of Kras. Žlogar replaces the former coach Predrag Arčaba.

28th – Ljubljana, OKS: Press Conference about minority sport

Ljubljana: the Olympic Committee of Slovenia – Association of Sports Federations and the Commission for Minority Sport organized at the headquarters of OKS the traditional press conference about Slovenian minority sport, which was attended by delegations of ZSŠDI, of Slovenian Sports Federation in Carinthia and the Federation of Slovenians in Hungary.

27th – Representatives of ZSŠDI Peterlin and Kocijančič in the Chamber od Deputies
Rome: the speech of the president of ZSŠDI Ivan Peterlin (in the picture) and of the Vice-President Igor Kocijančič during an informal audition in front of the Commission for Culture in the Chamber of Deputies is a historical event. The performance of our two representatives, made possible by our Member of Parliament Tamara Blažina, was really impressive.

29th – Sailing, ISAF World cup: 14th place with no medals for Jaš and Simon
Sailing, Abu Dhabi, 470 Class: on the third day (Saturday) of the ISAF World the Čupas's sailors, who compete for the Italian national team, reached a 14th place in the first race and an 8th place in the second race, and so they has fallen to a final 14th place. Our sailors won't fight for the medals, because only the sailors in the top 10 can attend the Sunday's race.


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