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5th - Skiing: Presentation of the MoU card at the ZSŠDI's Headquarters

Skiing, Trieste: in a crowded meeting room at the ZSŠDI's Headquarters there was presented the MoU and the ski card. The room was too small for so many guests. Among them there was also our deputy Tamara Blažina.

7th – Sailing, Imperia, Winter Regatta: The winners are Jaš and Simon
Sailing, Imperia: Sailors Jaš Farneti and Simon Sivitz Košuta (in the picture, both members of Čupa) reached the first place among 37 crews in the Winter International Regatta. Because of bad weateher there were no races during the last day (on Sunday). Jaš and Simon obtained the victory before the last day.

15th – Prosek: great atmosphere for the celebration of the 90th anniversary of FC Primorje
Prosek: in a Kulturni dom full of former and current members, representatives of football clubs and guests took place an authentic home-like celebration of the 90th anniversary of the NK FC Primorje. There was also presented the Publication of the 90-year history of the club and an award was given to presidents and deserving councilors of the club.

23th – Trieste: Presentation of the "sports bus" of the ZSŠDI and sponsors

Trieste: the ZSŠDI organized at the Headquarters of TPK Sirena in Barcola a press conference during which and in front of numerous guests presented the sports bus and sponsors.

29th – Gorizia, "Naš športnik 2104": 1st Tanja Žakelj, Sašo Taljat and Luka Božič, team: ND Gorica; 3rd place for Loris Manià and Jadran

Gorizia: in the Centre Bratuž took place the solemn proclamation of "Naš športnik 2014" (Our Athlete 2014). The winners are the mountain biker Tanja Žakelj and the canoeists Sašo Taljat and Luka Božič. Among Slovenes in Italy Loris Manià reached a 3rd individual place and the basketball players of Jadran the third place in the team competition.

31st – New recognition: Edi Kraus also Trieste's Councillor for Sports
Trieste: Edi Kraus (in the picture), after the responsibility to economic development and for European funds has another challenging assignment: the Mayor of Trieste Roberto Cosolini named him as the Councillor for Sports. Kraus (born in 1956) was always an active athlete, first as a swimmer, then as a basketball player. He was member of Jadran's golden generation and also president of the club. His new role is for our sports movement a great recognition.


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