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1st – Skiing: Katrin Don and Goran Kerpan champions of the minority; Petra Sosol and Matej Kalc youth campions, Devin among clubs
Skiing, Forni di Sopra: SK Devin perfectly organized the 33rd Championship of the minority (Zamejsko prvenstvo). Katrin Don (Brdina) and Goran Kerpan (Mladina) are the absolute champions, Petra Sosol and Matej Kalc (both Brdina) are youth champions. SK Devin triumphed over the other clubs, in the member as well as in the junior category.

4th – Ljubljana: Another award for Sergio Tavčar
Ljubljana: our sports reporter of TV Koper and former sports worker Sergio Tavčar has received another high recognition. Tavčar was awarded by RTV Slovenija for his innovative and highly professional features.

6th – Basketball: president of the FIP Petrucci visited us
Basketball, Brišliki: The club Jadran and the clubs which are members of this project (Bor, Breg, Kontovel, Polet, Sokol) hosted the president of the Italian Basketball Federation FIP Gianni Petrucci, who is currently in Friuli Venezia Giulia on a short visit.

8th – Paralympic swimming: Jasmin Frandoli national champion
Paralympic sports, Naples: our swimmer, 30-year-old Jasmin Frandoli (on the left in the picture) from Nabrežina won the national champion title at both 100 and 200 m freestyle in the S03 category dyrung the Italian Winter Championships in Pralympic.

8th – Trieste: Great ZSŠDI Show »Together we can« (Skupaj zmoremo)

Trieste: the ZSŠDI organized the celebration for the Slovenian cultural day and amazed a a lot of people in the Kulturni dom.

11th – Ljubljana: Marinka Pertot, President of SPDT, received the »Bloudkova plaketa«
Ljubljana: our sports worker and president of SPDT Marinka Pertot was among the winners of this year's awards »Bloudkova plaketa«.

21st – »Trieste Azzurra«: also our athletes among the winners
Trieste: successfull sports people were awarded in the presence of Mayor Roberto Cosolini, Councillor for Sports Edi Kraus and many representatives of the socio-political life. Among these were some of our representatives. In the picture: Martina Pecchiar and the president of ZKB Adriano Kovavic (first and second from the right).

28th – Among the winners of the CONI awards also our representatives
Trieste: 47 athletes and sports workers who in 2013 and 2014 achieved great results received the Trieste's CONI awards. Among the winners were also our representatives.


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